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  1. Do something different there schtick is always the same - and never about what she’s promoting
  2. IM NOT FANCY. I just love Fancy shit !!! where is the video !!!! This is such a bop
  3. Holy fucking Madonna over load today !!!! Amazing remix wish Madonna had a verse but I so think this is amazing and Beyoncé and Madonna my god !!! Nothing better is that shot of Beyoncé that looks like the erotica cover going to be an album cover ?!!!
  4. This is pure fucking fire !!!! This is how you stay relevant for 40 years !!! And I am a saucy fan now !!! Gonna have to spin this at a party tonite
  5. I love the movie and I adore American pie. It was a time in my life I was coming into adulthood and going to see the movie with one of my first boyfriends was everything. I still listen to American pie to this day and show my daughter it so she sings along with me - and I was sooooo happy we got the video in HD ! Thought Madonna would keep on pusnishing the song. if kill for this song live. TSS Is also gorgeous
  6. Like a virgin. There is really nothing better
  7. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTR6enAbs/?k=1 love it and used it when I had an actual garden on tik tok
  8. When do you this this 🔥🔥🔥 fire gonna drop ? I can’t wait any longer I need this in my life !! she’s teasing it now on her IG post with her kids ….. im not fancy … I just love fancy shit ….
  9. I’m kind of shocked bye bye baby wasn’t a dance #1 - I wish we had gotten her full voice on the NY hip hop remix it’s one of my faves imagine if Waiting had some dance remixes with just her saying next time u want pussy just look in the mirror baby just throughout the whole song with the bass thumping
  10. This was a nice read …. Wonder who is Bobby ? Madonnas ex
  11. Best beats of madonnas career !!!! Ong 4 minutes beat makes me wannna move that bussy and I also love the original beat goes on I remember flipping over it and was shocked at what they did to the original demo heartbeat should have been a single …. My favorite Madonna Album I actually can jam yo Spanish lesson too …. WERQ
  12. I so predicted this and she needed to release this mix at midnight !!!!!
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