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  1. I don't think she signed any lithos. It would cost her 5 minutes of her time and the fans already paid anyways 💰😒
  2. Wow, great collection! How would you rank them by favorability?
  3. I received the Rio Rosary and it's really beautiful 🤩 (as it should be for all the money 😃). I am happy it arrived well as the envelop it was shipped in wasn't even padded though 🫣 I just made some pictures of it. Me happy!
  4. I didn't buy it (yet) 😄
  5. OMG that doesn't look good at all! I just had to pay €63 for duties for the Rio rosary, so that adds up to €221 + €63 = €284 🙄😬 That's a lot of money if it's really that shitty! Well I have to see it for myself yet. It will arrive in a couple of days...
  6. During Madame X, Rebel Heart and probably also other tours, Madonna also used a special bottle like the Celebration Queen of Beers one
  7. If you missed out on the Rio litho, you can get one here on glossy photographic paper for not much in different sizes. Also other tour posters available and you don't have to wait for 3 months 😃 I think I will get the Rio poster and a Rebbel Heart poster ❤️ https://www.prints4u.net/?s=madonna&post_type=product
  8. I am sorry but I don't know 🤔 as I only ordered the Rio Rosary. I got my other merch always at the concert venues. However, they will probably use a poster tube (at least I hope so...)
  9. I am hoping for some cheap Ali Express Amsterdam rosaries to pop up 😃
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