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  1. Apologies to @Régine Filange. I don't know what is happening to MadonnaInfinity on Google Chrome in Android. 😅
  2. So... Spotify is yet to update for me to listen to the anniversary compilation. 😗
  3. Same goes with the other artists too. Is it arranged based on daily streams?
  4. Would y'all agree to me if I say Celebration should have been just a playlist and that Revolver, Celebration and It's So Cool should've been the ONLY new tracks to be placed in the playlist?
  5. 1. I Rise is a music video produced by Time so they must have asked Madonna to use the song for their video but you got a good point there too. 2. Maybe they must have lost the SD master for the official music video. Hopefully, we can see it in 1080p upscale soon too. 3. They must have forgotten that they replaced it with an HD version.
  6. Could also be an account run by fans too. I think Flickr verifies accounts there too.
  7. Okay, one of y'all must be following me on Vimeo, where I upload my comparison videos, because I don't think Madonna has an official-official Vimeo account. So far, the videos in that account are shitty upscales of the debut's music videos. Come on now, step forward whoever is running that account now. 🤣😂
  8. Meanwhile, the debut album is still in shambles. And so is the Immaculate Collection.
  9. So... Beautiful Stranger is officially in 1080p, not faux 720p.


    You know what that means. :D

  10. I am so glad that new generation of Madonna fans are emerging. :D
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