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  1. Yeah, haha. I was still trying to stay in bounds of those already planned on the deluxe. Ray of Light was released as a sample but it’s on the deluxe… should’ve been on the standard instead of Frozen then.
  2. Not to take away from the sound quality chat, but while it was relevant I wanted to drop what I think would’ve been a better track list idea: Everybody Into the Groove Open Your Heart Express Yourself Vogue 12” Edit Deeper & Deeper Secret Ray of Light Music Hollywood Hung Up Give It 2 Me Celebration Girl Gone Wild Justin Cognito Living for Love Medellin Robbie Revera Vocal Mix IDSIF New Dance Song In a perfect world, Ma would’ve headlines this whole project with a new dance single and I would’ve included it as the last song. I also thoigh a few of the songs could’ve had a different remix used (I jsut adore the Robbie Revera mix of Medellin). Celebration should’ve been chosen for this standard version too. Like a Prayer is out of place surrounded by being happy dance mixes so I’d swap it for Open Uour Heart to represent the True Blue era.
  3. Now that’s plausible. I would say a slow down in her extensive workout may have also worsened it. If all you ever do is push your limits and then stop, your body will decline fast.
  4. That’s something hard to prove. She’s a dancer and performer since she was in her late teens. The body is out through a lot as an athlete and that’s how she treated herself for 30+ years. She missing cartilage. That doesn’t happen from a surgery all of a sudden.
  5. NFTs based on Madonna’s fashion and reinventions would be amazing… but too costly for any of us that care in the end hahahahaha
  6. I don’t know what intent they meant but I was wondering similar. She’s having to look at her from every direction doing all of this. Everyone and then I catch a photo of me from late college and I get a bit depressed at how much I want to look like i did. Just a thought.
  7. I did go pull the Twila and it’s so good, but I can understand the Sasha Ultra Violet remix may have been the easiest put in the compilation. Maybe when they’re back to back we will feel the full spectrum they have for us
  8. I’m feeling maybe a few from this: Holiday Vogue Into the Groove Ray of Light Deep and Deeper Frozen on Fire? I don’t know what choreo would fit her now and I don’t know what’s worth her time singing live anymore. And I don’t know if she will wear all black or another pink shapeless dress, haha but I still have faith in her. She’s already sold the crap out of this remix collection already so what will this do to her if it’s bad? Probably nothing? Lol
  9. Idk. And not to bring her weight into this… but she looks thin on social media often and in reality she still lil plump. That or she has gas for every appearance. Same boat, I’m always bloated when I gotta do something in public and then feeling skinny for no reason on a Saturday morning.
  10. M gonna do a cover of this as a break up song from Ahlamalik 🤣 jk
  11. I saw the MXT version Future coming a mile away when I saw your name 🤣🤣🤣 Keep Madame X alive!!!
  12. I agree. I wonder if when she was “waiting on Anitta” that was code for thinking Anitta was gonna get approval to fund a music video. Who knows. I still think it could’ve been pushed and promoted with remixes. We had I Rise promoted with remixes and performances and not an official music video with her even involved from TIME. Could’ve landed another club hit. Same with God Control. Who knows.
  13. Yeah, that was essentially why. But there was a clip, and I’d have to hunt on Instagram for it, but she was on the piano and there were shouts or requests or maybe she was just venting to the audience but she basically said what’s the big deal with Faz Gostoso.
  14. It won’t even be her, it’ll be Trixie Mattel as Madonna. And the performance will be Trixie playing Bitch I’m Madonna on guitar. Goodnight.
  15. Those sound nice to my ears. Also, there’s 10 Missed Calls with Will.I.Am and Black Coffee that was a whole vibe I liked. Jozzy has little odd sounds mixed in here and there. Which I could see with that synth we heard in M’s last tiktok
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