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  1. Yes, this is all I want. All her remixes and edits in digital quality (plus instrumentals). I don't care (too much) about demos / unreleased / live / unplugged songs. Studio Versions from every Tour would be a great surprise.
  2. I've seen more compilations nowadays than before. I could agree with you with the "Greatest Hits" compilations. But the compilations right now are made with very rare versions (edits and remix edits) never released before. They are more a collection with all versions available on the vaults than the typical greatest hits compilation (and those versions were unavailable before on streaming sites, neither from digital sources).
  3. No, I'm not making fun of streaming. I'm telling the truth. Many songs are not available on streaming so I can't play what I want. But you are making fun of compilations. Why? Many compilations are made to release forgotten edits and remixes (many of them never available from digital sources before).
  4. The problem with album box sets is the amount of remixes after "Like A Prayer". So i'm agree with you, the maxi-singles needs a different approach. Maybe the best solution would be box sets separated by decades with different maxi-singles (Four Maxi-Singles Box Sets: 1982-1991: From "Everybody" to "Rescue Me" (including "you can dance" US vinyl promos) 1992-2002: From "This used to be my playground" to "Die Another Day" 2003-2013: From "American Life" to "Turn Up The Radio" 2014-2022: From "Living For Love" to "Levitating" ) I mean, something like the Bananarama singles box set. Every Maxi-CD have all the remixes and edits (obviously, Maxisingles like "Fever", "Bedtime Story", etc, etc, need two or three CDs).
  5. The era of streaming???? The era of streaming doesn't have the 75% of edits and remixes I bought in physical during 40 years. I can't play the songs I want because those versions are not available on streaming sites. Sometimes you can't play a classic album because the songs on those albums are not the original ones. The era of streaming.... Ha.
  6. I wanted to buy it, but it worths nothing without Madonna remixes. "Where's the Party", "Like A Prayer", "Express Yourself" and "Keep It Together" are a must in a Shep Pettibone compilation.
  7. As new videos on BD or UHD, the unplugged concerts it's ok (not my cup of tea) but it's a horrible idea as bonus songs for all her albums reissues.
  8. For an instant I've seen the erotica cover. Sometimes she is identical to her mother.
  9. Requested by @madgefan : Cherish HD untouched video with Celebration DVD audio (PCM 2.0 & AC3 5.1) [Hidden Content] EDIT: Oops!... I forgot to upload Express Yourself HD untouched video with Celebration DVD audio (PCM 2.0 & AC3 5.1) [Hidden Content] I'm sorry for the delay.
  10. Hi, how are you? I wonder if you were able to rip the HD version of Cherish and edit it with the Celebration audio track? I'd love to have it but I'm an ass at editing myself:lol:


    1. Aiwa08


      Don't worry. I'll do it tomorrow. Today I can't do it. :cute:

  11. "It's that Girl" is one of my most wanted items on CD (and digital streaming). And don't forget the US promos with the unmixed versions of "You can Dance". And of course, Fever (Edit Two).
  12. Maybe in english "hate" is not the correct word (many times in Spain "hate" means "I don't like" or "I don't really care") . She "doesn't care enough" would have been a better choice for the question. Fortunately, with the Warner deal, my question is now useless.
  13. Please reconsider getting a few extra flacs... please!!! 

    We can use a platform of our own also - PM me if you're interested in off-MInfinity places.

    I just swear I could tell that guy where he could put his questions but I'm too polite lmao


  14. I mean a real good-bye song talking about her career, songs and feelings. Not a simple song that can be used by everybody as a good-bye.
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