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  1. Ian

    we should have a dancing party with her
  2. He was always a very cool guy and he's an icon in the modeling world
  3. Ian

    BGO Survival or Secret?
  4. hope she's getting better and better
  5. such a great article! M was being vilified for standing up for people's rights, is utter nonsense, and it doesn't get more moronic than those who can't see who their allies are. M is obviously proud of all of her children. And those who said "yeah thanks for ending racism" are very dim-witted to say the least.
  6. Ian

    I'd like M to sing tracks from the 1900s-20s-30s
  7. ugh his attitude what a major DICK , he never cared for sure (4 her, not her money)
  8. Ian

    the 12" was released the last week of May and debuted as Angel/Into the Groove (at #10) on the June 8 issue of Billboard and it shot to #1 the very next week
  9. Ian

    considering that ITG was added on MTV on March 30, '85, I'd say yeah ITG came earlier than Angel
  10. Express Yourself forever and always the other one means nothing to me