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  1. Give us The Girlie Show in Blu-ray and Blu-ray 4k please!!!
  2. Madame ❌ loves voting! Voted! ❎ Voted! ❎ Voted! ❎
  3. This is a fake news posted by a crazy and obsessed fan of Mexico called "Johnny Madder" on his Facebook page, he's insane and he thinks that he's the new Madonna's manager for some weird reason, please don't believe anything that he says. He is crazy, dangerous and very creepy, here in Mexico, most of the Madonna's fandom hates this guy because of his bad behavior and another reasons.

    Are you with me? 😋


  5. I'm sorry Breakvoguer haters but the Break my soul remix is what we where looking for and it's better than the Material Gewowowlo thing and it's a fact! 🤭
  6. I voted for BREAK MY SOUL (THE QUEENS REMIX) 👌🏽
  7. Deep down in the depth of my rebel vote! ❎🗳 Voted! 💘
  8. I hope something like this: July 29th: Material Girl Remix August 5th: Hung Up Remix August 12th: Impressive Instant Remix August 19: Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones
  9. Also The Immaculate Collection won the same award in 1991 in the MTV VMAs, and well that's the Grammy awards and this is MTV and they are very different awards... Also it's very weird that The Confessions Tour didn't win that award in the 2007 VMAs when she won in a Grammy in 2008 for the same category... but anyways it's very good to see Madonna nominated again and don't be mad...
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