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  1. I would love if she released similar songs as COADF, Music, LAP, True Blue... I miss that M.
  2. And about that song she was recording with Katy Perry. Does anyone have any news?
  3. I just want to say that I need Confessions On a Dance Floor in Dolby Atmos 




  4. I can only dream for a dolby atmos version of MDNA
  5. But it’s perfect for TikTok, even its lenght. Like it or not, he’s the one making the rules now.
  6. IT'S A FUCKING BOP If she makes an entire album like this I will not be mad at all.
  7. So, in the end, the announcement became a big "soon"
  8. I’m wondering if back in the day, she had released the demos instead of the streaming version of RH how different her career would have been. Till this day I choose the demos over the released material, every single time.
  9. I believe in the power of TikTok to make Avicii Heart so big that Madonna is forced to release it. 🥲
  10. I think Madame X era is pretty over for her, by now. God Control have no extra buzz to be explored, imo. It’s not fresh, it’s an old song, was already a single. If something is coming out, will be a new song, or something related to a reissue like Chromatica or DISCO 2. at the end, it will be nothing, like was Pride ?
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