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  1. VogueMusic

    In her stories you get a much better look at it - I like it.
  2. VogueMusic

    Oops. It was towards that line in the article...but now that I've actually read it, I took it completely out of context. It's quite a great review (except the remarks about Pettibone's production). Sorry 'bout that.
  3. VogueMusic

    A piece of work that is integral to Madonna's story and mission as an artist...let alone the cultural significance then and now. This piece of work, the subsequent era, and how she rose from it are what fundamentally separates her from every other "pop star" in the game, male or female. Still amazed that there are fans that don't get it.
  4. VogueMusic

    Fake. Not an official channel or upload. And not even in 4K. Debunked in another thread already.
  5. VogueMusic

    That last paragraph was SO wrong.
  6. VogueMusic

    Call Me By Your Name ...good god, that movie does things to me. SO beautifully written, directed, and shot... and that performance from Chalamet...
  7. VogueMusic

    INCREDIBLE work @WhitePanda!!! Absolutely incredible. LOVE that glossy, silver foil version of the classic album cover....incorporating the SEX book vibes.
  8. VogueMusic

    They put Beyonce and Taylor Swift above Madonna albums? Michael and Prince in the top 12, but no Madonna.
  9. VogueMusic

    THANK YOU so much! I've been looking for this...
  10. VogueMusic

    I fucking LOVE Candy Shop. It's a fun, funky, little number that's always been a great jam live. I think it's the tongue-in-cheek, irreverent lyrics and the simple yet funky arrangement that fits Madonna's sensibility. I can see why she loves it so much. And same for Human Nature. And let's face it, the song is basically her manifesto now. And rightfully so. LOVE 'em.
  11. VogueMusic

    THIS. Reminds me of the posting of that picture of Starrah on her insta during the Madame X sessions, and the response from some of the fanbase... shameful. UTTERLY shameful.
  12. VogueMusic

    During her quarantine diaries, she was playing film scores, jazz and Nina Simone... she listens to a little of everything. Isn't that clear by now?
  13. VogueMusic

    That's just the sound that's popular with most young people right now. It's everywhere. That's it. Not much more serious than that.
  14. VogueMusic

    Meet more women. ;) I didn't say all, just perhaps more than many may think. I think there are definitely more women embracing sex as pleasure first, they just don't talk about it in the way other segments of society do.