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    burning whoever did the Celebration "remastering" job, dragging the hell out of Emily, protesting outside Madonna's home for her not to snub Bad Girl for a 4K video, long walks on the beach, seafood, bus, another bus, another bus, another bus... oh, and video and audio editing
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  1. I like how "The Queen of Despair" and "group sex" are on the same page. XD
  2. You can buy me anything, I don't have to pick Only hold a conversation if the bag is thick!!!
  3. You do it. You take it. You screw it. You fake it. Undo it. You'll break it. You're over, you can't take it.
  4. 08. Should Nina Bonina Brown have been Blac Chyna?
  5. Whooooo lord, the fuck? I just woke up and there are 27 pages added to this thread. XD
  6. Pretty excited about this!!!! Interestingly enough, every music video or song that has something to do with religion always gets tied back to Madonna's Like a Prayer. I guess the burning crosses really put the whole world in a chokehold for YEARS.
  7. The demo was indeed house pop. Still love it as much as the final album version. <3
  8. Yes, I do know of Ms. Padam Padam. We are waiting for a Kylie x Madonna collab in general. XD
  9. Okay, so aside from TIC's Dolby Atmos mix, no video upscales or EPs from Emily happened?
  10. You know the answer, hun. ;) #soon
  11. Also, the IC Q-sound mix makes use of new vocals for the last repetition of the chorus as opposed to the original album version, which makes use of the vocals from the 2nd repetition of the chorus.
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