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  1. She should do what Robyn did with body talk and release a series of EP's.
  2. It's bizarre that it took her this long to work with him, I love his work with Taylor, Ariana & The Weeknd which are 3 artists I'd love her to work with tbh.
  3. OK so Taylor Swift just had her frist show of the eras tour which was a 44 song setlist and it was 3 hours long, makes me wonder if Madonna will do something similar just to fit as many songs as possible.

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    2. N3onNostalgic


      Well I do think 3 hours is too long but I wouldn't be annoyed if it was a bit over two hours like 2hrs & 20mins or something.

    3. Piksel8


      3 hours is too long. Account the time that Madonna makes us wait which is 1-2 hours on average.

    4. Rebel Hugo

      Rebel Hugo

      @N3onNostalgic actually the original Madame X Tour (with the original setlist) was 2 hours and 20 minutes long, obviously it was like 1 hour and 40 minutes of live music and the rest it was speeches. 


  4. Bedtime Stories - Sanctuary Confessions On A Dance Floor - Get Together Ray Of Light - Nothing Really Matters Music - Impressive Instant Erotica - Thief Of Hearts Like A Prayer - Like A Prayer Madonna - Physical Attraction True Blue - Papa Don't Preach American Life - Love Profusion Hard Candy - Devil Wouldn't Recognize You Like A Virgin - Love Don't Live Here Anymore Rebel Heart - Beautiful Scars Madame X - Ciao Bella MDNA - I'm Addicted
  5. She's Not Me had potential to be a big hit, I can imagine a music video similar to the performance on the sticky & sweet tour & Annie Lennox's video for Little Bird.
  6. I had a dream last night that she put out a song with Calvin Harris now I want it to be real.
  7. Celebration will be my frist time seeing her, I'm going to the 3rd London show on the 17th October.
  8. I've now deactivated my twitter account after today's incident.

  9. I know but my mental health hasn't been great recently all that negativity was really getting to my head.
  10. I tired defending her on twitter because a lot of people were slagging her off over her "new look" then a bunch of people said I was an awful person cause I was defending a "child trafficker" which made me delete my tweet.
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