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  1. VogueMusic

    Nailed it. I find it highly transparent that moments of mistake and weakness are when when some folks - particularly a certain subset of fans (and some of them even in the media) - decide to let out what really are long-held, pent-up resentments about her not being the artist or celebrity they think she should be...and even more specifically, to be 'the Madonna' that they fell in love with at what time they deemed to be her "peak"...with most fans that's ROL Madonna or Confessions Madonna. Newsflash, not all fans worship those eras as if they're infallible. Or that they even represent the totality of who Madonna is. No single era does. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I think a lot of fans are dealing with seeing their icon as not infallible. As human. As messy. Sometimes contradictory. Sometimes confusing. And now, with age added, and no longer with massive commercial success to buffer it all. And thus, a great deal of confirmation biases and vulnerabilities in us fans are being brought out in ways they weren't before, and projected back onto her. As I always say, hit the Google Earth button and never forget the bigger picture.
  2. VogueMusic

    That's a massive NO from me. In fact, a hell no. Personal and managerial issues aside...I'm a life-long fan, seen it all, and have genuinely found innumerable things to enjoy and love through all her various work in the last decade+. There truly is so much to enjoy and appreciate, that is quintessentially 'Madonna' through and through. Madame X, of all things, solidifies that. I don't think it's been a difficult decade at all. In fact, she's given us some of her best stage work, incredible music (and lots of it), and some of her most passionate - and timely - messages that no other pop star (let alone a female one) has even dared to do at this stage in a pop career.
  3. THANK YOU!!! Ricardo is a talented young man and more than qualified to take pics for a social media/insta feed.
  4. VogueMusic

    Finally. Somebody gets it. I've always known that the people who were truly going to have the hardest time with how Madonna ages (personally and professionally) are her own fans. Especially once the commercial success was done. I knew it was going to be this way. It's always this way. Unless fans can evolve in their own expectations and perceptions during this stage of her career, they're just going to constantly have a hard time. Doesn't mean you have to like everything...but the expectations (and more so the entitlements) are going to frustrate you if you're in denial of who she is now....not what you want or expect her to be. And let's face it, some folks will never be happy unless they get Confessions 2.0 or ROL 2.0, and she becomes the Madonna they fell in love with and think she should always be...and guess what, it's NEVER happening. BINGO. The Madonna of post 07 'till now is basically the 'mature' iteration of Madonna in 89-95 - offensive, in your face, bold, not PC, sometimes a mess, etc....and that's compounded by the context of the times we're in where nothing can be seen as 'problematic'. That's quite different than those who came to the fold post-ROL/Kabbalah/Ritchie years. And it was actually those years that made us ask this very topic question. But we still embraced it and went along for the ride. But take all this, and combine it now with age (and no massive commercial success to buffer it), it absolutely hits the vulnerabilities, and biases, of a lot of fans. THIS. THIS. THIS. Perfectly stated. My outlook as well. No matter the fuck-ups, the imperfections, etc... she's still with us. Still inspired. Still working. Still doing things in ways that NO other popular artist, let alone female, is doing at this age, at this stage in a pop career. NO ONE. And truth be told...it won't last forever. Every day I'm reminded Michael is gone, Prince is gone, Bowie is gone, Whitney is gone... and more. So many of the TRUE icons are gone. And the current landscape of popular music is utterly depressing. I'm enjoying and appreciating it ALL while it lasts... ...because it won't.
  5. VogueMusic

    I've always interpreted D&D's video as about the loss of innocence.
  6. VogueMusic

    Because these types complaining about this shit are caught up in their own moral righteousness. Basically no different from the social conservatism of the right (that condemned this book in its own time), but now it just comes from the other end of the sociopolitical spectrum. Like turning a certain extreme end of 'social activism/progressivism' into something akin to religious fundamentalism. They cannot see nor infer any sense of nuance, nor do they even care to understand things in their proper context. Basically, they're all hypocrites. In the film and book, Oliver is 24.
  7. VogueMusic

    Fair enough. (For the most part, my comment was directed to the person above me. Sorry, should have been more clear). THIS. I think that would help a lot to keep things more organized.
  8. VogueMusic

    Well, count me as one of the people who are VERY thankful for the talents of all those who AI Upscale old videos, or who make genuinely great remixes (like Dubtronic), or who put in the work to make their own 'Studio Versions' for tours (like Kosmmik), etc... There are a handful of folks who really do some top quality work.
  9. VogueMusic

    Well, what I dreaded would happen...happened. Knew it. We can truly never have nice things. Always a small few who ruin it for the rest of us. So sorry the usual suspects drove you away @nastybutfancy. Please remember, your work is so greatly appreciated by far more of us than those who are disrespectful. Please remember, there are more of us. THANK YOU for setting up your website and continuing to share your work.
  10. VogueMusic

    Just google it. I do it all the time, and lots of sites come up. Some better than others. But there's plenty out there available.
  11. VogueMusic

    These are AMAZING! The Frozen one is absolutely spot on. Thank you for putting in the work @Kosmmik. It is much appreciated, and enjoyed!
  12. VogueMusic

    Beautiful work!!! Would love to see an anniversary edition of Erotica/SEX.
  13. VogueMusic

    Nothing more than typical consipracy theory bullshit for the (sadly) mentally ill, religious fundamentalists, and extremes of all ideologies - particularly those of the far right. As with all conspiracy theories, they take elements of truths and mix them into their own twisted, fucked-up narratives that have been circling for ages. Sadly, with social media, and particularly Youtube (which is now conspiracy theory central), these ideas that were once relegated to only the fringe have now gained more mainstream attention, and the masses (that are already grossly misinformed and not well educated) start to fall down the rabbit hole of believing batshit insane things without a shred of evidence because, well, confirmation bias is one hell of a motherfucker. Sadly, for those who go too far down this hole, there is often the issue of heavy mental illness at play. As for these current narratives being spread right now, they're usually from heavily religious, far-right wing types (Trump's base, essentially) that already has a deep disdain, and fear, of the "elite" of society, that is somehow the reason for all their problems...all the while they see someone like Trump as their savior. How...ironic.
  14. VogueMusic

    You don't become the most successful female artist in the history of popular music by hype alone. Period.