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  1. My goodness the leotard era! lol So eerie that the ticking sound is in a religious altar scene.
  2. Did Jenny Shimizu make the cut here? Jenny confirmed they were sleeping together while Jenny was dating Angelina Jolie.
  3. well i didn't say that section where hung up is is about motherhood.. i said before.
  4. I'm sure this tour will have some changes on the way. The last bit still needs to work and we still don't know if that's how she intended to end it. There's definitely some narrative to Celebration similar to the Girlie Show. But I feel a few songs are out of place. Rain is definitely added for the audience. I think this is where Frozen was supposed to be sung since its the electronica section but swapped/dropped after. As for Hung Up in the 90s section, maybe because its a "love song" according her Song Exploder interview with Stuart Price, context of the song may fit before her engaging with motherhood?
  5. These are premium shows after all. Fans deserve the full experience. So I feel really bad for everyone who showed up tonight. Her team did an awful job with the timing, unless they didn't get the message that this is unacceptable and get their ducks on a row for future dates, there will be rage... LMAO 🤣 Like the queen herself.. fans are very VOCAL!
  6. I can only imagine she being pissed off, especially since she's a perfectionists. Tech issues last night and now the final act has been cut. someone's getting fired!!
  7. or grab a hotdog!.. She's just gonna channel through life and FUCK their hot dogs!
  8. I missed the first act. Was there any difference to it from last night especially since they had huge tech problems after burning up?
  9. Really?? I heard it was Spanish Lesson. . I'm sure she'll find a way to snuck in there again!
  10. this is just a mix bag of everything 😂. She's in Evita witch mode "descamisados!!!!"
  11. and just like that.. the bomber jacket is fully sold out!!
  12. 50 years??? some us ain't gonna make it that far.
  13. I was watching this last night and just the way she opened up about her mom, critics, Sean, and wanting to be a mom hit me. She allowed herself to be extremely vulnerable here.
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