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  1. Remember when she celebrated her 50 # 1’s a year ago
  2. Falling Free You’ll See sooner or later
  3. When’s her track with Swae Lee dropping ca t wait.
  4. Thank God she’s not credited, it’s fucking awful.
  5. Not really interested in Harlem performance, but I am the remix.
  6. I think it’s a total biz move. Her work, to provoke (good or bad) etc. she has taken the platform of Instagram and uses it to the Max. I for one love her insta ( purely from a fan standpoint). I mean we (fans) get photoshoots on a weekly basic. How cool is that. While in the old days we had to wait months for a new photoshoot in Interview, Vogue or Vanity Fair. I think it’s great M gives us all these random, wild shoots. 👏🙏
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