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  1. Plus, it's a very catchy remix too and it is very reminiscent of the original song. Probably because of the song key.
  2. SAME. I think Physical Attraction will just be the single edit, not the album version but I don't care. Our girl is finally getting recognition after almost 4 decades!
  3. I think y'all deserve to be material gworls.


  4. WAIT A SECOND. They filmed her doing Hung Up with the outfit she wore on the teaser in IG and TikTok even though she wore a different outfit for it in the live performance. Must have been a dress rehearsal.
  5. It's the reality we need to face. Madonna in 2022 won't perform like Madonna in 1987, 1990, 1993, 2001, 2005, 2008-2009, 2012 and 2016 but she'll perform the way she will perform now and I can't ask for more than to see her light that stage on fire and show everyone who's still the baddest bitch in the music industry.
  6. Yesh. If you need a TL;DR: Bob the Drag Queen opened the show and performed his skit with the Q-sound version of Open Your Heart Violet Chachki did her cabaret performance of a fanmade remix of Justify My Love A vogue dancer performed Vogue with Jose recreating the Vogue music video, all the way down to the choreography Madonna performing (Hung Up remix with Tokischa, Material Girl with Saucy Santana (with Laganja Estranja dancing at the beginning) and Celebration [Benny Benassi remix] with all of the guests dancing) Ta daaaaa. A great Pride performance from Mother. :D
  7. The backdrop is EVERYTHING. She sounds so good too. :D
  8. Watching these performances again and having FEL Standard, I know our hearts are filled with joy seeing her have fun on stage and performing for us and giving us what we need this Pride Month. Long live the Queen.
  9. Oh, so Laganja was performing with her at the beginning of Material Gril.
  10. It is the Q-sound mix from TIC and it still sounds good 31 years later. :D
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