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  1. it's ready. Shall i put a fresh pot of coffee on too?
  2. does anyone have the script? I would like to read it
  3. not deuxmoi being taken as a credible source lol
  4. they've been right about some things but wrong about a lot too, like any fansite in any fandom, what's the benefit of paying when someone will most likely ss and share here anyway?
  5. Well if she were to take it up again, I think she should work it out with Baz Luhrmann, and make it into a series, her career is too grand for a 2-3 hour movie.
  6. in your opinion.... Personally I've enjoyed when artists perform covers on tour, I would then go and research the original artist and that's how I discovered Alanis Morrisette after hearing Britney cover you oughta know in 2009
  7. what if we get something like Gaga did for BTW 10th anniversary. Disc 1 is a GH or an abridged version with select tracks, and a bonus disc with M songs reimagined by other artists?
  8. I hope it comes with dolby atmos technology
  9. Can someone who lives in London DM me? I have a favor to ask

  10. A queen is never late. everyone else is simply early
  11. DrownedMadonna are reporting that “The Icon Issue” - Madonna's iconic shoot for Vanity Fair by Luigi & Iango - is about to become a SHORT FILM! Videographers Bell Soto, Brian Molloy and Franklin Burger worked on the project, with amazing choreography by Vinson Fraley.
  12. correct. All UK shows a concert “curfew” but this is usually due to sound ordinances by the city. In other words, the loud noise of a concert has to be done by 11pm. Because she was on stage late for the February 5, 2020, concert in London, the show went over the Palladium's 11pm curfew, causing the venue to pull the curtains down on the concert. The final song, "I Rise", was performed with the lights and Madonna's microphone switched off. She claimed it was "5 minutes past our 11:00 curfew" and accused the venue of trying to "censor" her and of "pulling down the metal fire curtain that weighs nine tonnes." The venue denied having used the fire curtain, but did not directly comment on the show being cut short. A simillar issue happened at the rebel heart tour in Glasgow
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