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  1. @EnricoIt's good to know that M's music gave you strength to survive that difficult moment in your life. It's good to have you still here, on Planet Earth :-) "Hey You" is not that bad after all. It's just another "don't give up, stay strong, be yourself" kinda song, which seems to change people's lifes, which is good :-) SuperFlop? What a great alternative title for that song xD
  2. A few cents from me... When the album was released and I listened to it about 2 times I was able to predict the next singles (after "Hung Up"). I've chosen "Sorry", "Get Together" and "Jump". I swear to God! They sounded the most commercial to me (and the most radio friendly... maybe except GT; but it sounded club friendly for sure). After watching the Confessions tour some of the songs grew on me more (like: "Forbidden Love", "Isaac", "Like it or not") thanks to the choreography and overall audio-visual aspects of the live show. COADF is an amazing album full of great songs in terms of lyrics and music. Darkness and light, joy and pain. Love and hatred. Equality and divisions... It's still actual, don't it?
  3. If I'm able to find it on my PC, I will share it.
  4. I love the 7 inch Dance Edit. Some time ago I made an edit of it with a proper intro (as far as I remember I took it from the "Churchapella").
  5. Yes, I know that. They never sounded good. It's a cut & paste work from the extended remixes and the parts of the edits don't blend nicely.
  6. I was hoping for something special to come... New mixes, maybe a megamix. But what M and her team did is a collection of "remastered" random re/-mixes we already know. And btw. it would be a better choice to include the album version of "Into the groove" rather than that badly made "cut & paste" remix edit version. I'm not excited about this project at all and I'm sorry... P.S. Am I the only one?
  7. @Curtains Thank you for inspiring us, for challenging us, for taking your time to organize all these "MEGARATES". It's real fun and we all need that these days. I love you, although you're a total stranger to me :-) I love you all, guys!
  8. I remember having Sony Hi-Fi sound system with 2 front and 2 rear speakers back when "Ray of light" album came out. Listening to this album on cd with this surround sound setup was orgasmic to my ears.
  9. I'm a bit disappointed with the results... I know it's all about musical tastes, etc., but: 1) "Bedtime Story" isn't that great IMHO 2) None of the BS' album tracks deserve to be rated as low as 0 or even 1. I think we need some new rules. Bring it on, Dua !
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