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  1. Does anyone know when the NKM Aviddiva Video premiered or was first posted online? I can't find a single source.

    1. Strays Of The World

      Strays Of The World

      I found a Promo Only DVD that had a release for the month of September 2003. So that's probably when it was released.

    2. madgefan


      Thanks! I just found it on Discogs :)

    3. blondebenji


      woould so luv an upscale from nastybutfancy on this one

  2. The Material Girl Collection, the Hard Candy Fitness gyms, and the Truth or Dare perfumes telling the MDNA Skin Careline its disappearance into irrelevance was bound to happen
  3. madgefan

    Didn't know that! Well, I understand
  4. madgefan

    A Lady Gaga collection
  5. madgefan

    Congrats! And thank you for taking the time!!!! Ps. I noticed Vimeo always offers better quality for most videos.
  6. On September 24, 2005 Guy attended this TV show I knew nothing about. I don't speak French but I kinda get the main ideas from the whole thing. He didn't seem to know most of the answers
  7. madgefan

    She didn't perform at those awards.
  8. madgefan

    What a way to diminish her efforts She's a mom too you know
  9. madgefan

    Don't forget they were also in Come Alive. What a wonderful moment!!
  10. madgefan

    Oh Vince Paterson was a beau back in the day
  11. madgefan

    Unfortunately the video was pulled out from Facebook. Maybe because of copyright infringement? Edit: I just found it in HD on Vimeo for y'all.
  12. Add it to the lack of a good fuck in months.
  13. Did you guys see the Vogue Extended video they just uploaded on her YT channel? LMAO so embarrassing.

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    2. ScottyX


      no one said it was wrong for you to have a high standard. I have them too. But there are things that are never going to get an upgrade from its original production, we have to live with it. It doesn't mean things shouldn't be posted by her team just because we don't like the quality, we are lucky to get anything at all, it is not like we are owed anything as fans.

    3. theREALmgo


      I agree with that, I don't personally care about the Vogue extended mix being in HD. My main issue is that it has the Rockamerica tags on it still, along with being pretty subpar quality and super cropped. I just don't understand why it would've been posted if the didn't have the original video for it.

    4. ScottyX


      I dont think I ever saw a version without Rockamerica *hated that it was tagged* on it even back when it was aired a hundred years ago lol though there might have been