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  1. they're very different imho...the one you're talking about is Shelley Long
  2. there's so much to be done but Emily is still at Starbucks waiting for her double shot latte
  3. That AndiIversen guy from UKmix was right once again , he posted about WTG back in June he's never been wrong with the singles releases, he used to post early about the DJ Digital package mixes back when the Dance chart was alive too...is he an insider?
  4. from UKMix! 3 new certs in Brazil! [SINGLE] Turn Up the Radio Madonna 2024 - Universal Music 1xP [SINGLE] Faz Gostoso Madonna 2024 - Universal Music 1xDiamond [SINGLE] Girl Gone Wild Madonna 2024 - Universal Music 1xP
  5. I really liked this look she sported at the MTV VMAs in '94, she looked sparkly yet mysterious mermaid-like at the same time :
  6. I see some people on this here thread have come back from a 2 year internet-free vacay on some isolated island ! y'all better #sendnudes show dem tan lines
  7. I posted this on the charts forum, guess no one reads that over there BTW Beautiful Stranger got certified 1xP in the UK
  8. Beautiful Stranger certified Platinum in the UK!
  9. Vogue has been certified 3xP in America!! https://x.com/Rhino_Records/status/1806696772502474975 Release Date March 30, 1990 Previous Certification(s) | Date(s) 3x Platinum | June 28, 2024 2x Platinum | June 28, 1990 Platinum | June 14, 1990 Gold | June 14, 1990
  10. yeah it's known that he's inflating Jacko's numbers because he's his absolute fave, and he's been also doing the same for Taylor, so she could unseat Madonna from her pole position among women. He updates them weekly if not daily. He also uses a methodology that he invented himself so he can tweak it however he wants it To him, Madame X has sold 0 copies WW for example and he states the album has only 301k album equivalents (with streams only) to this day, most of M's numbers are way outdated and /or have wrong info -when it comes to Madonna-
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