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  1. Taking advantage of the fact that Fortnite is being popular due to The Weeknd and Madonna's video, I leave my game IDs, I only speak Spanish and I half know how to play: MrPanditaRulez & PateaFIFAS

  2. I hate mexican TicketMaster >.<

  3. My bet: Album Version (3:48) Jellybean Remix (4:47) Remix Edit (3:55) 12" Version (6:00)
  4. Do you think she is going to add "Nature Of The Beach" by Black 'N Blue to the digital EP @GregVsMatt?
  5. featuring some unknown rapper with a trap remix sound.
  6. I don't understand why this award is for auction? I think Madonna should preserve it in some museum, vault or shelf all her awards, it is not as if they were wigs or shoes for some weird collector to own.
  7. Those Bye Bye Baby Remixes: -Madonna's on the Night Club -Rick Does Madonna Dub -House Mix ARE SO FUCKING GOOD AND HOT!!! 🔥🔥🔥
  8. Those Madonna fans from North America and Europe who say they are "not going to buy a ticket 🎫 for her new tour because she is a big mess nowadays" 🤡 are so UNGRATEFUL because you can get many shows of her tours every single tour she does and in Asia, Oceania and Latin America we PRAY when Madonna announces a new tour because she doesn't go very often to these places and I really hope we can be blessed with some shows of her new tour so put you in our places, no matter if Madonna is the big mess of the century, we should be GRATEFUL because she wants touring again and if you live in North America or Europe BE GRATEFUL YOU MOTHERF**KERS!!! BECAUSE YOU ARE SO LUCKY YOU COMPLAINING BITCHES!!!
  9. We went from talking about Goodtime, Warning Signs and now we talk about coital references.
  10. These are the lyrics if someone wants to help: Warning signs Danger's up ahead and I can see Danger's up ahead, I can see it coming Nothing's ever said, but you're set for running You always put the burden on my shoulders Never have courage to say it first Searching for my weakness Just makes it worse, yeah I can feel your fear when you're with me Face up to the facts, just say it's over Warning signs Warning signs Think that you're forgetting That I can see your warning signs I can read between the lines I can see it's almost time It's time to say good-bye Warning, warning, warning signs Warning, warning, warning signs Danger's up ahead, I can see it in your eyes And it comes as no surprise I see your warning signs This time you said it's not I And I can read your warning signs, yeah Warning, warning, warning signs Warning, warning, warning signs Danger's up ahead, I can see it in your eyes I can see your warning signs Your warning signs, yeah, yeah, yeah Warning, warning, warning signs
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