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  1. Roy

    Just replace a verse there with Madonna's SEX rap verse and there you go.
  2. "Her sugar... is RAW, STICKY... AND SWEET."
  3. Same. Watching this upscale in an HDTV is an experience.
  4. Always love your work together with the others. If I may ask, why is PAL better than NTSC in your opinion? I personally see no difference between the two.
  5. I know that she wasn't hacked but I hope she learns her lesson about being careful on what information may be spreading throughout. Madonna is as human as we are, only she is massively popular. She must use her platforms properly. Also, #LevitatingRemix out on 8/14.
  6. It is deleted! Somebody is trying to sabotage her or I am just reaching. The lack of periods and emojis are just off since she likes to put them a lot like how she likes her champagne rose: FULL.
  7. Roy

    Let's not think of that. We should be hopeful that she will dance again. ❤️
  8. Roy

    That would rip our hairs off. 🤯
  9. I was hoping that Madonna would collab on Hallucinate but I don't mind Levitating. Plus, the song really grew on me. I am excited as to what's in store for her. I really hope she is doing well though. Once she will fully recover from her injuries, it's over for us bitches.
  10. Roy

    I want her to put her own spin on the 80s vibe. To me, there is more to explore on the production that would really make her stand out from the others and we all know Madonna always experiments to see what can be brought to the table.
  11. Roy

    Her and Patrick Leonard would do so well in the next album.
  12. Roy

    With Madame X gracefully taking her last bow during the Madame X Tour in Paris, it's time for us to brainstorm what would M15 be like, just for fun. I am guessing a return to pop music but with heavy 80s elements with production from Stuart Price, Max Martin, William Orbit or Jack Antonoff (a boi could dream). The album would start off with fun dance tracks, house tracks and a re invention of the 80s sound with the mix of new modern sound. She would talk about letting loose on the dance floor, being liberated from the shackles of her previous relationships and just showing off and being a bad bitch. Halfway through the album, she'd become reflective and meditative about herself, the world she is in now, her place, purpose and the realization that a tide is up ahead. Out of nowhere, the album would take a dark turn, becoming political, covering the Black Lives Matter Movement, the corruption and other social and political issues. The last two songs must be a slow return to the dance pop vibes of the beginning of the album, with themes of liberation and freedom and the last song would connect to the first song in the album. The album would have 15 tracks, 4 dance songs, 4 slow and reflective songs, 5 political songs and 2 songs that would tie back to the beginning of the album. NO FEATURES. Let me know what you think. Any ideas and concepts are always welcomed here.
  13. That could just be the usual glossy look in our eyes that reflects the light above her. Oh, and it's the angle. You all know how much Madonna loves her angles.
  14. Ok, this is my list: DEBUT: 1. Lucky Star 2. Borderline 3. Burning Up 4. Holiday 5. Physical Attraction 6. Everybody LIKE A VIRGIN 1. Material Girl 2. Angel 3. Like a Virgin 4. Love Don't Live Here Anymore 5. Dress You Up 6. Into the Groove (the song appeared in a 1985 reissue) TRUE BLUE 1. Papa Don't Preach 2. Open Your Heart 3. Live To Tell 4. True Blue 5. La Isla Bonita 6. Love Makes The World Go Round LIKE A PRAYER 1. Like a Prayer 2. Express Yourself 3. Promise To Try 4. Cherish 5. Oh Father 6. Keep It Together EROTICA 1. Erotica 2. Fever 3. Deeper and Deeper 4. Bad Girl 5. Rain 6. Secret Garden BEDTIME STORIES 1. Secret 2. Human Nature 3. Love Tried to Welcome Me 4. Sanctuary 5. Bedtime Story 6. Take a Bow RAY OF LIGHT 1. Drowned World/Substitute for Love 2. Ray of Light 3. Skin 4. Frozen 5. To Have and Not to Hold 6. Mer Girl MUSIC 1. Music 2. Runaway Lover 3. Don't Tell Me 4. What it Feels Like for a Girl 5. Paradise (Not for Me) 6. American Pie AMERICAN LIFE 1. American Life 2. Hollywood 3. Intervention 4. X - Static Process 5. Die Another Day 6. Easy Ride CONFESSIONS ON A DANCE FLOOR 1. Hung Up 2. Get Together 3. Sorry 4. Let It Will Be 5. Forbidden Love 6. Like it Or Not HARD CANDY 1. Candy Shop 2. 4 Minutes (with Justin Timberlake) 3. Give It 2 Me 4. Miles Away 5. Dance 2Night 6. Devil Wouldn't Recognize You MDNA 1. Girl Gone Wild 2. I'm Addicted 3. Gang Bang 4. Superstar 5. Masterpiece 6. Falling Free REBEL HEART 1. Living For Love 2. Devil Pray 3. Ghosttown 4. Joan of Arc 5. Wash All Over Me 6. Iconic (with Chance the Rapper & Mike Tyson) MADAME X 1. Dark Ballet 2. God Control 3. Killers Who Are Partying 4. Future (with Quavo) 5. Extreme Occident 6. I Rise OBSERVATIONS: - It was getting hard for me to tone down the entire tracklisting starting from Confessions on a Dance Floor then MDNA. The hardest ones have to be Rebel Heart and Madame X. - I did my best to include singles as personally, they embody the overall atmosphere of each album (but sorry, The Power of Goodbye, I had to make room for Mer Girl. ) - Toning down the tracklisting really changed the overall vibe of some albums. Madame X turned into a more political and social album, for instance. Confessions on a Dancefloor somehow did a full 180 and became dark from Let It Will Be to Like it Or Not.