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  1. @Curtains could you please also make a comparison between the rates of the original songs in their albums and the remixes here?
  2. my voting ended up being very eclectic regarding the eras. it was a mix of which remixes "really add to the original" and "are just great dance tracks by themselves"
  3. voted! some great tracks in there, i'm pretty sure it was my first time hearing some
  4. still on the guessing game with my memory here, but i'm pretty sure there are no different shots: some things are cut short and the request song is not present
  5. i guess it's been happening for so long that some of us don't pay close attention to it anymore, i for one do not remember what exactly i voted on that category. i think the earliest memory i have of her talking about the age comments was on interviews during the "erotica" era, so she's basically been called old for 30 years now it is one of the reasons why i'm still so baffled when fans comment on that (or how she's not "classy")... i mean, are we fans of the same person????
  6. just voted! i had completely forgotten some of these... and one really stands out for me <3
  7. just watched the whole thing and it's incredible! congratulations and thanks for doing it and sharing <3
  8. i think this is the first time my 11 goes to the winning song "across the sky" really is that bitch <3
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