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  1. I'd love a new ballads collection from M, I mean the last time we had a GH was 11 years ago I feel it could be well received too
  2. Ian

    "I get up again...over and over! "
  3. Ian

  4. Ian

  5. She really is looking great and I wasn't expecting the pink hair at all, a lovely champagne pink that is 🤩🥂🍾
  6. Ian

    She sounded so good on those clips! 😍😍❤️❤️
  7. Bring them on! I looved them so much!
  8. Ian

    seems to be sold out now
  9. Ian

    I don't know guys , you know...if this by any chance became someone's Holy Grail perfume , that person would spend tons of money on it, I know I would , if that scent takes me back in time, to my loved ones, to happier times, to maybe an enchanted place or to a situation I loved, and I would buy it even if it came in a basic bottle but the thing is we don't know what it smells like and the promo looks kinda on the cheap side (including the bottle) hahaha
  10. Ian

    Madonna can't afford real pearls! Madonna can't afford real pearls!
  11. I love the original too! I bought the DVD sets hehehe
  12. I loved many shows, you guys mentioned a lot I still watch I also watched Laramie, Who's the Boss, Remington Steele, Murder she Wrote, Hart to Hart, Hunter, Cheyenne , and a long etc
  13. Ian

    Student Exchange (1987)