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  1. OK so Taylor Swift just had her frist show of the eras tour which was a 44 song setlist and it was 3 hours long, makes me wonder if Madonna will do something similar just to fit as many songs as possible.

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    2. N3onNostalgic


      Yes way she has released 4 albums since her last tour plus 2 recorded albums so she did had a lot of ground to cover.

    3. stickersweeter


      To me it doesn't look healthy at all maybe not even for Taylor (it messes up their knees, hips, throat, it is exhausting)... also, it's not a residence stuff, they need to take the road, take planes, it is a lot of work.

      It looks more reasonable to change the setlist from one city to another, from night to night, according to the country, city and the reception of the audience of course.

    4. proxy


      You want Madonna to die on stage lol

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