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  1. Happy 5 years to an album that I had forgotten even existed Whole madame x era reminded me of a bad acid trip I had in my twenties
  2. Before seeing her live in 1990, I really had no history with Madonna at all and would not have considered myself a fan. Blond Ambition Tour changed everything and I have been a really big fan ever since
  3. There is absolutely no way Slayyyter is the one doing this in my opinion. If you watch her interviews, she is a giant Madonna fan and seems to hold her in reverence, I doubt she would ever be disrespectful like that. Also, Slayyyter is not signed with Sony as far as I am aware. I think a grifter like Lil Nas X or Camila Cabello seems much more likely
  4. Immaculate Collection might be the best greatest hits ever released.
  5. Bitch, I'm Loca Masterpiece or Forbidden Love?
  6. It seems like the tour is getting better and better as it goes on.
  7. And the thing is, I don't know how many people here are actually familiar with the Weeknd outside of big hits that everyone knows or popular but he uses some really incredible production on his albums with these cinematic outro passages, vocal effects and spoken word, much in keeping with Madonna's style, they totally need to work together in a big way. Unlike a lot of her other collabs, The Weeknd is actually a serious artist with concepts and storylines behind his albums. He and Madonna could really create something great together if they wanted and the commercial success would not hurt either. The production on this track goes really hard. It is basically about the characters drug overdose which then segways into Blinding Lights where he is being rushed to the hospital.
  8. The sooner Madonna releases something, the better off she will be. This feels like the first time in awhile she has been in the public eye for positive reasons. Tour has been a success and working with The Weeknd has given her new life as a streaming force on Spotify. There is no telling how long any of this will last though and she needs to try and capitalize on it with a new album while she has peoples attention.
  9. And she never will, there is nothing performative or hypocritical about her association with LGBTQ, unlike a lot of others that I can think of.
  10. I have been saying forever that the biopic is not the right way to go, it will be critically panned and process is such a grind that she might have given up on it already. Far better to focus on new music after the tour, we are overdue, hard to believe its been so long since Madame X came out.
  11. At this point, it only feels like the grammy awards keep a wimper of relevance because people love hate watching them, they ceased to be a respected institution for recognizing the most deserving artists ages ago. Midnights was one of the most undeserving aoty winners I can think of, especially when it was stacked up against such great albums as SOS and Ocean Blvd. Further proof that the awards are about lobby efforts and hype, seems like they will do anything to prevent a black artist from winning aoty. Taylor was a letdown all night long, her outfit looked like shit (after all this time she still has no sense of style) she blocked more deserving artists from the recognition they deserved, she ignored Celine becase she was too busy jizzing her pants over the fact she won another award and she deserves to be horse whipped for dragging Lana up on stage like that. Also, that BoyGenius album is overrated af and the fact it took home alternative album over Lana is a joke.
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