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  1. Ah, ok what I will add is: I'm not saying you and others don't worship or support her. I'm well aware of that. I've not been on this forum long, but I have been a fan since ROL. Ricardo's photoshop skills are awful, I know, I've said before, and I wasn't only looking for posts about how pretty she is, etc. It is a bad edit, yes. I did wonder how something so obvious was missed. It looks the smudge tool was used badly, to me. My comment was focused on the mocking of women's body parts. It went too far and there was no need for it. Women are continuously mocked and I'm tired of it. I'm really not one to comment on things like this, (believe me, I'm the quietest person you'd ever meet - and I'm not awful I promise. I know you're all not either). But I had to stand up for my fellow women. I have learnt so much from Madonna about being a woman and what I should not be ashamed about (forever grateful for her Erotica era) but it's not nice to see fans I've been communicating with for months, not respect something that she is, or (take some comments too far). That's all. I do accept your apology, of course. I have enjoyed your posts, especially during the tour 🙂
  2. Baby's first bit of press 🩷 She was born to be a star! Haha
  3. Apologies to mods, I did ignore after reporting but I feel I have to speak up - I was hoping the new posts were about something else. (If this has to be deleted, that's perfectly fine) @Jackie@RUADJAI (i think I've tagged correctly - did it from memory) The absolute disrespect towards women since I posted these recent pictures, is disgusting. I did not see what you are seeing when I first saw that picture, and I still don't see it now. It's an editing mistake and that's the first thing I thought of. I did not appreciate (as a woman!!) being quoted with a disgusting response to a body part that Madonna and I both have, or the replies that have followed. Whether you are attracted to women or not, our body parts are not something to be mocked (I personally have never and would never do the same about men). A woman brought you into this world via that body part - we should be respected. You are on this forum because of a woman you admire, and I do not like seeing her being treated like this. I quite enjoy this forum (especially this thread), I've had no issues with anyone before (and I'm not trying to start anything now), but this is not on. This is all I have to say about this.
  4. Of course. It's been a few months since my last one though. I write about mine in my journal because my memory is terrible and I can't remember them all. My favourite one was when we slept together [emoji28]
  5. Speaking as a woman, when you find a garment that you absolutely adore because it makes you looks and feel good, then yes. You wear it all the time and you buy more than one variation of it. (Especially if it's a bra/bustier) It's a must. I can relate to M completely [emoji23] & I forgot to quote but @pawn_shop_bluesstrapless bras are comfortable no matter the age, lol. M wears her Paige bra from Agent Provocateur a lot if she's not wearing this bustier.
  6. I'd laugh if it's really because Madonna hasn't handsigned the 40 copies of the litho just yet [emoji23] #soon That's all I've ordered from that range It's unusual for them to email about delays though. (Not that I'm complaining, lol.)
  7. She's definitely not that grey yet, but is dying her roots to cover what is coming through. I am hoping she goes dark again though.
  8. Ahh, so this is what she's really doing at 4am instead of sleeping!
  9. I received the Time Goes By So Slowly tshirt today, and I LOVE it! I'm so excited to wear it! Annoyingly, I need to email the store AGAIN about them sending out the correct tshirt for my last order. This is really getting on my nerves now.
  10. Firstly, I want her to rest. She needs to. But knowing her, it won't be for long and she'll still be working through it, lol. She should spend time with her kids, relax, have a holiday or whatever she feels like doing. But I just want her to rest. After that, I'd love new music, and the biopic too.
  11. Not for much longer. She's flying to NY soon.
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