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  1. Andymad

    Firstly, I would go straight to her bathroom and have a milk bath with rose petals and pour myself a bottle of Rosé. The rest is... need to know.
  2. Andymad

    I would change that opening lol. And Borderline
  3. I just realized anybody and their grandma can read/see the silly shit we post on this forum LOL. I thought we was private 😬 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Andymad


      And we oop...

    3. ScottyX


      our stuff shows in searches all the time lol

    4. Fighter


      we have nothing to hide :bothered: except the downloads and the off topic bc that's for the community, i think those are the only ones hidden. 

  4. Andymad

    I’d love a big gay dance anthem.hah. Go figure.
  5. Andymad

    Get Out for the gays!!!
  6. Andymad

    I’m so excited to watch it tonight! Was saving it for a Friday night so I can do the Vegas revue tomorrow. I just love pandemic weekends 😶 I’ve got the Rosé chilling and salt and vinegar kettle chips lawd child I’m ready!!
  7. Andymad

    For those of you who missed episode 1 of Drag Race Holland, here you go!
  8. Coming back to this. I have so many awesome memories of Thursday’s in high school. NBC Thursdays: Friends, Survivor, Will & Grace. I looked forward to that night aaaaaalll week. Or was Survivor ABC I can’t remember.
  9. I have such fond memories of the Fanzine. Remember the RIT times? So amazing.
  10. Andymad

    I want some Vegas lips
  11. I honestly never thought about what it could mean! Interesting. I guess it’s kind of like ppl saying “low-key”? That, I dunno what tf ppl mean by that
  12. Andymad

    Broken This used to be my playground cherish promise to try whys it so hard HISTORY!!!!! oop I know I know but I’d like them to be revisited lol
  13. Andymad

    OKAAAAYYY let’s do this