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  1. Brendanlovesu1

    Drake is a horrible performer and should have stuck to acting tbh. Him yelling over a backing track is not performing. Glad this happened
  2. Brendanlovesu1

    any more camera's spotted at other shows?
  3. Brendanlovesu1

    I use an app called MusicBee
  4. This is a link to the original post confirming the news
  5. Brendanlovesu1

    Even if we do get footage from multiple nights, she hasn't changed the setlist or any costumes yet so it's been pretty consistent so far in that aspect I'm still irritated about the MDNA Tour DVD when it switches from the long black dress to sleveless and the normal GGW pants to the shiny ones
  6. Brendanlovesu1

    what have they done now?
  7. Brendanlovesu1

    This is lovely. Obviously a mock up but what we should have gotten instead of the red one a few years ago
  8. Brendanlovesu1

    where was it confirmed she shot a video for those songs?
  9. Brendanlovesu1

    I BELIEVE that the right side up cover was actually a mistake. I heard that when the album was being pressed they thought her face was supposed to be right side up but they were corrected that Madonna's face was supposed to be upside down. The pressings which followed were upside down. I haven't seen any recent pressings, but I think it's odd that they would be printing them right side up since that's not what M intended.
  10. Brendanlovesu1

    have the re releases been remastered?
  11. Brendanlovesu1

    why can't it be on Friday? Is it because her manager is Jewish?
  12. Brendanlovesu1

    Her health and well being comes first. Rest up, Queen
  13. Brendanlovesu1

    Yet she posts clips on her IG. There must be some cameras there to document said footage
  14. Brendanlovesu1

    just because it was remixed in a vid M posted on IG doesn't mean it's confirmed as a single. Who remembers the future remix that was posted a while ago?