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  1. I'm soo over Taylor Swift. I can't believe the runner up on tour grosses is from a woman who's serving quantity over quality.
  2. Refreshing IG, FB, Tiktok, google, and twitter
  3. She obviously didn't do it like any other protestor would. Her being a pop artists, she did it in her own way... The burning crosses in LAP was probably the best example out there. That was her style, to shock and start the conversation.
  4. No she didn't, that's why I said she went after the system. She aimed for the bigger picture instead of the big cheese.
  5. Hasn't this line been overused for the past 2 decades? I think it started with Britney. They are NOTHING alike, maybe with the share of countless men they've dated.... but that's it from what I can see.
  6. Guy is not going anywhere from Madonna's team. They kinda need the old man being the only guy left from Madonna's 90's entourage. Too much history.
  7. we have to take into account the US relations with the Vatican at this time as Reaghan just left office and handed it to Bush Sr. Reaghan was close to the Pope in the 80s and could've aided the cover up and extend it to Clinton and Bush Jr. Could've been a reason why SNL had to immediately wash their hands with low key jokes with Pesci and Madonna (they had to choose italians too) later and not take Sinead's side. Coincidentally, when the Pope did state the issue, it was after the 911 attacks when America was busy deciding to go to War. Thought I'm not taking the Pope's side nor supporting catholicism, but if the person had a clear conscience to make this right earlier, perhaps it wasn't done due to other barriers/conflicts that had been built between the 2 states in the past.
  8. Considering this came up years after the blond ambition tour, Madonna went after the system of the catholic Church and conveyed her thoughts better than Sinnead in my opinion. Sinnead went after one single person who wasn't fully responsible for the ongoing sexual abuse within the church. for all we know, its been going for years before the Pope's reign and turnover. Pope JP himself did address the issue 9 years after, something that's been kept under the rug for so long. Maybe we have Sinnead's act that ended her career to thank for that.
  9. I mean that's sort of true, the 2 songs she sang at the Oscars coincidentally won, she just didn't write them. And then when Masterpiece won the Golden Globe for best song, the Oscars decided NOT to nominate it.
  10. Frankly, I thought Madame X Tour was better than Rebel Heart Tour, knowing they had a smaller $$ for production, they made it work for Madame X Tour and stuck with the visuals from her album. Rebel Heart felt like a greatest Hits tour. Her routinely late arrivals though.....
  11. This is actually pretty cool, considering facial motion capture is done with marker based now, it was very premature in the 2000's and did not capture every movement, I guess James Cameron thought of Madonna a lot especially during the mid 90's as Evita was huge just prior to Titanic and thought of the head mic to support performance capture and track facial movement frame by frame. tedious but as we all know, Avatar was revolutionary for its time.
  12. Certainly something to talk about on hump day, till the weekend... with lots and lots of tequila.... or vodka.
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