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  1. Oh, The "international deluxe version" not is not available on "Hi-Res" like the regular album.
  2. On the contrary! This allows us to keep our physical collection sealed and new. I hate opening my collector's editions because they're not available in streaming.
  3. We are talking about "Take a Bow", not about "Live To Tell" or "Oh, Father".
  4. I'm totally agree with you. Unpopular opinion: Take a Bow it's a beautiful song but too boring and repetitive. I always play the edit version because the album version is too long.
  5. That is your opinion and only your opinion. MDNA and Hard Candy are amazing. Not her best albums but they are really good. She has worse albums (in my opinion) but I don't wanna start the same debate again.
  6. What's that? Wait, I need to read 31 pages of the post "Back That Up" demo going viral on TikTok". Interesting, a demo from "Rebel Heart" released officially. Waiting for the Avicii versions.
  7. In the studio? She is amazing, and I love her voice. Live? Mmmm... Well... I love how she dances, her powerful presence, the acting... Next question.
  8. I remember "I want you" played in Spain as promo single.
  9. No, they are not too quiet. They use the full dynamic range available. The 2001 remasters kills the dynamic range and sound compressed (but not distorted). Yes, the problem is the industry standard. Again, no one said is a problem that needs to be fixed, but It would be nice. I prefer the vinyl versions without the Dynamic Range too compressed (or digital leaks with the full dynamic range intact). The real problem (heavy distortion) begins with FEL. PS: And you are misunderstanding me. I love the remasters. The problem is the compression. I would love to listen the 2001 remasters without the dynamic range compressed.
  10. Oh, come on. The singles from "Ray of Light" available in different compilations have more treble. No one said "Ray of Light" has bad sound quality, only the treble is a little quiet. A LITTLE!
  11. 1º) No. They are real problems with the sound quality. It's not a personal preference. Of course a few people doesn't care but the problems are still there. 2º) And many people hate the dynamic range compression since day 1. 3º) The original editions are better because the remasters are too compressed. 4º) Ray of Light doesn't have "too much bass". The problem is the treble, it's a little low. 5º) Like A Prayer need more bass (it was fixed with the singles). 6º) After Music, every Madonna's album is too compressed but not distorted. But after FEL is a "distortion" fest (including Everybody and Gambler). The vinyl editions are compressed too, but less than the digital versions. PS: I'm love many remastered albums. What I hate is the irrational dynamic range compression. Erotica, Bedtime Stories, Evita and Ray of Light use the dynamic range compression in the right way. Unfortunately for young people listening only over-compressed music, a song uncompressed sounds to them "too quiet" in a smartphone.
  12. If you are interested, I use wavegain with my wavs to normalize the volume, with the Gain +3.5 (Volume of "Like A Prayer" album, the last Madonna's album with the dynamic range intact). With this setting, for example God Control sounds at the same volume of "Like A Prayer".
  13. It's funny, because the problem with FEL are not the 80s or 90s remixes (except for Open Your Heart). The problem it's the 2000 to 2020 remixes. They were originally compressed, and with FEL they were compressed even more (creating distortion not present in the original remix). Anyway It can be done the other way around, you can match the late remixes with the 80s and 90s remixes, avoiding the double compression in the 2000-2020 remixes. That is the way I keep my music to avoid the volume change in my playlist. But I use a stereo system, so it's not a problem. For a cell phone would be a problem (too quiet).
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