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  1. I see many accuse Madonna of being unprofessional for delaying the start of the show, but I think that it is precisely because she is professional that these delays occur, since no one can deny that since the Confessions Tour, she has always been concerned with offering an impressive show in terms of technology is concerned and that it has no point of comparison with the five-cent shows offered by other artists, in which case the public's indignation at hours of delay would be totally justified. I think that there may be extremely serious problems or setbacks that fully justify a certain delay. A failure in electronic devices or a problem with her wardrobe or with her hair and makeup could be some examples. As a fan I will always try not to get angry at these last minute inconveniences and if 4 or 5 hours of delay is the side effect of being able to see an amazing show and that I will remember until the end of my days then I will not mind at all waiting.
  2. Well, I didn't know that the aim of Lil Nas kiss was so deep. I thought that he only wanted to attract the attention of the press and generate scandal, something common in these artists today. On the other hand, I understand Madonna's reaction when posting on her social networks that she did it first, since hardly anyone mentioned her in the media after that kiss and she simply wanted to seek the corresponding credit. Something totally opposite to what happened when Bad Bunny, the most famous Latino rapper today, kissed two people at the same time at the 2022 MTVs and all the latino press named Madonna as the pioneer in this type of performance, something that It should have happened in the case of Lil nas as well. And when I say that I understand Madonna's reaction, I am also acknowledging and defending a certain egocentrism on her part, which would be wrong since egocentrism is undoubtedly a flaw, but when it comes to Madonna even her flaws, for me, become virtues. An example of the inconsistency of exaggerated fanaticism I suppose.
  3. Personally I wouldn't mind if Madonna took longer than she should to start the show. On the contrary, I would take it as an anecdote. What I want to say is that the delay would make my expectation to see her increase more and more and in case I started to feel invaded by boredom, I would start talking to the people around me and share our experiences as Madonna fans. In the end, it's all about taking a positive attitude and not forgetting that we are not going to the concert of any artist with an expiration date in 10 years, we are actually going to the concert of the Greatest Artist of all Time and that is more than enough to justify possible delays.
  4. Can you speak for yourself? For me it is the first time that I see a post that talks about this interesting and polarizing topic. There is no need to generalize. Not all of us have 2,000, 3,000 or 5,000 posts in this forum.
  5. I love that Fate played wisely on this occasion and in the end Christina Aguilera was chosen to perform in that historic presentation that, by the way, recently a rapper named Lil Nas dared to copy but fortunately Madonna herself was in charge of making it clear in her social networks that she was the one who did it first, I mean kissing two people of the same sex at the same time. And I say that fate played wisely in favor of Christina Aguilera because she really loves Madonna and she has shown it many times throughout her career: her video Not myself tonight is an obvious homage to Madonna's videos (Human Nature, Express Yourself, etc.). SHe also took inspiration from Madonna by releasing several songs with a beat similar to La Isla Bonita and her album Back to Basics is clearly a copy of Madonna's I'm Breathless etc. album. So I'm sure that for Christina Aguilera this invitation to perform with Madonna was practically a dream come true. By the way, what will become of her now?
  6. You don't know what you have until it's gone. Although it is true, on the one hand, I am glad that Madonna has deleted the photos from her instagram since I felt that she had stagnated visually due to the excessive use of braids and the use of filters to modify the appearance of her face, on the other hand, I I feel sad because I had two great personal projects in mind when it comes to her photographs. The first was to save as many photos on my hard drive (I don't know how much space it would take to have all the existing photos of Madonna) possible to print the best ones according to my personal criteria on thin paper and have them physically since the Internet is not forever and many times we trust in the digital when the ideal would be to have a material backup of so many intangible things that we have and that we may lose one day. And lastly, I also wanted to use her best photos to have a realistic wallpaper made that covers all the walls of my room as a way of venerating her and always having her by my side from when I wake up to when I go to bed, something similar to this: There was so much material on Instagram for my projects, I especially remember the photos where she appears showing her breasts or where she appears dressed as a Queen with her crown or where she appears reflected in the mirrors and many more and it fills me with sadness that she has deleted them because I won't be able to. carry out these projects that, damn it, occurred to me too late.
  7. I love it every time I see these artists copying everything Madonna did at the time and I don't see it as something negative but rather a way of paying tribute to the BEST ARTIST OF ALL TIME unanimously worldwide and not unanimously by a single country (and I mean that infamous Rolling Stone list). I see the photo of Miley Cyrus and the resemblance to Madonna is undeniable. By the way, I have a feeling that sooner or later Miley will launch a book similar to Madonna's Sex because it's not the first time she's taken pictures inspired by that beautiful book and I feel like she's the only one who has enough personality to emulate such daring pictures. As a Madonna fan it fills me with pride every time I see these young artists imitating everything Madonna did. And even if that is not the intention, unfortunately almost everything they do Madonna already did first.
  8. Not at all. I don't know why you think that because in summary the only thing I have said is that I would have liked a more expressive image of Madonna and I chose this one where she shows her breasts with a look full of desire because as we all know in most of her photos On Instagram Madonna appears with those huge black glasses that make her look expressionless and boring. Another reason was that the more daring the photo, the more strongly her image will be positioned in the minds of this new generation of young people who are meeting her for the first time and that is what it is finally about. Marketing was invented for a reason. Finally I know that there are several trolls on this forum who like to criticize everything Madonna does to provoke endless fights with their comments that only serve to increase their low self-esteem and feel relevant. That's not my case at all so please don't put me in the same boat as them. Thank you.
  9. Do you have strong indications to be so sure that this alleged indiscretion of this unknown dancer is part of a plan to prepare the official announcement of this new 2023 tour and thus end up minimizing or mocking those of us who think otherwise? In case you don't know, all companies have a privacy policy that all workers must respect, that's why I don't think this leak is intentional because it reveals a lack of professionalism on the part of this dancer who I don't even remember her name but who definitely deserves to be fired on the spot. I'm sure Madonna would use smarter and more creative ways to hint at her new tour than using people who nobody knows and are irrelevant to it.
  10. I think they should have chosen a more expressive photograph because in the image we only see a Madonna looking down at the floor and without transmitting any emotion and in a strange pose that gave the impression that she was drunk walking through the streets with difficulty. If I were part of her team, I would definitely have opted for this photograph for the cover, because here we see a Madonna with a look full of desire and sensuality, which is what has characterized her so much in her career, and this photograph would definitely call the attention of this new youth audience that is meeting her for the first time and not that simple and common photo that ended up being chosen in a very wrong way.
  11. Although as a fan I thank this person for practically confirming this new 2023 tour so longed for by the majority of Madonna fans (with some exceptions) I also consider it dangerous to have such an indiscreet person since nothing guarantees that she will reveal again such important information in the future. For this reason, if I were Madonna, I would fire her for her lack of discretion, since nothing is confirmed and this employee is already divulging information that could sabotage this long-awaited tour around the world. I really hope that Madonna is smart and gets rid of her in the way she deems necessary because this tour has to be perfect and any irresponsible leak could alter or modify the original idea or, even worse, be copied by other artists because, as we all know, Madonna has always been characterized by her originality.
  12. Throughout Madonna's career, preference has always been given to the European continent and North America when it comes to touring, but unfortunately markets such as Latin America, Asia and Australia were always left aside or relegated when in these markets she could also have generated the same amount of money, so it would seem totally fair to me that this time Europe is relegated in this new 2023 tour. And not only because of money issues, but also because of the public's reaction, because sometimes it seems to me that both the North American and European public have lost their enthusiasm and emotion to see Madonna live over time, because their reaction is no longer the same. than in previous tours such as the Drowned World or Confessions Tour. Even in cities supposedly intense and full of life like New York or Miami, the public's reaction is disappointing. Something totally opposite to what happens in Mexico where they have already seen her live four times but their reaction has not changed at all.
  13. It always caused me surprise and disappointment not to see Madonna in this video that supposedly brought together the best of American music and it's not so much because of the song that I certainly don't like at all because it's repetitive and soporific but because of what it would have represented for Madonna's career. I remember the first day I saw the video and how I tried to identify her without success among so many strangers (I'm not from the USA, that's why I don't know most of them). I remember instantly recognizing Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Bruce Springteen, Snoop Doog and even Cindy Lauper (?) but not a trace of Madonna. Where is Madonna? And my question remained unanswered. Until today, thanks to this topic, I learn many things, very bitter indeed. I definitely think it was the envy of seeing an unknown young woman rise to stardom so fast and the sixth sense that let them know that they were witnessing the birth of a mega star that would eventually end up overshadowing all of them the reasons why they did not invite her to participate in that song. If the decision was unanimous or made by a single person, one day it will be known, but I love seeing how fate finally played in Madonna's favor because not only did she manage to displace their famous song from the charts with Crazy for you, but she would end up being much more famous than all of them. As they say, he who laughs last laughs best.
  14. Can we say that Back up to the beat is already confirmed for Madonna's new 2023 tour? There are already two songs with strong potential to be included in the tour given the relevance they have gained recently: Back up to the beat and Gambler and what other surprises will come later. For my part, I'm still waiting for a live version of Rescue Me so I can die in peace, but yes, respecting the album version and not experimenting like she did on Madame X Tour.
  15. I love it too. About time Madonna appeared without those boring braids that have become so drab lately. It is not a hairstyle that favors her very much, since in my opinion it is a more common hairstyle for housewives. Just a piece of advice because I see that you are one of Madonna's most die-hard fans, approving of everything she does, even more than I disapproving of her braids. Try to expand your vocabulary more because by always repeating the same words your comments end up being repetitive, basic and predictable and some might think that your words are actually sarcastic instead of being sincere. Just that and let's continue to support Madonna in everything she does, which is what her fans are for.
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