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  1. Her speeches are always funny/interesting/important. If some of you feel the same way, let's gather all that we can find here.
  2. Yes, sometimes she seems really surprised that fans know the lyrics to some of the lesser known hits. She doesn't know how much we love even the unreleased ones lol. I think she really feels loved and after all the problems in the recent years, she must have really needed it. And I hope this inspires her also.
  3. Does anyone remember on which show she was joking with some fans that showed her their boobs?
  4. She's not crazy or an idiot. She wouldn't go out on stage on a dangerous show if she's on heavy medication. Heavy sedative or painkiller medication affects a person's reaction speed. She would never risk hurting her children, her dancers or herself. Which could happen on such a show, where they are jumping on stage, flying above the audience and dancing on chairs. And what example would she give her children if she goes to work intoxicated? I think we all know what kind of person she is, as much as we could without personally interacting with her, so that's out of the question.
  5. I'm happy that she's not stuck on a fixed setlist. If she enjoys performing it, I don't give a f if it perfect or not. My number 1 priority after the health scare (and before, but I didn't realize it then) is that she's alive, well and does what she wants. If she wants to switch it to 'Birthday song', 'I'm going bananas' or 'Autotune baby', I'll be happy, because she's doing what she wants and makes her happy. She has been giving me more than enough (on this tour included (vocal quality too, on many songs)).
  6. Oh, my God! Some of these questions?! Can you imagine if they bully this way some of the current pop girlies?!
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/C3nb3v-s9M1/?igsh=Mm5qenZmMWw1Y3A3 Interesting.
  8. I love Rebel Heart. It's one of my favorite albums.
  9. So much more than a show... ❤️ No-one could ever compare...
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