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  1. Was that Vogue remix, the remix that Madonna used to opening her Pride 2021 show? 🤔
  2. 'Madonna & The Blessed Madonna - Artists Are Here to Remix My Music - The Remix Album' Including: 50 remixed #1's and brand new versions for Frozen with Swae Lee and the previously unreleased 'Candy Shop (10 Minute Version) (Madonna's Version) (From The Candy Store)' Out: #soon
  3. Ten years ago this iconic moment happened! 🤭🤭🤭🤣🤣🤣


    Recuerdan cuando Elton John dijo que Madonna no tenía ni una jodida oportunidad de ganar el Globo de Oro 🤡

    Posted by Madonna Mx-Latinoamérica on Saturday, July 20, 2019


  4. They will be bonuses 51.- Human Nature (2022 Trap Beat for My Bitches Remix) 52.- Candy Shop (10 Minute Version) (Madonna's Version) (From The Candy Store)
  5. I think she will release something like Kylie release back in 1993!!! It's the perfect release for these times!!! And obviously this age well!!!
  6. Only the mixed version, the unmixed version and the single edits are not available on streaming platforms.
  7. I guess she will include the extended remixes for Holiday, Material Girl, etc. 😂
  8. Maybe a new and big album of remixes with the best remixes of her 50 #1's
  9. 10 years ago this culture reset was born... to express itself? 🤭 

    Madonna talks about Lady Gaga (#reductive quote)

    "What do you think about Lady Gaga? ..... It feels #reductive!"... Recordemos esta parte de la icónica entrevista que ABC le hizo a Madonna en 2012 donde todo el mundo estaba ansioso por saber que pensaba la Reina del Pop de su copia... y al parecer, Madonna logró que una simple palabra se popularizara e hizo que a carrera de la otra se fuera a pique. #ExpressYourself #ShesNotMe #MDNA

    Posted by Madonna Madders on Wednesday, January 23, 2019


  10. It's because the Despacito impact, she wanted a latin inspired hit and she failed sadly...
  11. The MNEK demo for Hold Tight, Casey Spooner demo for God Control
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