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  1. There's also the new Bitch I'm Loca remix vid right?
  2. That was very cute! Love that she still inspires so many girls
  3. the live MXT release ain't for you anymore petty jaded ones!
  4. From a WR/SIRE ad on Billboard Magazine on IB (May 1990): "Madonna sings Breathless. Madonna sings Sondheim. Madonna sings Herself. The movie event of the year now comes to life on an album of astonishing virtuosity. A multi-platinum star breathes new excitement into an entire genre and proves, once again, there is nothing under the sun she cannot call her own. "
  5. You're right, I forgot how long it takes in M world to release something after they show it on TV -now stream I guess-
  6. More is really all about Us fans, because that's what we all want from her: More more more more more more MOOOOORE!
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