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  1. 52638468753_b1bba02552_o.jpg

    Currently in the middle of putting this together. A lot of the collection is being done using the AI website mvsep.com. I'm getting pretty great results out of it and would like to share the fruits of this project. No clue when I'll be done since I'm going pretty far back into Madonna's discography but I'm only doing her main albums with the exception of the Who's That Girl soundtrack since I'm adding in The Look Of Love. Some songs might be excluded from the forum upload but will be included in its tracklist due to the fact that it's able to be purchased and streamed.

  2. My question is why on Earth somebody feels the need to dangle desirable unleaked material like a carrot only to demand trades out of it. That's a cruel bastard tbh.

    1. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      I put 'Donna Summer' as a reply to another post on here.
      Be thankful some fans of this page's main gal DO share stuff at all.
      i could say

  3. I only came across a couple HQ covers. Otherwise majority of these are LQ Wikimedia or Google Images, including the Madonna ones.
  4. January 17th, 1996, twelve days before I was born. Madonna at the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction for David Bowie.
  5. Does anyone have the Kath & Kim special that aired on the 20th in AU? I live in the States and don't have access to any Australian TV streaming services.

  6. God I wish that I had the Don't Tell Me B-roll right now. :cry:

  7. Not somebody being a Madonna stan AND a transphobe. :dead: That's just gross honestly.

    1. proxy


      Transphobe and ageist, it’s really sad, Madonna was preaching tolerance her whole career. It’s also sad that his not alone here, few people like his comment 😩

  8. Damn Madonna has great genes. That is one good looking man right there.
  9. The harmful rhetoric of claiming Britney's conservatorship was a positive thing is severely frightening. They literally stripped her of her humanity and you think that's perfectly justifiable? She was a prisoner to an alcoholic, abusive father who literally said "I'm Britney Spears now" to her face and a mother, sister and brother who could have given two fucks about Britney's well being and chose to spend Britney's hard earned millions as an entertainer. Britney's social media posts are her finally being able to freely express what she had been silenced for two plus decades and suddenly it's alarming and a crime? Don't you think you'd go through the same shit especially at such a magnitude as Britney? To reiterate Cara Cunningham (formerly Chris Crocker)'s point from 2007: LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!

  10. Laganja Estranja (from RuPaul's Drag Race S6) just shared her vlog chronicling her performance in the Finally Enough Love Terminal 5 NYC performance, including rehearsals and her full Vogue performance. It's a very long watch but it was entertaining!
  11. It's great to see drag/trans artists remaking iconic music videos (Peppermint with Janet's If video and now Manila with Vogue). Hopefully I get to do the same someday.
  12. Australia's national treasure is gone... May she rest eternally in peace.


  13. 2022 is already halfway over. I think it'd be a good time to share any Erotica era B-roll between now and the end of the year to celebrate its 30th anniversary. Bad Girl or Deeper And Deeper. C'mon please?

    1. deathproof


      Do Erotica first

  14. I'm a proud gay man and a huge Madonna fan. Obviously for me, Janet came first but Madonna came not long after along with many many many other fabulous strong, brazen, and fantastic female role models who are singers.
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