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  1. xavier

    The first London show I’m refering to
  2. xavier

    Confirmed by M
  3. xavier

    LISBON (Reuters) – Pop legend Madonna has canceled another show in Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, the city that inspired her latest album Madame X, as she struggles to cope with the pain from “ongoing damage” “, his advocate said during the tour on Wednesday. The Promoter of Everything Is New released a statement on Facebook apologizing to fans and thanking them for “Madonna’s great desire for recovery”. “We sincerely regret disappointing fans for the unexpected and last minute changes to the schedule,” it said. Wednesday night’s concert will be the second show canceled by the star since her tour of Europe in Lisbon was canceled on January 12th, where she has been living since mid-2017. “Sorry I have to cancel tonight,” the 61-year-old wrote on Instagram after the first cancellation at Lisbon’s Coliseu dos Recreios venue on Sunday. “But I must listen to my body and rest!” The star shared a video on Instagram on Tuesday in which she was seen walking down a set of stairs with a walking stick. Over the weekend, Madonna also shared a video of her taking ice-cold post-shows. Madame X is the fourteenth studio album by the American singer and is inspired by her life in Portugal and the country’s culture and traditional music, including the melancholy musical form of fado. According to the promoter, Madonna’s final show of the first eight in Lisbon on Thursday is expected to continue as scheduled. The tour will continue to London and Paris. Reporting Catarina Demons, Editing by Andrei Khalip and Nick Macfie Our Standards: The Principles of Thomson Reuters Principles.
  4. xavier

    I just think she should do her cancels for Paris and London ASAP don’t let people worry
  5. xavier

    It’s ok want her better
  6. xavier

    Just my luck
  7. xavier

    Confirmed it’s cancelled
  8. xavier

    Yes it was
  9. xavier

    Not confirmed but what I’m told I’m in line
  10. xavier

    Im hearing she just cancelled
  11. xavier

    Will try and thank you
  12. xavier

    And who cares if she uses stairs or sits for the entire show. I don’t. I’m going to see the Queen and I don’t care what she does I’m fine with it.
  13. xavier

    Headed to venue in an hour.
  14. xavier

    Thank you ❤️