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  1. If it is the reissue of 'The First Album' with the version of 'Burning Up' that lasts 4:48, it would really be great news.
  2. I love that she continues doing what she always does, and proving that she has been the Queen for 40 years (my favorite moments of the show are Bad Girl and Express Yourself)
  3. Anyway, speaking of Rio, if Warner officially releases it, it will be with a completely different edition than the show we saw live. Remember that there were several cameras recording. And the sound will probably also be a different mix.
  4. That’s still better than switching scenes every second without seeing anything that happens on the stage like in previous Blu-rays. 😊
  5. Rio. That show has made history. She performed in front of one and a half million people. And she was magnificent. Anyway, even as an extra disc, the Rio show should be officially released by Warner.
  6. My friends, this show has been historic.
  7. I feel right now just like when I watched the Blond Ambition Tour from Barcelona on TV on August 1, 1990. It’s been fantastic.
  8. Pure Madonna. Thanks my queen.
  9. I'm crying with Express Yourself
  10. I never recommend albums to a new potential fan; I always recommend a compilation of singles from different eras. After that, if they like it, that’s when I recommend albums based on the singles they’ve enjoyed.
  11. It works in the trailer because the song is a message from Marvel to its fans (finally, the X-Men are coming 'home' after so much 'prayers' from the fans). Deadpool and She-Hulk are two Marvel characters who always break the fourth wall.
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