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  1. ok... no uglycrying from me but happy it's this high <3
  2. pleasantly surprised! if my song wins i'm gonna uglycry
  3. so motherfuckers complaining about the album being "soul-less" and/or having too many bought songs put "best friend" and "i fucked up", two of the more personal songs on the album, below top 10??? make it make sense for fuck's sake
  4. according to wiki dua lipa's peaked at #28 on the billboard 200 and #1 on the dance/electronic albums. i mention hers cause it's the last big remix release i recall
  5. thank you! i feel like rebel heart would have worked better as the double rebel/heart it was intended to be
  6. trying my best not to be petty and give falling free a zero
  7. i'd add love don't live here anymore, express yourself and what it feels like for a girl
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