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  1. This is indeed such a historical moment... But it should have happened 20 years ago...
  2. I didn't mean the 5.1 channels were AI filtered. I said that we can now use the 5.1 channels to filter them and get quite clean "stems". :-)
  3. I downloaded the album from Sharemania.us. Not all of the 6 tracks (in 5.1 format) have been used (just 4 of them). Some Dolby Atmos mixes have main vocal on one track. In the case of this album most of the songs are mixed, so that the lead vocals, drums, bass and some instrumentals are on the 2 tracks, the rest of the tracks have all the sounds that are placed in the rear right and left (backing vocals, effects, guitars, synths) of the mix. It gives many options to filter the 4 tracks to make acapella and other "stems" with nice quality. Unfortunately some songs (Like a prayer, Lucky star, Borderline, Vogue) don't have such separated tracks. The surround tracks are just repeated main stereo tracks (if you know what I mean). But it's a huge step forward from Madonna's team and a hope for all the albums to get Dolby Atmos treat. Edit: I realized there are no bongos or castanets in IC mix of "La isla bonita"...
  4. No no no... Why is the hairline of the wig so high? She looks scary and trashy. Why there must be another girl kissing and another pretended p*ssy licking scenes? Boring, pathetic and predictable. I've seen it all before... Sorry.
  5. P.S. Where can I DL "Madame X" for free? JUST KIDDING !!! Love U guys
  6. Thank you, @Curtains for making this MEGARATE happen again. Thanks to all the M-I members who voted and expressed their "bad musical taste" (just kidding ). Remember: music makes the people come together!!!
  7. And I'm sure that the majority of M-I voters now show you their middle fingers. Calm down. Don't get so emotional. You can't change others' musical tastes, nor the way we vote.
  8. I have the same feeling about HBC. So much emotions, bitterness. I love the "your memory is hunting me" part of the 2nd verse in the demo versions (the way she sings "memory", ah).
  9. Every song consists of 2 main components: the music & the lyrics. People rate songs differently. That's normal.
  10. Seems like @chaosmen1984mk is having some shitty time in his life... ;-)
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