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  1. xavier

    How was her vocals?
  2. xavier

    Gonna be epic
  3. xavier

  4. xavier

    Also for those concerned with forgetting your seat or a mix up with some other person attending, print out your information to take with you
  5. xavier

  6. xavier

    I don’t mind it at all. But I have a question is this no phone policy just for the first show/opening night or whole tour
  7. xavier

    Let me know.❤️
  8. xavier

    I get your points, kinda feel it’s her lack of regular exercise. She seems outta shape all the time and my grips are that same old lacquered stiff hair style it’s dated and aging. Hair sonething like Reinvention tour would be hotter sexier or Crave Video
  9. There has to be another version/alternate cut. Remember the shots of disco Donna driving the car behind the wheel that leaked Well she was never even in the car in this released version
  10. I agree with most comments here. What I’m wondering (hoping) is there’s an unreleased directors cut. Longer with more footage. Not necessarily more graphic just more M and more of the song. That would be cool
  11. I’m from the USA and think it would have been stronger if the video was done in order of sequence, not backwards. And let the song build then a shoot out. But love the message
  12. When’s the video coming out??