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  1. we're finally getting Veronica Electronica (the booklet) !
  2. Medonner looked at me from afar one day 35 years ago and smiled. does that mean she loves me
  3. the natural thing is to talk -trash- about Madonna for those kinds of people wash your mouth with soap RU, also stop sniffin' up the "makeup" !
  4. physical attraction Forbidden Love (BS) or Forbidden Love (COADF) ?
  5. Them Brazilians must have the bluest balls ever I do hope she gets her ass pads over there !
  6. My vote would go to the one that got a Dance scholarship to a University and danced at the Martha Graham dance studio yeah, that's only MADONNA ugh bitches with their rando lists (M at #10? gtfo) in any case Paula Abdul (#6 wtf?)is the one who had the chops to be #1 not her student Janice yeah I know I'm biased but I'm not blind (gaga over M? again what the actual F?)
  7. maybe she'd being sampled on a remix?
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