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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/C6-Kb9Ds7B_/?igsh=MTlzZWYxNWJpcms4 The caption saying that she’s a little bit unkind sometimes. Lol Ray of Light 2.0 not happening guys. Stuart Price, now it’s your chance, Confessions 2.0 here we go. (Joke alert)
  2. Wow, I didn't notice that! What an amazing surprise! If they decided to split the tracks, keeping them non stop, making a greatest hits album, I bet it would be a huge success. Those mixes sound so fresh!
  3. Well, it's not new music, but it's nice to have something fresh, I think Thank you, Stu! We need more collabs between M and you!
  4. I think 2024 has been a huge year for her and the amount of respect that she's receiving is surprisingly good. I hope it reflects on the success of her long-awaited new artistic material.
  5. Confessions Tour Sticky and Sweet Tour Blond Ambition Tour The Celebration Tour The Virgin Tour Re-invention Tour Who's That Girl Tour The Girlie Show Rebel Heart Tour DW Tour MDNA Tour Madame X Tour
  6. I'm curious to see the animated cover art of Bedtime Stories, and if they will place M upside down or not.
  7. I pleases me so much seeing the Bedtime Stories cover art with M in the correct position.
  8. They could have done so much better, especially the first album and True Blue. ☹️
  9. I love that she's glowing and how much her energy positively changed since the tour started. Despite all the odds against her after collapsing while rehearsing, she went full force and showed to the world why she's a living legend. Honestly, a true fighter and an inspiration to all of us.
  10. Special Guest: Elsa from Frozen. Lerigooooo Lerigoooo
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