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  1. Her last 3 album covers have all been fantastic. I love them all...especially the MDNA deluxe. Thank you! Someone gets it. And I love the Madame X deluxe/digital cover, as it is reminiscent of the Les Mis musical cover. Feels very fitting for the material and her state of mind, and the world, then.
  2. Oh really? In what way exactly? (Sorry, just curious).
  3. Oh really? I'm surprised. I figured he be on this one. Do you remember where that was mentioned?
  4. My bet is he's still in the band. Other than Kevin, we haven't seen any of the band yet anyways, so who knows if it's all new, half new-half old, or all her established musicians. My guess is it's still mostly her core band that's been with her for the past couple decades.
  5. Yes. For studio versions that have leaked, it's been a combination of both new vocals and past album vocals. Usually when it gets to the 'final' versions of the studio track, it uses newer vocals. But for the most part, all songs for a show have some level of pre-sequenced vocals made and ready for use, either for rehearsal purposes and/or live during the show (playback).
  6. I think this is a very interesting thing to point out, and I rarely see it being talked about enough. It's always beating the dead horse about all the usual things...but, just a possibility, what if it's just part of aging, particularly for a woman...and even more so, personal health issues that are her private business (and that we may never know about). It's so easy to judge because we're all on the outside looking in, but knowing plenty of folks in my own life whose appearance has changed as often come down to various health issues (that were ultimately out of their control) that they eventually disclosed in confidence. It was was so easy to judge or "be concerned" when I didn't know the whole story. There's just so many different things that can affect someone's overall appearance and body shape, even if they've had 'work' done. Anyway, just something to consider. And I've had a parent recently have a hip replacement (like M's) and it's taken a LONG time to recover. It's been hard as hell on them. Let alone the pain they were experiencing for years on end leading up to it. And as someone who deals with several health issues, including pain management, it can be hell on earth. I wish there was far more empathy on that issue. Yep. Me too.
  7. The woman can never win. We don't deserve her at this point.
  8. Because you can't have Madonna "fandom" (particularly in the last decade) without daily drama and hissy fits...
  9. why not though. it's time to totally change up her usual release patterns/strategies. No need for the old model anymore. And considering she's firmly in legacy act territory now (and rightfully so), needing a tour based on a new album is not really going to work anymore. And not even necessary.
  10. I never would have guessed it wasn't a hit. That song was everywhere at the time, and the video was in constant rotation. Always goes to show the charts don't always reflect what's actually going on in the larger culture.
  11. Is it just me, or is this one of the best quality uploads they've done so far? Compared to the rest. Wow.
  12. THIS. It's as clear as day what she meant in her post. I've read it a number of times, and even the first time, I never detected an ounce or hint of shade whatsoever to any of those girls. This is really a completely manufactured outrage because one person clearly lacks basic comprehension skills. Much ado about nothing.
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