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  1. Uh, for those complaining about the era being "too long", you do realize we had (and are still technically in) a global pandemic that brought things to a near halt for a year+, let alone having her own health issues she had to address during the downtime. Something tells me had there not been a pandemic, or issues with her hip, we probably would have had all this in the previous year. (And it's not like the album era itself was very long either, so I actually welcome that she's had the chance to bring it all back to life and get it out there with more promotion than we saw for the actual album. The project/era is good enough to deserve that). Also, regarding the Madame X persona(s) not being fully fleshed out, while there is some truth you could argue to that, the live show itself actually does have a narrative that plays out Madame X's journey, so to speak, if you're truly paying attention. Pay attention to the order of the songs, and how each act follows the other. It's not random whatsoever. It's just not as literal as some seem to need it to be.
  2. It absolutely was. It had some of the best designs that really worked alongside the album aesthetic. I thought it was all very cohesive this time around. (I personally found the Rebel Heart era merchandise to be cheap and all over the place design-wise.) I LOVE the new hoodie...especially the image on the back. I want that.
  3. Yes. I only use 'ublock origin' for my two browsers - Firefox and Chrome - and have never had issues with it slowing anything down. I did try disabling and even deleting it on both browsers to see if that would make a change, and it did not. Still slow, unfortunately.
  4. I've been using Instagram on an iphone, ipad and desktop computer for the past decade and have had no problem with it working on any device. It's usually smooth and lightening fast on a web browser. In fact, Instagram has made itself more user friendly for use on computers just in the past couple years. Now, you can pretty much do everything on a web browser that you used to only be able to do on the phone or tablet.
  5. Just wondering...is Instagram unusually slow, like, super slow, for anyone when using it on a desktop computer or laptop? Whether it be Firefox or Chrome browser, the whole app is just slow as hell. Can barely scroll down an account without getting the spinning wheel that won't load in anymore images, and if it does, sometimes they're just blank squares. Just opening an image, or clicking on someone's stories and then going back to main page is just brutally slow...sometimes with just a white screen for seconds before something will load in. Just a week ago or so it was fine. Fast as hell. What happened? Tried researching a bunch but can't find any answers as to why, or how to fix? Anyone else dealing with the same? Any solutions? (Again, when using Insta on a browser, not the app on a phone). thanks.
  6. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! Someone in this fanbase actually gets it.
  7. I remember TUTBMP, I'll Remember, and Rain getting constant radio play here in the US. I would have guessed they were all big hits as they were constantly played on radio, with the videos in constant rotation on TV. M's ballads were huge in the early 90s. And then, little did we know what was coming with something like Take A Bow.
  8. @WhitePanda Your work is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! I've enjoyed looking at your work for quite awhile now ever since I stumbled upon it. More fans, and her team, should see what is possible...and what you're capable of. Incredible work. You should be very proud.
  9. I've always loved the hell out of this mashup when it was leaked years ago. Personally, I would have loved it instead of Hung Up (even though I've come to really enjoy that version). I figured most fans would have liked this, but these days, who the hell knows...
  10. No. As for this 'hating of her old songs' thing, I think fans take it all way too literally. First, she's not the only artist to feel that way about old songs. And two, she moved beyond that period where she really wasn't interested (around ROL). If she truly hated it all, she wouldn't do old songs in her tours, and they would probably be very different shows. She would have never done anything like Tears of a Clown. Or even Re-Invention. Clearly, she likes some songs better than others. And she's said multiple times that certain songs are just of a certain time that she feels silly just pulling them out without doing something to make them reflective and who/where she is today. I respect that, and it's given us some of her best live tour moments (that very few of her peers/followers even bother to attempt...or could). As for remasters, box sets, anniversary re-issues, etc...yeah, we'd all love it. But clearly she's not interested in milking that part of her career...yet. She probably feels that stuff can be done later, and I don't blame her (though I'd love it now just as much as any fan). Personally, I think it would make sense to start doing those things into her mid-to-later 70s, probably once large-scale touring finally stops, and she moves on to other creative endeavors/life/etc. As for now, she's a contemporary artist working 'in the now' (as she always has), and she sees herself that way. I don't see that changing for at least a good ten more years or so. That being said, around the time of the biopic release, it may be a good time to do a 'legacy' era of some sort.
  11. She made it very clear during the Rebel Heart era that if Picasso and Jager and plenty of others can continue on working until their 70s+, so can she. It's practically been her manifesto this last decade...she's "never gonna stop". Personally, I believe that as long as she is in good health, and she's inspired (as she has said time and time again), she will continue to work and create. It may not always be in the traditional sense we are use to with big eras and big tours, but I think of all things, music is the one thing she can (and will) continue to do. I think the Madame X era was kind of a possible precursor to the next stage of her artistry (and if so, I'm very much looking forward to it). Perhaps not so mainstream anymore, but true to what she really wants to say and what inspires her. If that means work geared to a more specific part of the fanbase, and smaller venues for the most dedicated, so be it. Reminds of when Prince got to that point where he just said, 'fuck it...I'm gonna just do me. And those that get it will get it'. That said, I think she definitely has at least 1 (if not 2) big 'moments', tours, etc. left to showcase her legacy for the GP - if she wants to. I think the biopic is the start of that. I think the MX era just threw some folks off for a while... That said, even if she changed her mind, her legacy is intact. No individual or entity (or bratty fanbase of rivals) can take that away from her. And quite frankly, she's worked her ass off her whole life and taken the artform and the industry to the highest places it can ever go. Everything now, since, and into the future is in the orbit of the universe she created. She's earned the rest if she wants it. That being said, I can't lie that I'd be heartbroken. She's truly the very LAST of the greats that I still look forward to (God rest Mike and Prince and Bowie...). But I don't think she's going anywhere. At least not for another decade or so. She's made it clear that as long as she's still got something to say, she's not going to "surrender"...
  12. Who knows, but I adore the song. On my own personal tracklisting playlist for the album, I have it as the album closer. It's the perfect end to the album, especially with that ending of the song.
  13. No. I really don't get why this era is such a hard one for so many fans to 'get'. Probably because I personally don't worship at the alter that is Confessions. That said, interesting points above, but I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that the previous era was certainly something special to many fans, and has since been glorified into this untouchable thing. And particularly with those that seem to think M is disco, disco, disco. Yeah, I know, that will piss some folks off, but as the years go by, it becomes that much more obvious. And yet, all her music up until then (and since) had shown she really is so much more than just that. Don't get me wrong, it was a very special era, but she really is more than just 'Confessions'. Just as she is more than just 'Blond Ambition' and 'Vogue' and 'Ray of Light'. The irony is that Hard Candy is pure dance, through and through. It's just another take on it. It's rooted more in American R&B and funk-influenced dance (aka the Black/urban tradition) vs the more Euro-influenced sounds of the previous record. Ok, so it wasn't the most cutting-edge sound at the time, but that rhetoric itself regarding M and her music (in my opinion) has also been somewhat romanticized over the years. A great deal of her work at commercial/critical peaks has always essentially been 'of the moment'. She's just more often executed it better than anyone at any given time. That said, it's still an incredibly solid record that personally has much more replay value than the previous. And lastly, it's rooted in the very music that started her out on that first record. It is the 'return to her roots' more than Confessions ever really was. In the end, it was just part of the continual evolution that is 'Madonna' the artist. It was also clearly time for her to "exorcise the demons" of what she was going through. Not to mention what it was saying (visually and musically) about a woman her in 50s. Performance-wise it was unmatched - she was an absolute beast. Incredible promo concerts. And quite frankly, one of her greatest tours that solidified her as the touring beast (#1 number for a female/solo), and proved she was capable of doing something in her 50s that very few, if any, of her peers (male or female) could ever attempt to do on stage. I may be in the minority...so be it. I LIVE for funky, R&B Madonna. Her sugar will forever be raw. Long live Hard FUCKING Candy.
  14. I don't know if I would use the term "out of touch" when describing Madonna's music of the last decade or so. She's clearly 'in the know' regarding what is going on in contemporary music, and you can clearly hear it throughout much of the last few albums (and no, I don't think that is a bad thing whatsoever). In fact, some of those albums best songs are perfectly in line with where music/culture is now (or at the time being)...it's just that the work doesn't get its just due when it comes to promotion (and we already know the reasons why). Let alone it's almost as if a pop artist, particularly female, isn't even supposed to be doing such at this point in a career, and yet she continues to create and express as a contemporary artist ... unapologetically. Considering where most popular music is right now, I'm glad she continues to interpret what is current but still through her own very specific lens. It's what continues to set her apart. As said above, she could easily pander to the folks who just want disco dolly 'bops' or spit out a junky album in a week like these lesser "stars" and ride it out the easy way...but she doesn't. And thank god for that.
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