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  1. En México no liberaron Crave en iTunes... :/

  2. PanditaRulez

    Thanks for this giveaway, i hope win! xD
  3. PanditaRulez

    I remember to Wallis Simpson with that look...
  4. PanditaRulez

    I hate Netflix MX for release the episode one week later, i have to use my friend account on wowplus for watch the episode the same day was aired.
  5. I hate Leaving Neverland documentary... all full of lies by Wade Robson...

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    2. RUADJAI


      @RebelMe what do you think father's do with their kids?!?! Can single fathers exist? What about a gay male single father? If their kid gets scared at night and wants to sleep in their bed do they tell them to fuck off cuz the world wouldn't understand?!  :Madonna002:


      A grown man is capable of sleeping in a bed with a child and not having sex with the child.


    3. emanon



      "Like some of u like to involve money... if she was being silenced by his money and his lawyers? The Jackson’s family love to use it against the victims. Silence them too"

      I like people like you. They think, and just because they think it means it's true. Prove what you said here.

    4. Fighter


      This topic already has a thread so Im closing this status since weve bombarded someone with a whole thread. 

  6. Today was my birthday... :3

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    2. danMfan


      Happy bday!!

    3. professormouse


      hApPy bIrThDaY 2 U

      Don't forget you also have 364 'Un-Birthday's' too which is another reason to eat cake....

    4. Madonna_Luv


      Happy Birthday doll!!


  7. What do you think about champagne rosé? her voice sounds robotic with autotune.. :/

  8. Y apenas voy viendo que tengo un warning point por pedir material o leaks con copyright... Cuando o que pedi? ._.

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    2. Fighter


      back in september sweaty

    3. PanditaRulez


      I don't remember ._.

    4. Fighter


      well it expired anyway

  9. 3 hours for my bday!

    1. Bel


      Happy birthday!!

    2. blondebombshell


      +1 hope you have a great one

    3. PanditaRulez

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    2. Frank


      I didn't do them, they're just as ripped with Windows Media Player ;-)

    3. madgefan


      Thank you @Frank!!!

    4. MiB


      thanx Frank! love jellybean stuff :)


  11. PanditaRulez

    Managed by Camille Barbone: The Gotham Demo Tape (1981) /* ************************************* AUDIO RECORDINGS BY MADONNA HERSELF ************************************* TRACK NAME TIME AVALBL FORMAT/QUALITY INFO ========== ==== ====== ============== ==== Are You Ready For It 3:21 LEAKED MP3 @ 128 KBPS [1] Take Me (I Want You) 3:24 LEAKED MP3 @ 192 KBPS [1] Love On The Run 3:53 LEAKED MP3 @ 192 KBPS [1] Remembering Your Touch 3:19 LEAKED MP3 @ 112 KBPS [1] ********************** THE GOTHAM DEMO TAPE ********************** TRACK NAME TIME AVALBL FORMAT/QUALITY INFO ========== ==== ====== ============== ==== Get Up 4:52 LEAKED MP3 @ 256 KBPS [2] High Society 6:18 LEAKED MP3 @ 256 KBPS [2] I Want You 3:23 LEAKED MP3 @ 192 KBPS [2] Love On The Run 2:56 LEAKED MP3 @ 192 KBPS [2] */ [1] Demos recorded by Madonna herself and given to Jon Gordon to write the charts and do a band arrangement. [2] Official 4-demo tape recorded at Media Sound Studios under direction of Madonna's first manager Camille Barbone of August Artists Ltd and Gotham Sound Studios in New York City, with guitarist Jon Gordon, in 1981. Source: Jon Gordon @ Total available/known tracks: 8/8 I have a question... The tracks recorded by herself are the rehearsals?
  12. PanditaRulez

    I need it!
  13. Porque no se filtra material mexicano de las ultimas giras :/

    1. mr00mister


      maybe because that's really well shelved? idk

    2. madgefan


      You can find the pro-shot handed to the media from the S&S