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  1. I really hate the last Frozen remixes, and Material Gworrrrlllll, because I hate that kind of music, but they are just a couple of remixes where Madonna have fun. Nothing more. Are you really crucifying Madonna for a couple of remixes and a crazy video? Come on, it's not even a full album with that kind of music. I really don't understand the meltdowns.
  2. If you are interested only in Die Another Day, this is a Hi-Res audio file (96000 Hz, 24 bits): [Hidden Content] WAV, 3:02
  3. I mean Madonna and Warner need "unreleashed" material for the 50 anniversary.
  4. Yes, this is my point of view. If they have finished unreleased songs, then they could be included in the boxsets, but rough or unfinished demos, Warner will keep them in the vaults.
  5. Yes, we'll get boxsets, but with the promotional rare edits, remixes and b-sides (maybe with a couple of unreleased remixes). Fans are waiting for a lot of demos and unreleased songs, but I see it highly improbable this time.
  6. You are right. The general public hated her, but many of her "classic" fans hated her even more.
  7. This video is like the first Almodovar movies but made in 2022. It's trashy and vulgar but in an artistic way. I don't love it but I like it. Well it's Madonna reinvented again.
  8. Also you may add: REBEL HEART TOUR vinyl (it's not made by Warner but it's official).
  9. Relax... Lola is in her "Otto Von Wernherr" era... In ten years she will record "Like A Prayer 2"...
  10. I bought mine here, long time ago: https://www.1stopmadonnashop.com/vinyl-records-26-c.asp
  11. Yes, I have one. But it's still a bootleg (and I love it).
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