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  1. Exacly plus I adore her crunchy Blonde Ambition vocals ❤️
  2. Well she is a human after all. Dont be so negative. I’ve just read comments under her instagram post. So rude n nasty🤦🏻‍♂️
  3. Any info about the duration of Madonna’s Eurovision show?
  4. judas2015

    I loved it 👌🏻 This era is everything 💫 Future is fresh and her vocal is experimental ❤️
  5. Bye bye eurovision
  6. Loved it!!! I wanna see the full video !!! Madame X era is everything 💫🙌🏻
  7. judas2015

    I liked the song. Any video clip release date?
  8. judas2015

    you guys any info about itunes us medellin position?
  9. judas2015

    Exacly! ❤️
  10. judas2015

    Getting slower??? What do you expect with mid tempo song?
  11. judas2015

    ❤️❤️❤️ She was happy!!! Thats more important for me
  12. judas2015

    I loved every moment of it 💫 btw you guys seen her instagram live after the performance? Omg she was so cute ❤️ thank you girl!
  13. judas2015

    I think tonite on stage we’re gonna watch all madame x personas at the same💫 It’s gonna be really magical
  14. judas2015

    She looks really happy n relax ❤️ never seen her like this for a long time 💫 cant wait 4 2nite
  15. judas2015

    Positive vibes pleaseeee 🙏🏻 She’s gonna be perfect on that stage 💫