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  1. It's the promotional edited version of "SDP Extended Vocal". It's not the album version.
  2. Talking about Thriller, what is a "MoFi UltraDisc One-Step vinyl box set" ? Is it really worth that much money?
  3. My top five is almost identical, but my number 6 is MDNA (I love so many non-single tracks...)
  4. I'm fan since 1989. And believe me, my top and bottom albums are not written in stone. My list changes from year to year. But I'm the typical fan who loves with passion 7'' and 12''. For me the albums (until Confessions) were something secondary.
  5. Rebel Heart & Bedtime Stories. But years later, I like them thanks to the demos (Rebel Heart) and the remixes (Bedtime Stories).
  6. No... I comparing you with the Erotica haters (and American Life haters, or any album hater). I'm not comparing MDNA to EROTICA, they are two different masterpieces (in my opinion, of course).
  7. It's funny. In 1992 about Erotica: "And your views are only your opinion as well and frankly one that is not shared by the majority of the world. A person can love the shit out of EROTICA all they want but that does not make it an objectively strong album. Funny how those of us who think a Madonna project sucks keep being constantly reminded that this is only an opinion but those who state that EROTICA has tons of amazing songs do not get reminded. " Nothing new (the same with Bedtime Stories, American Life, etc, etc, etc)...
  8. Gang Bang, Falling Free, Love Spent, Masterpiece, I'm a sinner, I'm Addicted, Beautiful Killer... If you don't like, fine. But is still only your opinion.
  9. Many fans has the 4LP vinyl and they don't know what is "Discogs". And I own the Celebration 4LP vinyl and I'm not a member of Discogs. It wasn't a very limited release. You could buy it anywhere (at least in 2009).
  10. Only in your opinion. MDNA has great songs but the singles were awful. And don't forget the MDNA tour.
  11. In a four minutes song, 15 seconds less is too much speed (more than FILM to PAL). Or the outros are shorter, or some songs have short edits in the middle (or the lengths are mislabeled).
  12. I'm a little worried about the Hi-Def version of "Finally Enough Love" (88200 Hz, 24 bit). I don't know how to interpret this frequency analysis (Is it good? Is it bad? Is the original master tape Lossy or Lossless?) Qobuz (real 88200 Hz, 24 bits, FLAC file): Tidal (44100 Hz, 24 bits, MQA FLAC file -> decompressed by software to 88200 Hz, 24 bits, WAV File):
  13. Madonna and Warner can insert the Who's That Girl era in the You Can Dance era (like other artists with their deluxe discography). I remember both eras mixed in the same year.
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