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  1. And the funny thing is those do sound like real Madonna songs, great pop songs overall... but she became so uncreative in the visual aspect in the late 2000s there's no doubt other younger acts overtook the music scene. I don't dislike this Tokischa remix at all. Being a Southamerican myself I know this sound has huge potential on the dancefloor. I just wish Madonna dedicated her time and money on more artistic ventures. We all know she doesn't like to repeat herself but, come on! Wasn't that out of nowhere performance of Borderline on Jimmy Fallon a smart move? That was a lovely way to give new life to her classics. And the general public adores her back catalogue. I just hope this video doesn't give the haters more material to make fun of her on social networks.
  2. You mean long-form videos??
  3. What about M-dolla? Dita always seemed to have more class to it.
  4. My boxset hasn't shown any progress since September 1 when supposedly left the international carrier facility in NYC. Wonder if it will ever get to Chilean customs someday. Or maybe it's already there and they haven't updated it
  5. How much do you think the slipmat costs separately??
  6. #soon Honestly, I don't think Madonna met Nile Rodgers just for a single roller skating event. They must have talked about a revamped version of Like A Virgin. We know this woman won't waste her time.
  7. I feel like talking about the "definitive version" is just a huge waste of time. Just enjoy the damn record and go suck a dick
  8. I loved most of her answers as some of them are revealing, others not so much. It was about time she posted this video. Also, she looks phenomenal!
  9. You sure deserve it guys as you were only able to give her a #3 after a couple of shitty acts no one out of the UK cares about
  10. Just got Target's Crystal Clear vinyl today. Tomorrow I need to pick up the Rough Trade one with exclusive b&w slipmat
  11. Thanks for the correction. Someway I thought she felt safer going cycling in the UK
  12. But do we really know if the yellow/black variant has been totally cancelled? I mean, we have the confirmation from imusic... What about the other stores?
  13. MJ would have turned 64 today :flower:

  14. Well Madonna was photographed riding her bike in London the other day, so there was no way she was making a last minute appearance at the VMA.
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