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  1. Like a Prayer the single was certified Platinum in the UK today! 😎
  2. So the thread title needs changing now , since it was both clickbait and untrue
  3. I'd love a b-sides album
  4. She doesn't pose, she smoulders
  5. He was very forward-thinking on many issues , just as Madonna and I have a hunch he may have seen her that way too and may have felt a kind of "kindred spirit" vibe about her at some level imho
  6. I'm greedy so I hope we can get all of them!!
  7. there's also that thing that bothers a lot of men too: she sexualized herself and was in control of the whole thing, instead of them sexualizing her, all of this while talking about her own fantasies , that was a no-no for a woman back then and basically a first for a woman of Madonna's tremendous worldwide fame ; and I agree that was a big FU to all
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