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  1. I've heard 'insiders' say June 5th, 12th and 19th. Can they make up thier minds already
  2. you're not a true Inner City fan. Good life was released in November 1988
  3. she hasn't appeared and probably won't. the thread can be locked
  4. A material girl is not tasteless A material girl is my favorite I’m a material girl, so don’t waste this If you're not a material girl then you basic
  5. make a budget disappear like a magic trick, only hold a conversation if the bag is thique
  6. https://www.thepinknews.com/2023/05/26/madonna-lgbtq-icon-sam-smith-collaboration/
  7. Why is there not a makeover TV show where the fashion people help trans folk find their new look as they transition????

    1. Chris


      i would love that!

  8. I think during the confessions tour when performing ILNY she said the 'you can suck george bushes' dick' line execpt for when her dad was at the shows as he was a republican
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