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  1. Winn

    Thank you for coming back. I missed this forum. We definitely need you with the tour coming!
  2. Winn

  3. Winn

    I'm jealous of everyone who saw this live.
  4. Winn

    She changed her shoes during the set.
  5. Winn

    That was a nice touch.
  6. Winn

    Im wondering if the shorts and yellow jacket are her costume.
  7. Winn

    At least they'll be nice n' cool by the water.
  8. Winn

    The whole pride thing looks lame to me T bh. Welcome to the mainstream, kids. You get boring and out of style now, just like the rest of us. I like the old school gays. They actually had some shit to deal with and their cultural output overall was much more interesting and genuine. These kids today strike me mostly as posers. It's all gonna end up like the original hippies from the 60s. Watch. All "edgy" in their youth, straight as an arrow sell outs by their 30s.
  9. Winn

    Why is there only 4 pages to this thread since March? Flop forum. She's headling today, y'all, Come on
  10. Winn

    Does anyone know how long her set is, timewise?
  11. Winn

    Dont call your own beliefs "sounding coocoo." Stand by your convictions, esp since I agree with you
  12. Winn

    There's only 2 things about Madonna's career I never liked: collabs and preaching. Unfortunately those are the 2 that dominate this era. *Giant sigh
  13. Winn

    Get ready for a flag-only version of the video
  14. Winn

    I did my share for the album sales. Bought my copy yesterday.