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Found 6 results

  1. So, today I saw the Sticky & Sweet tour show, and here am I, talking about the Hard Candy album. The Hard Candy album is not the best one of Madge, in my opinion, but the tour is amazing, so dynamic and enjoyable. I wonder who here likes the album? To be honest, this one and MDNA are my least favorites, but those eras have something in common, the amazing tours. I don't like Pharrell participation on the album, I always laught when the track Give it 2 Me it's on, because he says 'left, right', and then I say to myself 'thanks Pharrel, for making me put my headphones in the right position'. The only track that I like it's Miles Away, it's so special and amazing, it gets a glimpse of Madonna's true feelings but with a modern sound. What do you think of this album?
  2. I'd never say the Sticky & Sweet is my favourite Madonna tour for a lot of reasons. Despite having the opportunity to see her live for the very first time (and very close to her stage), there were things that, in my opinion, were not on pair with other concerts she did previously. However, as anything Madonna has ever done, there were GREAT moments and the performance of the song Devil Wouldn't Recognize You is one of them. The effect caused by the extraordinary cylindrical screens was amazing. I remember all the people around me (fake posh in general) were open-mouthed It is definitely one of the best songs on Hard Candy and should have been released as a single, no matter if it was labeled as 'Cry Me a River (Part Deux).
  3. This has to be my favourite performance from the tour! When I saw it in Santiago I felt completely paid off! And what about the 2009 version?! Share some love
  4. I'm just curious as to why every other song on Hard Candy has a remix of some sort yet Spanish Lesson is left untouched. I know its ridiculed usually, but I absolutely love it, but it bugs me always just using the album version next to remixes of songs from the same album.
  5. Look that parody I did of the song ''Hard Candy'' by Queen Madonna! Listen below: https://soundcloud.com/puta-cirus/doceira-caceteira PS: This is a joke without intention to denigrate the material of the singer. Hope you like it <3
  6. Madonna's 11th studio album 'Hard Candy' debuted at #1 at this day back in 2008. Let's celebrate this pure-pop art [Hidden Content]
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