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    Madonna Remix Collector, 4/4 Techno, Detroit Bass, Deep House, Tekkno, Laurel & Hardy, Lost In Space TV Show, The Police (Sting, Stewart & Andy)
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  1. Skin American Life or Living For Love
  2. Bye Bye Baby Beat Goes On or Crave
  3. Madonna: wanting ... waiting Fans: hoping ... expecting
  4. Candy Shop Runaway Lover or Hanky Panky
  5. Everybody Devil Wouldn't Recognize You or Love Don't Live Here Anymore (late 90s version)
  6. Fever Bitch I'm Madonna or Little Star
  7. Vogue, Hung Up, Human Nature, Music. Rinse & repeat.
  8. I'm excited! Can we discuss what we think might win??? I dont want to influence vote or anything.
  9. I'd pay it but only bc I'm a Madonna loon and the woman owns me hook, line, & sinker. In reality, it's a rip off.
  10. What a bunch of flop fans! $528 to see Madonna dance in a bar is totally worth it.
  11. Bedtime Story What It Feels Like For A Girl (video mix) or Power of Goodbye
  12. Take A Bow Give It 2 Me or Everybody
  13. Even if you don't like the genre, she's known to take generes and "Madonnaize" them, making her own style. Not that it's happened lately tho.
  14. I'll get more excited if it looks more promising. Ive lost trust tbh. For now, she's given no reason to believe it's anything more than champagne rose bad Frozen remix thingy w/ a lame rapper. Strangely, I haven't learned this lesson when it comes to shows... Lookin forward to her pride performance.
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