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    burning whoever did the Celebration "remastering" job, dragging the hell out of Emily, protesting outside Madonna's home for her not to snub Bad Girl for a 4K video, long walks on the beach, seafood, bus, another bus, another bus, another bus... oh, and video and audio editing
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  1. Okay... the Dance Remix Edit is not remastered at all but I guess it was considered for FEL50.
  2. I heard that she wasn't feeling well but I hope that she gets well soon. <3
  3. I don't really know much about fashion and Madonna's references to fashion but I do know that she loves to give herself a good twist to it.
  4. The version where she's all black and it's just her coat and hair is really cunt.
  5. So... was the whole LA shows filmed for release?
  6. Now what's lacking for Spotify is to introduce hi-res and Atmos features and I'd gladly pay more for it.
  7. Since yesterday. My phone doesn't have this feature yet but hopefully, it will. Spotify on my laptop does have this feature.
  8. it has been a hot minute, bitches but I have returned. Spotify has introduced a new feature that allows premium users to view music videos. It is still a work in progress but for sure, it has begun. All of Madonna's videos are in Spotify, though they have to work into showing all her videography conveniently. I will say, some videos that are in HD/4K on YouTube are not in Spotify. Hopefully they can fix it. This feature is still in beta mode but so far, I am liking it.
  9. I just came here to be just as confused as everyone about New Madonna. It could most likely be a new song. XD
  10. Okay, bitches. How are we doin in here? :3
  11. Sameeee. The extended mix? Let's not talk about this.
  12. The 2024 remasters of Material Girl and Pretender are good. Compressed but good. Let's not talk about the extended remix remaster, okay?
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