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  1. I think Madame X era is pretty over for her, by now. God Control have no extra buzz to be explored, imo. It’s not fresh, it’s an old song, was already a single. If something is coming out, will be a new song, or something related to a reissue like Chromatica or DISCO 2. at the end, it will be nothing, like was Pride 🤡
  2. Kylie was in the studio few days ago and she teased yesterday a mysterious “Roller DISCO” logo, alongside with Dance Floor Darling. 👀
  3. Kylie Minogue records collaboration with Ed Sheeran for singer-songwriter’s new album
  4. But why would she do a huge announcement like this if it was a DJ set? It does not make sense.
  5. I can't wait!!!! It's clearly something related to COADF. Her nails looks like the background of the album art, her story with Hung Up and Insta Post with a disco inspired design, playing Future Lovers / I Feel Love... The disco queen is coming again!
  6. Amazing remixes! It was the first time that I've listened "(Churchapella)" and it's magical!
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