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  1. I’m sure it’ll become a talking point of some wild rouge evangelical in a state legislature or in Congress itself. They’re grasping for anything nowadays that gives them any power.
  2. Yeah but you can see she pretty bypasses certain regions of the US. Outside Atlanta she pretty avoids the Deep South where I am… but I don’t blame her. Which I wish she’d atleast stop into Charlotte. But oh well.
  3. Indeed! Not that I don’t like her work, but usually there’s other mixes stronger or more interesting. I struggle with Music and Don’t Me usually but hers for Don’t Tell Me actually breaks up some monotony in the mixes. Love it.
  4. Okay Tracy Young, I been ignoring here Don’t Tell Me mix for years for no reason because I actually like it the most of the bunch next to the Vission remix.
  5. You’d think Stuart would’ve brought Mother and Father down a couple notches to give her a better handle on the ending parts. But maybe even he can’t override her ego or maybe he has become more yes man-ish. Regardless, I only noticed the thinness in voice around when she mentioned not feeling her best. It is a season change going on so maybe she’s just powering through best she can.
  6. Definitely were a lot glaring omissions but back then it probably made sense to put everything on Celebration so people had to still buy some of the back catalogue or new albums.
  7. Listening again, idk why I said BA. Sounded too good. I assume this was part of the original release but if the rest of that tour was released, I would maybe like the tour more.
  8. Is Live to Tell on this release tacked on from Blond Ambition?
  9. I know interviewer had to be like “oh okay well what about…” and get another ambiguous answer. Very frustrating to read. That’s not a dig at him but clearly he was coached not to give them any ammo to use against her. Which is excellent. Warner probably wants this as clean as possible.
  10. My show won’t be until April so I leave this here because I’m bound to love some other parts after being in person: 1. Nothing Really Matters 2. Open Your Heart (so free and so bouncy) 3. Holiday (the ending made my wanna cry just from the vids we have seen) 4. Vogue (shocker right?) 5. Don’t Tell Me (dancing on point)
  11. I think that’s always the concern. Rebel Heart would’ve been best recorded before the Rocco mess. MDNA best recorded before she was beyond over the tour. I think somewhere in the middle and let them film any additional segments she may add later.
  12. Celebration/IDSIF - Intro Video Act I - Chrome Enlightenment/Body Suit Nothing Really Matters Bedtime Story Ray of Light Rain/Frozen Hung Up Music I Love New York - Interlude Act II - New York City/Grunge Everybody/Where’s The Party Into the Groove Burning Up Open Your Heart Live To Tell/In This Life Crazy For You/Angel Holiday Living for Love/Let’s Go Crazy- Interlude Act III - Streets to the Ballroom Erotica/Papa Don’t Preach Justify My Love/Fever Bad Girl Human Nature/Express Yourself Up Down Suite/Vogue Rescue Me The Beast Within - Interlude Act IV - Midwest Church Girl? Idk lol Like A Prayer Die Another Day Don’t Tell Me Mother and Father Promise To Try/Oh Father I Will Survive/Rebel Heart Sorry Veni Vidi Vici/Ciao Bella - Interlude No Features Mix Act V - Reflection/Affirmation? La Isla Bonita/Medellín Masterpiece/You Must Love Me Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (Miami Mix) 4 Minutes/BTUTB LAV/Bills Jean Interlude (Short) Encore I GMAYL/Bitch I’m Madonna Celebration/Give It 2 Me Encore II Power of Goodbye Take A Bow *It’s bloated but some calculated medleys and excerpts would help maybe. Theres so much to celebrate and so little time. *The first section I feel like helps set the tone for everything, a little darkness, mystery and celebration, light. *I tried placing Rescue Me in afterwards so it really could’ve been placed anywhere to add closure or slow stuff down in a powerful way.
  13. Are we posting our personal reimagining of the set list? I spent all night on mine lol
  14. I saw in a posting from DrownedWorld that 36 out of 45 songs were performed last night. Those additional 9 songs being skipped for time might be what caused the flow interruption.
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