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  1. Turn Up The Radio is a top-tier remix too. :D The others? Well... they are on the discs so... yeah.
  2. Yeah... we can't do something about the artificial-ass sounding crowd noises but at least it's not as shitty as the MDNA Tour version. That live album needs a miracle, I swear.
  3. I mean, value-wise, it's definitely nice to have it also for exclusivity purposes. :D So far with FEL, she has been an amazing release and a great start for Madonna's reconnection with Warner. We love that for her.
  4. You know... she's been hinting at Erotica for quite some time now from the FEL promo poster to the Pride merch to the picture disc reissue. That concept would have worked well too. :D
  5. The remix is really good, getting better and better the more I listen to it. The video takes time for it to warm up to me but it's good. :D
  6. The video is nice. Should have been edited better to match the energy of the song but it is so good. :D Raunchy and gritty. Just how I want it.
  7. I did not know this but damn. It's like when the headset microphone was invented, they called it the "Madonna mic" because she used it so much for the Blond Ambition Tour.
  8. Just those 250x250 pictures from Amazon thumbnails.
  9. I think Madonna was just waiting for Anitta for the FG music video but received no reply. :(
  10. Wrong. The masters are from an 8-track tape.
  11. Thoughts and prayers. Just kidding. Send My Love To John was about Rina's friend's mom who did not accept her son for his queerness due to her religious beliefs. It was written in the perspective of the mother, which was based from a phone call between her and Rina's friend. The phone call ended with "send my love to John," as in, the friend's boyfriend and this was said after years of her not being able to accept her son for who he is. X-Static Process is about Madonna's existential crisis and confusion about herself, her identity and the world around her. With everything that has happened to her, she takes the time to reflect about her life through this somber and raw song. Personally, there are indeed similarities in terms of the guitar but we'll never know until someone on Rina's team would confirm or deny it. Both songs, at the end of the day, sound beautiful.
  12. New music or reimagined remixes, she is still serving us a full buffet. :D
  13. Someone said that this is her nostalgic remix era (Hung Up remix, MATERIAL GWORRLLLLLLLL, Break My Vogue, Frozen remix). Honestly? It's been a wild era so far and I live for it. :D
  14. Oh, she doesn't know what will hit her when the beat drops in the remix.
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