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  1. I remember the night this aired. I taped it on a VHS. She was nervous.
  2. It's not like I said Like A Prayer is overrated We're talking about Future. I forgot this is a safe space though. Carry on.
  3. She needs to give Future the Love Don't Live Here Anymore treatment. Cut it!
  4. Yeah but my point was that it happens to men, not just cuz she's a woman. Anyway, I'm a woman so I dont care if the patriarchy gets a bit of a blowback.
  5. The Beatles discography is owned by men too. Paul McCartney had to deal with all kinds of treachery to get his songs.
  6. Yes. Whenever I hear the words "oppressed woman" the first name that comes to mind always is Madonna. Madonna.
  7. It looks nice! Definitely easier on the eyes, thank you. This was me logging on: OOOOOOOHHH
  8. Deeper & Deeper Dress You Up or Oh Father
  9. Ray of Light Who's That Girl or Supernatural
  10. The only thing overrated about Confessions is Issac
  11. Why does everyone dislike Push tho? I like that one!
  12. Calling things overrated that aren't overrated is overrated.
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