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  1. Winn

    Were you near her when she went down the ailse at the end of I Rise?
  2. Winn

    Things we do for M, tell me about it. I slept in my car at a truck stop in Gary, Indiana LOL
  3. Winn

    Yeah the bags are cool to have. Lots of ppl walking around with them in the theater. Oh youre seeing another show. I thought you got home awful fast lol Enjoy! Give her a fist bump for me.
  4. Winn

    I love Voguerista!
  5. Winn

    I knew I should've told you to bring Kleenex! So glad you enjoyed the show. It really is an amazing experience. Did you buy any merchandise?
  6. Winn

    Have fun and be safe. I drove from Detroit to Chicago to see the show. No regrets, it was worth it! I'm so excited for you... good times ahead.
  7. Winn

    She's already forgotten Wash All Over Me exists.
  8. Winn

    Maybe the fact it's a mix and music from other songs overlaying the beginning and end effects the time.
  9. Winn

    Reel it in a little, Chris, youre making a spectacle. I actually feel the same way as you and would wait in my seat past 6am for her, but going on after midnight isn't even the same date on the ticket anymore. A midnight show is fine, even great, but tell ppl first and let them decide. Also, don't forget, she cranks the heat up. It is not a pleasant experience after awhile.
  10. Winn

    The part about her wanting to drink your beer is a bit much.
  11. Winn

    She'll probably go on closer to 11 tonight since it seems only the first date of each new city has, ahem, "problems."
  12. Winn

    The most memorable part of LAP for me at MX was when the dancer lifted her robe train to climb the stairs. Harkens back to Living For Love and the cape fiasco.
  13. Winn

    The queen thing has definitely gone too far. Diva behavior is usually funny but with her it just comes off as ... mean.
  14. Winn

    At these ticket prices, 500 seats is about half a million dollars. It can easily add up to millions lost throughout the tour.
  15. Winn

    There's guys behind the stairs, moving them. I saw them. And yes, I agree, there is something hypnotic about Extreme Occident performance.