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  1. Initially Madonna didn't want to release Lucky Star as a single, a music executive encouraged her to do so because she really needed the money. The Immaculate Collection wasn't dedicated to Pope John Paul II but to her brother Christopher who had that nickname. The Girlie Show was supposed to visit Frankfurt but nothing happened in the end. Blond Ambition Tour = correct / Blonde Ambition Tour = incorrect The Drowned World Tour was supposed to kick off in Köln but it was eventually cancelled due to technical issues. 35,000 tickets were refunded at the time. Word says that CBS had offered Madonna US 11m to broadcast one of the Re-Invention concerts and this info had been known since the very beginning of the tour. In July 2004 Lisbon was announced as the stop they would show on TV. According to a CBS spokesman, Madonna wanted the broadcast to run beyond 2 hours and commercial-free, similar to concert specials on HBO. It never happened. Madonna's concert in Chile during her MDNA Tour became the first time ever a concert of hers suffered major alterations, specifically in the setlist. This marked the beginning of her tendency to cut some shows short during the Rebel Heart Tour and Madame X.
  2. I don't think there will be another compilation anytime soon.
  3. There must be a couple of unreleased demos from the sessions. I wonder if she ever wrote or recorded anything with Nakhane.
  4. Celebration, Girl Gone Wild, Bitch I'm Madonna, and I Don't Search I Find could do great in the first section And I don't know what RHT show you attended but in my experience people were on fire during the opening section even if the songs weren't big hits. I wonder if Madonna would be willing to invite them to work together again. Something tells me aging could be one of the reasons they were never called back again... and Madonna is known for working with younger people most of the time.
  5. I have a personal recording of her first show ever here in Chile in December 2008. Never dared to share it because the quality is terrible.
  6. Wouldn't it be crazy if she divided the show into the traditional 4 segments but each one of them representing a specific decade? I can picture her opening with recent singles from the 2010s, then continuing with the 2000s section, the 90s one, and concluding with her magnum opus from the 80s. No journey from darkness to light bullshit but 4 different stories portraying the key moments in her musical career during the last 4 decades.
  7. You know that if she's already booking venues in Southamerica (Chile and Uruguay) there's no way she's skipping Brazil or Argentina! Political turmoil in the region worries me though. Ecuador and Paraguay sound like really small markets. I highly doubt she's ever going to those countries. Puerto Rico feels more reasonable. Didn't she say that would be an awful name for her biopic? I don't think she'll ever consider to name one of her tours after that. And as for reissues.. they've been done multiple times since 2012. The only album I could see being expanded in 2023 is the debut because it's the 40th anniversary. Isn't it interesting that every time the world is facing a global economic crisis she goes on tour?! lol Wishful thinking. I definitely don't think she would waste money on a 14-year old compilation. Finally Enough Love still feels very recent. That would be genius. Simple but 100% effective. Wasn't the MDNA Tour announced like that in February 2012? Then they started printing posters with the updated tour name.
  8. Having Ciao Bella on streaming is great... it's truly one of the most refreshing things she's done lately. Wish they gave proper credit to the man who sings throughtout the song though: Kimi Djabate
  9. Plot twist: she only visits Argentina
  10. The live album was released under Warner Records agreement.
  11. Definitely. I'm trying to track it down but can't find it. I'll post it as soon as I find it lol
  12. She did complain about Aldo's directing of the show. There's a letter somewhere.
  13. Exactly! The minute she stopped hiring him as costume designer we started to get lots of different questionable wardrobe choices in her shows (2008 onwards). I don't really know what to think.. like many of you, real fans, here feel anxious about her delivery this time around. The Colombia performance was an all-time low in her career... and for her standards it makes me wonder if that person was Madonna or not But honestly, I kind of feel relieved to know she still feels the spark to perform live. After the Madame X Tour and COVID anything could have happened... at least she realised her power still relies on the amazing catalogue she's recorded over the last 40 years, so why not continue capitalizing on it? Many other artists and bands became legacy acts decades ago... she was one of the few who still dared to promote her latest releases instead of past glories. Now is the time. I just hope ticket are not as ridiculously pricey as they were in 2019-2020 and most importantly, she needs to get her implanted ass on stage on time.
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