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  1. xavier

    No, this girl seems so desperate but in a weird way. She may resemble her in pics, but totally lacks M’s energy or or energy at that. Whoever plays M should make it internal, a passion coming from within not a dress up show. This girl is not right for the role in my opinion.
  2. Wonder if the 12inch will have additional lyrics and or added music
  3. People are saying it’s fake, photoshopped.
  4. M knows how to create controversy 😎
  5. U, no by M and Missy jumping on Dua’s track they are being forced to play them. Fact.
  6. Loving the track It’s a fantastic summer jam. And let’s cekebrate BBCRadio1 has been forced to play her. Love it.
  7. xavier

    Yes and the video is my all time favorite.
  8. Just imagine Social media in 1990 just after Vogue: -Ew, why is it house music? -Why is the video b&w? -She thinks she’s a rapper now? -What the hell is a “Vogue”? -It’s too gay -She’s copying Janet 😂
  9. Who cares about the video, the song is Hot. 🌹🌹