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  1. I really want her to go to grammys, academy awards (and host her party), etc... it's always nice to see her around but at the same time I have mixed feelings about the grillz and the lack of eyebrows haha I mean... I am not really a fan but I see it as a nod to her 90's looks, when she dyed her eyebrows and when she wore the golden tooth to promote Erotica. What do you think?
  2. I wish she gave up from directing and producing movies and enjoy her time doing more provocative projects, concerts/ acoustic concerts, new albums, anyway: more music and less movies. Let the movies for the future when she no longer go on tour lol Funny though, becayse she mentioned it in the latest interview for VF. It was brief but it was there
  3. Living for Love meets SecretProjectRevolution P.S.: with this photoshoot my brain went holy water / devil pray vibes automatically lol
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