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  1. No no no... Why is the hairline of the wig so high? She looks scary and trashy. Why there must be another girl kissing and another pretended p*ssy licking scenes? Boring, pathetic and predictable. I've seen it all before... Sorry.
  2. P.S. Where can I DL "Madame X" for free? JUST KIDDING !!! Love U guys
  3. Thank you, @Curtains for making this MEGARATE happen again. Thanks to all the M-I members who voted and expressed their "bad musical taste" (just kidding ). Remember: music makes the people come together!!!
  4. And I'm sure that the majority of M-I voters now show you their middle fingers. Calm down. Don't get so emotional. You can't change others' musical tastes, nor the way we vote.
  5. I have the same feeling about HBC. So much emotions, bitterness. I love the "your memory is hunting me" part of the 2nd verse in the demo versions (the way she sings "memory", ah).
  6. Every song consists of 2 main components: the music & the lyrics. People rate songs differently. That's normal.
  7. Seems like @chaosmen1984mk is having some shitty time in his life... ;-)
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