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  1. I'm trying to figure out the source of that spoken word version of Die Another Day?

    1. Dazedmadonna


      ‘i think i’ll find another way’ etc? It’s from the leaked multitracks 

    2. Prayer


      Yep, it's originally on the vocal track (not included on the final version, except for the spoken bits we know) and was actually used in some of the official remixes.

  2. How is it that we've had all of these snippet leaks of B-roll tapes in the last couple years but no full B-roll tape has leaked since Ray Of Light? Somebody needs to change that!

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    2. Velvet Rope
    3. Johnny Night
    4. Johnny Night

      Johnny Night

      But several people have COPIES!!! There is not only sale, but also exchange!!! And they are going to take them to their graves!

  3. I bought a shirt after the Vegas show outside of the plaza near Park MGM. Even more cool on my way to the New York New York which is in that same area someone had dumped a shirt (the same one in the same size) near the escalator outside leading up to the hotel so I got a second shirt for free! But I did also give Madonna herself my hard earned money (besides the ticket sale) and bought the Absolutely No Regrets shirt.
  4. I mean I think that the full backdrop tape from that show should be leaked to the forum to commemorate the anniversary since a lot of that show's backdrops aren't available. But that's wishful thinking on my part.
  5. I cannot wait for official backdrops from this tour to be leaked especially the I Don't Search I Find interlude.

  6. Pretty sure that's in regards to the physical releases that were originally released in 2009, not the current streaming versions. They've probably have since fixed said errors for the streaming version, but of course everybody is still "hung up" (pun intended) about the past.
  7. You'd need at least a picture with a resolution of 300DPI or higher. A high resolution photo would have several megabytes in its file weight versus a social media photo that bastardizes the quality and size for casual uploading. Depending on where you are in the world there are photo services in store or online that make photos into canvases. In the US I typically would go with Wal-Mart or Walgreens in store/online or Shutterfly also prints canvases.
  8. I wonder if a crowdfunding campaign could be organized to get multiple unleaked B-roll tapes out into the open? I think it'd be wise to have the money go to an LGBT+ organization though. *I DON'T HAVE ANY SO PLEASE DON'T ASK*

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    2. SashaRemix
    3. Velvet Rope

      Velvet Rope

      @Brandon Clark Well I know for sure Deeper & Deeper, Bad Girl, additional Secret & Hollywood, Don't Tell Me, Die Another Day, Like A Prayer, Bedtime Story, Frozen & Nothing Really Matters all have footage available since there have been screenshots or video snippets have been shared in some capacity. I still can't believe Bad Girl hasn't had the full tape leaked considering how much is available.

    4. Brandon Clark

      Brandon Clark

      OK well all I can say is that if something like this were to happen I would def be happy to contribute so someone needs to figure it out & make it happen!!! I can't believe how quiet things are right now considering we are supposed to be celebrating M & her 40 years right now. No outtakes. No B-Roll footages. Nothing unseen. No new audios. It sucks as a fan who wants things like this & not cone bra shirts & another repress of a vinyl we most all have :( I will keep wishing & praying!!!! 

  9. I bought the Mother F*cker replica tank top from the official US store and from purchase to arrival took about a week and a half maybe two weeks tops. I think a lot of those issues with shipping have been ironed out.
  10. To this day I still wonder where that tape of the Re-Invention Tour backdrops being sold on eBay ended up.

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    2. Cyberraga


      @wtg1987isn't he the one who bought Erotica tapes and didn't ultimately share them?

    3. Dazedmadonna


      the backdrop tapes that were sold had no audio from what I recall, with that said the rehearsal has to be from another source!

    4. Velvet Rope

      Velvet Rope

      I would kill to have that complete tape though regardless of whether or not it has audio. We still don't have a lot of the RIT backdrops and none have leaked in recent years. I was still shocked that the master quality backdrop of Sky Fits Heaven from Drowned World and a snippet of Isaac from Confessions leaked in recent years. I'm still holding out hope for the master quality backdrop of Drowned World from the Drowned World Tour.

  11. I got the Britney book when I was at Barnes & Noble buying Britney's autobiography.
  12. I would have thought that since the original HQ master of the Sky Fits Heaven backdrop from the Drowned World Tour that we would have also had the Drowned World HQ master backdrop leak simultaneously but it didn't. Maybe somebody can leak it?

  13. This does not apply to the entire US whatsoever. Biden and his administration have zero to do with these anti-LGBT laws, but the legislators in those states do have that power. And most of these laws have been admonished anyways because they are unconstitutional, especially the drag bans. More drag bans have been destroyed at the State Supreme Courts than they ever had power to begin with. It's all a nasty hateful rhetoric that Trump and his shitty ass administration (or lack there of) gave fuel to these assclowns to act in this way. I'd say avoid the Southern US like the plague, including Texas and Florida.
  14. I love both songs but Frozen has been on many more tours than Rain and the Sickick remix is not good enough to warrant being performed. If she was going to perform Frozen (which she already is now lol) I would have preferred she recycled the Madame X version or at least performed the original in a lower key.
  15. I still wonder why the full I'm So Stupid backdrop from the Re-Invention Tour has never leaked.

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    2. Velvet Rope

      Velvet Rope

      @Anapausis Yes there was. It was utilizing B-roll footage from the Hollywood music video. There's a short snippet of it available online but not a full backdrop. Dress You Up I don't believe got rehearsed long enough to get a backdrop produced on that tour.

    3. Anapausis


      Tyvm @Velvet Rope, btw, is it true that Love Profusion (Headcleanr Rock Mix) had a backdrop as well or it was abandoned at a too early stage to get this treatment? (It was replaced by Express Yourself which originally was the fourth and final song from corset opening section.)

    4. Velvet Rope

      Velvet Rope

      @Anapausis Don't think it got past the early stages of the rehearsals either. Nobody Knows Me was also supposed to be a completely different remix than what ended up being performed as well.

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