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  1. I don't think she will be happy and 'enjoying her life' if she retires. Besides her children, her art is her life. She has always been hyperactive, so I don't think she could be happy doing nothing (more than a few weeks as a vacation). And she has always said that being creative is what saves her.
  2. Thank you for the confirmation. I don't understand the subjects listed in her IG post about the magazine if that's the case...
  3. Someone on insta said there's no interview in the magazine...
  4. Does this include TV shows? I live in a small country and they often perform M songs in a show where they imitate the original. I've often wondered how do they make it work and if she gets something from it (this TV show is probably the most watched in my country).
  5. She should be. I'm definitely super proud to be her fan.
  6. Where (and when) is this from?
  7. From what I've seen on previous tours, she always has that period towards the end of the tour, where she's super tired (rightfully so) and a bit bored and gets grumpy. Those speeches were really heavy and heartbreaking to me but I don't think that's how she felt the entire tour.
  8. I feel the same way. And it boosts her confidence also, which I think suffers a lot when she's not touring. Another important thing I think she will take away from this tour is that she doesn't need to perform heavy choreography in order to make the greatest show on earth. I guess she had some thoughts and issues with this idea, but I'm sure she saw that we, the fans, don't really care and actually (I'm speaking for myself) enjoy it more when she's more 'into the moment' and not so invested in remembering 100 steps a minute while singing simultaneously.
  9. I don't think that would fulfill her enough. She's been doing philanthropy all her life, apart from being an artist. She would go crazy of boredom if she's not creating.
  10. Have a great show M, team and fans! ❤️
  11. They are eating and drinking in the itau tent, there are videos on socials.
  12. You can check what time it is in your country here: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20240505T003000&p1=213 Enter 21:30 for time in Rio, then click on 'Add locations' and search for your country/city.
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