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  1. I think the press release was premature. Yes, they've released a few things here and there, but nothing "groundbreaking" like it mentions. While I love these songs, I don't think the Who's That Girl, Everybody or Erotica singles "made her an international icon," so they don't quite fit the description for me lol. Finally Enough Love was okay (minus the audio issues), but it was about as special as a Spotify playlist burned to a CD. It's cool that some of her singles/videos are getting the digital treatment, but even they have been imperfect and/or incomplete. Personally, I'd enjoy a podcast on each of her albums or singles--something new from her that doesn't require too much coordination. Plus we know how much she loves spoken word these days. Almost two years for a genuinely exciting release is way too long of a gap for the casual fans to remember to look into it and too long for a large part of devoted fans to be happy about it, so mostly I'm just bummed it's become a non-event when it should have been HUGE from the moment it was announced. IMO the press release should've been distributed this year and all these little projects should've served as a buildup for the major announcement of the tour and expansive editions. That's assuming the first release announcement comes within the next few months like everyone says.
  2. Not as cool here since she's American and blackface is not a good look given the US' history (to say the least)...
  3. ... I know that. I'm in a Madonna forum. (Still an awful, tone-deaf and embarrassing idea lol.)
  4. 9. Why did she want to call her album Black Madonna?
  5. Good for Madonna for working with whomever she wants.
  6. FALSE. They're performing I Rise (Tracy Young Pride Intro Radio Remix).
  7. I love Incredible but don't hear enough people complaining about that rattle sound.
  8. Sorry no, it's coming out 2092 for it's 100th anniversary and includes the cassette rip found on this forum. #Erotica100
  9. Imagine all this effort for an non-event of a live album while we get an empty box with a holographic-Pokemon-card-inspired cover of Ray of Light, her most critically acclaimed album.
  10. i prefer the original cover the bonus tracks will be speeches she records on her iPhone
  11. No I'm saying that it was probably to put IN the movie, not for re-releases. I don't remember her ever saying she'd release them, but I could be wrong.
  12. At least it has an interesting arrangement.
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