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  1. No-one is banning any words, you were told to stop over using them. It's irritating for most people here.
  2. $125 seems very cheap for VIP.
  3. Shouldn't that be English English as that's how we spell it in England.
  4. Posts will be removed and repeat offenders will be banned. Thank you for your understanding
  5. Literally everyone got it before us who ordered directly from her site. Complete bullshit. Still waiting for mine and if it wasn't so hard to get now I would have told them to cancel the damn order.
  6. Can you all just quit being nasty to each other? God, it's like watching over a fucking school yard of kids at times...
  7. Nope, as far as I go I ALWAYS had the 'oh yeah' to the regular version of DYU.
  8. Report it on Insta. She's the maker of her own future and this is unfortunately what she wants her legacy to be.
  9. Disappointed to hear the lithos are only 12" x 12". So basically a well printed flat.
  10. That's the whole point though, she's not daring to age. She's doing the exact opposite.
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