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  1. Do you guys know the time of tiktok live tonite?
  2. I can wait for a new album without autotune / vocoder etc. I want to hear her pure vocal without effects.
  3. Where is Honey Dijon? 🤔 I thought she was working with her on this project. Am I wrong?
  4. I Know It Nothing Fails or Love Spent?
  5. I Fucked Up Gambler or Burning Up?
  6. Bitch She's Madonna :P Deeper And Deeper or Causing A Commotion?
  7. I’ll Remember Something To Remember or Promise To Try?
  8. Joan Of Arc Masterpiece or I’ll Remember?
  9. Tomorrow is the day of Met Gala. Any news about Madonna? Will she be there? 🤔
  10. Just watched the audience recordings and she still knows how to feed the crowd 👌🏻 Those screams and reactions are incredible. Love my girl no matter what 😊🥂❤️
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