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  1. the live MXT release ain't for you anymore petty jaded ones!
  2. From a WR/SIRE ad on Billboard Magazine on IB (May 1990): "Madonna sings Breathless. Madonna sings Sondheim. Madonna sings Herself. The movie event of the year now comes to life on an album of astonishing virtuosity. A multi-platinum star breathes new excitement into an entire genre and proves, once again, there is nothing under the sun she cannot call her own. "
  3. You're right, I forgot how long it takes in M world to release something after they show it on TV -now stream I guess-
  4. it'd be nice to have something for Xmas... at least a MX DVD/Blu-ray?
  5. More is really all about Us fans, because that's what we all want from her: More more more more more more MOOOOORE!
  6. They are all amazing!! I can't wait what you'll think of next! (maybe STUDIO ALBUM I¿m Breathless? it seems to be a big hit these days on the forum) jokes aside, I'd actually love one for either ROL or BedtimesStories
  7. Hanky Panky I just like things a little rough And you better not disagree
  8. come on you guys, give Emily a chance, she just got a Broderbund Software Catalog and she's waiting for her Print Shop Deluxe software box to arrive so she can get back on track on her powerful 486 DOS PC oh and with her new audio Sound Blaster so she'll get the singles thing going
  9. I know right? Life's too short to be bitter !
  10. I would be scared if I took into consideration advice from someone called Quack telling me to eat ol' candy BUT I have eaten candy from the 60s and I didn't crap mah pants so it's all fine! (I guess but everyone's body is different) so dose me some HARD CANDYYYYY as for the CVS candies, they're different !
  11. not even on "debra's peak beauty" (ha! as if!) was she ever at the same level as Lynda Carter , hell not even now, Lynda is miles away more of a Beauty (both inside and out) than poor sad sap bitter ol kuntz guest home tenant Debs here's an actual photo of M visiting Debra since M has a heart of GOLD:
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