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  1. Although I like to collect every photo I see of Madonna and where she looks spectacular and beautiful, these types of photos where she appears wearing those black glasses that cover almost 80 percent of her face are not my favorites at all. The most fun thing about photographs are the facial expressions we decide to use or the emotions we want to convey. Using such huge lenses during a photograph practically takes away the charm of what should be a beautiful photo and even more so when the person who does it is not someone ugly or unattractive (which would be understood) but a woman as beautiful, imposing and spectacular as Madonna.
  2. What sad news but what does Madonna have to do with this? I can't find the connection. Were they good friends?
  3. Is this video supposed to be against misogyny? I rather see the typical video where women continue to pander to the sexist vision that men have of them by presenting semi-naked women showing their breasts and butts in close-up. Where are the ordinary women that we usually see around the corner, on the subway or in the supermarket? Flabby women, women with bellies, women who don't shave their armpits, ugly women, old women, women who burp or fart without caring about the delicacy and femininity that men so admire and demand of them? I'm glad Madonna wasn't part of this absurd project. Once again the inconsistency of these artists who claim to fight for minorities but at the same time are great friends of famous homophobic or misogynistic people whom they choose as producers of their albums. Fortunately, Madonna is not on that path of falsehood and hypocrisy. She is the only artist who can boast of being consistent with her convictions and does not sell her soul to anyone in order not to lose success and fortune and that's what I admire most about her.
  4. Madonna's problem is that she does not combine but uses practically the color black for everything: from her shoes, her glasses, her purse and even her underwear. It's not that I hate the color black. In fact, I think it's the perfect color for mourning clothes, but when I refer to everyday clothing I think it's best to combine colors. For example, in the last photo they uploaded of her, I think it would have been perfect If her glasses and her bag had been a light color so that they stand out in the photograph, since everything is black, her accessories practically go unnoticed. In the end it's all about playing and combining colors. It's not that difficult although for Madonna it seems like it is.
  5. Why so much hate on Taylor Swift? The truth is I don't understand it. Although I don't follow her music, I respect her as an artist because she is one of the few female artists who has managed to reach the top cleanly and without having to use her body as a sexual object, something quite common among female artists today. She is also a very beautiful and sophisticated woman. Taylor Swift has not shown her breasts in public or kissed other women just to attract attention. Something that seems to be the norm today and that only makes women's fight to stop being seen as sexual objects by men more difficult. Taylor goes against the tide. It's her against the world and to this day she remains victorious. And I respect that.
  6. Exact. The truth is that after reading some comments it seems so funny to me to see how difficult it is for some people to understand these new concepts that they end up getting defensive, calling the people who do find this type of things entertaining as childish. Is it because Taylor Swift has made them fashionable? Anyway. An Easter Egg that I remember, not exactly in a music video, was when Madonna created a music playlist on Spotify to secretly reveal the name of her beautiful and wonderful album Madame X. I don't know if there were many, few or none who managed to decipher the hidden message at that moment but it was a very intelligent and fun way for Madonna to play the mystery with her fans.
  7. Personally, I think that Madonna should never have made those unfortunate statements (about hating singing her old classics) but I understand that she let herself be carried away by arrogance because she was at her best with the success of Ray of Light and Music and perhaps she thought that with the songs from these albums she would no longer need to sing her old past hits. Big mistake that she had to bitterly prove with the Drowned World Tour because the numerous complaints from the public towards her for not singing her old classics from the 80s caused her to have to sing them again on the Reinvention Tour, probably very much against her will. It is not politically correct to deny the songs that helped you become the big star that you are. It's like erasing from the history of your life those people who at some point helped you grow as a person and as a human being. Perhaps Madonna's punishment for making these unfortunate statements is to sing these songs that she claims to hate for the rest of her life. Artists cannot go against the preferences of their audience, even if they go against their personal preferences. May she always keep that in mind.
  8. What? black again from head to toe? I thought that after Pride she was going to redeem herself in this aspect, I mean about the exaggerated use of the color black in her wardrobe but apparently I see that it will not be like that and she will continue using this color in such an exaggerated way that I can't find an explanation. By the way, does anyone know at what point in her life Madonna started this exaggerated use of the color black in her wardrobe? I see past photos, from the 80s, 90s, 2000 and I see a more versatile Madonna in terms of the colors of her wardrobe, so I don't understand when she decided to become so monotonous in this aspect.
  9. Apparently it is politically correct to say that you admire Madonna or that you are inspired by her. Many have done it: Britney, Pink, Lady Gaga, etc. But as I always say, one can say many things but everything is demonstrated on the playing field. and the only one who has demonstrated her true fanaticism for Madonna is the one and only Christina Aguilera. Since the beginning of her career, this beautiful woman has been inspired by Madonna. Christina, like Madonna, has also sung in Spanish, she has released albums with themes similar to Madonna's such as Im breathless (Back to Basics) or Ray of Light (Bionic), she has used some of her most memorable costumes, she defends minorities and women, etc. And the most important proof of her fanaticism is having dedicated a special video paying tribute to her (Not myself tonight) where she recreates, in her own style, her most important videos such as Like a Prayer, Deeper and Deeper, Express Yourself, etc. What other artists have done the same? Personally, I don't believe anything about the others who say that they also admire and love Madonna and blah blah blah because they have never shown me the veracity of their fanaticism. I feel that they rather envy Madonna because they will never be the same as her and everything they do Madonna will have already done first and with more class by the way. What a pity for them!
  10. That's the Madonna I want to see today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, always! She was spectacular, imposing, beautiful, voluptuous, self-confident, and she owned the stage, dwarfing all those who were around her that night. I would say their names but I don't know any of them, only Tokischa. By the way, what happened to her? Didn't she have an image consultant? Both her wardrobe and her hair were a disaster. She should have improved in that aspect because this event is very important for the community and everyone had to be beautiful and spectacular. Anyway, I don't care about her at all. The one I adore is Madonna and I congratulate her on her good taste when it comes to dressing that night. Totally white! It's about time she stopped wearing the color black. The color black is monotonous because it does not allow you to show off the details of your wardrobe. The color black is related to sadness and death. The color black does not help you stand out but rather makes you go unnoticed, especially in dark places. The color black ages you. And I stop here because otherwise I would fill an entire page describing the defects of this color when it comes to dressing. That's why I'm glad that Madonna finally decided to vary her wardrobe because she's been quite monotonous in that regard these last few years when there are so many beautiful colors or combinations that I think she should try. I think it is worth the risk because she is beautiful and any color will look good on her compared to others who cannot say the same.
  11. If Candy Shop didn't have such "cheap" musical production and lyrics, it would definitely be the winner because no one can deny the catchy and pleasant rhythm of this song. However, Body Shop is better worked on a technical level and is more pleasant to my ears, especially when I listen to it with headphones. Pharell is a good composer but his musical arrangements end up being quite simple and predictable and that is why he will never be considered a producer on the same level as others like William Orbit or Mirways. I don't want to imagine what Music would have sounded like if Pharell had been the producer in charge of this song. Thank God Madonna didn't know who Pharell was back then. In conclusion, my vote goes to Body Shop for having a better musical production even though the lyrics… Was it necessary so many writers for that? God!. Anyway.
  12. Survival has always seemed like a wonderful composition to me but unfortunately the style of music chosen (R&B) does not do it justice by turning it into an opaque song without the necessary power that could well have been solved with the use of synthesizers and greater quality in the bass. In general I feel that all the songs on the album lack power. I would have liked a production more in the style of Rescue Me. Unfortunately, that style of music was fashionable in the United States and, as always happens, the rest of the world had to adapt to the musical tastes of that country. Although not always with success because I remember that the only song that was popular in my country and broadcast on the radio was Take a Bow, which was the closest thing to pop that those of us who live in this part of the world are more accustomed to hearing.
  13. I love Beautiful Stranger. It's one of my favorite songs. Unfortunately, it has gone unnoticed over time, not by the fans, most of whom (99%) adore the song, but by Madonna herself, who, as always, decides to perform the songs she likes instead of listening to the opinion of her fans. Like for example the boring and soporific Human Nature that doesn't make anyone dance and only serves to reproach the defects of a society that will never change. As for the Beautiful Stranger video, I love seeing that sensual and provocative Madonna who, compared to some videos from the 90s, decides to leave everything to the imagination. That is the level of sensuality that I can find acceptable and inspiring. The only thing I don't like about the video is the participation of this comic actor, Austin Powers, who doesn't make me laugh at all but rather total dislike and rejection. Maybe because I'm allergic to the silly, the absurd, the ridiculous. He is the only flaw in a video as perfect as Beautiful Stranger and that symbolized hope in all those who thought that the spiritual and demure Madonna would last forever.
  14. I love music videos! It is the opportunity for artists to unleash their creativity and achieve true works of art if they so desire. The Scientist (Coldplay), Come into my world (Kylie Minogue), Hole in my soul (Aerosmith), Imitation of life (REM), Bleed like me (Garbage) are some examples of excellent videos. Unfortunately, Madonna is not an artist who has wanted to stand out in this aspect and has only limited herself to delivering mostly acceptable videos that have not stood out for their originality or for breaking molds but rather for their simplicity. If I had to choose a particular era it would be Bedtime Stories. With the exception of Secret, which didn't offer me anything new, the remaining 3 videos stood out for their varied themes. From the story of the impossible love between the superstar and the bullfighter in Take a Bow, the social criticism in Human Nature using the least expected figure for it (that of a prostitute), and the personification of various works of art using the figure of Madonna in the middle of a mysterious and at times terrifying environment in Bedtime Story. The best era so far because I can't find filler videos (Give it 2 me, Get together), silly videos (Sorry, Turn up the Radio), boring videos (Living for love, Love Profusion) or videos that tried to be innovative but They failed in the attempt (4 Minutes, God Control). Despite being the best era, it is not that difficult to overcome. At least she tried to get back on the right path with Madame X and that for me is a good sign that perhaps this new era 2024 will be the best of all.
  15. Danielle is one of them. Another example could be Marvin or this beautiful female dancer who appears during Open Your Heart. Most of them are charismatic in my opinion, although I have to admit that the most iconic are those of the Blond Ambition Tour because they were lucky enough to be at Madonna's most media moment.
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