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  1. gafuller

    This was legit what o was gonna put. And... you will have not even noticed there was music playing to begin with until she comes on!😂
  2. I knew this decade would plunged in negativity. I had to think of a fifth song for the 80s, but with this decade they’re some of my favorites, so much harder to pick than the other decades. I’m going to pick my five but include my five runner ups (so they won’t count but 🤷🏻‍♂️): Living for Love Masterpiece Crave B*tch I’m Madonna Girl Gone Wild — Ghosttown IDSIF Give Me All Your Luvin Medellin I Rise
  3. gafuller

    I’m so far considering: Medellin Crave I Rise If God Control gets remixes, I’ll probably bump it in too but I don’t know if she really cares about that.
  4. Music Die Another Day Hung Up Get Together Miles Away
  5. The 90s are the most polarizing of the eras. Ray of Light and Erotica or even I’m Breathless side by side or so different. But here we go: Vogue Deeper and Deeper Human Nature Frozen Beautiful Stranger Can’t wait for our 00’s thread. Things will get even more predictable from there from me, lol. #leadsingles
  6. Dress You Up Burning Up La Isla Bonita Like A Prayer Like A Virgin
  7. It’s really confusing. At times it sounds like they cut back on the backing track during her verses but during the everything else it’s like they cut out her live vocals leaving only the muffled backing track.
  8. gafuller

    Realistically speaking, nothing I just prescribed would ever work in the confines of the Super Bowl. But I do think something like Like A Prayer with bits of Come Alive in it would be gorgeous. And I don’t know how many songs Shakira and JLO threw together tonight but it sure did feel heavy.
  9. gafuller

    There were a lot choices that could’ve been made. Hung Up. 4 Minutes. Ray of Light. All three could’ve been shoved in.
  10. gafuller

    If Madame X were to do the Halftime, this is what I’d have hashed up... World of Madame X intro Vogue I Don’t Search I Find Frozen Come Alive Crave (Tracy Young Remix) ft Swae Lee Fado Club (La Isla Bonita) Medellin ft Maluma American Life (Acoustic-Sober Mix) Future (Tour Version) ft Quavo Like A Prayer I Rise Took the tour, rearranged, and made sure to showcase the stringer new songs next to classics that are in the tour. The only song that would need to be monitored would be American Life. Censored and toned down. If M is involved, it’s gonna get political and Madame X is that truly. A romantic but also a spy in the house of love.
  11. gafuller

    Honestly, in Philly, the audience, including myself, didn’t really get any engaged physically until Like A Prayer (standing, clapping, dancing). And show is choppy. But perhaps maybe Madame X is too. After all, you can’t hit a moving target. So maybe Madame X is running... constantly. A sorjourn to Medellin to escape the very thing she’s trying to observe and warn. The world. That’s just my take on it. Just like there was no real reason for the eye patch except Madame X was hurt at some point. To me, she does so because it’s easier to look at the world with one eye.
  12. gafuller

    Papa Don’t Preach, Batuka, Frozen, and Future.
  13. gafuller

    Lol, but I know in Philly it looked fine from what I could tell. Live and learn. Also, I love how her butt hasn’t even been addressed until now in this tour. A cat gets used to not having their tail after maybe a month. I’m sure M was used to carry her new buns by rehearsal. The older we get, the easier a misstep or rash movement can cause harm. I mean, my mother pulled her back at 60 getting out of bed too fast one morning. Can we be thankful that when she got yanked off the Brit awards stage that she didn’t break her neck before RHT?
  14. Easier to access for one. My googlyle mini will only play SoundCloud and Spotify for instance.
  15. gafuller

    I honestly don’t feel like she intended for there to be back to back shows like there are. This was meant to be special but now it’s turned away from what she probably intended and into what management has pushed for money... which they won’t get because M is a rebel heart with fire but she’s also a Madame X hurting.