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    Horror movies, pop music, weightlifting, traveling, jogging, photography, professional wrestling, documentaries, cooking foods I'm more than likely going to hate, cats, accents, cinnamon scented items, Halloween, pop music and meeting new people.
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  1. Let It Will Be To Have And Not To Hold or Paradise (Not For Me)?
  2. Celebration Live To Tell (Confessions Tour) or Live To Tell (Celebration Tour)?
  3. I Want You is way more intense. I love both but IWY. American Life (Director's Cut) or God Control?
  4. During MDNA, both nights in the triangles, these obnoxious pair of guys kept shoving people and trying to high five Madonna when she came down the walkway during Revolver, Vogue and LAP/Celebration. I swear I'm surprised no one slugged them. They were beyond aggressive.
  5. Billie Jean/LAV also uses the line from She's Not Me "I know I can do it better"
  6. Oh wow! I've never seen this before! Ugh black hair looks so good on her!
  7. Reissues (fingers crossed) Celebration Tour Streaming release New single/album (either on tour or after) Biopic resumes.
  8. Played the Nevin mix on the drive home today after being sick badly this last week. Not her best maxi but happy they're still putting them on streaming platforms!
  9. I'd pretty fine with the setlist as is. Some songs like Human Nature are meh to me but I understand the context of the story she's telling in her show. For me, the final act needs a proper ending song (BIM/Celebration is okay but really underwhelming). As much as I think Music is overplayed, it's definitely missing her along with Like a Virgin (the interlude has it, I know) but that's all mostly. Could use another song to conclude the show in a huge fashion she's usually done.
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