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  1. What I posted is the same sheet just in higher quality and it says what era it's from. I don't know about an Erotica version.
  2. More readable here and says it's from Gotham Management (early in her career): https://www.gottahaverockandroll.com/lot-25403.aspx
  3. Not worse than many of her singles since Hollywood... But I get what you mean. Relatively low when she was at such a peak. However, it's weird because a lot of people I know who casually listen to her know this song, so maybe it is the weird release to radio vs. single release timing?
  4. I like it but it's just a few too many "You push me"s. Still, the production is great!
  5. Thanks! Do you know about The Gap Band?
  6. I'm trying to find the sections that were sampled for Inside of Me (Aaliyah/The Gap Band, specifically, as Gutter Snypes is quite obvious lol). Can anyone shed some light about these samples? Is it the drums?
  7. No offense cuz I know you mean well, but I feel you get tricked by these fanmade files way too much lol
  8. Can someone make a list of the mashups he did? Would love to add it to the description of the file
  9. Some cool things here! Original vocals of Forbidden Love? How cool is that!
  10. I won't be able to watch live (family commitments) but I'm hoping there's a good rip somewhere. I'm excited to get a good recording of Bad Girl live!
  11. twerking makes the people come together!
  12. Imagine this is 240p broadbast omg. Excited about it regardless!
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