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  1. THINK I WANT TO GIVE UP ON MY COLLECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't know really nowwww,need the money anyway!!! sorry it hurts my heart!!!!!! this fel is killing me!!!!!! not the right people to buy....i don't want to give up
  2. NO BOX!!!! ..then 2 times NO RED vinyl!!!!!!!!! IVE HAD IT!!!!!!!!!.... who's gonna PAY me back???????!!!!!!!! FO FEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....HAD IT!!!! 40 years fan ,???FO
  3. just ordered another red vinyl from the netherlands.....again!!!!! seems REAL!!!!!!!
  4. i tried!!!!! they won't ship to belgium,because of covid!!!!! THXXX
  5. Think i'm DONE with FEL!!!!!! after everything i pre ordered,that got not trough,CANCCELED (especially 6 LP), i bought the red lp on ebay,EXTRA and now it has arrived ,i just got the normal black one!!!!!!!!! going up and down with this seller, i said im gonna keep it for collection...got 10 euro's refund????? i forgot i'm on ebay bidding for B&N...my last bid,(hope i get that one!!!!)...and really last FEL for me......this collection is CURSED for me....i can't even enjoy it !!!!!!!!!!!.. i did on spotify!!!! RIP FEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. FOR ME NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ........... HAVE NOTHING NOW!!!!!!!.... NORTH ENDHARLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!....they promised i get my money back....SUCKS
  7. HAPPY BDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY QUEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU BITCH,ALL MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ENJOY YOUR TIME IN ITALY,....and HAVE FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU,...i know I do
  8. MISSED it ttttttttttooooo this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...being TOO LATE...still....EXCITED to hear the results....BE BACK NEXT TIME
  9. mmmm,..wasn't ''borderline'' a N1 then???...took me by surprise now!!!! it isn't on this!!!!😕
  10. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. so FUCKIN' ENJOYING THISSSSSS, coming home from work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHA CHA CHA over the Borderline!!!!
  11. ....WHY ,all the time this braids?don't get it!!!! M does love these ... seeing it all this time, kinda .......do what you like queen!!!!...but after alllll this time its not really...LOVE YOU ALWAYS though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you rule my M WORLD!!!!!!....my point of vieuw now
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