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  1. She’s giving me Billie Eilish looks just a tad in her eyes.
  2. gafuller

    I laughed out loud in my office if you’re talking about the Pride Vogue but😂
  3. gafuller

    If she’s in the studio, for herself or Al, do we have to be so negative? I’m glad shes keeping her networking up. Who knows what will inspire the next album.
  4. gafuller

    I don’t trust Republicans and definitely trust Democrats even less but what has irritated me more during this election has been the death threats towards others across party lines. I’ve seen more of this from the Democrats. I expect Madonna to endorse whoever the democrat is. So no surprise there. She isn’t in the country all the time anyway. Love her though!
  5. gafuller

    Maybe she’s influenced his work in different directions. Or maybe that’s how she is feeling. Young, light, and invigorated.
  6. gafuller

    I love them all, especially MDNA but nothing quite is satisfying as the Girlie Show opener!!!
  7. I think with these it was more for the fun of it. They give a taste of the younger generation while she attempts to pioneer forward as a peer instead of as some old goddess. I think that’s why Maluma worked so well. While he revered her, there was truly some sort of freedom between them.
  8. gafuller

    Ashamed, not at all. I went to one the shows in Philly. And besides the heat, I was entranced. Now that’s just the experience I had. What this release will hopefully do is give the tour some closure whether anyone wants it. But I do agree, she was miserable by the end if not by the mid point. But she persevered despite the fact that she probably shouldn’t have but it’s damned if she did, damned if she didn’t.
  9. gafuller

    She can, she saw, she made an album out of Lisbon and now she’s back on the prowl
  10. gafuller

    So these new arrangement will keep vocals? M’s was Mirwais produced and I’m not sure how they’d re-record it with arrangements. Any thoughts or opinions?
  11. gafuller

    I agree. We shouldn’t get toxic over this. 500 albums versus how many have been produced? Madonna would be on the list regardless for something but not her whole dang catalog we covet. However, I do think True Blue and Erotica should have made the list even if lower. I’d honeslty have put Erotica or Ray of Light in that top ten. But I haven’t looked at what we’re the top ten yet.
  12. gafuller

    Well I can’t speak on the Mariah song, but I’m most certain Spotify isn’t gonna alert us about the remixes because of their dates.
  13. gafuller

    I bet if there’s a soundtrack, they may get remixed and a new song thrown in. Then she could attempt to tackle best original song or something. She always favorable in those categories when she tries.
  14. I didn’t realize that was Max Schneider at all! He was kinda big on YouTube for a short period and being friends with Keke Palmer and Victoria Justice. He’s cute in the Boy Wonder Robin way.
  15. gafuller

    I see M a lot around her eyes.