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  1. if there were no pros then Ricky was there obvi
  2. I love everything about it! she looked great and the video was fun, both song and remixes had great sounds, etc It deffo deserved a proper single release in the States. could've been a top 5 single
  3. And LIB is nearing 600M views and still no HD Oh and let's recall poor ol' Celebration MV
  4. yeah! the thing is we'd like the song to never end , the party to be foreverrrr n everrr!
  5. I see it as I see perfume flankers : There is only one and original "Happy" -or any other scent that happened to have flankers over the years- and the other iterations are ok for a limited time, only to be enjoyed in a Season and then they may be gone/discontinued, yet the one that started it all is still there for me to enjoy and the memories that one gave me will never be replaced. but what do I know
  6. How come you don't recognize M's creamy dreamy complexion
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