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  1. Yes but that’s still holding some sort of leverage over album input. I otherwise think it’s mainly been her input.
  2. For me, MDNA had the weakest with TUTR which I think was a fine single choice. There was just no drive at that point of the era.
  3. I know she’s largely been behind the choices but she’s not her own label. She is now, but I’m pretty sure her last three albums still had to be run by the label for commercial viability. Remember the Rebel Heart double album that was turned down? M had to go back make a decision on what to include for and drop what she really wanted.
  4. I think to some degree Anita was a pushed one. Or atleast by the tour she was very sick of everyone wanting a Faz Gostoso music video 😂😂😂😂
  5. While features do help with charting sometimes, M does a lot of it for her artistry. It’s very normal for my generation atleast. It adds an extra layer sometimes. And sometimes it doesn’t. And we can’t sit here and think M hasn’t spent hours trying to make commercial hits alongside making songs that weren’t. As a pop artist, it’s one of their goals. For M, she doesn’t need another hit but she still tries giving the world a hit. It just doesn’t catch or it’s Madonna and not many are interested. They respect her but they’re not looking for her new music like that. Just the reality.
  6. I only saw one or two but I thought they were well. Art is subjective. I think it’s intriguing in its own way. I mean… I’ve seen some less than interesting or original pieces in museums.
  7. Hard Candy was on repeat in my car most of December. Also listened to Sticky and Sweet a good bit too.
  8. I personally love features. I have found very few with M to be awful. But maybe it’s because I’m from the younger generation where features are normalized even if it’s for taking advantage of the GP.
  9. I agree which is sad, as it’s too soon to be stereotyping. She’s been working with black artists for decades and the results have generally been nice I’d say.
  10. I’ve been listening to it a lot more this year. Actually like it more than I remember
  11. On the lower end of her albums for me, but they’re all precious and great in their own right. I find the sounds a bit monotonous usually. My favorite tracks are Deeper and Deeper, Fever, and Why’s It So Hard.
  12. Absolutely love it. Actually really into his verses. But what I really loves is how this is maybe what it was like when she was snatching hit from the underground versus her grabbing for current sounds with mainstream producers. And trap is the sound of the current era. Just as 80s music is easily picked out and 2000s music easily picked out, trap is the late 2010/ early 2020s sound. And as an artist, I’m glad she continuing to explore and push. Her sound will never be the 80s or 90s again. We aren’t there anymore, and neither is she.
  13. Do I care for the porn vibes? Nah, not really, but what I do like is that Lourdes is staying active while finding her place in the world. M put her in a great position and she’s doing something with it, just as I hope the rest of the children will.
  14. So just a non-single of choice? Could be fun
  15. It’s not a “Tik Tok abomination remix”. It’s literally just in a style someone around here doesn’t like. Maybe the title of this thread is ironic, but regardless this is the PR we should be loving for her. I’m sure there were legalities to get done and now it’s here for us to enjoy and it count towards her continuing body of work. Kudos to you M!
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