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  1. Lol as if I cared you changed your mind.
  2. I honestly don't get the sudden dislike/hate you're showing towards Ricardo. I believe he's got a great eye and has captured Madonna amazingly throughout the last era which started sometime in Lisbon in 2017 or later. She hasn't hired him to photograph her album covers or all her high-fashion magazines but to document her daily life and promotional work. She saw something about him and I completely understand her choices. Also, he's a young and fresh talent... And he was not the only one to photograph her during the Madame X era, we also had Steven Klein who did all the album booklet and Ricard T Castanho in some film locations. Stop whining y'all.
  3. Do people really believe Madonna's gonna make a video? Didn't she post recently she still isn't able to walk freely without crutches?
  4. madgefan

    I know what you mean, and avoiding her for a couple of days is pretty healthy. After that, the joy and adoration you always felt towards her invade you instantly She's like this old friend you can never forget about.
  5. madgefan

    What if the song is called 1984? We'd all be dead
  6. madgefan

    I don't know, but he's a generous soul
  7. The best and the worst of having a threesome is...

    1. Angelo


      The best: A threesome is like the Heaven.

      the worst: if you don’t have the right feeling with the other ones

    2. Andymad


      Oooooffff. I’ve steered away from joining couples back in the day. Had way too many awkward experiences of only being into one of them lmao

  8. This topic is such a waste of space and the favourite place for "fans" to complain about something that's been discussed and overanalysed a thousand times. Don't you get tired? Don't you have anything else to do out of this board? I guess the next couple of posters includes that awful Rhinowhatever who doesn't like shit.
  9. madgefan

    @Fightermaybe we could have different colours for each tag? That way it'd be way easier to recognize what interests users and what doesn't. I too think the amount of remastered/upscaled stuff has become a bit overbearing and it some way distracts one's search of specific files. But at the same time, I also believe that fanmade creations, even though I'm not very into them, are the way many people show their love for Madonna. And it's not like we're getting new demos or unreleased stuff everyday you know, or even upgrades from different sources.
  10. madgefan

    I'm gonna remain positive about this
  11. madgefan

  12. madgefan

    That's why buying her original CDs still matters
  13. madgefan

    And the greatest thing about her, she never called herself the Queen of Pop either. It was the media and the fans. That's why this recent trend where anyone is trying to rewrite history is just pathetic.
  14. madgefan

    It happened to that awful demo Freedom too, the one released on the Carnival! compilation. The good thing: the 2014 version was equally ignored... so cringey
  15. madgefan

    She's still winning. Who knows when this closes?