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  1. In the copy from this post they are using all capital Ms…maybe its a hint 👀: https://www.instagram.com/p/C8f3TcJu5p_/?igsh=M2RjdnF4a2lxYm9q
  2. Her rabbi picked Frozen as first single. Ok mystery solved. 🤣
  3. Evita its a wonderful movie. Madonna was great in it and until this day she is still very proud of it. she did a great job. you can love or hate Evita the person but she was controversial and polarized as Madonna her whole life. The movie treats the Peronism thing as a light topic because the movie its not about Peronism its about Eva Peron. Madonna knew she got the role right before the Bedtime Story video premier around the first week of march. So her goodbye for her rebel & unapologetic self was Human Nature video. After june 1995 she started a more agressive plan to soften her image to prepare the public for Evita. That included the Something to remember music project and videos. Interviews; appearances. versace campaign. Magazines, etc. A more elegant Madonna.
  4. Bedtime Stories as a whole its a great album, filled with single choices. I think its my 2nd best favorite Madonna album after Ray Of Light. Human Nature its so funky. It was a weird choice and also Bedtime Story single. I mean Survival, Dont Stop, Forbidden Love were way better single choices at least for USA
  5. I didn’t notice until today that Ingrid Casares was feature in the “lovers” interlude backdrop video. What is Chris Rock doing there as well? ewwwww There were so many meanings also to Human Nature Doppelgänger saving her before Crazy For You. I think Madonna its singing crazy For you to her own rebel self, after all the backlash, the repression, she its still crazy for her.
  6. During everybody the dancers used flashlights during the whole performance, that was inspired by her first or her first performances at Danceteria where there wete no lights, Madonna friends had to bring flashlights to iluminate her during the performance . She explained that during some speeches before Burning Up
  7. Hi you all, let’s compile and put here all the Celebration Tour easter eggs, hidden and not hidden meanings that appeared on the Celebration tour, her stories and explanations through the dates. I think there are so much more meanings that the ones we actually caught. i will start with the resemblance of the Like a Virgin cake for the main stage, her explanation of the flashlights during everybody, the transition from Holiday to Live to Tell, etc, etc. What else did you caught? What do you think some performances mean?
  8. How do we know there’s no leg 2 of this tour? I really think Asia and Australia deserve to have this tour, add other cities of Europe and boom. She can easily add 20 more shows. Replace 3 songs for others, some new costumes and shine
  9. I am so proud of her, our QUEEN. Sometimes we are to harsh on her. We dont deserve her. Let’s all remember this historic night. She is 65 y.o and still giving us her all. I take a bow to her feet.
  10. - It was a full dress rehearsal tonight until 2 am. - no sound because of city restrictions past 00 am. - new vogue corset - Pablo Vittar was ballroom judgue (maybe just for rehearsals and tomorrow will be Anitta) - Music feat Vittar right after La Isla Bonita - No DCFMA and no Mother & Father - Live to tell and Ray Of Light on the BS cube. - not sure if she rehearsed Rain, Frozen or TAB. - No wigs tonight.
  11. She should replace DCFMA for Faz Gostoso. Brazilian are not big fans of Argentina I think. and she should add 4 minutes and Candy Shop before bitch im Madonna or in the middle or something. A proper Music performance too and the end
  12. Dixie who? They brought her from USA to be a judge in Mexico? Or its Dixie Mexican? What a missed opportunity to bring Thalia or someone famous from Mexico…any suggestions? Alejandra Guzman, Gloria Trevi even the delusional Lucia Mendez or Yuri. Haha
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