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  1. I think for the Rebel Heart Tour dvd we had 3 teaser and 2 trailers before the premiere.. 🤔
  2. I can already picture her speech in black white .. where she shouts "Death to the patriarchy!!" and then she tells how the fascists tried to censor her, and cut off her voices..
  3. I remember the first time I saw the MDNA Tour dvd trailer I thought ... The color is wrong,maybe it's just because it's the trailer... I think this time the colors looks better.. Yes it has a "greenish filter", but it's not that agressive like in the MNDA Tour dvd.. 😬
  4. I agree.. You can see one glove are fingerless.. So Human Nature rock version are almost confirmed.. 😅
  5. Kaytranada show it's been cancelled 🤔
  6. I was thinking the same.. In the speed up video she posted last year.. There was some scene in black and white and 4:3 aspect ratio.. 🤔
  7. She's adding the S&S tour audio to the mix.. 😁
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