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  1. You said it. God... the things I have to read in threads like these Madonna proved during the 2010s that she still cared about the format. Let's start talking what's coming next though cause I'm afraid we're doomed to go through another desert So enjoy what she did give you, ungrateful c***s
  2. I think they're waiting for the Madame X Tour hype to decay. And God knows it's already dead Save your money ladies cause those boxsets are gonna be expensive and limited.
  3. Calling Patrick Leonard and Rick Nowells to shape the writing in most Ray Of Light tracks. Then ditching Babyface's tired sound and recruiting William Orbit to reinterpret all her ideas and share with her a new vision and sound.
  4. I like to think they were the wigs worn by the extras on the Iconic backdrop later used by the dancers in the spy sections from PRIDE and the Madame X Tour
  5. Maybe I forgot about this, but do we know if André produced other tracks intended for the album? He did help Madonna go into a whole different direction.
  6. Maybe I'm late to the conversation, but I strongly believe the project between American Life and Confessions that could see a release is the long-awaited full concert from the Re-Invention Tour.
  7. What really matters at the end of the day is that you are still able to enjoy Madonna's music :heart:

  8. @Aiwa08 Could we please have the newest Justify My Love and Open Your Heart HD videos edited with the Celebration audio tracks, please?
  9. Guys, I won't be reuploading stuff I shared a looong time ago. I don't have the energy nor the enthusiasm to continue updating old threads since I no longer visit this board as I used to. Thank you for your understanding.

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