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  1. That must be for a Madonna's version, 20 minutes with new instrumental. The only difference is, besides the new lyrics and vocals, is Pharrell Williams adlibbing to the point that he runs out of adlibs to throw to the mix.
  2. I am talking about her pre-recorded video. Grills or not, she has amazing teeth.
  3. However, a lil off topic here. When she shot her MTV VMA intro last year, she wasn't wearing any grills judging by the close-ups.
  4. I mean, it seems like they were pulling off a YCD for ALL 50 songs probably...? I would like to hear it. This may be what Madonna wanted initially for the Celebration compilation back then.
  5. Do Lucky Star and Into the Groove count as separate tracks or not? If counted, it is indeed 50.
  6. At this point, watch them pull a Celebration and fuck up the tracklist and have a Spotify/Apple Music playlist instead of a remaster (which I think will be shitload of compression and a tiny high end boost on the EQ). However, she is now under Warner Record technically so they better not fuck up.
  7. I know fucking well Madonna is here in this forum, just using some stan name to take notes. IF YOU ARE HERE, WE WANT BAD GIRL IN 4K PLEASE.
  8. It's a Celebration compilation all over again. Also, isn't You Can Dance already available in all streaming services?
  9. Remember that time when a lot of fake tracks were rumored to be released with one track with The Weeknd about shitting on someone's dick or something like that? That was a moment.
  10. I just listened to his remix. If I can recall right, he said in a tweet that he didn't like the Sickick remix because it apparently ruined the actual song. Then he proceeded to borrow a few elements of the Sickick remix to his remix. His remix is basically a watered-down version of the Stereo MC remix. I'd prefer, aside from the remixes released with the single, the Madame X Tour remix and Sickick's full version of the remix.
  11. I got unstable internet connection but better than nothing, I suppose.

    Can someone DM me the infamous cougar version of Who's That Girl?

    EY/D&D live comparison video soon once my home has internet and electricity.

    1. wtg1987


      Sorry but there is no cougar version - it was probably fan made

  12. Is your comparison video for the HD version of Express Yourself/Deeper & Deeper coming any time soon? :)

    1. Roy


      Hello there! I am currently struggling to upload the comparison video as of the moment. Last December 16, our region in the Philippines was severely hit by a super typhoon and it affected everything from internet connections to electricity and homes. However, I am doing fine and hopefully soon, once we have electricity in my home, I can upload the comparison video.

      Hope you are doing well too. :)

    2. Curtains


      @Roy wish you the best and send you lots of strength.

  13. I thought that there was no official music video for Holiday except the one wherein she dances infront of a moving painting.
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