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  1. RebelMe

    Note: Please keep this thread healthy. No more unnecessary fights. We all have or had different opinions or points of view, but this is not something to be furious or to attack one another. Can we start 2021 the way it deserve? Be patient, be comprehensible, be kind. Don't be a reason for them closing this thread as well, be the reason to keep it going. Peace and love.
  2. RebelMe

    Yes, that would be so great! I barely listen to the final album, I always chose the demos
  3. RebelMe

    What is happening to this thread. People need to chill, start being respectful and not using anyone’s mother or family member as an argument, it’s stupid and childish.
  4. RebelMe

    I can't imagine a life not knowing B-Day Song. Wait, I can.... I want that!
  5. RebelMe

    Well, I thought that I was the only one.
  6. RebelMe

    it's surprising how good she's doing on streaming, compared to the Golden era.
  7. RebelMe

    Well, changing the subject a little bit, I love this project that its being going for a long time in Malawi, I admire her for that. I would love her next album having a lot of inspiration from it.
  8. RebelMe

    It’s sad that we can’t have any kind of discussion about her that people assume that we’re here to fight or be against everything that she’s stand for. We need to be more kind to others and respect one another. Discussions and different points of view are not wrong, they are healthy and make the forum even more interesting. Imagine how boring it would be if what we do here is praise her 24/7, without saying anything negative because she’s something untouchable, flawless, perfect. We are not blind.
  9. RebelMe

    Well, you can read the development of what I said, after that. Sometimes people are lazy to keep reading the development of the threads and discussion. So, no point on keep this going.
  10. RebelMe

    I agree with you. That is totally it, in most of the cases. Maybe I expressed myself wrong, but when I was referring that I’m not interested in a hip hop style from her, is M trying to rap like she did in American Life. It really concerns me. But having a rapper featured on her music, or even a “Did You Do It?” kind of song, I have no problem at all. But I would love if she did another r&b or a rock album, it suits her very well.
  11. RebelMe

    Well, I have to agree with you, even though, I still stand saying that hiphop is not a big thing outside US, but it doesn't mean the R&B, Disco Music and another (so rich) genres heavily influenced by the community are not. But, still, what I was focusing on, and still stand as well is: If she wants to fight against haters, racists, it's not by posting more hiphop songs, but doing it the right way, like putting music out there that are explicit about it, like she did during the AIDS pandemic, on the cover of LAP and mentioning her best friend in In This Life, in Erotica. Doing a great song with African singers that are screaming to spread awareness. Giving voice to them, who on their own, would have never reached the level of audience that Madonna have. We can disagree on many things, but I think we all want her to be successful (not saying that she needs to have a #1, but to have her respect back) and spread the right kind of media, break the taboos that still standing on and impose herself as a performer that is not slowing dow, not being defining by it, even having 60 yo. She's not Joan Of Arc and someone said, but she's a entertainer that have a great potential that still needs to be explored. But she still knows, is aware of that, or, does she really want to continue being it?
  12. RebelMe

    Well, I have some points on that Fist: I'm pretty disappointed to a woman that have been doing bad marketing for her material since MDNA. First, she calls another singer song "Reductive", behaving like she was above all, loosing many of fans because a stupid fight with another talented artist. After that, she explicit saying that her songs leaking is the exact same as rape, and the list still goes one, till recent months, using covid to promote her products, spreading fake news about vaccines and on and on. That is what I'm saying, this kind of childish behaviour. Second: Yes, I mentioned Britney Spears, and I still stand for what I've said. I follow her, I know her issues, I am in the place where #FreeBritney started, I have read the legal documents, legal battles and why she's trying to be freed of the conservatorship. But I will not get along and start a discussion here about Britney. When it's time, she will do it herself. Third: I enjoy the ride as well, one of the things that, when I started enjoying her, are her reinventions and shifting from one genre to another. But she's still the same woman, with great artistic ideas and knows the game and how to play it, doesn't matter if her hair is platinum blonde, black, pink, short or long. I'm not particularly bothered by her catalog, even though, not appreciating some of her songs. But what concerns me is her attitudes, the Madonna that is on instagram, posting her everyday life. Behaving as a child. She's a human being that have issues as we have, but some parts of her life could and should be just kept private, as the Madame X songs were doing production, to avoid someone leaking them and spoil the material.
  13. RebelMe

    I mean, maybe she was always this way but we never had the opportunity to be aware of if because back in the day there was no social media and she was a distant figure, even for her fans. Did we make assumptions about what she was and is, and constructed a character that never existed? Edit: I find myself really thoughtful sometimes, because the Madonna that I started enjoying, following and appreciating was really different from the Madonna that we have today, and it bugs me a lot. I like her since 2005, and she's totally different, the persona, from then to now, it's really intriguing. When I compare her to other singers that I follow, I notice It even more. I cannot point another singer that had the same shift that she had, and I like Britney Spears since 2006, when the was going to a tough period, and Kylie Minogue, that had really difficult periods as well. And I'm not saying this because she listens to music that I'm not particularly into, but the persistent stubbornness, lack of notion, the spread of fake news and lack of focus since MDNA.
  14. RebelMe

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I think that this is not the case. I bet she doesn't even know which rappers or singers are on those songs that has being played. Most of the time, I think, her kids (including her bf) bring that style to her attention and she let them play it as much as they want. Let's not forget that rap/hiphop is something that is only a big thing in the USA, so most of her fans do not care or don't identify with the genre. I know it has a background, where and why it's important for the community that it represent, but there's more ways to help and raise awareness to racism than playing songs that, most of the time, do not good for her. If she wants to fight against haters, racists, it's not by posting more hiphop songs, but doing it the right way, like putting music out there that are explicit about it. Doing a great song with African singers that are screaming to spread awareness. Giving voice to them, who on their own, would have never reached the level of audience that Madonna have. The only thing that we have from her, venturing into that style, is Champagne Rose, that is something atrocious.
  15. RebelMe

    That makes sense. It’s totally what we could expect from her.