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  1. Love Profusion and X-Static Process are the blood of this album. Hands down.
  2. If Video outfit along with Velvet Rope Tour opening outfit is sooooo beautiful. Wish I could bid on both of them. I'll just grab myself one of her flower pots instead LOL
  3. 8-tee's

    Róisín Murphy

    Assimilation is perfect
  4. I saw and bought. So beautiful. Wish they'd start releasing some Singles/EP vinyls now. Lol
  5. What they should be doing is throwing on Instrumentals to all single releases and then some.
  6. Too Lost In You. Easy, About You Now, Open The Door, ahhh I love the Change album.
  7. Push Falling Free or Nothing Really Matters
  8. Watching now. Haven't seen since it aired originally. Talk about nostalgia 🤦‍♂️
  9. Angels With Dirty Faces Like A Prayer (Album Version or Like A Prayer (Q-Sound Mix; Immaculate Collection Mix)
  10. Has To Be Material Girl or Like A Virgin
  11. Amazing Love Profusion or You Must Love Me
  12. Definitely with you. Another dream of mine lol
  13. Ah I see. I assumed it was something along the lines of our recent treats. A boy can dream lol
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