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  1. frozen78

    Sorry to "say" this, but it seems M can't be taken seriously these days. Just my opinion..
  2. frozen78

    @Voguerista as always served a tough rank Express yourself A++++ Bad girl A+++ Vogue A+++ Oh father A++
  3. Here are my choices (the order is random): 1. Frozen 2. Vogue 3. Nothing really matters 4. Erotica 5. Rain That was a tough one, @Voguerista
  4. frozen78

  5. frozen78

    Could you, please give me a link for the post on M's IG with that mix?
  6. frozen78

    I also think it's fake... Besides... why most of the snippets of so-called demos are in such a shitty low quality? Interesting, isn't it?
  7. Ok, sorry then... But they are not released on the CD from 1995 anymore? Anyways... if someone has rips from the CD and wants to share them, feel free to PM them to me. Kisses and hugs!
  8. Does anyone have this: ? It's mispress, so should be allowed to be shared here, right? I'd love to have digital versions of : remix and dub...
  9. frozen78

    I remember (back when I was a kid / a teenager) 4 things that many people from my closest surroundings (including my mother) used to think and say about Madonna: 1) She had that "fake" mole above her lips to look special. 2) Madonna was just her nick name and had nothing to do with her real name. 3) She always had fat thighs. 4) People thought she was vulgar, obscene, a bitch, etc. But I didn't care much about what people thought about Madonna. Back in the days Poland was a very "special" place to live. People were not that open minded. Hmmmm... to be honest... they still are, on many levels. But, I believe, it happens in every single country. I suffer from the off-topic syndrome, so excuse me...
  10. frozen78

    Guys,where can I buy a copy of "Celebration" CD with 'fixed' songs (Cherish, for example)? How to recognize the proper one? Thanks in advance for any help.