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  1. yeah I have to admit that It is sort of interesting that the rumors now circulating are not certain whether they are true or false. Considering Madonna's days a few years ago when she spilled too much information on her Instagram, it's definitely all a lot more interesting since she moved away from Instagram a little bit.
  2. No one noticed this man except me. I wonder who the man is in that mirror. real man or just a painting on the wall?
  3. You get a washing bustier!! You get a new fresh Bustier! Everybody get a new fresh bustieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!!
  4. it seems like some people really need sense of humor. lol It just light joke!! Get over it and move on debbie downers~~
  5. Don't be acting like drama queen and reductive smelly bustier. Fans are just joyful and happy with this beautiful photo shoot, so they are exchanging light jokes. That's all.
  6. hahaha well i have to admit that that's the only one thing I fell like "meh~" in this beautiful perfect photo shoot! I think fans will have to start fundraising for Madonna's new bustier and buy us a new fresh bustier for Madonna's birthday. lol
  7. I'm so happy that depressing overweight era is finally whole gone. This is we can call The Queen of pop Madonna we used to know!
  8. really? I mean as a song itself I may agree that it's not that impressed song and the performance of S&S tour was just meh performance. But!! I really really really love MDNA tour candy shop performance and I also really like Rebel heart tour performance too. performance of Candy shop from MDNA tour is the best performance of Mdna tour and not just that tour I can easily pick that it is one of best performance of her tour career. (Not THE Best, I mean One of best) So I'm really looking forward to another tour version performance of Candy shop.
  9. Live to tell It's perfect choice. As her fan I like a idea "Blond Ambition" or Simply "Madonna" too But we are talking about the movie now. If she named the movie "Blond Ambition" or "Madonna", then she would have to give up on heterosexual male audiences. So Live to tell is perfect choice.
  10. You must be very generous and nice person. Because I feel like it's sneaky and really pathetic way for them to make bucks from Madonna's fans. In my opinion, Nikki thought Madonna's career was over with American Life album. So Nikki joined the band of Madonna haters and, more cruelly than anyone else, took the lead in disparaging Madonna. But Madonna rose like a phoenix, and now that sly opportunist Nikki is trying to make a penny out of using Madonna's name. IMO That's not into cute category, That's into Pathetic category.
  11. Oh So you can say it in french "Niki est Grosse connasse de pute" am i right? lol
  12. Thank god! I'm not the only one! Thank you! I mean seriously? Little sparrow? Seriously? Even if it's called humor, then It's a terrible humor that can't even think of a light smile on the side of your lips. I thought I was at the Dolly Parton funeral.
  13. Me too! And most of her real fans too~!!! I still very clearly remember Toronto gay magazine Fab features an interview with this ungrateful bitch Niki Haris back in Oct 2004 Q : Do you have a favorite Madonna movie? Niki Haris : Is that Possible? Q : why you did not go on the Re-Invention tour this summer and if you would tour with Madonna again? Niki Haris : I would do it when it's reinvention not regurgitation. Regurgitation? Regurgitation tour? Seriously bitch? And more importantly "I would do it?????" I would do it??? well well well look at where are you now. No one care about you Niki you're A nobody. I mean A ungrateful nobody bitch. LOL
  14. I know right? She is so beautiful in this selfie unlike Ricardo's over photoshopped horrible photos~
  15. I'm so glad that Madonna had completely ignored these ungrateful bitches on this celebration tour. LMAO. Especially That Niki bitch LOL
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