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  1. Well actually I'm a fan of Lady Gaga and I love to bring to light the darkest episodes of Madonna's life in order to ruin the pure and inmaculate image that she worked so hard to achieve. It isn't true. Actually what I'm looking for is to know the reality of the facts. Although the photos are quite eloquent, it would not be strange if everything has been plotted by the paparazzi and the "supposed fans" to cause her to lose control and achieve an aggression on her part (not necessarily physical) in order to take her to court and get money from her. , a practice that would not be unusual in this medium and that perfectly symbolizes the title of the post. To me, as a fan, I am not only interested in knowing the pleasant side of her. The dark and unpleasant episodes (in case this incident was true) are also valuable because they allow us to fully understand the personality of the artist and to know will never be something bad. Like this world, there are countries that enjoy peace and tranquility and where life is beautiful and pleasant, but there are other places where life is hell for its inhabitants, whether due to wars, terrorism, famine, slavery, etc. But many prefer to put on a blindfold and not see or know/remember this horrible and unpleasant reality and prefer to continue deluding themselves that everything is beautiful and pretty in this increasingly dehumanized world.
  2. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but coming from a tabloid, it would be prudent not to jump to conclusions. However, the eloquence of the images leaves us doubting and asking ourselves: What really happened one morning in June 1988, day in which Madonna was supposedly involved in an incident with some fans and a paparazzi that to this day has not been clarified and that, if proven true, would be one of the most extreme episodes of the artist. There are not many sources that talk about this topic, the little information I could find points to an alleged altercation between Madonna and a harassing fan named Darlene Sorrentino who, accompanied by her ten-year-old brother, made the star lose her little patience by insistently asking for her autograph and taking pictures of her without her consent. Fed up with so much insistence, Madonna supposedly tries to take the camera from the child, falling to the ground, a moment that was used by a photographer who "coincidentally" passed by to record the event and give the images to the National Enquirer. All this would end in a trial between Madonna and the child's family who would accuse her of having left him traumatized (according to them he suffered from nightmares at night and panic attacks every time Madonna's name was mentioned), a process that would apparently end in an unofficial agreement whose details to date are not yet known. Well, it is impossible to deny that there was an incident between Madonna and these people (Madonna can be seen being held by the sister thus preventing her from getting close to her brother) but the details could have been exaggerated by the press to make Madonna look bad. So the question would be, What really happened? Is there credible data on this incident? In a world where we believe that celebrities have no right to privacy and can be bothered by stalking fans and paparazzi, we forget that they, like us, also have the right to lose control.
  3. Really? For me, the only song to which I would have given a well deserved zero would be Did you do it? from the album Erotica. By the way, I was already curious what score that song reached in the survey that I didn't get to participate or see the results, having so many gems that didn't make it to the final version and that should have been included such as Dear Father, Shame, Goodbye to Innocence, etc. . They preferred to include this song where Madonna seems to be the guest and not the owner of the album
  4. First of all, a true racist or misogynist is full time and not just for moments. On the other hand, taking into account that these words have hatred and contempt in common, then how can someone be a misogynist (hate women) and at the same time be a fan of a woman? That simple question is enough to demonstrate the inconsistency of calling someone a misogynist or racist. Once for saying I don't like hip hop/rap, a person on this forum not only accused me of being a racist but even posted a YouTube video about white supremacy and music. Nothing is further from reality because I'm not white and I don't like other musical genres either, so his/her prejudgment was evident. In conclusion, I think that racist and misogynist are very strong words that should not be used lightly and serve as a fashionable weapon to suppress uncomfortable comments. With a little more intelligence/wisdom, you can respond to these comments with dignity and not get carried away by anger or, what a contradiction, stereotypes.
  5. More than class, I would say intelligence and emotional control when responding without resorting to insults or the use of rude words. Something quite difficult for them, as difficult as tolerating criticism or comments that they do not like. I hope that you, as well as all those who share your opinion in this forum, which must be many but who do not post for some reason (for example, I do not agree with your position but I do not respond disrespectfully like others), do not feel intimidated of being wrongly labeled as misogynistic or discriminatory and continue to give your opinion that this is what gives life and is the essence of the forums. Perhaps the perfect antidote to this poison is down there, in the emoticons.
  6. Who could despise the idea of working with true music legends like the PetShopBoys and decide to simply join the most popular producers (in the USA) at the time, wrongly thinking that she would achieve a successful album without the slightest effort or commitment? Well, Madonna, who apparently was more enthusiastic about future projects with a new label (Live Nation) and did not put the necessary dedication into this album and we not only saw it demonstrated in the production but also in the concept of the album (hard candy?) and even on the cover: too bland and simple for my taste. Hard Candy breaks Madonna's trend of putting out wonderful albums since Ray of Light. It has some very catchy songs but the album itself does not transcend. For the most demanding fans, it does not end up meeting our expectations, something that Madonna herself had accustomed us to since Ray of Light. Unfortunate collaborations (except for Justin Timberlake), forgettable music videos and the lack of promotion of the album on TV make this era the least interesting in recent times. In conclusion, a candy so hard that to this day it is impossible for many to digest.
  7. I think Madonna actually says: "Tokisha, quiero qué? Yo quiero un culo nuevo" "Tokisha, I want what? I want a new ass" While Tokisha replies: "El tiempo pasa lento y yo 'toy rápida" "Time goes by so slowly and I'm fast" These musical genres are characterized by destroying the structure of the language but at the same time I think that it gives them a certain identity that distinguishes it from the rest of the genres and that, furthermore, if you are not from the country of the singer in question and you do not know their local slang, you simply will not be able to understand what they sing and it will seem that they are speaking in a totally different language from yours. I think that in the medium term Madonna will make me look at these genres with different eyes, I guess it's a good thing even if I don't completely agree with the messages they promote in their lyrics.
  8. "It's a tough job but somebody has to do it!" ... and no one better than her to do it, although over the years we have seen innumerable copies that, in their desire to surpass her, ended up reaching vulgarity or simply did not measure up because originality and genuineness can never be falsified. How fortunate I feel to be her fan and get excited every time she goes on stage expecting the unexpected because Madonna is so unpredictable that we can expect anything from her, perhaps this is the trait that most characterizes her and sets her apart from other artists. And as for those who are still dissatisfied and demand risky choreography, I would recommend simply living on the memories: there is enough old Madonna material to keep them entertained for the rest of their lives. But let's be realistic and don't expect someone over 60 to have the same physical performance as a 30-year-old, regardless of their weight or their implants. ... If only selling one's soul to the devil in exchange for eternal youth were a reality, how many of us would have already succumbed to the offer, because for people who love the intensity of life, the passage of time will always be our worst nightmare.
  9. Me neither, and I wouldn't watch it even if they paid me because because I don't like to watch this kind of programs (reality shows) where most of the contestants are almost always people willing to do anything and make a fool of themselves in order to attract attention and gain five minutes of fame . That is why my ignorance, like many who think the same as me, of not knowing who these people are is totally justified. And regarding Madonna's dancer, I didn't know his name either, despite the fact that as a good fan I have seen the Blond Ambition Tour in its entirety, but I didn't feel it was necessary to know the name of all her dancers because in the end they are only a secondary element in the show. since the real star is Madonna. That is why on each tour the dance cast is always different (with exceptions) although to be honest the only dancers who caught my attention due to their physical appearance and who encouraged me to be interested in knowing their names were Jason Young and Sofia Boutella. The rest didn't matter to me.
  10. I never really liked the album version of this song, but the live version (Confessions Tour) is definitely something else: It transmits so much energy and desire to move that it would motivate even the most apathetic. It is surely for this reason that Madonna dedicated to this song the most demanding choreography of the entire tour setlist. Ideal to listen to after having a couple of drinks at the club, it is the song that decides you to go out dancing no matter what they say, so you make a fool of yourself. If only this version had been the official album version I would definitely have given it a higher score. But not the same as the one to which I gave an 11 and which I hope will be in first place in this vote.
  11. Among so many dance songs on the album "I love new york" put the rock quota and although the lyrics are somewhat silly for my taste and my intellectuality, I cannot deny that the rhythm captivated me from the first time I heard it. Guitars are my favorite instruments and I will always value when an artist uses them in his/her songs because it adds quality and elegance to his/her works, unlike other musical genres where everything is limited to a few simple and common "beats".
  12. Hey you is a beautiful song with a beautiful message that tells us about how people who are lost on the "bad path" can return to the "good path" if we wish it with all our hearts and not only that, since we can also help others to do the same. What a pity that it is so low in the vote, because it is a song that at least does not talk about love/heartbreak, a theme that is almost always touched on in all the songs and that makes me bored listening to the same thing, having so many other things to sing about.
  13. If I already had to assimilate the sad ending of Frozen being destroyed through these remixes that I did not like at all for being too simple and insipid, I do not want to imagine that the same thing will be repeated but with other classics like Music, Hung Up, Express Yourself, La isla Bonita, etc. And all thanks to this recognition from Rolling Stone that could excite Madonna to want to repeat the experience using her other classics for it. A news that leaves me with a bittersweet taste because on the one hand I am glad that Madonna's work continues to be recognized by the media but at the same time it worries me because if this practice continues to be repeated in the future it could definitely make my worst nightmare come true .
  14. I didn't know that but what a pity it didn't materialize because I'm sure this director would have overcome the brutality shown in the American Life video that remains Madonna's most violent video to date. That not even God Control could overcome and less so with such fake blood (it seems that Madonna smeared lipstick all over her face) and where the violence happens so quickly and for a few seconds that it fails to impact the viewer and make him reflect. If only Madonna had summoned Tarantino for God Control, I'm sure this director would have shown more drama in the bloody scenes (for example, Madonna hiding in the bathroom covered in blood in her desire to survive and then confronting the murderer) and managed to transmit with greater force the message that I feel was not achieved in the final video due to the rush of the images.
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