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  1. I hope they sample the theme song from that 80's Brit Hit Show "Brush Strokes" !
  2. I love TIC, but I love the original (album version) songs as well ..I remember back when TIC came out and some fans were wailing crying and yelling with snot coming out of their noses and foaming at the mouth that she ruined all original songs of yore, lol I guess some things remain the same about the cramming of songs I agree it felt a little too crowded but people seemed happy to get so many songs on a CD otherwise Warner/Sire would have given us a VERY expensive 2CD set and I feel it wouldn't have been as popular as the 1CD set (granted the 1CD was expensive just the way it was already )
  3. they should've used Human Nature when they were eating errr, y'know jokin' aside, I love it when they use Madonna songs on shows and films !
  4. yeah , it seems 11xP (11 million) is the minimum since they wrote on UKMix that the album scanned 1.4 Million between 2001 and 2013, so maybe they'll update later on? 10xP certified plus 1.4M scanned only between those dates (pure sales) plus streaming should push this well over 12xP
  5. Finally enough cert! I'm waiting for more ones to come!
  6. I don't have any problems with any of the TRULY posts, y'all need to get a life I don't care if it's a bot either, that means AI is on our side! (as opposed to the plethora of alleged-M fans a.k.a. negative trolls in here)
  7. as I saw then (and lived it ) it was like she was kind of a local star in NYC by mid 1983 already , by early 1984 she was known in the whole country and when LAV dropped she became a massive superstar not only in America but WW , the amount of attention she got from it was insane , you just had to be there and travel outside of the country to get the full idea of how huge she got
  8. "very Obey everything I say " legend has it Chanelta is still waiting for a salesgirl downstairs
  9. actually she's f*cking Us... but then again, she's always loved pegging men people so just enjoy the ride! (at 199.98 bucks a pop! what a STEAL! )
  10. Guys, that's the reissue lol I can hear M singing "..and I'm not sorry " stop pulling my dick Madonna !
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