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  1. My favorites are: True Blue, Like A Prayer, and Erotica. To me, they form a unique mega era. I also love with passion the Ray Of Light, Confessions, and MDNA eras. Of course, there are more eras that I love, others that I like, and some that I don’t care for as much.
  2. Oh please, there’s no need for you to feel sorry for me. This isn’t my first ‘I don’t like her music’ era since 1989. I can play hundreds of her songs and remixes while I eagerly await a new and exciting era. So it's not a problem for me.
  3. I would send the masters to hell itself to burn eternally Nah, It's a joke, but seriously, I don’t like them at all.
  4. Of course at the end its a Madonna decision, as always, but I still hate the idea of featuring singers.
  5. She can make her songs more modern without featuring singers.
  6. I believe those local edits stopped when Warner started distributing their material for all of Europe (and not WEA, which each country had its own distribution). Now, those local edits are made when a long song is released specifically as single for a certain country, for example: God Control (Radio Edit) for France. https://www.discogs.com/release/13979277-Madonna-God-Control
  7. Even though I heard Madonna’s song Burning Up first (without knowing she was the singer), I didn’t really know who Madonna was until she released Like A Virgin. And that’s true for almost everyone, especially outside the USA.
  8. No. It was always considered a documentary film. The concept of ‘Reality show’ started ten years later with ‘Big Brother’
  9. Here it is: [Hidden Content] Use the CUE file to play the FLAC file.
  10. Also, I don’t understand why they didn’t use the 7’’ Dance Edit as the base for the Q-Sound remix on the Immaculate Collection.. It's the best (dance) version
  11. Well, you're right. It's an unique "local" version (but it is official).
  12. I've told you: One is the album version and fades at 5:10 (Japanese single) The other one is the 7'' Version and fades at 5:06 (US CD-Promo). They are different versions but both have almost the same fade. It’s easy to think they’re the same (even some people are not able to distinguish the differences between the Album version and the 7’’ version). I have both CDs since 1997 and I thought they were the same version, until I found out they were different four or five years ago.
  13. No, no. They are different. Album Version with Fade on the Japanese single, 7'' Version with Fade on the US promo-CD.
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