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  1. I'm wondering if this was just for her fans, something to find, not search for (insert cheap drum sound).
  2. I know the story, but it was probably made a bigger deal of than it really was. I imagine he was paid well.
  3. I think art is a medium for the taboo and sensitive. I don’t think pornography is good, but I also think the human body needs to be exposed in some reasonable manner. Art and academics allows for us to see nudity in a tasteful and understable manner. If we can’t talk about it or show it, then there will come a day some thing gun violence spin out of control because we were too afraid to look at it and into it. I think M could’ve presented it in a stronger way, but I can’t argue that the club scenes aren’t beautiful.
  4. gafuller

    Rebel Heart tour really updated its sound. Yes it was slowed down, but I mean I loved it slowed and more atmospheric.
  5. gafuller

    Official Singles 1. Medellín 2. Crave 3. God Control 4. Faz Gostoso I like the singles we have gotten, and FG seems to be close to rolling out as the fourth single. I’d release remixes for all these as seen fit, worked for Medellín. The features don’t bother me and I don’t think they detract from her art. If anything, it shows her versatility and eagerness to support younger artists as much as they help her. Promo Singles 1. I Rise 2. Future 3. Dark Ballet 4. I Don’t Search I Find These would all receive timely remixes and pushed for exposure and Dance charts only (I think IDSIF is really only good for that last part).
  6. gafuller

    It’s hanging in there🙌🏼
  7. gafuller

    Supporting your favorite artists aside, Spotify is also a great way to explore new music.
  8. I ended rearranging the album when I was burning a copy for my mother and myself so I don’t get the booklet 2 disk damaged further. Dark Ballet after Medellín wasn’t sitting well with me so I moved it further in. I kept wanting to skip the first two songs because I’d already work them to death. I’ll post the list I did later.
  9. I Rise and Future could (have) aswell had remixes been released. There’s some sort of remix M has tucked away for Future obviously.
  10. The bonus songs were brilliant I thought. Ciao Bella and it’s guitar is a similar but different feel than the prior sounds. Bacon That Up added one more texture to the album. Funaná is just so fun. I love how the vocal work makes her sound like a accordion at times, which is what funana music is all about. *I meant Back That Up but I’m gonna leave the typo😂
  11. gafuller

    She seemed happy! And very energetic!
  12. I’d have to say that it’s getting harder to rank them. 1. Rebel Heart 2. Confessions on a Dancefloor 3. Music 4. Ray of Light [14. Madame X] 5. Madonna 6. Like A Prayer 7. MDNA 8. Hard Candy 9. True Blue 10. Erotica 11. American Life 12. Bedtime Stories 13. Like A Virgin Madame X has climbed the charts of my heart very well. I was initially (when listening to the whole album in full) uneasy and unsure. I couldn’t tell if I was disappointed or just not impressed. But given time, it’s sounds have revealed themselves to me and I have fallen for it. I’m still hearing new things here and there. I think what hangs me up still is that I played Medellín and Future and Crave to death and now I just skip them. I try not, but they aren’t Vogue or Hung Up, songs I geeked compelled to indulge in. Killers That Are Partying is amazing in its sounds and chorus. I learned some Portuguese! Bless you M!
  13. gafuller

    She probably doesn’t remember her last top 10😂
  14. gafuller

    No clue😂 but the tickets weren’t as outrageous as they were elsewhere. I didn’t even check Ticketmaster when I was looking. But they told me the tickets would be digitally available the day of the show and they even updated me the next day with the show time.