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  1. outtakes ;) 

    1. Brandon Clark

      Brandon Clark

      Wait what? Who? Where? LOL! I wish that would make me SOOOOOO happy!!! :pray:

  2. does anyone know how to download from Mega without limit and without a premium account?

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    2. The Ghost
    3. emanon


      On 3/17/2019 at 9:37 AM, Fighter said:

      if you can reset your IP you can bypass the limit

      how to do that?

    4. Fighter


      you can disconnect and reconnect to the internet and see if that gives u a different IP. I use the mega app on mac so i close it, reconnect to the internet and open mega again and it continues downloading. 

  3. Please if you're going to post any pictures do a preview sheet where we can see the pics that are being posted. Sometimes the people like me who collect thousand of pictures... we don't like to download the same pictures over and over again. Thank u 

  4. Send some request haha

    I just don't know what to post now lol

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    2. mevolution


      @zveni vidi viciI'm not a big fan of that kind of stuff.

    3. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark


      Though if it's mp3, wave, or flac say so.

      Oh and can people stop posting Promo's that are there own remakes ?

      The spek readout for the 'demo' of Hung Up [sans ABBA] is virtually the same for the mp3 and a 'wave' posted on here.

      mp4 is just mp3 in different shoes !

  5. Thank You guys for all your support :) I love sharing some of my personal  "photocollection" i've been building over  the last 10 years. And Believe me, I try to answer all your request but sometimes there's no time or just i dont have the pics! lol.

  6. Working on old requests just right now!

    Send yours ! :) (And if you need any update of dead links send them too!)

    1. CYSMM


      Can we ask whatever we want ? ahaha

    2. mevolution


      @CYSMM always remember the rules!

  7. Does anyone have Full HQ scans of the 'Hard Candy' Deluxe box set?  

  8. Maybe I can Answer your Xmas photo request :O 


    I'm finally Back!

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    2. Betuncba


      maybe the original pic with no black superior stain?:pray:


    3. CYSMM


      We'll see them in 2084 ahaha

  9. Send your pictures request! I'll try to answer everything (even outtakes but privately) :)


  10. Don't worry! I'll be back soon with some new amazing pictures and who knows anything else! :o 


  11. After a week without allowing to post I'm finally back to share some things to you :) !

  12. There's not an alternate version of Miles Away sorry! :(
  13. I think we (all madonna fans) should do a new campaign to finally get the "re-invention" tour dvd, after 14 years we deserve it!

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    2. poserdemadonna


      Once she is gone and Rocco spends all his trust fund, he's gonna want to release those.

    3. Andymad


      No campaign will bring those past tours to the light of day. When she finishes an era and tour, she rests. I honestly think she feels she has no time to sit down and edit a past show to her standards. With BAT for example, I don't think there is any way for her to edit her vocals. If she thought "hey I sounded like shit here", I think the tour was so long ago they don't have a separate vocal track that can be manipulated. Because let's face it... what we hear live versus what is presented on her tour dvd is eons different. Think, crispy.:Madonna034:

  14. I'm looking for all madonna demos, since the first album til' Rebel Heart... can anyone help me? Please send private message! I would really apprecciate!

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    2. dylanlioncourt


      You can browse through audio section and make requests on there/see topics containing what you are looking for.

      Rebel Heart demos requests are not allowed.

    3. zveni vidi vici V.2021

      zveni vidi vici V.2021

      im dying for demos of 80's and 90s !!!

    4. Certified Fuck Up

      Certified Fuck Up

      just as everyone else ....

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