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  1. milingo83

    Maisel still working!! Almost every month you can see his work on the cover or British Vogue (without taking into account that most of the fashion advertising campaigns are still made by him)
  2. milingo83

    Hope are you joking lol, personally i care about twins and David's soccer games up to a point.
  3. milingo83

    Only because she re post a pic of diplo wearing a D&G shirt of Music, thats not mean that he is confirmed for the new record
  4. milingo83

    Like every year lol
  5. milingo83

    Probably, but on the table i see only brunette wig so... Brunette is the thing 😍
  6. milingo83

    Finally something new from our Queen ❤😍
  7. milingo83

    Madonna is so random this days...
  8. milingo83

    Sorry but, someone say that Cardi B will be on new Madonna records?
  9. I will believe only if rhino records release the news ;)
  10. milingo83