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  1. Gaga playing Madonna is fit for a meme than a movie.
  2. It seems that most of the notes she revealed from her insta leads to her doing vogue then the blond ambition tour which IMO is prolly the best ending about a young Madonna biopic... that or doing the sex book but I prefer ending it with the tour that changed pop to as we know it now. Their breakthroughs are usually the highlights as they are mostly remembered for it , even if you’re not a Madonna fan. To cast an older Madonna (post bedtime stories/evita) in film is tough. There are not that many actresses who look like her in her late 30s to 50s especially with her thin facial features that’s edgy and narrow like men’s as they age (hence the fillers from my observation). However, I wouldn’t be surprised if a trans actress pulls this off sometime in the future.
  3. Yea well thank god she’s an actress Becuase in Ozark she’s one mean b!tch. lol
  4. This just came out of reddit that Guy and Madonna followed Julia Garner. Just looking at her photos with her breathless mahoney hair, they may have found their star to portray a young Madonna.
  5. Piksel8

    Its a total mess. You can't even listen to the album mix of Confessions. New listeners are missing out on the novelty that we got when we bought the cd.
  6. Piksel8

    By Madame X, they have toned it down by focusing on fans towards the end. Her music collabs with artists are actually pretty good, from Nicki Minah, Swae Lee, Maluma, and Dua Lipa whom fans we're appreciative and welcoming of her presence. So they may have a formula on how to get new audiences compared to her working with 20+ producers in one album. Her team is still a mess though, and I agree with the majority with her coming back to Warner guarantees us and her to revisit her legacy and finally present that the new age of music. You can't win new audiences until they understand and respect your legacy. Her team has to respect that first.
  7. Piksel8

    This is definitely the best Madonna Figurine I've seen Madonna Confessions Figurine
  8. So much cleansing is needed.
  9. Piksel8

    1. I wish Madonna would get "into the groove" again 2. What kind of look would you like to see Madonna do in the next era? The no fillers look 3. If Madonna were to perform one of her videos for an upcoming tour in the closest way she could, which video would you want it to be? American Pie or Nothing really Matters (seriously give NRM a chance) 4. My three favorite record producers for Madonna has been The Holy Trinity of S's (Stuart Price, Stephan Bray, Shep P) 5. True or False: Madonna will release a new album in the next two years. Possibly, the world is mad right now so she may come up with another American Life album (Yikes)
  10. There's some context to the passage but that's how fiction gets you. It's the same sentiment when you read "IT" and you get to the chapter when the losers club all gangbang bev for a metaphorical orgy, and these are all underage kids in a group orgy written by a grown man. The passage in these books are not to arouse the reader though to Madonna's Sex book the idea is there but in no way does she go in full detail like lady chaterly lovers or 50 shades. Madonna has a specific taste in guys based on her list of lovers mostly all toned and smooth with the exception of Guy Ritchie who was hairy, and lot of people share the same taste as hers, though that doesn't fully mean that you're a potential pedophile for liking similar traits of an underage person (this is the kind of misinformation cancel culture gets fueled with). People need to be equipped with better judgement when reading such literature (yes I called her sex book literature) lol.
  11. Piksel8

    Never been kissed, i think i watched this to death as soon as it was available on video, and I saw it in theater's twice before that! lmao Who's that Girl was over the top corny too. Though i cringe at times watching it.
  12. yep it was definitely sped up, as for the distortion it looks like they recorded it with a horrible cable that affected its quality, it sounds like an audio that was recorded via radio with an unstable frequency. That's all i could process out of it.
  13. Ray of Light, the pop overload era with Madonna, Britney, Spice Girls and BSB. I wouldn't change anything except for me with better clothes. lmao. Only problem was that there was no tour :( until Music.
  14. Do you mind sharing this tweet? not to correct them but just to observe how people react to such fiction.