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  1. I see that now. Honestly, I should have known of this too and I feel awful for it. I forgot the term given to women who serve as cover ups for these closeted gay men. I think they were referred to as beards.
  2. If it is okay to ask, if these men would want to get with other men, why would they get married in the first place? And if they get caught fucking around, what's next?
  3. Can't they just pull their padges?
  4. Heard some horror and awful stories about it... and one of them is the Grindr killer.
  5. The Breathwork/Rescue Me interlude doesn't use any of the original stems from the song. Madonna herself rerecorded the spoken word verses for this.
  6. It's a bop and a half. Anytime of the day, watch me bop to this song.
  7. Oh, my bad. From the bootlegs circulating, Express Yourself is just an acapella moment. Papa Don't Preach is little slowed down with heavy trap beats for the chorus with Madonna changing "I'm keeping my baby" to "I'm not keeping my baby," ending with her hums and Crave is the Tracy Young remix.
  8. Not much changes for the Madame X tracks aside from the shortening of some songs and the added live instrumentals. Batuka does sounds powerful and Medellin sounds livelier. Extreme Occident sounds lovely with the added instruments. Future is a stripped down piano solo version.
  9. The MDNA Tour studio version is better sounding than the watered down live mastered version on the MDNA Tour live album.
  10. I thought the live album was lovely... and I am still not done listening to it. The mixing is clean and well-done, her auto-tune is not as crazy as I thought it would be and so far, it is better than the horrid MDNA Tour live album and the disappointing RHT live album. The crowd noises are natural sounding though there are times wherein it sounds like someone recorded her speech through a phone but maybe the film will explain that to me. Solid, solid work. IGTTYAS and Confessions Tour has made a new friend.
  11. MTV Asia better step their pussy up because I need to watch Madame X shake her ass.
  12. Will there be a massive live streaming event for the Madame X Tour? I don't have MTV or Paramount+ here. :cry:

    1. Betuncba


      Try plutotv! theres a paramountplus present channel and mtv

    2. Roy


      @BetuncbaI tried it but it isn't available in the Philippines. 

  13. So NOW they want to halt the rereleases and the HD remasters when I have a new laptop to render comparison videos faster?
  14. People are speculating that she may be referencing Marilyn Monroe in this mysterious photoshoot.
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