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  1. From the blog superdeluxeedition.com April 2022 and beyond Now let’s looks ahead to the rest of the year with some featured artists and more reissue summaries, below. Madonna Weknow that the long-awaited Madonna reissues will start this year because Warner Music Group and Madonna told us in August 2021. The good news is that this will be a the start of a “multi-year catalog series” (similar wording as was used in 2010 for the start of Paul McCartney’s still running Archive Collection series), but the bad news is that Madge herself will “personally curate” the physical deluxe reissues. When the artist themselves take the reigns, it normally doesn’t end well (hey there, Phil Collins). Hopefully, this is marketing guff and someone who knows what they are doing will be behind the wheel. We were told the first release would be announced “soon” five months ago, so surely we’ll get some news…er, soon. The big question is which album they will start with. SDE readers voted by a large margin for the first album, Madonna, but we’ll have to wait and see. If we’re talking anniversaries, then Erotica is 30 this year, but it’s fair to say that it’s very unlikely that they’d start with that album. Madonna’s debut is 40 in 2023 so could they – would they – hold fire on that album for a further year? If so, then what will happen this year? The first single ‘Everybody’ is 40 in October, but that’s nearly a year away. There was talk of “unique releases for special events” which suggests we may get something for this year’s Record Store Day. Labels do like to start ‘big’ to generate momentum and excitement so one of the ‘Likes’ – “… A Virgin” or “…A Prayer” – is a distinct possibility.
  2. i think this "giemsi" make a new version without the permission of both Madonna and Sickick.

    1. beautifulkiller


      I love it - it needs a newly recorded part from madonna though 

  4. All the trashy feat. that she made from 2008 on...
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