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  1. No. I really don't get why this era is such a hard one for so many fans to 'get'. Probably because I personally don't worship at the alter that is Confessions. That said, interesting points above, but I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that the previous era was certainly something special to many fans, and has since been glorified into this untouchable thing. And particularly with those that seem to think M is disco, disco, disco. Yeah, I know, that will piss some folks off, but as the years go by, it becomes that much more obvious. And yet, all her music up until then (and since) had shown she really is so much more than just that. Don't get me wrong, it was a very special era, but she really is more than just 'Confessions'. Just as she is more than just 'Blond Ambition' and 'Vogue' and 'Ray of Light'. The irony is that Hard Candy is pure dance, through and through. It's just another take on it. It's rooted more in American R&B and funk-influenced dance (aka the Black/urban tradition) vs the more Euro-influenced sounds of the previous record. Ok, so it wasn't the most cutting-edge sound at the time, but that rhetoric itself regarding M and her music (in my opinion) has also been somewhat romanticized over the years. A great deal of her work at commercial/critical peaks has always essentially been 'of the moment'. She's just more often executed it better than anyone at any given time. That said, it's still an incredibly solid record that personally has much more replay value than the previous. And lastly, it's rooted in the very music that started her out on that first record. It is the 'return to her roots' more than Confessions ever really was. In the end, it was just part of the continual evolution that is 'Madonna' the artist. It was also clearly time for her to "exorcise the demons" of what she was going through. Not to mention what it was saying (visually and musically) about a woman her in 50s. Performance-wise it was unmatched - she was an absolute beast. Incredible promo concerts. And quite frankly, one of her greatest tours that solidified her as the touring beast (#1 number for a female/solo), and proved she was capable of doing something in her 50s that very few, if any, of her peers (male or female) could ever attempt to do on stage. I may be in the minority...so be it. I LIVE for funky, R&B Madonna. Her sugar will forever be raw. Long live Hard FUCKING Candy.
  2. I don't know if I would use the term "out of touch" when describing Madonna's music of the last decade or so. She's clearly 'in the know' regarding what is going on in contemporary music, and you can clearly hear it throughout much of the last few albums (and no, I don't think that is a bad thing whatsoever). In fact, some of those albums best songs are perfectly in line with where music/culture is now (or at the time being)...it's just that the work doesn't get its just due when it comes to promotion (and we already know the reasons why). Let alone it's almost as if a pop artist, particularly female, isn't even supposed to be doing such at this point in a career, and yet she continues to create and express as a contemporary artist ... unapologetically. Considering where most popular music is right now, I'm glad she continues to interpret what is current but still through her own very specific lens. It's what continues to set her apart. As said above, she could easily pander to the folks who just want disco dolly 'bops' or spit out a junky album in a week like these lesser "stars" and ride it out the easy way...but she doesn't. And thank god for that.
  3. Exactly. It is a very good move. ViacomCBS is the parent company of Paramount+. They already own MTV, VH1, BET, Logo, Showtime, Paramount Studios, etc. Lots of channels. Lots of material. And ViacomCBS is one of the "Big 6" media companies, meaning they are one of the most powerful on the planet. The only reason why their numbers aren't as huge as other streaming platforms is because they're newer...but no doubt they are probably going to grow into one of the major players soon enough. All of the 'Big 6' media companies are staking their claim of the streaming market over the next few years. Netflix is no longer the only major player in the game. Anyone comparing this to Meerkat or any of those other small-time start-up digital services simply has no idea what they're talking about... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ViacomCBS
  4. It's a fucking joke. He's not bothered. Stop taking the bait from self-righteous, literalist brats on social media. Much ado about nothing. NEXT.
  5. Uh, they've got the last two in that graphic completely backwards. Just sayin.
  6. I have so many questions and have researched a lot, but am still confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated. How would I know what format the stream is inside the mkv? I'm guessing most of what I've got should be in mp4 inside (as that is also what I am trying to convert to, or essentially change the container to). I was using VLC to convert, but it was lowering the quality and compressing more. It was suggested I click on 'keep original video file' and that seems to keep the full video quality intact. With the program 'Remux', I just choose mp4 and it seems to keep the original quality without any major conversion. But it does give an option for different audio qualities I can convert in Remux. So I guess, per your second question, how would I find out what the original audio format is? I was trying to convert to just AAC. I tried 6ch, but it made the sound warbly and echo-ey, so I did 2ch (Stereo) and it sounds fine. I tried doing one without any audio conversion, and it says the audio is "Dolby Digital Plus".
  7. I did a little research on the subject of 'remuxing' and have decided to try it out using a program for Mac called "Remux". So far, so good. Though if I want to change the audio output, I'm a bit confused on what to choose out of the options - aac 2ch aac 6ch ac3 aac_at alac ???????
  8. Why are folks using the term "overyhyped"... It's like a few little cryptic insta posts, and an insta story. That's it.
  9. If she's going to do a true 'Greatest Hits' type show, she's going to tour it. There's massive money to be made with that. Pandemic aside, once touring is able to resume to as close to normal as possible (in a couple years, probably), I don't see why she wouldn't continue to do so in the future, as plenty of other acts older than her already do. At the very least she has a couple more large-scale arena/stadium shows left in her. Now to sell it, she most likely will have to pull out the hits for it, but at this point, it's befitting. And she doesn't necessarily need to physically dance as hard as those previous tours. They can choreograph and stage great numbers, and design a beautiful, stunning show, without having her all over the place. That being said, I think she will continue to explore the theater route to satisfy her more personal live artistic endeavors.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions! Anyone here use VLC player to convert? Anyone know the best way to use that one without losing quality? I've been doing 'mp4/mov', then 'keep original video track', then 'AAC sound at 256'. Any suggestions on how to do it better on there?
  11. Sticky & Sweet is an incredible tour. And a perfect example of what separates Madonna from all the rest, especially those listed above. And in her 50's at the time too. Long live M-Dolla.
  12. I looked it up, but unfortunately only seems to work on PCs. I'm on an iMac. Thanks for the suggestion though!
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