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  1. LOVE it! Considering they are AI, I thought these were very well done...and in person that backdrop during Take A Bow was stunning!!!
  2. It also has a few of the audio gltches/skips, like during ITG. But overall, it's the best quality so far. The smaller Web-DL 5.5 GB version doesn't seem to have the dubs. Thank you above to who posted it.
  3. So far all these different rips of the broadcast have glitches in audio/video...
  4. The broadcast audio was also missing a lot of the bass and richness that a proper mix can bring. That LiveNation clip from twitter sounds a lot better.
  5. This is EXACTLY how I feel. It was amazing to watch, an utterly defining moment in her entire career, and the perfect way to end this tour... But, I still want a proper, cinematic tour film for multiple reasons - one that captures the entire production as intended by Madonna, the designers, and the entire team, as well as a richer version of the overall sound - with that thumping BASS that was sorely missing. The broadcast, while wonderful, was missing a lot of the extra lighting rigs that provide so much more illumination for the overall show (when seen in person), as well as the great production elements like the flying portal. As well as getting better key angles, as the live feed missed a lot of the action spread out over the stages. Other than that, it's great to have as an additional pro-feed to watch, and as for her... GOD BLESS HER. She rose back like the phoenix she is. Long live the one, true QUEEN.
  6. Still blows me away that there was never a video for Holiday, considering how huge it's become (and even then at the time). And that the label and networks didn't want anything too 'dance-oriented'....goddamn!!! In hindsight, what a choice that was...
  7. THIS. The first album. Easily. The perfect introduction to Madonna - in every way. I think she has the kind of body of work that is best experienced in chronological order. Quintessentially 80s while also feeling timeless. Not to mention, it's just the perfect example of pop music so perfectly executed, right out of the gate.
  8. Oh I fundamentally DISAGREE with that part. Those classic 80s numbers are brilliant fun, the costume design is gorgeous, and integral to that era...esp. Into The Groove. "Not that incredible"... uh, Music says otherwise. Most of those songs would have been great live, and would have added a great punch to the latter part of the show. As for being cut, it's rumored to be because of the health issue (could she have handled it physically), and the show running long already. I don't remember anything alluding to it "not being convincing".
  9. He's fabulous. So clever to have a drag queen as MC of the show, and he's the perfect fit.
  10. According to people who were there, she openly said on night 1 that she was not in a good mood and not feeling well. But most said the latter half of the show she picked up in energy. I've heard nothing but great things from night 2. Everyone says she felt much better, was in good spirits, and worked her ass off.
  11. Interesting that there are so many comments about bad sound throughout this tour, that I was kind of expecting it. And lo and behold, it sounded utterly fantastic at my show. I say this without exaggeration - it was one of the best sounding shows I've ever been to (and yes, I've been to plenty of concerts). The only thing was to maybe bring her vocals up just a bit, but other than that, the overall mix was great that night. Sound was rich, clear, fat and pumpin. And it was loud as FUCK (which I loved considering some shows I've been to lately have not been loud enough). And that heavy bass was so goddamn hard it hit you up in your throat. I LOVED it. I'm thinking it depends on where your seat is, as most of the bad comments seem to come from the floor or the pits. I'm thinking the speaker layout is probably affected by the tons of rigging coming out over the audience, so perhaps that's affected how the sound fills the space. But I guess I just got lucky then.
  12. FINALLY. Someone who actually knows their music history. The roots of Madonna's music in funk, R&B, disco, etc. ("Black music") is so far too often misunderstood, or outright dismissed. "Into The Groove" is the perfect example of that long held inspiration and evolution in her early work...and it truly became one of, if not THE, defining 'dance pop' songs of all time. The amount of things written about this single song since has solidified that fact. There's a real reason why ITG is often referred to as one of the single defining songs of the 1980s. Not to mention the first two albums period, particularly LAV (the album). It's become far to prevalent to dismiss her early work, when this work not only launched her into the stratosphere, but defined the culture unlike anything quite before...and why every pop bitch in the game has tried to replicate it since. To truly understand it, in the context of the times, is necessary to understanding what the entire Madonna ethos is built upon (and pop in general since). It's 'Madonna 101' but some refuse to take the course. And it shows. Also, a lot of these comments are clearly coming from folks who did not live through the 80s... If you knew, you knew. ITG is an eternal ANTHEM. There's a reason it gets the response it does on the current tour, from the very first few iconic notes.
  13. The indoor arenas use the actual arena infrastructure to suspend rigging for whatever show is being presented, as in the picture above. Yes, all arenas are different, but they're made for rigging up whatever a production may need. For stadium or outdoor shows, since there is no roofing (and said infrastructure) to house/hang a production, they have to actually build it (that's what I meant by "custom engineer" it). Like the Sticky & Sweet stage below - What I meant was they'll have to build something like this if they're going to present the full, original production as she's touring it now - as major parts of the production require rigging (hanging) far out into audience, over the multiple catwalks. I don't think it's impossible...I think some of us are just unsure considering all shows so far have been indoors. (Sorry, I'm trying to explain it as best I can (based on what I've learned about touring productions). I apologize if I'm not clear... )
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