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  1. MDNA era was aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The album for me screams angry divorcee wants to party (I fucked up). Its like a setup for a premature orgy, and then she bails on the climax.
  2. hahahah sadly (for my age) i remember this well thanks to it syndicated reruns. Kids Inc had a plethora of Madonna covers and did it justice despite changing some of its lyrics to make it family friendly. and I'm pretty sure that's Mario Lopez in blue since he started dancing for the show since it aired.
  3. And there's no filter on his photo. Madonna's face is good here!
  4. I agree, his paintings are not my cup of tea as well. I searched a few more of his stuff and some were decent and others we're rough, but perhaps his story for each of those pieces may provide us better understanding of its quality. This kind of visual art doesn't really appeal to masses, though does speak to other people especially those who are willing to pay top $ for it.
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2022/jan/04/talents-madonna-son-divide-critics-secret-artist-rocco-ritchie?CMP=fb_gu&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR24c9Bk8nbe9-n6EV2TznO1tZDmm1O07e5s2MR19ANiYCvLcWBNqrUVvg8#Echobox= I'm somehow not surprised by how critics now are starting to be vocal (and HARSH) about his work after being revealed to be Madonna's son. It's like a curse. The fact that he sold paintings at 5 figures without revealing his identity shows strong potential and how his work appeals to artists (new, old, growing or wealthy).
  6. The iconic look she had on the cover matches the vibe and sound of the entire album. A complete step up from Like a Virgin indeed. From what i recall there was drastic change on the set of synths used that separated it from LAV that made her sound more mature hence why she was immediately considered to be at the same level as MJ in a short amount of time and was barely compared to pop princess acts like Tiffany and Debbie Gibson (even after over a year later). Definitive of what the late 80's pop sounded like.
  7. Apart from the obvious sample(s) used from Into the Groove, his lyrical melody flows similarly to Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" leaves me questioning, is he Rick Rolling?
  8. Love this version and the extra verses, reminds me of Jay Sean. Its not available on Spotify though. But i think they're benefiting with the short version for ease on multiple playbacks. She's definitely getting a huge boost on her profile with the popularity of this remix, just wondering what her next move for this will be.
  9. Frozen (MXT) Like a Prayer (BAT) Keep it Together (BAT) Erotica (CT) Like a Virgin (CT) La Isla Bonita (GST) Girl Gone Wild (MDNA) Into the Groove (WTG) Vogue (RIT) Sky Fits Heaven (DWT) If there's one more that i can fit to this, it would be Causing a commotion from (BAT)
  10. The man is a Broadway legend and was behind the songs of Into the woods, West Side Story and many more. Its outstanding that Madonna got to work with him + Andrew Lloyd Webber later for Evita. Not many pop artist have that opportunity. I'm a huge broadway fanatic and I bet the city will having a vigil or a tribute on his behalf. :(
  11. some of the images he's analyzing are retouched especially the Evita one. But he does provide some fair points especially towards the end in which we all know she has done some excessive maintenance. I personally don't think she has work done in the 90's especially with the potential face lift. also she did have a kid during those times that could've provided her more of a fuller look on her face. He didn't account her lifestyle that contributes a lot to a body and facial changes. The one thing i did notice is that she started to have more hallow cheekbones in the mid to the late 2000's until by 2009 she started getting more cheek fillers. Some people love the hallow look, some people don't. I'm quite surprised she doesn't prefer them as she aged.
  12. I'd probably put quotations on the word "fake" as she's not really fake in the process of having a new persona on top of having a different lifestyle which spans from acting like a virgin-single parent-married-divorce to an insomaniac. Her being vocal (regardless if she's right or wrong, or preaching about a different religion, new politics, spiritual experience) hasn't changed from the beginning. She's just the same old person, in different clothes, roles, and beliefs. The only difference is that she does it well than others.
  13. She was indeed happy living the married life. She was more appreciated and respected back then for keeping politics away and not chasing any trends. Its weird after this era she jumped into the Timbaland train... too late
  14. Rose wine.... lots of it. which has high grams of sugar in wines that's obviously bad for your vocals.
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