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  1. very nice read! thanks for posting!!! i was wondering after listening to the leaked dwt los angeles concert what was the kevin costner apology for... now it makes sense!
  2. i love the whole dyu/mg/lav medley! great energy and adore the "can't help myself" part
  3. does anyone have links for the older seasons of untucked?
  4. fun thread! dancer, gap toothed, worked as an art model, lives in paris
  5. thank you!!! the second track (explicit except for the intro and outro) also has this phrase over the "greedy, greedy, greedy" that is on the clean edit... she says "you want some [...] and stuff". i don't recall hearing it on the other "flyte tyme remix" versions...
  6. could you post a rip, please? thanks everybody so much for clearing this up! what a collector's nightmare! this is actually the song (back in 2002 i think, when i first saw the video on mtv) that got me into her
  7. I think the one I have is the first one Thank you very much for clarifying this! I was thinking about buying a new single, but I wish it was on a cd
  8. thank you! i wonder now which version has the uncensored mix
  9. Hi, I have this version of the single https://www.discogs.com/Janet-Son-Of-A-Gun-I-Betcha-Think-This-Song-Is-About-You/release/1584543 which includes the censored version of the Flyte Tyme Remix featuring Missy Elliott. I was wondering if this version https://www.discogs.com/Janet-With-Carly-Simon-Son-Of-A-Gun-I-Betcha-Think-This-Song-Is-About-You/release/1605475 contains the fully uncensored version ("greedy motherfucker" instead of "greedy, greedy, greedy" at the beginning / "walkin’ ‘round, like you’re down, you don’t give a fuck" during Missy's rap, etc...) Hopefully one of you will be able to clarify this for me <3
  10. oh, just saw the first episode and it's really good! are you gonna post the youtube links here as well?
  11. Has to be played loud: EXPRESS YOURSELF Is for the shower: OPEN YOUR HEART Makes you sad: TILL DEATH DO US PART Makes you horny: EROTICA You know every word to: JUMP Reminds you of someone: BEST FRIEND Has a great music video: HUMAN NATURE Relaxes you: I WANT YOU Makes you want to boogie woogie: KEEP IT TOGETHER Makes you want to fall in love: INTERVENTION You listen to on repeat: VOGUE Excites you: GANG BANG Makes you think about life: EASY RIDE Helps you through the tough times: DIE ANOTHER DAY Helps you celebrate: HOLIDAY
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