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  1. Or English isn’t their first language and they respond with a simple response. Whether it’s their intention or that’s the case, I’m just so used to seeing them.
  2. Gave me chills! “I’m breathing through your mouth” 👁️🫦👁️
  3. Really? They’re the ones I play the most alongside her 00’s and 90’s albums. But I respect them not being your taste. It happens. I just hope Frozen is fixed for this.. I didn’t see anyone comment on that glitch maybe showing on the vinyl.
  4. When I think Urban I think of it as an umbrella term for R&B, Hip Hop, Rap, Trap. So Hard Candy and Rebel Heart were definitely more urban in terms of those sounds and aesthetics. But all these sounds are very much integrated into much of our pop music soundscape so those musical elements have definitely moved beyond that umbrella of urban.
  5. Can you clarify what that is? I googled and only saw a site for pressing a custom vinyl… which is cool but didn’t think that was in the same train of thought.
  6. Yes, most my age (25) still remember the hype of 4M. I remember it being the first of her music videos I watch on YouTube back when I was a kid. I think it’s one of the Crown Jewels of Timbaland’s era of music. I know some of his production on the rest of the album seems redundant but Miles Away and 4 Minutes are still fresh!
  7. I know heard it being used in a baseball Tik Tok with hot guys dancing on a field… that’d make me go stream it hahahaha
  8. Honestly though, every album she puts out is grounded in what is happening at the time. MDNA sounds like everything happening in the early 2010s (metallic, sharp EDM). Not every album changes the game. The music industry shifted drastically in the mid 2010s with streaming steam rolling forward, leaving physical sales in the dust. It reflects in the scattered music aesthetics we see at the time and Rebel Heart. With vinyl on the rise again, Madonna's physical sales are stronger, hence getting a compilation into the top 10 with no new music. And Madame X reflects a politically polarized America and a Madonna seeking to bring world sounds to a mainstream audience . Whatever the next album is, M is going to speak on political topics, new and old. There will be house, disco, and trap. There will be features... because that's the industry norm and I don't understand why that's such an issue. Most albums this decade feature those sounds and aesthetics. And there will be a Latin oriented song because that's a big market for her. I look forward to whatever LP or EP we receive in the coming year. I can see a lot of current artists, even the big ones, stopping music by their 40s or 50s because they don't have what M has. A hunger to be the center of attention and rule it. Beyonce screens whats released about her. Taylor Swift has her own personal die hard fanbase that can lower egg prices (I'm joking... I think). M goes with the scandals and she definitely doesn't lean on us for much other than sales.
  9. Lol to Nile Roger’s being sat next to Machine Gun Kelly of all people ahahah.
  10. After catching up on all the drama here, I also believe some time with Ray of Light and meditation is something we all probably need right now. I love Madonna and always will. She’s now pass her pop tier of MJ and Prince. She’s approaching Cher and Dolly’s tier. I look forward to that day. Everyone isn’t going to like her all of a sudden though and her tenacity will allow her to transcend the haters. She’s done multiple times and she will continue. Long live the Queen of Pop, our Joan of Arc!
  11. I’m just noticing the blue/indigo heels! She slipped some color in! Love it!
  12. I feel Beyoncé is in her equivalent of Confessions era. She’s getting older too and some what of a recluse and just out of touch of people. Madonna didn’t get to that until Madame X, that’s I how I see it anyway. M still attempting to make an appearance is nice. Anyone else feel like her neck is just kinda gone now?
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