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  1. Can anybody post the digital artwork, please?
  2. I need a Youtube rip with better audio please! And Frozen!
  3. Instagram. I saved almost every pic she and her collabs posted there. You can find my thread in the Pictures section
  4. I love Dido. I can't remember her talking about Madonna in the past though. Are they talking about a new covers compilation?
  5. Could you please share it? I'd love a new transfer, even if it's not remastered 100%, of that amazing show she gave there.
  6. I don't think she's gonna get rid of a whole concert just because there were changes in the editing last year. Before Re-invention happened we all knew she would make a film project with the behind the scenes footage, and the Madame X Tour shouldn't be the case as almost everything from rehearsals to prayer circles was already shared on Instagram. What elese is left to show?
  7. Here we go again with the documentary thing. People just need to remember she actually posted a teaser WITH THE FULL SHOW don't you remeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeember?? (like Adele's song).
  8. I must confess I've never been a fan of LDYG... and Don't Stop is just ok. Wish Your Honesty was included in the album though
  9. Now, we need this new remaster with Celebration audio
  10. Media outlets post these ridiculous polls every year... as if their results would change anything in history
  11. She used the acapella singing from the Sticky & Sweet Tour in Buenos Aires. Just pay close attention to it
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