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    Horror movies, pop music, weightlifting, traveling, jogging, photography, professional wrestling, documentaries, cooking foods I'm more than likely going to hate, cats, accents, cinnamon scented items, Halloween, pop music and meeting new people.
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  1. She was rehearsing it to include it during Sticky and Sweet but it didn't happen. Shame since it goes off live!
  2. The 7' version of Like a Prayer, Fever for me.
  3. Saw this on the YouTube home page, guess she's being added on pride compilations?
  4. So I went today with my brace on my ankle, stood outside for an hour. These kids behind me when the doors opened almost knocked me over and cut in front of me, so I went and saw the two Madonna ones they had, snatched them and went to the register. The kid apparently (were in their teens) obviously wanted it but I bought it anyway due to their rudeness. Store only got two copies.
  5. I wanted to get one but I'm out with an ankle injury. The shop nearby is doing no holds and only has two. Don't feel like getting trampled on or pushed tomorrow.
  6. Overweight and personal issues for Britney? Girl bye.
  7. If it's the same person, this person has some issues stalking and trolling M forums and making some disturbing comments. When a place like MadonnaNation bans you for being offensive, you have really hit the lowest bar there possibly is.
  8. Girl Gone Wild (due to the mixes though Celebration is amazing too! Ciao Bella or You'll Stay?
  9. Same! I feel it's Liam/Marxus/Neutrocks and their other aliases. The one time they got banned from MadonnaNation for impersonating a French girl and then got exposed for using VPN's.
  10. Awesome! I love it! Side note, a little off topic but not. I remember footage of her shooting for the Rain single cover leaked but it's a few secs. Anyone have it? I think one of the IG accounts posted it but can't find it.
  11. I think she probably meant when she began going to the music parties and meeting musicians she got inspired and played with ideas before figuring she wanted to do a record and narrowed down her vision for it. If there are demos, we haven't gotten wind of them but I imagine there's some demos or unfinished pieces that were cut. But I wouldn't put it out that she worked or collaborated with artists or musicians that didn't make the final cut.
  12. I don't get people. When she wasn't overboard with the cosmetic procedures, it was always her hands or her arms. Then she goes and does that, people are now complaining about her face and how she should have aged naturally. Can you blame her given at the end of the day, whether Madonna listens or not, those kinds of comments hurt. She can't win.
  13. The invitations are for a short while. They expire after a certain amount of time so if the link does not work or says expire, be sure to ask @RUADJAIfor another.
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