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  1. She looks like a fat slob rapper chick poser, not a legend 40 years in the game.
  2. Soon? I wanna see the video nowwwww. Why can't I have it nowwwwwww.
  3. Open Your Heart Hung Up or Dress You Up
  4. 4 Minutes Justify My Love or I Love New York
  5. Sky Fits Heaven Causing A Commotion or Vogue
  6. Open Your Heart Nothing Fails or Fever
  7. Hollywood What It Feels Like For A Girl or Spotlight
  8. I Rise Unapologetic Bitch or Material Girl
  9. Sky Fits Heaven I Rise or I'll Remember
  10. What's wrong with the 12" Club version? I made my own Madonna Remix Playlist on my phone and that's the one I use for LAP. Seems the better of the bunch. It's not like there's a whole lot of difference between any of those.
  11. Do they really think this siimulated sex stuff between Madonna & Tokisha is turning anyone on or is it just lack of creativity bc they can't think of anything else to do. My guess is the latter.
  12. That video, it's amazing. I've never seen it b4, thanks.
  13. Really? Medellin video was meh imo. I'm jealous of Rosalia fans rn though. Seems they get a new video every week!
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