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  1. you are a stupid piece of S-HIT ..how about that for positive - track my other accounts bish
  2. hold up i was being called crazy yesterday but that is ok ?
  3. I dont like gaga and i dont like janet - what of it ? both artists have thrown shade at the artist i love and tried to diminish her work and in regards to janet im just so sick to death of superbowl tit flash talk its so boring and her and her fans need to get over it this moment is not the cause of her poor album and tour sales ..madonna has been flashing her tits on purpose for decades and not apologising for it i like kylie she is a NICE LADY and a good pop star but its wrong to suggest she has not had botox or fillers or madonna should take note of whatever she is having done as if kylie looks better than madonna ..its very very clear kylie has fillers and work done and i just wanted to point that out to the member who talked like she has had nothing done ... perhaps my comment about celine having no ass was out of order as i like her but it was only a reply to somebody who was shading madonna for flashing her ass a lot and saying celine would never do that as if madonna doing it was a bad thing
  4. Thank you , i wont like your post as this is what i feel like a certain group of people do on this page who say negative things about madonna ..they all like each others posts etc
  5. do i really need to go back in your history and see if you have said anything negative about madonnas look on instagram or her ass ?? i wont even bother but im pretty sure you have so stop with the hypocrisy
  6. im basically all i can be and all i want is peace peace peace peace
  7. since i have joined the forum i have read nothing but bashing on madonna usually from the same members .its so negative - i dont get how you expect a gaga thread to be full of rainbows and peace giving the history of gaga and her fans ?? i see more madonna bashing on this forum than any other artist - what is that about ? im guessing a madonna thread on a gaga forum would not be full of rainbows and candyfloss and peace either - i just think gags fans on this forum are in a foul mood and just having a tantrum because she was not given a oscar nomination..they may calm down soon and get over it hopefully .
  8. so defending madonna is a bad thing now ..ok ..i am being singled out because i see through a lot of members on here and they have a agenda ..there is one kylie fan who always takes the chance to bash madonna and there is a gaga fan who also does the same ...i wont apologise for challenging the opinions they have on madonna
  9. I think what you mean is other madonna forums dont really welcome madonna bashing with open arms and they remove people who they presume are just in the forum to hate or diminish madonna - i dont think there is anything wrong with me challenging your opinion that gaga ended madonna career - i feel i am being singled out by the people on this forum who enjoy bashing madonna or are fans of kylie or gaga more than they are madonna etc etc
  10. how will they explain so many things like his facial transformation , i mean he denied a lot of it etc etc
  11. The gags thread is bound to be controversial and negative giving how gags and her fans treat madonna and some are on here so they just get all hot and bothered when something negative is said about mummy monster but they feel its perfectly fine to bash madonna in a madonna fan forum ..this is what i find odd ..why is it acceptable to bash madonna to death but not other female artists ? the madonna fans will gloat about her not getting a oscar nom because we know the gaga fans would have rubbed it into madonnas fans faces etc etc so yeah i dont think there is anything wrong with a madonna fan to be happy about it
  12. you having a fit at me for saying its clear kylie has fillers and is not sooo natural but you threw shade at madonna by saying she needs to take notes from kylie - erm hello no she does not ..kylie does not look as great as you think ..now stay mad ..blocking you now you hypocritical troll - you stick to kylie the pop star and leave madonna the artist alone with your shallow insults
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