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  1. Hey whats up?

    I'm sorry about the backlash you got because of your God Control version.
    I was really looking forward to watch it, because I had the same idea. 

    Could you share it with me? 


  2. Only her first singles (1982-1989) and the album "Like a Prayer" need a remaster. Why do you want a remaster of "Music" or "American Life"? Even "Erotica" or "I'm Breathless" have an incredible sound. And "The first album", "Like a Virgin" and "True Blue" were remastered. A complete remaster with all the Warner albums will be a waste of time and money. They don't need a remaster.
  3. Amazing video. I have no words.
  4. What? The backlash against Erotica was fierce. It was the worse era to be a fan. The reactions today against a new album are a joke compared with the Erotica era.
  5. Oh, my god.... Obviously I was talking about versions available only on vinyl and never available on CD, like Dress You Up (Remix Edit), Fever (Edit Two), Open Your Heart (Remix Edit), I'll Remember (Orbit Remix) and many more.... I've edited my original post to be more specific.
  6. Every single at top 10? I really don't know. And many singles worked well in one country and they were a flop in others...
  7. I'm doing a compilation with every single, using only the versions played on the radio: until the singles from Music (2001), 67 tracks on 4 CD of 80 minutes...
  8. No. I prefer a greatest hits album, with older tracks available on vinyl but never available on CD...
  9. Aiwa08

    The Hi-Res Audio version is better. The vinyl is very good, but the sound from a 88.2 kHz and 24 bit source in this album is a blast!
  10. Aiwa08

    It's also available at The sound quality is amazing.
  11. The album is not my cup of tea (I don't like Reggae fusion, I hate reggaeton) but I can see that "Madame X" is a masterpiece and I like it very much. In my opinion is like "I'm Breathless 2" (in a good way) . PS: I Love "I'm Breathless".
  12. People, believe me, you need to listen the album in Hi-Res Audio (88.20 kHz, 24 bit). The sound quality is incredible.
  13. Aiwa08

    Too early to tell, but in this moment my favourite track is "Come Alive". My second one would be "Faz Gostoso".
  14. Sometimes others re-upload the files and not the original poster. So I'm not sure if this is a good idea.