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  1. I like the song but don’t love it. I think Crave should have been first with a “more grand” video I loath the video for Medellin one of her worst in my opinion.
  2. xavier

    Why is she so obsessed with going on late
  3. xavier

    Terrible news.
  4. xavier

    Thank you
  5. xavier

    So did she delete lyrics to add the new ones or added them and made song longer
  6. xavier

    arriving To bam for last nights show
  7. xavier

    LOl at the #soon here we go again with that 🤣
  8. xavier

    How was her vocals?
  9. xavier

    Gonna be epic
  10. xavier

  11. xavier

    Also for those concerned with forgetting your seat or a mix up with some other person attending, print out your information to take with you