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  1. Ian

    I'd love a fan made HQ one! I bet fans are better at that than official sources lol
  2. Ian

    Holidayyy celebrationnn come togetherrr ineverynationnn
  3. Ian

    Be Healed!
  4. Ian

    disgusting comments under the article! then again it's fox news...
  5. what eyepatch? that didn't happen, that doesn't exist. this does not compute
  6. Ian

    btw, not a single per se, but a promo T-shirt item that came inside a 12" record-like jacket (it was a Mitsubishi/ Spotlight promo item) , I just loved the artwork, so simple and M looks great
  7. Ian

    It would be a win-win
  8. yeah! even Jump was popular with rando people
  9. Ian

    Warner Music Group
  10. The Super Bowl. What a SUPERSTAR Everybody was talking about her, even people who never cared before a lot of the GP were like: This is Madonna
  11. Ian

    Here's hoping she and WR come to an agreement
  12. Ian

    I agree with many here , plenty of her single covers were iconic and well made ! I loved these too:
  13. Ian

    and faz gostoso remixes too
  14. Ian

    MadonnaMix (1985) with continuous sequencing of all the tracks