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  1. Winn

    I still find bits of glitter in my livingroom from three Christmas' ago. It gets everywhere. Eh, I'm kinda nitpicking. Im sure the cassette will be fine.
  2. You download the music right into your brain
  3. Still looks better than lady haha
  4. Hey! I like the new CRAVE theme. ..I mentioned Crave so I'm technically not off topic
  5. Winn

    That glitter is gonna chip off in the machine and ruin equipment. Just sayin.. Sure is purdy though.
  6. Oh that's good news. I didn't know that. Medellin needs more mixes. Hopefully tempos will be faster than Nissim's.
  7. I hope, pray, and BEG for official remixes to this but I'm not holding my breath.
  8. I am ready for the Crave video. Hell, I was ready last week.
  9. Lip synch and sound flawless. It's always been about the dancing for me anyway.
  10. I haven't seen much news about it actually.
  11. Flags shmags. The performance was okay. It was a performance. This has been overhyped b4 the show and now after with this "controversy." Anything to keep those clicks going, I guess. Just bring on Crave video already. Edit: I don't mean clicks going for this site, I mean media websites in general.
  12. The word "rehash" isn't defined by how many ppl originally saw it. She did the same thing for MET GALA not to mention the whole monks visual for GGW. I liked Future enough, but LAP was a rehash.
  13. I definitely wasnt looking for a rehash of Met Gala but she had some cute moves during Future. The Superbowl was a million times better.