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  1. M these past few years in a nutshell 😂😂
  2. There really shouldn’t be crowd noise. Like it’s theatre. Totally different atmosphere.
  3. Just being Positive Pamela, but maybe just how Ricardo caught some of it makes it look cut like it does... but it looks good. Can’t wait.
  4. Moses there could probably still part some seas though 😈 jk... sorta
  5. Lol, I was actually rather shocked at the posts but after looking again, eh, I’m not shocked. I think she’s tried be minimal with work but I think she finally broke down and got the whole shabang. I mean Cher has had it done again and again. Atleast M looks better than her 09 to 11 years when the face was swoll half the time. She looks a lot like Lola now. And her body looks phenomenal. She’s lost some weigh and prob working out again. She gotta keep it good for the bed these days.
  6. gafuller

    ARTPOP Movement

    It’s messy, and melodically I’d pick MDNA over it. I replayed it this morning and I don’t mind the chaotic production. Its part of the albums character. I think there’s a strange super artsy side and then randomly a shift gear to poppy songs with Do What U Want and Donatella. But the super Artpop. I think of the backlash like Erotica for M. Artpop is an experience versus the message of Erotica. But def glitzy and metallic like MDNA.
  7. Love the visual and def the sound. I mean with a title like Space X, you better serve something interesting.
  8. In my head I’m seeing a piano/acoustic driven sound for this setlist: 1. Ghosttown 2. Frozen 3. La Isla Bonita 4. Killers Who Are Partying 5. hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me Lana Del Rey 6. Human Nature 7. Open Your Heart 8. Like A Prayer
  9. She’s still a perfectionist strangely but I do agree. She’s not being a perfectionist because of career on top of her artistry. She’s being a perfectionist purely for the art. Her career is what it is. She still had something to prove with every album up to RHT. I think after the divorce we saw the albums slip some but still saw her proving herself on stage. Then the leaks and the Rocco mess and then we lost the proving and were left with just an artist who knows that tours are just a cash cow and her albums a product for writing camps. So we got Madame X where she made the music she wanted an
  10. Well I suppose you know WE would. I’d be her bath towel that she’d use once and and throw away. But for someone like Rosie, different ballpark (buh dum pa!)
  11. Maybe Diablo was for the initial writing. But if M wasn’t feeling it then maybe she wants a different feel. Also Rosie maybe just didn’t have time to stop in. If she’s like me, I don’t want to just pop in on friends. I like to chill and have discussion. Rosie being a long time friend might be a more honest opinion than someone that’s just not wanting to lose their status and job.
  12. I still love this era. I haven’t enjoyed your I’ll be honest. At the time I only invested GGW, LS, and GMAYL. When I came back after Rebel Heart I just ate it up. I love her 2010s works. I do agree that this album suffered because of the circumstances with M so distracted and the willy billy grabbing of demos and slapping of vocals. I do however love Superstar, I’m Addicted and Beautiful Killer. Masterpiece I wish had received a proper music video. I think it could’ve been an appropriate 2011 single ahead of everything coming. Honeslty, I wished it’d been a 2010 album. That four year music gap
  13. Cue guilty pleasure playlist😂
  14. I have always loved her legs through out her career. I’m sure they’ve lost a lot of muscle the last year or so from recovery. But in their heyday... like bam
  15. I’m ready when it comes. It’ll be awesome to relive the show from a different perspective.
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