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  1. Well, I guess we know what’s being added to the tour set list
  2. When I was younger my sister had a friend with a gay brother, who's probably 10 years older than me. He had a bedroom FULL of Samantha Fox posters but his music was all Madonna. Vinyls, cassettes, VHS. I was like who tf is Samantha
  3. I don’t know about you but whenever I taste my baby I TRULY taste him. TREMENDOUSLY delicious gul gul gul gul gul gul gul… so good for you
  4. A little tiny extended BAT Paris excerpt I found on YouTube. Maybe she didn’t release it bc people threw so much shit on stage and it looked bad on film

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    2. Roland Barthes

      Roland Barthes

      That was filmed by a tv crew, it's video. The ToD sequences were shot on film by a movie camera on a jib placed right in the center of the venue.

    3. Stéphane ROBIN

      Stéphane ROBIN

      The sheet of paper on stage were left by the technical crew, not thrown up by the audience. She looked pissed though.

    4. Andymad


      @Roland BarthesThat's right, and there are a few shots in TOD where there's a closeup of her on the stage but you can't see the audience.  Might have been a one-time performance they filmed for the movie? The hair was on point!


      @Stéphane ROBINI didn't know that! But it happened during the second chorus and then after the dance break in EY.. I know she always yelled "and stop throwing shit on my stage" LOL

  5. Makes sense. I know she still has her photos edited but they’re not nearly as aggressive now (imo). Plus the hair. Ugh seeing her holding that corset makes me shiver in excitement
  7. Oh man I really do like the arrangement. Slowed and sensual, works really well
  8. While I get the hype, why didn’t she continue the Madame X Tour live train when it was released way back when, and release the 3-LP then…
  9. Damn I wish she'd do more acting. I honestly loved her in that thriller with Kevin Bacon.
  10. What’s not to see it’s literally poking you in the face just staring at that picture lmfao
  11. Anyone who says Causing A Commotion is “neat” has to go
  12. Decided to watch a few cam vids in YT of M’s Super Bowl. Came across one of some guys probably in their mid 20s to 30s, probably straight, footballs guys, and knowing exactly what Vogue is and Music, and Like A Prayer - just loving her show… mama is SIGNIFICANT. Made me smile.

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    2. A. A. Aardvark

      A. A. Aardvark

      'probably straight'

      is that the name of the later video they all made


    3. stickersweeter


      Lol I think it's so funny because I'm straight and became a fan with Hung Up, right between this and Sorry music video release. Then I had the chance to listen to the rest of COADF and loved every second of it. Later, I searched more of M's projects and came across Erotica, Music, Frozen music videos and noticed she was always part of my life and I didn't pay attention to her until COADF because when I saw her previous music videos I was instantly like: "hey, I've seen this before but never noticed it was the same singer, she's amazing" and here I am hahaha (p.s.: in school one girl thought I was gay because I was already a Madonna fan, had been to her concerts, sang along, etc)

    4. RUADJAI


      I mean, she invented World Peace on that night. Pretty significant. 

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