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  1. gafuller

    Well I can’t speak on the Mariah song, but I’m most certain Spotify isn’t gonna alert us about the remixes because of their dates.
  2. gafuller

    I bet if there’s a soundtrack, they may get remixed and a new song thrown in. Then she could attempt to tackle best original song or something. She always favorable in those categories when she tries.
  3. I didn’t realize that was Max Schneider at all! He was kinda big on YouTube for a short period and being friends with Keke Palmer and Victoria Justice. He’s cute in the Boy Wonder Robin way.
  4. gafuller

    I see M a lot around her eyes.
  5. gafuller

    I caught wind of Living for Love by her Grammy performance and I was captivated ever since. Is it the best produced? No. Is everything that’s on the radio best produced? Absolutely not. We are worrying about vocals and production while we got a song on the radio about being a monkey with a shrill voice artist (I forget what it’s called but I can hear it in my head). Stupid Love is doing phenomenally despite being rather irritating to listen to but it’s an ear worm despite the rough production. There’s maybe one demo Of LFL I like a little more but usually the final is fine for me. Unless they paid radios, we unfortunately are left With a Madonna making music she likes more than the general public may or even fans.
  6. gafuller

    Ugh, but I have strong dislike for 64 like M fans of MDNA.
  7. gafuller

    Who’s That Madame X Tour
  8. gafuller

    I think that’s where Medellin came into play as the lead single versus something more urban like Crave. But let’s be clear, any single picks could much bigger if by a younger star. That’s just it. But even then, it wouldn’t be the same and with or without auto tune, there’s nothing like M singing the songs.
  9. The lyrical content draws a lot of inspiration from Luckystar, and I think that’s what Dua was going for with the album.
  10. gafuller

    Oh yeah. You can see where the UK kinda ignored her until maybe Bedtime or Ray of Light and then she was charting really high. This noticeable after Music where American Life was a dud in the US it flew high in the UK.
  11. Talk about a great recovery. No cane and good movement.
  12. gafuller

    Mer Girl Impressive Instant Dark Ballet Autotune Baby Act of Contrition Love Song Candy Perfume Girl American Life I’m quite fond of all these but they in general receive at WTF moment from others listening around me. American Life’s rap alone put on the list and I love it!
  13. gafuller

    I’m loving these releases. Great for adding to morning drives. It also means less I have to keep on my phone in time. If it’s not in Spotify then I have to keep more downloaded to my phone from iTunes which always takes more space.
  14. gafuller

    I think she has found someone she truly loves and she wants to help push him. We saw of this with Richie when he mentioned her being too involved in his work. Al probably welcomes it or just likes it and I think that’s what M likes in a relationship. I think she likes that sort of relationship. Someone who challenges her but also that doesn’t mind her involvement. She seems happy and I only pray he’s not just taking advantage of her love and power. He could’ve dropped her with all the negative feedback from the tour and backlash for even being with her but he hasn’t.
  15. gafuller

    Can Miley even attempt speaking like Madonna? Her way of talk is too distinct. It would draw more attention though.