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  1. I’ve watched him before, he’s usually pretty fair. I noticed more problems watching him than I do when I just listening straight through. He mentioned at one point like she was almost distancing herself from the performance. I wish he’d watched the rest, but Future nothing but vocal affects so that wouldn’t have been interesting to him. When she did the Met, she sound absolutely great. Was their auto tune their?
  2. This is a little project I've been working on. I originally was using this playlist for streaming Medellin and adding streaming to her other singles. I updated last night and today push streaming for Future and Crave alongside Medellin and I added a ton of M's singles I didn't at first include. I call it MX:Radio... for obvious reasons. After the first rep of Madame X songs (I left I Rise off, I'm more than willing to throw it in later) there will be a round of six of her previous songs with no particular order, then the three songs will pop in again in a different order... rinse and repeat. This is what I listen to when cleaning, working, working out, and just left going quietly on my computer 24/7.
  3. gafuller

    Soltera and Champagne Rose are in the same boat. M's parts on both I enjoy but Champagne Rose could've been a bit more interesting.
  4. gafuller

    That's where M doesn't care. Warner kind of pushed compilations for various reasons, but now streaming allows ease of access to everything. She doesn't even do soundtracks anymore.
  5. gafuller

    As an aside, I do agree in that manner. Money doesn't mean anything; I think Madonna has touched on that subject quite often in her music. But, I just thought it strange to withhold support in that manner. However, to buy without true desire or want is more or less collecting. And collecting is optional, as you stated. I still believe an open mind should be kept going into Madame X. Money and streaming are pretty much the strongest support systems for artists (unless they buy it themselves which I'm more than sure some do, M even did that once with GMAYL). That's all.
  6. So, I was working towards making a radio like playlist for boosting streams to not just her new singles but the rest of her singles catalog when I came across an interesting problem... or not a problem really, but I can't seem to find a definite solution. For example: Does Don't Tell Me for the album Music share streaming numbers with Don't Tell Me from Celebration? If so, if the version is a different edit (4 Minutes from Hard Candy and 4 Minutes from Celebration) do they not share streaming numbers? This may be a no brainer, but I was wondering if anyone else around had the answer off the top of their head.
  7. Which is a good point to make! M has survived vinyl, 8 track, cassette, CD, digital, radio, music videos, and we are now at the era of streaming. Who knows what will come next, as with technology and society, streaming will pushed back by another format... not a clue what may come next.
  8. gafuller

    Well if you don’t care for the new stuff, I guess there’s always supporting her in the eras you did or do enjoy. Thinking positively on it.
  9. gafuller

    Maybe. Why not😂
  10. gafuller

    You’re on a fan forum... but refuse to support her monetarily? That’s how I treat artists I don’t generally care for. Many of these songs require one to suspend their “tiny bubble” and be open to her new world. I mean, come on. We herald Hung Up and Confessions but her live vocals were always deeper and heavier than what was studio. More than sure her vocals were manipulated then too, but let’s just over look that because we are stuck in another decade🙄 This is Madame X and this is 2019 and she serves what she wants. Not what we always think we need.
  11. gafuller

    From my interpretation, the Supreme hoodie would be a metaphor for those absorbed in worldly and materialistic affairs, too deaf to hear the world ending beyond their fashion blinders.
  12. I heard the original audio and didn’t think it was awful. It was her live vocals. As far as editing the video for YouTube, why not? Don’t tell her to stop.
  13. gafuller

    I like it! The chorus got stuck in my head much faster than Crave. As far as good experimental pop goes, I’m not disappointed in Future or Medellín. I love the throw back to to Don’t Tell Me in the bridge. It’s cool dance song, as far as heat goes. And Quavo surprised me. Yes he reference “ice” but he sticks to the subject matter. I was impressed in those regards. Her vocals don’t bother me too much. I think that’s just the direction we are going vocally with this album. But I suspect there must a hand full of songs not so aggressively manipulating of her voice.
  14. Staying up to 1 in the morn I see (said to myself)