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  1. madgefan

    Thank you! That's so sweet of you. And I'm really sorry for getting Madonna's sense of humor after aaaaaaaaall these years. I feel like a criminal now.
  2. madgefan

    I'm quoting someone who was there last night
  3. madgefan

    Christopher Ciccone wrote himself in his book that he was an addict. Madonna's been called out a number of times by the tabloids because 'she doesn't care about her brothers' when she actually gave them some help back in the day. She's shared private matters onstage throughout her career, you don't like it then don't listen.
  4. madgefan

  5. LMAO I so regret spending my money on this crap. I lost €87.00 where €38 were shipping costs only. Guess what, I NEVER got it! I complained to my local post office twice and they said the tracking code the French store provided was not valid or corresponded to a parcel sent through the CHEAPEST method! Almost €40 is now called "cheap" LOL! I wrote the store to ask if they had any info and they weren't helpful at all. They told me I didn't go to the PO and get the book. But the thing is that as the tracking code was the shittiest ever they couldn't find it anywhere. In the end the store kept all my money without giving me any solution. Their post-sale service is HORRENDOUS
  6. madgefan

    Attendants are reporting that when Madonna talked to Chris Rock last night she said she had a brother called like that and that he was an alcoholic and drug addict
  7. madgefan

    The show on Sunday October 27 is struggling to sell out. Do you think she'll be able to sell all those seats in such short notice? IF she doesn't get rave reviews from the Chicago press tomorrow morning I doubt it will happen Unless Live Nation decides to lower the prices for this one.
  8. madgefan

    It is safe to say members of her family, including Sylvio will attend at least one of the upcoming Chicago shows!
  9. madgefan

    Enough with the BS. Thanks everybody for participating positively by contributing the board with your amazing fan reviews. Let's see each other at the Chicago thread. Goodbye, topic closed.
  10. madgefan

    They're the heart of the whole record. I'd add Killers there too so in general, the 4 songs can be read with the /k/ sound
  11. madgefan

    I always felt like it was just a recycled performance from DWT. It wasn't until much later in the tour that I discovered she had been using The Verve's sample in random dates. I think that elevated the performance to a new level.
  12. madgefan

    Then you're just bound to disappointment. Madonna always moves on, the healthiest thing should be learn it and accept it. If her health allows it, we could have a stadium tour again in a few years... when she's 65-66 or maybe 70, who knows.
  13. madgefan

    Again, which aisle is the one she walks during Medellin? Left, central or right? (from the audience perspective)
  14. madgefan

    People still believe that's what she wants?