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  1. patrice1711

    ''you'lll see'' makes me cry,to get up again...
  2. patrice1711

    the power of goodbye... you must love me...saying goodbye to my man...after his suicide..gets me HARD,in my heart...
  3. indeed were not far away TonyMontana!!!!! still thinking ''la france'' keeps playing new madonna songs on the radio. here,like i said ,its 80's M, or sometimes ''hung up'' ... i hate this shit!!!!! why not play the dua lipa song with M ,they play all her hit songs here every 30 minutes ,..all the time...on ALL channels... fucked up by this!!!! really. want a real M hitsong AGAIN...hope it will happen
  4. haven't heard it on belgian radio's!!!!!! M has only 80's airplay!!!!! i hate this !!!! guess M is over here in belgium!!!! makes me so MAD SAD
  5. patrice1711

  6. patrice1711

  7. patrice1711

    OHHH THANK YOU MISTER!!!!!! gonna try again, over and over...
  8. patrice1711

    still don't know to wich emailadresses i should write toooooo, for!!!!! nowhere to be find
  9. patrice1711

  10. patrice1711

    hi!!! can i ask, to wich emailadress i can keeping to reply now!!!! i can't find an adress on their site??? THXXX in advance
  11. patrice1711

    can you guys,help out here!!!! i've sended my signed letter,with the copies of our two tickets,as they requested on their site...but still no REFUND!!!!! it's been 2 months now. where can i find the correct emailadress to keep demanding our money,please don't know how twitter goes. THXXX in advance
  12. patrice1711

    LUV your Series!!!!!!! THXXX