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  1. Guys, I won't be reuploading stuff I shared a looong time ago. I don't have the energy nor the enthusiasm to continue updating old threads since I no longer visit this board as I used to. Thank you for your understanding.

  2. Why assume they don't speak anymore? Maybe they're still friends. Who knows?
  3. To think Madonna ditched Stuart to hire American Hip-hop/R&B producers because she wanted to get another US #1
  4. Hi, how are you? I wonder if you were able to rip the HD version of Cherish and edit it with the Celebration audio track? I'd love to have it but I'm an ass at editing myself:lol:


    1. Aiwa08


      Don't worry. I'll do it tomorrow. Today I can't do it. :cute:

  5. Why do you get so defensive? We're in an unpopular opinions thread ffs It's not like I am talking about you🙄 Let's get real for one second. Madonna doesn't look like herself anymore and sometimes she looks like a whole different person. To think Madonna fans were shocked and laughed at MJ or Cher's plastic procedures and here we are now 😂
  6. On a positive note, I admit I usually play MDNA before a night out💅🏻
  7. I don't remember expecting her to go buy several rejected demos and leftovers in 2011; especially after that loooong gap with no new music.
  8. It was disastrous. So weird she wasn't able to deliver perfect renditions of her own songs... after all the training she did for Evita
  9. But do we think the general public is willing to pay over $400 to see a concert filled with album tracks/b-sides they don't even know they exist? Madonna knows she can't fill a venue with fans only, so she's obliged to squeeze old singles here and there.
  10. Good if she does, good if she doesn't. What really worries me is her live vocals. Cause I'm not sure if I will be able to tolerate Nothing Really Matters or Drowned World with her usual/awful autotune thing.
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