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  1. Dear Father in better quality would be awesome!!! That’s the demo I loved the most!!!
  2. Literally was gonna post this hahaha! Dita came to divide and conquer!
  3. Her best work was solo was also her at her peak and at a time where features weren’t as common and for specific causes. With a career as long as hers, bringing you hers artist onto tracks helps bring her further from her peers in the past. Everyone has their opinions on the features but I feel it keeps her catalogue fresh and puts her before people that aren’t interested in her 80s and 90s work while still using it to her advantage like Material Gworlllll and Frozen mixes.
  4. Loved it! She looked good, legs for days! Dita’s spin on Esther’s Hung Up!
  5. Yeah, especially in the South. We don’t have much to work with around here hahahaha
  6. I’m certain there was a tight budget for Madame X. I imagine Warner is backing this. We haven’t had such output since Warner. FG was a miss for a video and so was IDSIF. But it is what it is.
  7. I think up until Give It 2 Me, Warner cared greatly as she was always going bring in the cash. So while she’s always been a part of thing, Warner held a lot of control. Once the contract between her and them wrapped up, everything has had to go through her mostly and M’s ego and personality is overwhelming when left unchecked. And Guy doesn’t challenge her much. Interscope challenged her one time with how she wanted to do a double album for RH and that’s about it. That’s not to say I don’t love her work still. I’m living for it all. I may not in love with everything but I still give it a shot. But even now, I bet Warner is having to answer M more than the other way around or hoping she doesn’t care enough to deal with them.
  8. And it’s important to remember that she is versatile in the manner she is gonna shift sounds and they may not sync with what we liked about her last or decade ago. I know the mid 90s are always killer to get through for me. Sooooo many ballads. But that’s what some people loved from her. But you know, death to the patriarchy!
  9. I personally blasted this remix all the way down the Grand Strand here in Myrtle Beach SC. Very proud of this mix. The new spoken parts don’t clash with old vocals. The beat is infectious. Love it all!
  10. Arca commented on her Hung Up post yesterday. Who knows. There’s so much going on.
  11. Lol, not gonna lie, Lola probably has Roxxxy’s personality from that season too jk
  12. She looks so Madonna here. Good angle and light doing what it needs. This 60s vibe is gorgeous!
  13. Hey, don’t drag @Jackieinto this when they’re the reason we still have this oasis. I think Aldo saw both old and new comments. We can only correct course now. Aldo leaving was of his own accord. What would’ve made sense would to take the criticisms and speak with those of us that did want him here. But he didn’t have to and I respect that totally. Bless you @Brendonshayartsticking around in our chaos haha!
  14. Lol, makes me want some French fries reaaallll bad!
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