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  1. Piksel8

    I think the reason behind this oddity has something to do with what the album title implies during this unsettling climate we're in. It's sort of a "show your loyalty" gesture to humble the artist. But I don't think this is going anywhere in the end. One can hope that she would see this as an inspiration to make another album "like" Bedtime Stories, but I highly doubt that. However, its good to see fans getting together putting a classic album into the spotlight, digitally. Bedtime Stories is one of my Top 3 Madonna albums.
  2. Piksel8

    Madonna at 33:08 Just finished watching the documentary and what a trip down memory lane since Madonna was all over the news in 2006. Such a good reminder how that year was a setting stone for EDM trends later. The use of LED was relatively new for mainstream artist (but not for Madonna, shes been using it since DWT and Music Era) To have Daft Punk and Madonna introduce it with such fashion paved way to what is considered to be the norm now for any concert or music festival. I think what really set it up further was that people were sharing their videos via Youtube which was still brand new at that time. Then later showcased a lot of amateur clips of the Confessions Tour which was one of the first big concerts to be shared and streaming within the platform. That and U2's Vertigo tour.
  3. Thank you so much.. I was trying to find the remix for it!!
  4. Piksel8

    Its such a rare treat to see performances from the early to mid 2000's in HD. I wouldn't be surprised if they pointed out how the dance tent back in 2006 had more buzz than the headliners especially between Madonna and Daft Punk.
  5. Piksel8

    Saw this weeks ago and I didn't even bother finishing it, the first 2 points were too stretched. That's how Dr. Oz made his money!
  6. Piksel8

    It was somehow a bit insensitive with tons of negative comments coming in... I'm sure she's getting hate DM for it too. Not many people take her poetry well.
  7. Piksel8

    Are they still selling out arenas? I don't think their ticket prices are the same as Madonna's. I remember Kylie's Aphrodite was discounted back in 2011, I already purchased my ticket and ticketmaster called me 3 weeks prior if I wanted to upgrade my seats or accept the discount and get some money back since the tour wasn't sold out. Of course I presume the euro leg of the tour had sold out dates, but some artist struggle to sell out here in North America.
  8. Not my video. Uploader (possibly) did some great editing and bass enhancement to a number of tracks used.