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  1. They're right about Hey You tbh
  2. Brendanlovesu1

    every time I see this thread marked as Hot I think it's speculation about a release date, not petty drama, isn't that PM's are for anyway?
  3. Brendanlovesu1

    we'll forget about all the moaning when the next album and new tour dates are released.
  4. Brendanlovesu1

    This thread needs updated after all the recent and juicy leaks Waiting for Cook and Fuck to leak next
  5. both Jack White and Alicia Keys are the perfect people to do a James Bond song, just not together. I would love to see each one individually do a Bond song. They’re both so incredibly talented but their vocals don’t mix that well. The song they did together has grown on me a lot over the years tho, but still a missed opportunity in my opinion

  6. I'm starting to sort out all the various Remixes, Singles and EP's etc and looking for alternate single covers to tell the difference between them. If anyone could help me out I'd be grateful

  7. Brendanlovesu1

    To be fair anything after MDNA was an upgrade, am glad the MDNA Miami Soundboard leaked. That's my official one
  8. Brendanlovesu1

    don't tease us like that
  9. Brendanlovesu1

    They've filmed other nights as well as Lisbon. I saw go pro cameras at my show in NY on 9/24 and heard reports of filming in Paris as well
  10. I was scammed and lost all my savings. I'm so sad and angry and need help

    1. Voguerista


      I am so sorry. I hope you will be ok. 

    2. Voguerista


      Are you doing ok Brendan? I hope so. Give us an update when you can. Huggsss xxx

  11. Brendanlovesu1

    do we know when the world of madame x documentary started filming and when it was released?
  12. we didn't have any announcement when LAP 30 was released on ITunes or Spotify did we. I can't remember
  13. Brendanlovesu1

  14. Brendanlovesu1

  15. Brendanlovesu1

    Some of these are good