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  1. Just found the following link: https://www.whatsapp.com/channel/0029Va84cvX7T8bX4tLWZ93W
  2. For me Mirwais is special, some call him a genius of electronic music and I somehow agree. I love every track he has done with M, the American Life album is a timeless masterpiece and they created one of the best, most significant and outstanding Bond Themes ever. Many of my all time favorite M songs were done with him, especially album tracks. Paradise (Not For Me) still gives me such an indescribable, chilling and cozy feeling as it has back in 2000, when I listened to it for the 1st time, I love what they have come up with on Madame X and I really hope they will work together again. I also like most of Mirwais' solo stuff and what he has done with/for other artists such as YAS.
  3. I‘m a huge fan of remixes, so the more, the better 🤩 Besides that, M is the queen of the dance floor, it’s where everything started.
  4. The full version has a length of 6:12 minutes and is, at least for me, the superior one.
  5. Yes, same as last time, the full lenght version is available on Beatport and has a lenght of 6:12 minutes.
  6. But(t) his derrière is perfect 🍑💁🏻‍♂️
  7. It‘s pretty addictive… Hopefully the extended version of nearly 5 minutes will be released SOON! I want MORE… Sono spiacente Perdóname 🙀🙀🙀
  8. Perfect description. Really like it, on repeat since last Wednesday.
  9. That‘s most definitely the intention. Her name on TikTok is @lolabutthole
  10. I love Offer‘s remixes and DJ sets too. Hopefully he will upload the full one on his SoundCloud soon!

  11. My love’s a reVulvaaa

    My seX is a killaaa


    My love is a weapon

    And yes I use it well

    I never shoot and tell


    My love’s a revolver

    Do you wanna be my target?

    Cause I’m a sharp shooter


    Do you wanna eat the bullet?

    And I know where to put it

    It`s weezy F baby

    I`m shootin' like the army

    My body’s fully loaded

    And I got more ammo

    I let it BANG BANG…


  12. It‘s FRESH, FUN and tongue-in-cheek! Definitely not intended to be taken too seriously and in a certain way typically Madonna. The main problem some might have watching it, could be that it makes them feel old…
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