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  1. This is a non sequitur... (- Hi, what time is it. - I bring apples.) Never mind....
  2. Great. I was just telling you that the MDNA album was official even though bootlegs are sold in the store. The link was an example with a bootleg vinyl in Amazon
  3. That 7'' was 15 €. I'm not talking about paying a lot of money. I wouldn’t do that for a bootleg.
  4. Some bootlegs are very nice. But in this streaming era without CD-Maxis or 7'' vinyls, I always buy bootlegs when the songs are not available physically. For example:
  5. For me it's one of her best albums (but I won't buy this reissue because I have the original vinyl). Waiting for the cassette version...
  6. It's fake. I found it and a similar Ray of Light in a vinyl store 15 years ago. But I didn't buy it. (I only buy bootlegs when the tracks are unavailable on physical format).
  7. Why don't you open a new topic for the Bedtime Stories DAT tape?
  8. Check it by yourself: https://www.amazon.es/Best-Partys-Right-Here-Vinilo/dp/B07Y9BGZLK/
  9. That's a bootleg and can be sold legally. Even Amazon sells these vinyls.
  10. The same happens with other ROL tracks. That is not exclusive of LAP album. But I don't need to attack weaker ROL tracks to defend LAP album.
  11. Oh boy... Spanish Eyes and Love song are classic Madonna's tracks. Pure Madonna. Please, don't attack them to defend ROL.
  12. @MisterMistere In my opinion we should wait to make the crowdfunding in July. This month Madonna’s Rainbow FEL comes out and it’s a significant expense. But it’s just my opinion.
  13. So the Express Yourself remixes are also a new transfer from the original tape? GREAT
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