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  1. I always imagine the success artists like Adele would have got had they originally recorded the song
  2. I almost had tears in my eyes when I found out it was chosen as Closing Theme for the Madame X Tour film. The song still hasn't been added to any streaming service and that is just unfair!
  3. No. The start of HER end was Hard Candy. Madame X isn't perfect but Erotica wasn't either... and look at it now, immensely loved after so many years. I've got the feeling Madame X will age way better than her last 3 studio albums only because of its diversity and creativity.
  4. I somehow get where all these opinions are coming from. Many of us have followed, loved and admired Madonna for so long that we kind of feel we have the right to judge all her decisions, even those ones that are not music related (the most important reason we are her fans). We have all presenced her evolution and constant reinventions throughout the years. She's clearly a master of disguise. But there are days where I am totally puzzled by her behaviour on social media, what she posts, what she decides to share with the world, so all people have this distorted perception of who she is in real life. But the truth is we really don't know shit . Some days we act like she's this superhero that has survived 40 years in the business and whenever someone tries to belittle her efforts and achievements we jump out like hungry beasts to seek justice and defend her, but we can also her harshest critics. Never satisfied, always having something bad to say. Even in her last brightest days aka Confessions era we had criticism about her choices. Anyone remembers the crappy videos for Get Together and Jump and both singles flopping in the US? I don't know. We're living strange times, aren't we? We are still spending shitloads of money on her products so why do care anyway?
  5. I can happily agree with this. I first learnt about Madonna by listening to: American Pie (Richard Humpty Vission Radio Mix) Nothing Really Matters (Club 69 Radio Mix) And I was only a kid. There was something so special in those remixes that I felt like I needed to know more about this woman.
  6. It's available for free in a lot of torrent sites
  7. Me too. She's older now, we get it. But it looks like the spark in her performance has totally extinguished. I'm worried.
  8. I just got a message from my bank telling me that there was a purchase LOL I hope I get the e-mail confirmation.
  9. They won't ship to Miami! I tried with a different address in Spain and it's useless. Maybe there's a glitch.
  10. They won't ship to Chile either. I have an US address and it won't ship there either. There must be something wrong.
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