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  1. Because you can't have Madonna "fandom" (particularly in the last decade) without daily drama and hissy fits...
  2. why not though. it's time to totally change up her usual release patterns/strategies. No need for the old model anymore. And considering she's firmly in legacy act territory now (and rightfully so), needing a tour based on a new album is not really going to work anymore. And not even necessary.
  3. I never would have guessed it wasn't a hit. That song was everywhere at the time, and the video was in constant rotation. Always goes to show the charts don't always reflect what's actually going on in the larger culture.
  4. Is it just me, or is this one of the best quality uploads they've done so far? Compared to the rest. Wow.
  5. THIS. It's as clear as day what she meant in her post. I've read it a number of times, and even the first time, I never detected an ounce or hint of shade whatsoever to any of those girls. This is really a completely manufactured outrage because one person clearly lacks basic comprehension skills. Much ado about nothing.
  6. All these little pop bitches are SO lucky they're not going up against Madonna circa 1990...
  7. Cardi completely misunderstood the post. And is now using it to make drama and paint herself as a victim. M can't even own her own legacy without it being misunderstood, as always. Some people really are just fucking dumb.
  8. I never talk rubbish. I simply noted his messy mistakes as much as hers when watching, and plenty of others have noted the same thing elsewhere. That's all.
  9. Well, it's not difficult for those of us who simply happen to hear things differently, and feel that there is an abundance of wonderful music on the last few projects, with all those wonderful qualities you just described. Again, how we hear music (and how it affects us personally) is incredibly subjective. I don't feel the same way. Perhaps there is a bit less perfectionism (which in many ways I kind of understand at this point in time), but I personally feel there is plenty of excellence still among the things that may not be so 'perfect'. Honestly, from how I perceive the work, yes. But truly, no one can define that objectively unless they were there with her, in the room, witness to the whole process. Again, I personally feel no need to compare something to the past when a number of factors are so incredibly different now to then anyway. It's a bummer you feel that way, but you're welcome to feel however you want. I don't share any of those feelings. Sorry. I think she's worked her ass off in the last decade+, especially considering a number of factors she's had to deal with, personally and professionally. I don't think we could have gotten works like The MDNA Tour, Rebel Heart, MX and it's subsequent tour (amongst other things) if her heart wasn't in it anymore. Also, "success" is subjectively defined as well. For being who and what she is, compared to a number of industry factors, success in the last number of years, and certainly going forward, is going to be drastically different than it ever was...no matter how 'good' the work may or may not be, whether we like it or not. Given the nature of the industry and the wider culture, it's the inevitable state for any artist with this kind of longevity, especially for the very few not relying on nostalgia/legacy. Personally, it's why I don't try to see things through a lens still rooted in the 80s, 90s, or 00s. There are no excuses here. Simply the acknowledgement and understanding that we are in a different time, with a very different industry, and a whole set of unfortunate factors/circumstances that are sadly out of most of our (and her) control. Best I can personally do is to keep an open mind, be open to new things, and whether I ultimately like it or not, continue to support my favorite artist while she's still here (and especially considering so many of my lifelong favs are now gone). And you are right, she is not old, and can still release great music...as some of us feel she has been doing all along. ;)
  10. Different strokes for different folks. Ultimately, we don't all hear/see/feel artistic works in the same way. And that's ok, by its very nature. For the record, I don't really compare works. I've never been interested in whether something 'lives up to' something from the past. What ultimately matters to me is whether I enjoy the work or not, as is, on its own merits, in the here and now. Does it move me, in some way? What value has it brought to my life? And most importantly, how does it make me feel? All works, of varying strength (as subjective as it is), all have their place. The idea that something has no value if it doesn't live up to their "best" work is a perpetually losing battle for any artist. No artist can ever live up to that, and I think it's the death knell for art. Ultimately, I just feel very lucky to have my favorite artist of all time continue to move forward, be inspired by new things, and still take risks...no matter the criticism. Oh, and your wallpaper would be fabulous.
  11. Is it just her performance that's newly edited...or aspects of the whole show? And for the record, Maluma himself was a mess, and made quite a number of mistakes himself (that M had to save his ass for in the moment if you watch carefully).
  12. No. Just someone who hears music differently than you probably do. And that's ok. I'm thankful for that.
  13. So an entire body of work is no good because of a couple of songs? I should disregard the majority of the work for a few silly moments that happen on nearly every Madonna record (which, for the record, I always enjoy as they are quintessentially Madonna)? And with all due respect, who gives a flying fuck about the general public, especially at this point. "Good music" has nothing to do with the general public. Especially considering what passes for hits these days. By that measure, a handful of some of the best songs on the last 3 albums absolutely deserved to be hits. It was clear from first listen that MX was not designed for the GP. I actually find that a good thing. Not every record needs to be, especially when an artist is willing to let go of commercial appeal for the sake of a true artistic vision...let alone to do it in a part of their career where unfortunate circumstances outside of their own control basically hinder any possibility of having commercial hits again anyway. To do that nearly 4 decades into a career, as a female artist, in pop music, is nearly sacrilege... and once again, it proves to me why Madonna is fundamentally different than the rest of her peers. I don't see that many of them, past or present, creating such a work at that stage of their career. MX is not going to be to everyone's taste (no album will be). That's perfectly fine. But using commercial success as the only barometer of the value of a piece of work is an incredibly poor way to measure any artistic work. ps. Anything as good as POG or ROL on MX...hmmm, yes - Dark Ballet, God Control, Future, Batuka, Killers Who Are Partying, Come Alive, Extreme Occident, IDSIF, Ciao Bella...to name a few. ;)
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