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    burning whoever did the Celebration "remastering" job, dragging the hell out of Emily, protesting outside Madonna's home for her not to snub Bad Girl for a 4K video, long walks on the beach, seafood, bus, another bus, another bus, another bus... oh, and video and audio editing
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  1. Like I said, I know one of these bitches in this forum is Emily and I won't stop until we get an update on HD/4K videos on YouTube.
  2. So... no response from Emily regarding LP on streaming and HD/4K upscales. I know one of you bitches is Emily.
  3. I am confused... but also fascinated...?
  4. And to this day, there's a reason why she's one of the best touring female artists of all time.
  5. Why are people starting to get too critical on the setlist? What did I miss? o.o
  6. Hmmmm... the last time I asked dear Emily about upcoming 4K/HD upscales, she left me on read. I shall try again.
  7. They better have Brazil in the shows too. They know how to turn out!
  8. A few people on Twitter commented that she started to move better and sound better. :D
  9. I thought it was around Like a Prayer era?
  10. I don't get why she hates the song. :( This is literally me when Cherish comes on:
  11. I will say, her making the crowd chant at the end made the encore make more sense. They should signal the audience to chant for her for the upcoming shows. :D
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