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  1. Ian

    keep dreaming! they probably have their hit-article templates trashing it written already and "fans" here writing crap about it on this forum too
  2. Ian

    Premonitiondonna #secretprojectrevolution #Ghosttown #eurovision2019 #IfIwerePresident (article) #SolidGold1984
  3. Kylie shouldn't be an example to M tbh, just yesterday alone K lost some 2.8 Million monthly listeners on Spotify, and the number is still going down, now she's at 9.8M overall (#444 WW) , her promo was intense but basically in the UK only -and some in Australia- effectively pigeonholing herself to these 2 markets , it has done next to nothing elsewhere. So when you mention the GP I assume you must be thinking about the GP mostly in the UK. Much like Mariah (#10 WW on Spotty back in Dec and she's at #129 WW) , the vast majority of K's streams came and went with the season. Madonna went from #300 back in Dec to # 242 WW now and her streams have been rather constant even if her Santa Baby didn't do anything this past xmas season and with no new album out for a while now and of course minimal promo. M's streams do need a lot of improvement yeah and we've yet to see what her "team" will do about that
  4. Ian

    A cultural reset
  5. Ian

    Like a Lucky Star 🌟
  6. Ian

    Don't tell me to Stop
  7. I honestly don't have a clue as to which single is her least favorite... she did seem to have some animosity for MG but that was way back in the day, I know she's performed it after ofc
  8. Ian

    I remember that too! 😅
  9. Ian

    True, back then we didn't have the interwebz so it felt like she went AWOL
  10. Ian

    walking down the street back in April-May-June 1985 was something I'll never forget lol like, every girl was a M Wannabe I've yet to see it again tbh
  11. Best? literally all the ones by Herb Ritts ! I won't post least favorite because I'm SICK AND TIRED OF ALL THE NEGATIVITY ON THIS FORUM
  12. Ian

    video just reached 1M views!
  13. RS charts still don't have a lot of credibility, they are rather young at that (they just started in mid-2019) ,btw -in case some were thinking they were the end-all of charts -