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  1. Can anyone confirm if it's being live streamed may 4th or 5th??? trying to make cinco de mayo plans but not sure when this is going down and the times in the U.S.
  2. So no one is talking about all the press with Ricky Martins boner lol
  3. My pics from Phoenix - I was in the first row on the left side of catwalk and I took my mom she loved it https://www.instagram.com/p/C5Jdd-fPVq-/?igsh=MWI0cWJubjM1cGltaw== https://www.instagram.com/p/C5JlJ2tPjss/?igsh=bXJkdTN6eWhqdHR2
  4. I hoped so much this song would be on the celebration Tour I don't think she's ever done it live Agree its one of her best one of my faves and a great soul vocal
  5. Oh wow it will be broadcast live ! Hopefully we get faz gostoso
  6. I heard a KiDz bop version of popular today on SiriusXM channel lol
  7. I will be seeing her in phoenix also I'm leaving my house at 8 pm
  8. Wth he was there and they didn't do popular ???? I'm DYING for a live performance
  9. We had popular and it's STILL going. Vinyl is up for pre order -- also has anyone gotten a shipment notification from the US store ? I bought celebration the day it went up and haven't gotten anything since
  10. We had popular and it's STILL going. Vinyl is up for pre order
  11. Just preordered mine - damn Popular just keeps giving !!! Now can we get it on Tour pls !!! beggin on my knees ;)
  12. They know they are wrong for that shady pic
  13. Huh ? lol. Madonna isn't credited as a writer because I don't think she wrote her verse which is odd for Madonna but anyways. I need this live when she comes to phoenix next month
  14. Told you all it would be up !
  15. I think fortnight just had the rights for a few days hopefully they upload to YouTube soon - also this is turning out to be one of her biggest hits chart wise - she should add her verse to the celebration tour
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