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  1. Perfect description. Really like it, on repeat since last Wednesday.
  2. That‘s most definitely the intention. Her name on TikTok is @lolabutthole
  3. I love Offer‘s remixes and DJ sets too. Hopefully he will upload the full one on his SoundCloud soon!

  4. My love’s a reVulvaaa

    My seX is a killaaa


    My love is a weapon

    And yes I use it well

    I never shoot and tell


    My love’s a revolver

    Do you wanna be my target?

    Cause I’m a sharp shooter


    Do you wanna eat the bullet?

    And I know where to put it

    It`s weezy F baby

    I`m shootin' like the army

    My body’s fully loaded

    And I got more ammo

    I let it BANG BANG…


  5. It‘s FRESH, FUN and tongue-in-cheek! Definitely not intended to be taken too seriously and in a certain way typically Madonna. The main problem some might have watching it, could be that it makes them feel old…
  6. This was my 1st megarate and I was almost too late to send in my voting... ;-)) Thank you Curtains
  7. I have a feeling that "Never Let You Go", "Queen" and "Nothing Lasts Forever" could be in the top 3...
  8. I started to listen to the tracks in the order of the results so far...
  9. SOON! At least she doesn‘t take herself too serious and can still laugh about her own jokes…
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