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  1. Not to rain on anyone's parade, but I'd rather give away money on INTERESTING alternate takes or unreleased demos... but remixes we've had for decades? It's a huge pass from me.
  2. To be honest, I am kinda tired of all the purity conversation on this board. It's like people here don't know how to enjoy things anymore. There's always this overanalysis on what is worth it and what isn't. Chill!
  3. I adore Alison, but she didn't have good things to say about Madonna in the past.
  4. Just when latino fans are saving their last pennies to see her live, she decides to release more shit
  5. Can anybody post the HQ artwork included in the digital release, please?
  6. On his official webiste. Yesterday I preordered the 3LP set. I wish I could have the 3CD but I guess I'll wait a little... Shipping from the UK is outrageously expensive today.
  7. I think so many featured topics and popular ones on the main page make the board look pretty busy :lord:

    1. MCL_1993


      A lot of wasted space on the front page but don't say anything because some offended snowflake might ban you for having an opinion! Also, it's not only the featured topics but also the posts are such a waste of space and time lately and the status section is filled with so much unnecessary information. People seem to forget that this is a Madonna-forum!

    2. MartineX


      snowflakes have opinion too and you seem pretty "snowflaked" byt theirs @MCL_1993... (such bitter words) so, I wonder who the snowflake is? Isn't it ironic? Don't you think?

    3. MCL_1993


      Oh you really don't get it but for all the things you don't know, I forgive you. Now get yourself a cookie!

  8. To be fair, I found many of the remixes made for Madame X to be quite good
  9. Does anybody know how many copies they're selling? It looks like they're cancelling some orders
  10. I just preordered the holographic album sleeve. It's gonna look great next to my copy of the MDNA one
  11. Sometimes it's truly nerve-racking. These people ffs. The tour starts in mid July. The debut's original release date was around July 27. Go figure. I am 100% sure there will be something around that date. And stop complaining about these Digital re-releases, it's not like you had never downloaded these files before And 3 big reissues this year? I highly doubt that. Breathe in, breathe out...
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