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  1. gafuller

    Let’s face it, I’m never in the mood for True Blue as an album, but they could’ve released every track as a single it may have all ended up on the charts somewhere.
  2. gafuller

    That’s true, I hadn’t thought about it. And it may have started as some discomfort and knocked away with some ibuprofen. But rehearsals probably had her so active that it finally aggravated her hip fully and overcompensating with her left leg straining her knee. Maybe she should have cancelled but I’m grateful for her pain tolerance. It was my first time seeing her in person and it was beautiful.
  3. gafuller

    I’m sure the risks have been weighed especially when she has to consider the kiddos and her livelihood. But if she is to perform further (we may accept a sit down show but it’s clear that’s not what she wants for her artistry) something must be done. I’m wondering when the missing cartilage became apparent?
  4. Drake is an interesting pop figure. I know some of his work and one of my favorite songs is him with a remixed demo of a MJ song. But again, him being the feature should not be exaggerated as it has. I can respect the 25. That’s clean and cut. But adding features of him is notable in mentioning but not for record breaking.
  5. gafuller

    Looks spankeable to me. Cheers Madame. Cheers.
  6. gafuller

    I often wonder how much she wanted any of us to look into M-X manifesto. I think it’s a beautiful piece of poetry that is backed by the videos. Madame X is Madonna. The manifesto is what she’s being doing all these year. I’d even say it sums up Madonna and her history. Yes the personas are interesting and they carry many beautiful looks, but I’m not sure they were the forefront of the era. Madame X is an old name given to her once for changing looks so much. That’s Madonna in a handbag. Constantly changing. Even with all that, I do believe Madame X lives as her own identity within the album and videos. A woman, betrayed by the world, seeking love and answers in the darkness. The tour ofcourse wasn’t probably the most fulfilled of her tours but she clearly had interest in what she was doing. But being in pain can set fire to everything once planned. Could there have been more? Maybe. Madame X could’ve been better executed via a follow up album and then a tour. I always adored how DWT married Music and Ray of Light so well. The same could’ve been done here. But, what was done is done. I listen to album quite often, but I usually do that with whatever the latest album is. I soak it in. I want to see what M saw . What she felt.
  7. gafuller

    Thank you. Reasoning is a beautiful seasoning.
  8. gafuller

    Well.. Brittany definitely wasn’t pulling that hat off so Kudos to M for really doing something with it. Although I doubt a simply pink hat from 99 was enough to cause M to wear one in a cowboy inspired photoshoot.
  9. Hey You has definitely grown on me overtime. It’s sung so well live. Well... the one time done so. I found it odd they really emphasized Madonna’s contribution but I’m happy she’s being recognized for something positive and not for something blown out of proportion.
  10. gafuller

    When we open up topics like this, we open a can of worms. But it’s up to all of us to conduct ourselves accordingly and keep the atmosphere light and cordial. I don’t think us having serious discussion about M and her body is a problem if we are considerate in tone and attitude. I don’t believe you were in the wrong, only wanting to have discussion. We have in the pass had some rough discussions about her body. Madonna can donwhag she wants and she is human with feelings and a heart, but she is a public figure and that means she and her decisions are up for discussion. Again, it’s how we conduct ourself in discussion that make it tolerable or abominable.
  11. gafuller

    We have seen her through some pretty rough photoshoots since Hard Candy, this woman is human. Which isn’t saying everyone doesn’t know that. If she is unhappy with the results of something she sees everyone else doing, then unfortunately it’s her problem she must sort. I don’t think it was botched but simply that her body didn’t adjust to it like anticipated... or maybe it being so pumped up was the idea. No way to know. With recovery time, I imagine it couldn’t be reversed or adjusted with promo and touring already planned and going on. And now she has a hip injury which may mean she can’t have more work done in the back area for the time being. I know we like to empower women to be natural and age gracefully, but Madonna chose a different path, good or bad. She’s still beautiful and challenging. Madame X is more than the reflection in the mirror.
  12. It does raise a lot of undo for rising fashion artists. So in that way it is developmental to humanity. But I agree it’s not groundbreaking and it’s postment/cancelling is nothing to cry over. Those are the sentiments I got from Anna Wintour
  13. gafuller

    I’d say: Dark Ballet Act of Contrition Mer Girl Autotune Baby Impressive Instant I didn’t choose them based on being bad, but whether they get WTF moments out of my friends. Supernatural I almost put, due to such strange but original lyrical content.
  14. gafuller

    Mine would Nothing Really Matters (similar reasons to Medellin, all the strange but gorgeous outfits), Medellín (so many colors and unique looks on the background dancers), and Ghosttown (felt like the apocalypse look was reflective in a lot of the music in Rebel Heart).
  15. Always loved this mega mix and video. Should be been pulled in bun Madonna’s team but that’d be too reflective I suppose 😂🌝 regardless, I can’t wait for all the mega mixes featuring the material from Madame X come into play!!