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  1. off topic, when did we start having the dead skull icon?!
  2. The boots and robe were definitely from the Hard Candy photoshoot. Since the setlist completely ignored hard candy, those 2 items and the boxing theme could be the only reference. I read somewhere that they choose the boxing theme for Erotica to reference her battle with the media during that era. Now that I think about it, the backdrop would've been great if they mixed it with tabloids and news references at that time on how the media was being negative to her.
  3. I guess that reference was used when they did the MTV VIP commercial. Wondering if not getting into a club still haunts her.
  4. audio mp4 can be finicky. i use vlc and it works ok. Someone just converted it to an m4a so i'm going to delete the mp4. the mp4 was raw but requires better compression.
  5. Here's the mp4 one whole track stream version in 64K. (file deleted)
  6. In case anyone is wondering of the time and channell from globoplay. If it has been posted already. sorry for the repost.
  7. i think what came out "hard candy" was a hit in the US which is probably what they were aiming for. but in the long run was forgettable and dated. Looking back at this now, Stuart price would've stuck with her if the PSB collab did happen since he's cited the group to be one of his main inspiration for the longest time. when he did venture out to do music for Kylie (Aphrodite), The Killers(almost all their albums beginning with Day and Age) , Scissor sisters (night work) and eventually PSB, he aligned their hits with the rise of electronic music at that time.
  8. Its her "deal with it" face. I honestly would love to see her do this physically. Her best comedy bit!
  9. Although they are fake shirts, i find it interesting that they are using the the same brand of shirts as the official merch to print on. Same shirt, different printer.
  10. For a fake shirt, its not bad and economically well done. You can't go wrong with a B&W shirt with her justify my love single pic pair with her signature from her first H&M campaign.
  11. Chances are this might end up as a Tv special which she might benefit more. Broadway is TOUGH! I don't doubt her motives, spirits, and singing capabilities. But her schedule isn't fit for broadway curfew. She might just end up getting an understudy perform every time she's late. lol
  12. I never even thought of that. Their vocals are in there especially with NRM. I guess in the end for the trio, its all about business.
  13. huh interesting, they used the tour poster for Madonna while the rest of the nominees have studio headshots.
  14. It's probably one of those people who leave to buy food or hot dogs during her ballads.......
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