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  1. Exciting! Maybe, Love Profusion in HD 😍
  2. Yes. Oakland Sticky & Sweet in November 2008. My personal treasure. I'll be recording this show too
  3. My store in CALIFORNIA had none. If anyone is willing to get me a copy and lives in Northern California PM me please:)
  4. Her voice and style works great. You can definitely tell she was influenced by her mama. Love it all!
  5. Yes I am fully aware. 30th anniversary would still be nice and I'm pretty sure you'd enjoy just as much as the next person. Great insight though 🀘
  6. Cheers. Here's to hoping they reissue the entire album on Vinyl 🀘
  7. Come join the Finally Enough Love streaming party!!! Stream for Pride. Stream for Love!! Finally Enough Love - Streaming Party
  8. Honestly, I'm stoked for all releases after FEL. Reading the Financial Times article just reactivates my burning desire for ALL OF THESE πŸ•Ί
  9. Join some streaming parties for Madonna or create some. I'm sure this would help keep mama in rotation, somewhat.
  10. It's a fun way of bringing fans & artists together. You can track your streams, enter exclusive giveaways, win signed merch and prizes, sometimes chats with the artist. Again, Alicia Keys joined the chat for her streaming party (she gave me a personal shout out, it was pretty sweet) the streaming parties connect you with fans from around the world. I enjoy it
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