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  1. Delta Goodrum, Leona Lewis, Westlife for tours. He also has writing and production credit on "Breathe on Me" from Britney Spears and the unreleased Blackout track "State of Grace".
  2. Steve Anderson handles all of Kylies musical tours. He does a fantastic job 👏
  3. 8-tee's


    I can't be the only the one that loves this song. Is it a fan favorite? There's something about the instrumentation and her vocals. It's a fine track ✨️
  4. I can care less. I just want a professional 4K show, with the normal setlist. Rain would be nice as it sounded better than Take a Bow, especially in arenas. Can't be too choosey with mama. I'm happy with whatever we get 🙌
  5. 4K will most likely be out for us for the official release (If we get one)
  6. I have faith someone will share the videos and downloads here so I'll patiently wait. No success still and don't have the time. This dad has little league games today. LOL Enjoy the show my friends! It's definitely gonna be a moment!!
  7. Any idea how I can do this for a TV?
  8. I feel ya. You'd think being 2024 none of this would be as difficult as it is. 😑
  9. Just wait for the show to appear here afterwards. It will.
  10. Way too complicated on my end too. Signed into Sling for a 3 day trial to access Globoplay but no success. I have no idea how to get a VPN on my TV. I'll wait for someone to rip the show and post it here. I'm sure it will. This is a huge event so it'll come out in no time. Enjoy those able to attend and watch!!! I bet it's going to sound amazing!!!
  11. Me too, Me too! Wishing they'd release then in 360 Spatial Audio too!
  12. Nothing Really Matters and Bedtime Story. Live to Tell, Erotica and Like a Prayer would follow
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