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  1. VogueMusic

    Well, what I dreaded would happen...happened. Knew it. We can truly never have nice things. Always a small few who ruin it for the rest of us. So sorry the usual suspects drove you away @nastybutfancy. Please remember, your work is so greatly appreciated by far more of us than those who are disrespectful. Please remember, there are more of us. THANK YOU for setting up your website and continuing to share your work.
  2. VogueMusic

    Just google it. I do it all the time, and lots of sites come up. Some better than others. But there's plenty out there available.
  3. VogueMusic

    These are AMAZING! The Frozen one is absolutely spot on. Thank you for putting in the work @Kosmmik. It is much appreciated, and enjoyed!
  4. VogueMusic

    Beautiful work!!! Would love to see an anniversary edition of Erotica/SEX.
  5. VogueMusic

    Nothing more than typical consipracy theory bullshit for the (sadly) mentally ill, religious fundamentalists, and extremes of all ideologies - particularly those of the far right. As with all conspiracy theories, they take elements of truths and mix them into their own twisted, fucked-up narratives that have been circling for ages. Sadly, with social media, and particularly Youtube (which is now conspiracy theory central), these ideas that were once relegated to only the fringe have now gained more mainstream attention, and the masses (that are already grossly misinformed and not well educated) start to fall down the rabbit hole of believing batshit insane things without a shred of evidence because, well, confirmation bias is one hell of a motherfucker. Sadly, for those who go too far down this hole, there is often the issue of heavy mental illness at play. As for these current narratives being spread right now, they're usually from heavily religious, far-right wing types (Trump's base, essentially) that already has a deep disdain, and fear, of the "elite" of society, that is somehow the reason for all their problems...all the while they see someone like Trump as their savior. How...ironic.
  6. VogueMusic

    You don't become the most successful female artist in the history of popular music by hype alone. Period.