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  1. Roy

    I forgot that the Erotica music video is shot in 8mm but who knows? It may be possible. *fingers crossed*
  2. Roy

  3. Max's songs are actually good. I am glad that he got to have a photoshoot with her.
  4. Roy

    Ooh! This is going to be fun! TITLE: revolution COVERS: [Standard:] [Deluxe:] PRODUCERS: Mirwais Ahmadzaï, Stuart Price, Shep Pettibone, Babyface, Diplo, William Orbit, The Blessed Madonna and BloodPop CONCEPT: After the heavy Madame X, Madonna decides to go back to her roots and reinvent her sound. The album discuses themes of fun in the dancefloor, sex, spirituality and identity, hate and rejection and love as well as having political undertones in some songs. The special thing about this album is that the end song ties back to the first album, creating a loop that symbolizes that life is a circle and it all ties back to the beginning of our days. GENRE: dance pop, art pop, disco, house, pop rock, experimental, gospel NOTE: Standard has 15 tracks, deluxe has 18 tracks. Deluxe tracks are marked with an *. TRACKLIST: 01. Glory [produced by Stuart Price] - This uptempo, 80s pop dance - inspired song brings back the classic Madonna vibe as it talks about not giving a shit about what people say about you and having fun everyday because she knows that she is iconic. "I am my own glory, I am my own bitch!" 02. Blond Bitch/Woman* [produced by Diplo] - Another uptempo pop dance song that talks about Madonna just doing her own thing because she like it. "I'm that blond bitch you're obsessing now!" The song also has a hidden song "Woman," wherein Madonna talks about the fragility and vulnurability but the strength and the power of a woman. It also gives honor to her past self. "It's the woman you can't drag down to you." 03. Diamond Tears [produced by BloodPop and Mirwais Ahmadzaï] - This upbeat disco pop song talks about getting over a toxic relationship and dancing away the pain, forcing herself to get over it. It samples a familiar 70s song. "Can't let these diamond tears cry hail over you!" 04. Holy Grail [produced by William Orbit] - This mid - tempo song tackles Madonna's physical attraction to a guy she sees, comparing him to a Holy Grail. The song also has many biblical references. "Your body, your skin is a holy grail I long to see." 05. Pulse (with Dua Lipa) [produced by Diplo] - This slow, sultry dance pop song have Dua and Madonna invite their partners to feel the slow rhythm of the music while they seduce them. "Feel it pulse right in your veins, through your mouth." 06. Force [produced by Shep Pettibone] - This seductive slow song takes her back to her Erotica - era with her iconic spoken work verses and her soft singing about letting her lover "explore her like a temple." "I see your force in my paradise, I won't let you, can't let you, shouldn't let you stop finding for me." 07. Dirty Talk [produced by Shep Pettibone] - Another Erotica - esque song, Madonna talks shit about her man, talking about finishing early, inflating his ego, not his dick and being an asshole in general. "I'm better off finishing myself, you're all dirty talk, bitch." 08. Heels* [produced by Shep Pettibone] - Another Erotica - eque, 90s - inspired strong and heavy old school pop funk vibe that talks about Madonna leaving that man behind, describing that process as "making his funeral." "These heels don't cry over a petty bitch like you but it stabs you in the throat." 09. Never Love a Stranger (with Babyface) [produced by William Orbit] - A slow tempo ballad which is an outtake from the Ray of Light session back in 1997. Madonna advises herself and the listener to never fall in love with someone who sees you as nothing more than just a one night stand "Never love a stranger, never put your heart in danger." 10. Nowhere's Length [produced by William Orbit] - This slow ballad finds Madonna in a state of confusion with herself, her identity and her religion, only to finally realize something. "I am crowded in nowhere, no place, no rest, no faith, no me." 11. Temple (with Ariana Grande) [produced by William Orbit] - This continues the previous track "Nowhere's Length" with Madonna discovering that her religion is love and she carries on with her journey, comparing her self - discovery as "finding the temple in an underground" in this pop rock gospel song. Ariana Grande becomes her consciousness, helping her seek that "temple" or that realization. A grand choir supports the ending part of the song. "But I am still finding that temple underground, my sanctuary." 12. Flick (Break) [produced by The Blessed Madonna] - The song is a gay anthem, having deep and dark house vibes, talking about identity and other issues the LGBTQ+ community is facing. "Baby, strike, flick! Ahh!" 13. Mouth (with Lady Gaga) [produced by Mirwais Ahmadzaï and The Blessed Madonna] - Another pop house club song with Madonna and Lady Gaga discussing about the intense competition between fandoms, resulting to real life fueds and dramas. "It was never the music, it was all about the mouths." 14. Venom [produced by BloodPop] - This dark, heavy 80s synth pop song have Madonna address the criticisms against her, stating that it is not her job to give two fucks about them. "Venom in your spit, sorry it doesn't kill me, no." 15. What You Want? [produced by Mirwais Ahmadzaï] - This anthem song speaks of the Black Lives Movement with Madonna speaking about rage and justice. The song ends with a chant that fades to black slowly like how "God Control" ended. "Tell us motherfucker, what you want?" 16. I* [produced by William Orbit and Mirwais Ahmadzaï] - Another anthem song that speaks of Madonna holding onto herself, her control and her health amidst the chaos in this world. This has a middle - eastern influence with gradually intense instruments. "In this center of this world is where I stand, I stay, I hold." 17. Steel (with Britney Spears) [produced by BloodPop] - This 80s heavy synthpop uptempo song brings back the vibe of the album while still maintaining the theme of freedom fighting. Madonna and Britney sing about not being chained to the system and instead going against the tide and fight for the right to dance. "My blood is steel and my heart is pure diamond, never will I let you dig a hole I am dyin' in." 18. Cycle [produced by William Orbit] - This soft, melodious song ends the album with Madonna acknowledging the cycle of life, getting a little personal with the lyrics and realizing that there is redemption after sorrow. This song loops back to the first track "Glory." "I am in this cycle, in this loop and I go round and round." So yeah. :D
  5. Roy

    It was 2015 and I was just getting my Madonna journey started from Rebel Heart down to her debut album. When I got to Erotica, it was ENTIRELY different. It gave me whiplash and at the same time, the entire album became my entire life as I slowly come to terms with my sexuality. To this day, anyone can make an Erotica album but never as iconic or as genius as the original. Just by the production alone, the themes it tackles, the infamous SEX book and the music videos in this era are just my favorite. Not to mention, the looks she kept giving. Erotica is a masterpiece damned by time, burned by people and shamed by the media yet rediscovered by the new generations of fans who saw it, still alive and buried under the ashes of tabloids and newspapers.
  6. So in the end, they decided not to add in Madonna's parts in the video? We need a director's cut for this one if that's the case. She better be in the moon.
  7. The remix is amazing. Love the darker tone the Blessed Madonna gave to the original. Madonna sounded like she tapped to her COADF 2005 vocals and Missy Elliot is just riding the beat with her flow. I literally stayed up late at night to listen to the song over and over again.
  8. Roy

    Just replace a verse there with Madonna's SEX rap verse and there you go.
  9. "Her sugar... is RAW, STICKY... AND SWEET."
  10. Same. Watching this upscale in an HDTV is an experience.
  12. Always love your work together with the others. If I may ask, why is PAL better than NTSC in your opinion? I personally see no difference between the two.
  13. I know that she wasn't hacked but I hope she learns her lesson about being careful on what information may be spreading throughout. Madonna is as human as we are, only she is massively popular. She must use her platforms properly. Also, #LevitatingRemix out on 8/14.