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  1. Why do several people always mention that I use that program every time I write a comment? Seriously, I would like to know. Are there certain spelling mistakes? English is not my original language so I apologize for some grammatical errors. But if that's not the reason, I'd like to know what is, seriously. And if you wish, I give you permission to analyze my text with a text detector program written with that program. I'm sure the result will be negative.🤷‍♂️
  2. Oh my god! I had just written a comment rejecting vulgarity and its use by certain artists to attract attention and minutes later Madonna posts this image making that obscene gesture with her middle finger. I couldn't help feeling that she was directing that gesture towards me. Does Madonna enter to read what we think of her? There would be nothing extraordinary. If I were Madonna I would do it because it would be fun to see what the fans think about her. Anyway, seriously, I feel like we shouldn't sanctify vulgarity. We can gain the attention of others, achieve certain goals, or imprint certain messages on people's consciousness in more intelligent ways and without going to such extremes. Well, personally I don't find it at all credible that certain people discover, from one moment to the next, that they are vulgar at 30 or 40 years of age. Tokischa, for example. She has always been characterized as vulgar and that is why I cannot doubt that she is pretending to be that way to attract attention and sell more records. I definitely don't like these new times where these kinds of things are celebrated. Sometimes I would like to get into a time machine and go back about 50 or 70 years. Definitely those times were much calmer and better than now.🙏
  3. Well, Madonna fans can love her songs, records or music videos and take her life as a role model or inspiration in our own life. We can get excited to hysterical levels when we attend one of her concerts or when we have the opportunity to see her up close somewhere. We can also attack other artists and their fans defending her supremacy. But it is also possible that at some point we do not agree with a certain position or decision, such as when she publicly supports a certain presidential candidate or when she wears garments made with animal skin at public events, among other issues. Not letting our fanaticism alter our essence or our principles shows how strong our personality is and questioning someone's fanaticism or calling them a "troll" for disagreeing with or not supporting something our favorite artist does seems exaggerated and excessive to say the least.
  4. How I would have liked to know and participate in those forums but in those years I was still a minor and did not know the Internet. The first Madonna forum that I met and participated in commenting was in MadonnaTribe, specifically the forum in Spanish but unfortunately the fights, the drama and the chaos originated among the users caused its temporary closure although it was later reopened but it no longer had the same reception of before. By the way, how ironic to think that not even the fanaticism that we have in common for Madonna has enough power to be able to unite and respect each other because we are so passionate in defending our opinions or personal positions regarding certain issues that fanaticism ends up passing to background and we behave like staunch enemies and where offenses and insults are the common denominator in these turbulent interactions and where the moderators end up acting as if they were the referee in a boxing ring. Literal.
  5. To be honest my optimism regarding this song is at a very, very low level and all due to the unfortunate collaborations that Madonna has done lately and that have not lived up to my demanding expectations at all (except Hung Up on Tokischa). With so many disappointments, it is natural that I let myself be overwhelmed by these feelings of mistrust and pessimism. Worse still when several people are calling this song vulgar. Personally I hate everything that involves vulgarity: from the way of behaving, the way of speaking or dressing regardless of the gender, age, social condition or place of origin of these people. The only person with whom I can make an exception to my principles is Madonna, which is why I didn't criticize the video she made with Tokischa. But at the same time I wonder: How many times was Madonna vulgar in her entire career? I think that very few fortunately. The Hung Up on Tokischa video is one of them but on that occasion I think Madonna simply adapted to Tokischa's obviously vulgar style as Madonna has never been known for making videos of that kind. No other examples of vulgarity come to mind. Some say that Madonna was vulgar during the Erotica era and I totally disagree. For me she was erotic and sexual at her best and everything had a context and a purpose and she did not do it to win headlines or covers in the media because obviously she did not need them compared to other "artists" that I prefer not to mention but who they exude vulgarity through their pores and there are no arguments or justifications that they can use in their defense (such as showing her breasts on national television or a certain singer who showed how a woman vomited on her body in one of her shows). At this point I am no longer interested in the artist with whom Madonna collaborates. That aspect for me goes to the background. I only hope for good taste, tact and vision so that the final product is excellent and meets the main objective: to please people and be a success. That's all I ask. 🙏🙏🙏
  6. Seeing how so many successful artists pay tribute to Madonna recognizing the value of her cultural impact and valuing how she put such a successful career at risk in exchange for breaking prejudices in a society so full of taboos that seemed to have no expiration date is something that fills me with pride and I will always welcome any tribute or recognition from these artists whose careers would not have been the same if it had not been for Madonna's intervention in changing the rules of the game that had prevailed for so long in a macho and misogynistic society. Although I don't like Beyonce one hundred percent, much less this remix of Vogue that she has just released, I recognize her global impact and that is why I would like Madonna to go to her concert and pay her a well-deserved tribute. Being greeted by Beyonce bowing down to her as a sign of recognition (similar to what Camila Cabello did at Mtvs) would be nothing wrong, it would simply be a show of humility from a superstar who recognizes who is the best. And I am sure that this act of humility will be appreciated by the world.
  7. If one of the requirements that is requested in the curriculum vitae of all applicants who want to work or be part of Madonna's team is to be a fan of her, I think that the story would be another.
  8. Thank you for reminding me of the existence of this video that I had completely lost from my radar, perhaps because it was an alternative version and did not have much exposure at the time. It would be spectacular if Madonna repeated the formula this 2023 and summoned her fans again to make another video with similar characteristics. What a pity that only the Italian and Spanish fans were the lucky ones to have this beautiful opportunity to remain forever in Madonna's musical history. And I agree: this version is much more fun than the official version. We can literally see Madonna fandom at its best.😂
  9. It is true that the music video and the tour have nothing to do with it, but I think that by sharing the same name, they are somehow creating a relationship between the two, since many people, when searching for information about this event, will type on their keyboard: "Madonna ” + “celebration” and this video will appear as one of the top results. Then these people out of curiosity will click on the video link and what they will see is an unpleasant visual spectacle due to the poor resolution of the music video. I think that the exact same thing would happen if the tour had been given another name like the Ray of light Tour, The Living for love Tour, the Hanky Panky Tour, etc.: The song or video in question would gain unexpected relevance. That is why I don't know if this decision was intentional or simply a lack of vision from Madonna's team, since it is not good for the image of an artist to be represented by a music video with such... obsolete quality.
  10. In these times where the quality of the image has evolved enormously and where Full HD or 4k is what predominates in almost everything we see, both on the internet, on television and in the movies, it is really embarrassing to see that the video Celebration, which gives its name to this new 2023 tour, so awaited by the whole world and whose tickets sell out in the blink of an eye, remains in 240p quality on Madonna's official Youtube account. Watching a video in that prehistoric and outdated quality is torture for anyone's eyes. Everything looks so blurry and we can barely make out the figures and facial expressions of everyone in the video. Celebration is certainly not one of Madonna's best videos (because in it Madonna only appears dancing accompanied by some dancers who try to be funny all the time) but it has definitely become the cover letter of one of the most anticipated tours in all of the planet not only because of sharing the same name but because of the unexpectedly gained relevance. That is why it was to be expected that it would be one of the first videos to be updated in Full HD or 4K quality. However, the incompetence and lack of vision of the team that works for Madonna would be to blame for the sad abandonment in which this beautiful video is currently found. What do you think could be the reason for this inexcusable oversight? Sometimes I doubt the professionalism of the team that has worked for Madonna in recent years and I think that the solution would be a good purge and only keep the best and most competent and end once and for all with this current of incompetence and incoherence that we see demonstrated in the latest launches and products and recover the perfection that characterized the Madonna brand so much since its inception and that has been so missed in recent years. Some screenshots of the Celebration video on Youtube that demonstrate the lousy quality of a video that should be treated in a totally different way as it represents what the new 2023 tour will be:
  11. That is why it is very important, when it comes to finding the meaning of a song, to analyze all the parts, because this way we will avoid erroneous interpretations. It is true that if we only focus on the lyrics of the chorus we could conclude that it is a song about the power of love in certain dysfunctional couples or those who are not having a good time but if we analyze the whole song we will see that the lyrics somehow filter all these possible interpretations until we are left with the only and true one, which is that of a woman who is a mother for the first time and who faces the challenge of raising the best way to her son. Anyway, in the name of subjectivity everyone can have their own interpretations. Some will believe that it is about a woman who has an alcoholic partner. Others about a woman whose partner suffers from some kind of incontinence that makes her feel embarrassed in public, etc. and that only love will be able to save and maintain their relationship or whatever. I cannot impose my interpretation as if it were the true one and I can only respect those of others as long as they do not fall into the absurd or the supernatural.
  12. Madonna is in so many photos wearing the boxing gloves that I think it's pretty much confirmed that she will at some point fight someone during some part of the show. The songs that could be used for that moment could be "Die Another day" or "She's not me". "She's not me" would be perfect for me because Madonna would fight with several dancers dressed like her in a clear irony about all these artists who have always tried to imitate and surpass her but could never achieve it and who only had the consolation of being considered Queens of pop for their small group of fans who would eventually end up disappearing or following another artist. Quite the opposite in the case of Madonna, who can be considered proud of having the most loyal fans who have followed her since the 80s and who would never think of abandoning her to follow another artist. A sincere, real fanaticism written in capital letters.
  13. I believe that reading comprehension does have a lot to do with it, since the lyrics of the songs are finally sentences with a complete meaning and that, all put together, tell us about certain realities or situations, thus avoiding wrong or crazy interpretations, mostly due to the poor or deficient vocabulary of those who interpret them. That is why I am sure that Intervention is a song about the role of a mother in raising a child and how decisive this will be in their formation and in their personality. For example, "In the blink of an eye everything could change Say hello to your life now your living" refers to those women who affirm that it is the precise moment of the birth of their child that totally changes their lives and they are no longer the same as before, even those pregnant women who for some reason They are not totally excited about being mothers or because they believe that a child will no longer allow them to continue leading the superficial and frivolous life that they like so much. In any case, perhaps the ideal would be to ask the meaning of Intervention to that famous artificial intelligence program that knows everything and is mentioned so much in this forum. Perhaps if we ask this program about the song "I love New York" it will tell us that it is not a song about the city but about a state of mind.
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