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  1. I'd love an album that's unreleased material from previous eras but remixed/reproduced to make it more cohesive.
  2. I think starting this thread was a mistake I feel like I've opened pandora's box.
  3. So since she's going on tour doing a greatest hits show & new rumours of her releasing a new album I'm wondering if it's a new greatest hits with some new songs what do you guys think?
  4. I bet she recycles this footage for tour visuals which I'm here for.
  5. I've always wanted a compilation of other artists covering her similar to Elton John's Revamp & Restorations double album.
  6. I don't think it'll happen till after the celebration tour but I'd love it if she worked MNEK, SG Lewis, Stuart Price & Blood Orange on it.
  7. I might leave the O2 when the last song starts playing I've been to concerts there before so I know where the nearest taxi rank is.
  8. Wasn't she on time for that pride performance last year around the time of Finally Enough Love? Maybe that's a good sign?
  9. Thank you to everyone I just wanted to know what was what.
  10. Hi everyone so I've got my ticket for the Celebration tour, since this is my 1st Madonna tour I'm wondering how bad is her lateness and how long of a wait was it after she was ment to come on stage? Not that it's gonna stop me from seeing her it's just so I know what to expect.
  11. Got my ticket this is the best day of my life almost didn't but then she added a 3rd O2 Arena show. I am high up but I'm a couple of rows closer than I was for dua lipa plus them 3 catwalk stages go quite far out into the audience.

  12. Thank god for that the 2nd London show and the fact that there's no presale on it that way I might stand a chance of getting a ticket even if it's a cheap seat at the very back of the arena I'll be happy.

  13. Hi everyone some of you might not remember me but I used to go by @louis.exeon this site until my old laptop broke & since I couldn't remember my password that account is now dead and I've been busy with work and family stuff so this is my return or reinvention as N3onNostalgic.

    1. Jackie


      Hi - more then happy to help re set your password if you need - 

    2. N3onNostalgic


      Nah it's alright.

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