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  1. Is there a link where i can find all the performances from "I'm going to tell you a secret" In a real High quality? Please Need some help!

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    2. Andymad


      I think if you just do a thorough search on there you’ll find them. I have before. Not sure if they’re still up but I’ve seen them. I don’t think you’ll ever find anything past 720, just don’t think it exists at all since the film was only released on DVD

    3. Kosmmik


      Andymad....yes you're right. But I think that all 720p files are "upcales" from the DVD. 

      I Know the video is also available for iTunes...i'm researching about hte quality right now...

      maybe we have a full hd video right there!!!



    4. mevolution


      I'm having all the documentary in 1280x720p, is not good enough but if anyone wants the link send PM! :)