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  1. It better not be a Spotify playlist lol !!! I need a dope new project and on vinyl please.
  2. Would have been nice to get the new bitch I’m loca miggs remix on streaming - instead we get this 1998 remix
  3. Yes please !!! And if anyone can get me this mp3 I need it !!
  4. Ugh I just noticed the video is a continuous loop loo but damn I need this remix to play at my gigs
  5. Wow she actually listened to us and released it !!! This is FIRE !!!!!
  6. That is the longest article ever lol. And that’s basically all he said is what u put in the title of the thread 🤣
  7. Omg my favorite from Madame X after FAZ GOSTOSO is bitch I’m loca !!! Need this remix ASAP
  8. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I WANT that ref disturb the peace hoody
  9. No doubt FAZ GOSTOSO not being a single really fucked up the era smh
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