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  1. Is that available somewhere? Anyone have that?
  2. Now THIS is my Madonna. The epitome of SEX. Independence. Living and aging however the fuck you want. OWNING it. And still pissing the usual suspects off beautifully.... LOVE IT.
  3. THANK YOU!!! Say whatever you want about the writing, but the overall direction - particularly visually and acting-wise - is absolutely stunning. She knows how to direct a film.
  4. It's an iconic musical, and think some are missing what the story is actually saying. That being said, I don't see Madonna doing a story like this (nor acting) any time soon (for multiple reasons)... and in all honesty, the film version role belongs to the incomparable Glenn Close, who is the most famous face of the stage musical version. If you haven't seen her in it, watch clips from youtube and have your mind blown. It's been rumored for a long time as well that the film version of Sunset Blvd would most likely be Glenn's ticket to a best actress Oscar (and perhaps her last shot), so I
  5. Whoopie-de-doo. This is how major Hollywood movies are made. The writer you start with is rarely the writer you end with... let alone the process of re-writes and 'notes' from the studio. Brace yourself, there are going to be lots of changes and people in-and-out of the process, period. Projects of this size take years as well, so some folks need to stop complaining about the timeline. You're not getting it anytime soon...and to get it right, we probably shouldn't be.
  6. 1. Shep Pettibone / Andre Betts 2. Stephen Bray / Jellybean / Reggie Lucas 3. Nelle Hooper 4. Pharrell 5. Patrick Leonard (though I consider him more a writer than producer) 6. Mirwais / Orbit 7. Diplo / Blood Pop 8. Stuart Price
  7. Sometimes folks just may happen to have a perspective on something that is, dare I say, positive or affirming in nature, or that finds value or worth in something. That's not a crime, nor a shortcoming. I also find the "sycophant" argument flawed, and really a form of unnecessary name-calling...and if we are encouraged to not engage in such at various boards from one side, then why is it ok for others to do it from the other end? There are plenty of folks who seem to find fault in damn near anything she does, and I suppose I could spend all day calling them 'Bitter Bettes' or something li
  8. THANK YOU!!! Finally, someone gets it. The last four albums truly do have incredible music on them, and it's a real shame that so much of this work doesn't get the proper respect and credit it truly deserves, especially from some 'fans'. As someone who has consumed the pop music of the last 30 something years, and certainly seen what some of these acts of the last 10 to 15 years have put out, I will gladly take M's contemporary work any day over this other "stuff". Particularly from some of the obvious names previously mentioned in this thread, who, in my opinion, are nothing but derivat
  9. Madame X is true piece of art...and quite frankly, something I find to be quite an unprecedented thing from a popular music artist in the game for over 3 and half decades. Very few last as long, let alone achieve such. Truly, I doubt such a piece of work, and it's boldness, experimentation, etc. is going to be found by any of the other popstars, male or female, when they hit their 60s (if they're even lucky enough to last that long, and let's face it, most of them won't except for the few that will become mainly nostalgia acts). Dare I say, I even feel much this way about most of Reb
  10. Absolutely no one. That's why she's the one and true QUEEN.
  11. Her words were not kind to Madonna in the 80s. Yes, she said those things...but there were also at a time when Clive and company were putting her out there as essentially the anti-Madonna - the good, Christian girl that was appropriate for everyone. As time went one, we quickly figured out that was pure image making, and the real Nippy was the furthest thing from a saint. Over time, she seemed to soften on Madonna and had much kinder things to say. But I think it's important to remember (as there are many young fans now) that Madonna in those times was extremely polarizing. And that's an
  12. Just curious...what is your "manual method"? 4KDownloader has stopped working for me.
  13. Is JDownloader safe? I keep coming across comments that it has malware/adware/viruses in it.
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