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  1. What a great way to conclude this tour! Music was a nice surprise and how she managed to bring the show to Brazil despite not having the window lift for some songs but glad they got a great show tonight! The way one swore nothing new would be added.
  2. I love this theme of Madonna and her friend, Rio, it's fantastic, I love it a lot! Jk! I was surprised when it auto changed, it's gorgeous!
  3. I'm glad you got to see this show so many dates and give us amazing videos, reviews and photos!! Let the others seethe from behind their screen.
  4. Yeah after the BBMA's Medellion performance. I love how that interviewer mentioned those songs. Though it's a shame the MX performance she teased didn't happen per rehearsals instead we got Breathwork. Though she remembered the lyrics to it almost immediately when he mentioned the song to her.
  5. Rebel Heart standard cover holographic sleeve coming!
  6. Yep, it's DJ Mary Mac. She's horrible -- even at MDNA she put everyone to sleep when I saw her in Houston and that first night in Dallas was terrible. When she played God Control and expected people to pop and they didn't; so she swapped to other songs.
  7. More than likely this broadcast similar to a festival concert then her official/curated release by her team. Though it may be sold to a streaming service since Madame X never got a physical video release.
  8. Even in Dallas she was saying "Turn off the air conditioner" so it's been ongoing for a few shows now.
  9. I don't have the complete story but from what I remember (allegedly) is that her and her pal Jeannie would follow M to multiple shows on various tours, print out fake tickets, steal fans' seats and bully other fans at shows. She's been in a number of M fan spots during shows because M knows her and her lot. Sometimes during the pandemic or after, there was some trip planned for Malawi or something with M, Oxana claimed she was ripped off and said she was gonna sue Madonna and went on this long rant about selling her stuff, her prized collection etc. This after the fact she was making her own documentary on M and now she's back to being in the front row like nothing happened. If there's other members here who know the whole story better but she's been at this behavior for years and years.
  10. Oxana, yes she tried suing M a while back. That girl has a long history with Madonna, the fans, bullying her way etc.
  11. Frozen The Music album cover or American Life album cover?
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