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  1. PanditaRulez

    Last night was streamed
  2. PanditaRulez

    Check here
  3. PanditaRulez

    Yes, I'ts Danna Paola
  4. I just need spanish subtitles for  The World of Madame X file :(

  5. I love funana, the sound and the lyrics.. but why not michael jackson was mentioned?

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    2. poodle


      Unless you're aware just how Michael lived and thought you're just throwing out accusations. I just wish she'd be include him just like during the Sticky & Sweet tour interlude. Or are you demanding she should erase the Truth or Dare documentary just because Miramax prodced the film??

    3. poodle


      I honestly don't care if Michael was this or that, he was a genious.

    4. poodle


      Remember how silly Michael as a prisoner seemed like? Nowadays he'd be hailed as a hero, he/she.


  6. PanditaRulez

    When i heard I Don't Search I Find, i think: this is Vogue with some vocals of Erotica in Confessions era, and i love it!
  7. En México no liberaron Crave en iTunes... :/

  8. PanditaRulez

    Thanks for this giveaway, i hope win! xD
  9. PanditaRulez

    I remember to Wallis Simpson with that look...
  10. PanditaRulez

    I hate Netflix MX for release the episode one week later, i have to use my friend account on wowplus for watch the episode the same day was aired.
  11. I hate Leaving Neverland documentary... all full of lies by Wade Robson...

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    2. RUADJAI


      @RebelMe what do you think father's do with their kids?!?! Can single fathers exist? What about a gay male single father? If their kid gets scared at night and wants to sleep in their bed do they tell them to fuck off cuz the world wouldn't understand?!  :Madonna002:


      A grown man is capable of sleeping in a bed with a child and not having sex with the child.


    3. emanon



      "Like some of u like to involve money... if she was being silenced by his money and his lawyers? The Jackson’s family love to use it against the victims. Silence them too"

      I like people like you. They think, and just because they think it means it's true. Prove what you said here.

    4. Fighter


      This topic already has a thread so Im closing this status since weve bombarded someone with a whole thread. 

  12. Today was my birthday... :3

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    2. danMfan
    3. professormouse


      hApPy bIrThDaY 2 U

      Don't forget you also have 364 'Un-Birthday's' too which is another reason to eat cake....

    4. Madonna_Luv


      Happy Birthday doll!!


  13. What do you think about champagne rosé? her voice sounds robotic with autotune.. :/

  14. Y apenas voy viendo que tengo un warning point por pedir material o leaks con copyright... Cuando o que pedi? ._.

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    2. Fighter


      back in september sweaty

    3. PanditaRulez


      I don't remember ._.

    4. Fighter


      well it expired anyway

  15. 3 hours for my bday!

    1. Bel


      Happy birthday!!

    2. char


      +1 hope you have a great one

    3. PanditaRulez