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  1. How nice to see Ricky Martin again after so many years of absence from the world of music! I remember following him since his beginnings back in the 90s. My favorite songs were "Me amarás", "Fuego contra Fuego", "Todos mis caminos van a tí", etc. An extremely thin Ricky Martin, with long hair and quite shy in front of the cameras. Nothing to do with the Ricky Martin of today: totally uninhibited and sure of himself although with a few extra kilos. Well, something easy to fix with some HIIT sessions. If he wants it, of course, because we are all owners of our physique and if he feels good, I respect it.
  2. Wow! I had never seen this. I love it!. I can say that I completely understand Madonna because, like her, I also easily lose patience when people take so long to fulfill our requests or desires because for us time is valuable and seeing how things are not done instantly naturally exasperates us. In this case she has many people at her service who should be attentive to fulfilling all her wishes and seeing how things do not go the way she wants must be totally exasperating. I can put myself in her shoes in this particular situation.
  3. Please @Prayer. I wasn't talking about simple mistakes in the choreography but in her body language and attitude. I thought I saw Madonna too confrontational and in an "I don't give a damn" attitude during these last few shows which caused me concern. And it wasn't about creating drama. I hate drama too but at the same time I couldn't remain indifferent to an attitude I hadn't seen in previous shows. But it's okay. As you say, these are probably reactions that are out of Madonna's control, caused by some deficiency in her technical equipment and that do not allow her to give a perfect show like the one she is used to giving as the professional artist that she is. I will try to be less observant regarding certain insignificant details and simply enjoy the show, which is Madonna's main objective and to which she has put so much effort and dedication as an excellent artist that she is.
  4. It's true. I understand the fanaticism we all have for Madonna but sometimes I am surprised by the kind of arguments some fans make to try to justify certain disconcerting or negative reactions on Madonna's part. I respect your opinions but please let's be more realistic about our theories. By the way, during the concert in Tampa, not only during "Crazy for You" we could see a disconcerting reaction from Madonna but we could also see a similar reaction during Bad Girl: After her performance of Hung Up, Madona walks faster than normal to where her daughter is, without respecting the piano chords, to finally present her to the audience ahead of time, causing Mercy's surprise, who undoubtedly did not expect it. Now we see this strange attitude again in Miami. I still think that it is certain problems with her current partner that have Madonna in such a bad mood and in a her-against-the-world attitude. Today I will be attentive to her behavior and I hope with all my heart that things return to normal not only for her sake but also for the fans.
  5. In these photos Madonna looks identical to the cover of Madame X. Is she paying some kind of tribute to it or is it a sign that tonight we will see her perform a song from that wonderful album? To this day I cannot accept that only one song from this beautiful album has made it to the definitive setlist. I hope tonight she sings Crazy or Killers who are partying instead of Rain/Frozen/Take a Bow. It's her last official album, for God's sake. Madonna should give this album the place it deserves and perform even one of its songs. It's the least she could do.
  6. I just watched the video and indeed, you are right in everything you described. What important thing could have upset Madonna to the point of altering the choreography of this part of the show? I spent hours thinking about it and the only theory that comes to mind is that she had some disagreement with her boyfriend because she made this unexpected reaction just when she was singing Crazy for You, which is a song about love. I hope that by now this supposed disagreement with her boyfriend has been resolved and that for tonight's show we will not see this type of disconcerting reactions again that, certainly, causes the concern of many fans who are attentive to her even in the most minimal detail. Let's pay close attention to tonight's show, please.
  7. No one is questioning your freedom of expression but you have to understand that even this right has its limits and even more so when it affects other people. Quoting or responding to several users just to say "Ok", "Hahaha" or some incongruous comment that contributes nothing to the topic is detrimental to the forum because you end up turning the navigation, which should be agile and dynamic, into monotonous and tedious. If you did it occasionally I think there would be no problem but you do it quite repeatedly and that is why the negative reaction of many users and that generates suspicions that you are actually doing it intentionally. The solution to this problem is in your own hands. Converting all this negative energy around you into positive and being more valued by the rest of the forum is worth more than wanting to have the record of being the user with the most comments on the forum in a short time. Think about it.
  8. She should have been the guest during the Vogue performance. I have nothing against Drag Queens. In fact I love how they use exaggeration as raw material in each of their shows. But I think we have already had too many guests of this type and I would have liked more diversity in terms of guests. Seeing Moira accompany Madonna during Vogue would have been more emotional for fans than seeing her with another Drag Queen who hasn't shared anything special with her. That's what I think.
  9. My comment was based on the performances of Open your Heart and I will Survive where I see her singing with difficulty and without the power seen in previous performances. However, I cannot guarantee or affirm anything. That's why I wrote my comment in conditional mode to make it clear that if this situation were to repeat itself permanently, the best thing for Madonna would be to cancel everything and rest, which I think is what any fan who is not selfish would want.
  10. For me the first thing is Madonna's health and reputation. If she is not feeling well or her voice is not having a good moment as we have seen in her last show, I think the most convenient thing would be to cancel the shows that she considers necessary and in this way prevent the press from criticizing her mercilessly when they see her singing with difficulty and without the necessary strength for a show of this magnitude.
  11. Her voice on Open Your Hear also sounded weak and emotionless. She's probably sick. It's up to her if she decides to continue singing in that state or decides to cancel some shows for the sake of her health and reputation.
  12. I love Madonna but to be honest seeing her live on a beach surrounded by so many people in the heat, inhaling the sweat or bad smells of all those around me, not being able to avoid rubbing my body against others due to the crowds, tolerating vulgar behavior due to excessive alcohol intake or risking my physical integrity due to the possibility of being close to a fight between drunk or drugged people... No, I would definitely prefer to refrain from going to that event even though I have never had the joy of seeing Madonna live. With all the pain in my heart I would have to settle for watching it on television or online. Because My peace of mind and my comfort are non-negotiable even when it comes to Madonna.
  13. In the world of fame, celebrities can say whatever they want when they are in front of a microphone, such as denying that they are homophobic, that they defend women, or saying that they love Madonna and that she is their inspiration. In summary they can say many things but everything is demonstrated in practice. In the case of Christina Aguilera, she has demonstrated with actions her sincere admiration, and not opportunistic like others, towards Madonna and her defense of women. She released several songs such as "Fighter" or "Can't hold us down" whose lyrics sought to reinforce female empowerment that was not yet very strong in those years. She then released "Dirrty" which was a modern version of Erotica and which also defended women's sexual freedom. While Pink released a song called Stupid Girls where she made fun in a rather grotesque way of women who had a totally different lifestyle from hers. And as for her fanaticism for Madonna, I have plenty of examples. The most important, without a doubt, is the video Not Myself Tonight where she pays tribute to her. What other artist has done something similar to this? As far as I know, none. While in the case of Pink I only stick with two phrases that she said that speak for themselves about her "fanaticism" for Madonna: "She tied to kind of play me on Regis and Kelly and .. I'm not the one, so it didn't work out" or "Madonna doesn't like me, I don't know why". Two phrases where she plays the victim, something recurring in her, and where she makes the artist she claims to admire so much look bad. It's true, Pink recently defended Madonna from criticism. Thank you very much Pink. But with inconsistent people who do not rectify their mistakes, it is better to be meters away.
  14. Of course my opinion of Borderline was entirely subjective. It was not my intention to ignore the achievements and success of this song. However, I don't know if I share the same opinion that a successful song necessarily makes it a classic. At least in my country Borderline is the song that is played the least on the radio compared to Crazy for You or Live to Tell. Let's also remember that Madonna only sang it on the Virgin Tour (it didn't even make it to the final edition) and on the S&S Tour in a totally unrecognizable and reductive version that did not do justice to the original version. And it didn't even appear on the Something To Remember compilation. It is not the treatment that should be given to a "true classic" I think. On the other hand, I am sure that Oh Father would have been better received in Latin America if it had been lucky enough to occupy a place in The Inmaculate Collection and enjoy all that overexposure that all the songs on the tracklist enjoyed. Especially on the black market where you never saw Madonna's previous albums like True Blue or Like A Prayer but rather pirated versions of The Immaculate Collection, which was certainly the most requested by the public.
  15. Keep spreading your usual fake news and not even your troll friends will take you seriously in the end.
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