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  1. i'd add "stay" to that list for some reason her second album sounds more dated than the first
  2. if we're choosing by album it's "bedtime stories" for sure!!!
  3. I thought the 4x "in your arms" were for her four children that are with her during the show - specially because of the phrase that comes just before: "you're a shelter from the storm, give me comfort..." i wouldn't read that into the circling stage cause it goes counterclockwise during the whole song. also during "holiday" and "celebration". it moves clockwise during "vogue" and "like a prayer"
  4. you can see artifacts, it's clearly AI cleaned
  5. i'm pretty sure it's the live version from the girlie show. the addition might happen on the second verse though...
  6. multishow will do two re-runs: saturday at 22h30 and sunday 20h, both brazilian time
  7. this pre-recorded vocals debacle is really tiring. she's been using them her whole career. and sometimes the choices seem really random: for example ggw on the mdna tour sounded completely lipped during the concerts (watch any bootleg) but then on the dvd it sounds like she's really singing, body shop on the rebel heart tour also sounds lipped during the concerts but then on the japanese audio bootleg (from the ear in monitor) you can hear she's really singing everything.
  8. i think the side screens will replace the moving ones. in the actual stage i also don't see the huge light structure that is over the piano during "bad girl"
  9. rain on MY parade? at what point did i say they were going to build the same structure this time?
  10. i'm pretty sure it can. the stage is an independent structure, nothing is attached to the ceilings of the arenas. when the s&s and mdna tours were presented in stadiums (outdoors) in brazil they had all the lifting structures.
  11. I am certain that Jalet also worked on LFL and Live To Tell
  12. no... jalet did living for love, justify my love and die another day. the beast within and rol are definitely from la horde.
  13. anyone else not being able to enter sharemania? my antivirus is blocking it :(

  14. do we have a list of the IGs of the dancers (and the cellist)?
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