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  1. I wasn't so sure about it when the promo art came out...but on the merchandise I'm actually really loving it. The 3 shirts look great.
  2. Since Blond Ambition is the obvious answer (and is basically perfection), I went with the other obvious choice - Drowned World Tour. That version is so goddamn FUNKY. The absolute PERFECT reinvention, and with the Stardust sample to boot. And to top it off, the fact that it's staged so simply - just M, Donna and Niki. The magic that those three are is on perfect display here. And it's a testament that contrary to what so many seem to think, Madonna doesn't actually need all the production. Performances like this prove the woman is a goddamn superstar. For single performance, I chose Live Aid, because again, how simple it really is...and it's M at her earliest rise to superstar status. The proof why she became the greatest female artist of all time.
  3. THIS. As happy as I was to see this tour sell out like gangbusters, I've always felt they really need to schedule more rest days between shows (even on earlier tours too). I get that they have to plan out the route to be the most efficient and cost effective, but given all factors even before this incident, more full rest days are needed between shows now, and absolutely if there are more than 2 per given city. I've also felt that there should at least a months rest between major legs of the tour too. I know she likes to get them done and out the way, but I've seen other artists take a good amount of time between legs, and they don't even work half as hard as she does on stage. Spread out the scheduling. Then again, I'm sure there are so many factors at play, and I've heard scheduling for venues is insane right now because all artists are trying to make up for the last few years, so everything is booked tight right now.
  4. If you look at the stage design for this tour, it's clear that a roof is needed for proper rigging, at this production goes out into nearly the entire arena. This show was designed specifically as an arena tour, so putting it in stadiums is probably not an option based on that alone. Even if they did, they would have to create custom proscenium housing for the stage to include all the specialized rigging elements.
  5. I'm still reeling. Utterly gutted. Moments like these remind you how fragile it all is - even our impenetrable, god-like stars. And she's the last true one left. I can't even put into words what this woman means to me. Tour or no tour. Who cares. She's done it all. The best of the best. It's DONE. The rest from here on out is nothing more than icing on the cake. I can't ask for any thing more... Other than I just want her well and healthy, for her family, her babies, and us, for as long as possible. Long live the one true Queen.
  6. Her last 3 album covers have all been fantastic. I love them all...especially the MDNA deluxe. Thank you! Someone gets it. And I love the Madame X deluxe/digital cover, as it is reminiscent of the Les Mis musical cover. Feels very fitting for the material and her state of mind, and the world, then.
  7. Oh really? In what way exactly? (Sorry, just curious).
  8. Oh really? I'm surprised. I figured he be on this one. Do you remember where that was mentioned?
  9. My bet is he's still in the band. Other than Kevin, we haven't seen any of the band yet anyways, so who knows if it's all new, half new-half old, or all her established musicians. My guess is it's still mostly her core band that's been with her for the past couple decades.
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