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  1. Like A Prayer Which video? Deeper & Deeper or Hung Up
  2. It's hard to believe anyone cares what Sandra Bernhard has to say in 2024 yet here we all are clicking the link. The power of Madonna.
  3. Rupaul talking about Madonna being 65 when he's 63
  4. Well that was just a general response to a few ppl here stating it was her best tour. A 65 year old Madonna is not gonna compare to the 30 year old Madonna so can ppl please stop lol. She still looks fabulous and still has "it," but it's kinda irksome to read, essentially, that she's better now than her prime. It's seems discrediting to what she accomplished back then.
  5. She picked up lots of younger fans during that era. Personally I think BAT will always reign supreme.
  6. Good tour but not her best. And I saw the show!
  7. At least she didn't fall when she was standing high on the chair. It could've been worse.
  8. She hasn't forgiven Chris so you know Nikki doesn't have a chance.
  9. Fans hate grills, Madonna wears grills. Fans want Rescue Me, it gets demoted to interlude. Fans want Niki & Donna, Kelly Ripa gets the call. Thanks Madonna! lol
  10. The Stones are still touring, Madonna will too. She'll be at MSG again.
  11. N & D have done a lot of work w Madonna. Is it really so hard to simply acknowledge someone? Must be a show business thing bc most other situations ppl can manage a hey how ya doing nod or something. Sorry not sorry, it looks weird them being in the audience like they had nothing ever to do w Madonna. Especially after the D-list guest judges she had but not N&D right in front of her? It just looks weird.
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