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  1. Not sure, but I think they can say that without legal reprimand if it was just an innocent misinterpretation of the press release (ie not bad intentions).
  2. I wouldn't get too excited, they don't seem to have any reissues planned from the replies to that tweet, no?
  3. I'm not upset at this. I do hope she manages to get the story told somehow though.
  4. Those are not the only 2 options for a performer... how about show up on time AND give a good show lol. --- In my MDNA Tour show, I think she started over 2 hours late and the crowd was very audibly booing her multiple times (not me fwiw). It did ruin the experience a bit since you could see after 2 hours a lot of people had left the venue too and others were upset when she finally started. That's not enjoyable as a fan to see/hear. However, for Rebel Heart Tour, she came at a reasonable time and it was a good atmosphere overall from the beginning, which was a relief. I hope she's able to get more consistent with her start times this time around.
  5. Imagine using the new voice AI to have Madonna sing along to a clean instrumental of Each Time You Break My Heart :kitty:

    1. fuck ducker

      fuck ducker

      It would be fake and soulless. 

    2. Glassy24


      Just the way I like my music :kitty:

  6. Yeah, I don't see a cleaned up image at all.
  7. Listen to 4:11 for those who say Madonna doesn't say "American Life" in the song :kitty: Any time it's not there is because Mirwais sucks at chopping vocals (e.g., Batuka)


    1. Jackie


      I can clearly hear 'life' - 

  8. She'll do the whole show on electric guitar.
  9. Candy Shop is a masterpiece she's been quietly developing since The First Album, it only makes sense for it to appear.
  10. How creepy lyrics like these left the writing room is beyond me. She's talking about being a baby... "Open the door, unlock me We've got tonight, so rock me now"
  11. Can't wait for Back That Up to the Beat (Acoustic)

  12. Most likely true, but given they did an interview together recently, it's not completely impossible.
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