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    Madonna Remix Collector, 4/4 Techno, Detroit Bass, Deep House, Tekkno, Laurel & Hardy, Lost In Space TV Show, The Police (Sting, Stewart & Andy)
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  1. Little Star Don't Stop from Bedtime Stories or Where's The Party
  2. The chorus is cheesy but other than that it has a proper Madonna melody. Plus it has the lines, "You can call me M tonight" and s"Surrender to the pleasure." Come on, that's good remix material. Lucky Star Spotlight or Angel
  3. I gotta be the only Madonna fan that loves Best Night Papa Don't Preach Material Girl or Medellin
  4. Desperately Seeking Susan Love Spent or Best Night
  5. Love Profusion Better tour intro: Iconic from Rebel Heart or Dress You Up from Virgin
  6. Causing A Commotion Celebration Tour or Blonde Ambition
  7. Ray Of Light (by a landslide) 4 Minutes or Living For Love
  8. GGW better Tour Intro: Erotica from Girlie Show or Future Lovers from Confessions
  9. Holy Water (Anything's better than Vulgar) Better video: What It Feels Like For A Girl or Cherish
  10. Ok now pick 2 songs for us to continue
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