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  1. Aiwa08

    Like I did with "Hung Up" & "Jump", I've added Celebration DVD audios (PCM 2.0 & AC3 5.1) to the Erotica video. The video from youtube is untouched. [Hidden Content]
  2. Aiwa08

    Yes, it has better quality: Celebration DVD : Youtube (Without black bars):
  3. Aiwa08

    No. But youtube has a lossy 44100 Hz audio track.
  4. Aiwa08

    Same video from youtube untouched. I just added the audio tracks from celebration (PCM 2.0 & AC3 5.1, 48000 Hz) and deleted the lossy aac audio (44100 Hz)
  5. Aiwa08

    If you want the same official video untouched in 1080p, but with the Celebration DVD audios (PCM 2.0, AC3 5.1) here it is (I'm sorry, not subtitles this time): [Hidden Content]
  6. Aiwa08

    "Live To Tell". It was the first time that I really started to love Madonna.
  7. I only know that "Express Yourself" was projected at the cinema, after 1998 for sure. Something related with a film festival. But I can't remember why they screened "Express Yourself" (David Fincher tribute? Metropolis premiered remastered and with new footage recovered?) or where it was screened. I'm sorry for my bad memory. I read that almost 10 years ago. Update: It was at the LA Film Festival in 2009 (Propaganda & Satellite Films Get Their Tribute On): The only source of this info:
  8. You are right. I forgot the problem with old CD-Players. Fortunately I never had problems playing commercial CDs longer than 80 minutes with my CD-Players in the 90s.
  9. Express Yourself was screened years later. I can't remember where. It had something to do with David Fincher (maybe a marathon with his movies in a film festival?) And I saw with my own eyes "Material Girl" and "Dress You Up" at the cinema when "Desperately Seeking Susan" was released in Spain. Believe me, to see "Material Girl" at the cinema is priceless.
  10. I will never forgive her for not including "Burning Up", "Gambler" & "Who's That Girl" on TIC, and "Oh, Father" & "Fever" on the Celebration DVD.
  11. I have compilation CDs from the 90s with a running time longer than 82 minutes. I've never understood why Warner didn't past the 74 minutes frontier to add two or three songs using short edits (Burning Up, Who's That Girl, True Blue...)
  12. The movie "Who's That Girl" was promoted like the "comedy of the year" with the "superstar" Madonna. The hype for the movie was high, really high. That is the reason why I've said "Her first BIG commercial failure". "Shangay Surprise" had zero promotion, at least in my country. The hype for that movie was almost non-existent.
  13. In my opinion, that is the main problem in TIC: the edits are too short (La Isla Bonita, Open Your Heart, Express Yourself, Cherish, and many more)
  14. The movie, the problem was the movie. Critics and viewers destroyed "Who's that girl?" with passion. As far as I know, the movie was the first big failure in her immaculate career. So Madonna simply removed the song from her back catalogue to forget that mini-era. Yes, the song was a big hit worldwide, but the failure of the movie overshadowed that.
  15. Aiwa08

    Remixed all by Shep Pettibone would be the perfect album.