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  1. #1 Blond Ambition Tour #2 Confessions Tour #3 The Celebration Tour
  2. I love that she's genuinely happy on stage and that she finally realized her catalogue, including her least successful singles, is so huge and important that it's worth revisiting.
  3. What about letting people enjoy the experience the way they want to? You're not paying their overpriced ticket anyway
  4. In my humble opinion, her Top 3 Tours are: #1 Blond Ambition #2 Confessions #3 Celebration
  5. Yeah, I saw that bitch on the second night in SF. She was wearing a red dress and acting important 😆
  6. I an still catching up with some messages here, but all I can tell you is that Madonna was FABULOUS in San Francisco. She gave it all! The first night I was in the right pit, so I had eye contact with her at least 3 times. I blowed her a kiss during Bad Girl and even stretched my arm, but she would just continue with the song. Later on, she gave me a BIG smile just before finishing Take A Bow cause she knew I was singing at the top of my lungs She's enjoying this tour so much you can feel it in her energy. I am not totally sure about it but wasn't the right pit originally called Sound Factory? The guards gave us all the blue wrist bands that say Danceteria, so we were all confused lol I got last minute tickets for the second night! Floor 8, row 10, seat 5. Just a few meters from the tip of the main catwalk. I had the opportunity to see the show from another perspective. This tour is among her Top 3. It's undeniable. She's revisiting her past in a way that doesn't look cliché (hi Cher! lol) and it works!! The general public and casual fans adored it. I could hear no complains this time around. It's just us hardcore fans criticizing every single note. Last night Madonna sang CAC but didn't like how people in the left pit sounded so she turned around to our section and was satisfied. Also, she was chattier than the night before... and even told us a story about the time she visited SF as a kid and the first time she started wearing tampons lol Express Yourself is definitely the best change she's made since the beginning of the tour! And the new DWT skirt plus the black corset were present both nights. I am leaving the States next Monday morning. Broke but extremely happy to have seen and sung and danced with the Queen once again!!!! I've been uploading several videos from night 1 and 2 to my Instagram! I filmed night 2 almost in full. https://www.instagram.com/misterbravou?igsh=cm8yOW1xcGp3MzNl x
  7. I am honestly sick and tired at Brazilians trying to making it look like she's going with the tour They are sure the biggest market in the region, but it doesn't mean she will continue touring after April.
  8. Can anyone provide screenshots of those exact takes in God Control, please? I am unable to identify what the 2021 shots are What I've noticed is that she is wearing a different jacket in one brief scene.
  9. Madonna never had a great voice. It's been about 40 years people... where is your reality check? What is pretty interesting about her is that A LOT of people are willing to pay HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of dollars to see her perform live.
  10. Too much info I guess. You can always check the proper credits on Discogs though.
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