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  1. My love’s a reVulvaaa

    My seX is a killaaa


    My love is a weapon

    And yes I use it well

    I never shoot and tell


    My love’s a revolver

    Do you wanna be my target?

    Cause I’m a sharp shooter


    Do you wanna eat the bullet?

    And I know where to put it

    It`s weezy F baby

    I`m shootin' like the army

    My body’s fully loaded

    And I got more ammo

    I let it BANG BANG…


  2. I’ve got a problem with the fact that there is no air in here, I’m gonna die! Open the door… NOW! I‘m suffocating…

    Caresse, you have NO idea, I can‘t take it… Please give me a faaan! It’s unbelievable… I mean, I can‘t even think to answer a question…

    1. Winn


      Love it! I believe the title of the video on YouTube was, "Madonna being a bitch," lol

    2. Scor-pi-o


      I guess you‘re right, @Winn 😉

      Fun fact: M was in a way better mood, when I saw her in person later that day, recording and performing for the TV special "Absolut Madonna" in Cologne, Germany. I was lucky to be chosen to sit front row and real close to her… Happy times!

      p.s: She seemed to have a lil crush on moderator Oliver Geisen and was pretty chilled and talkative, even during the recording breaks.


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