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  1. Has anybody made a CT RIO instrumental feed yet? 👀
  2. I think everybody on this planet should experience this tour in whatever form it may be in. I can only imagine if this happened in the future how incredible it could be.
  3. I used to have these recurring dreams she was redoing the BAT. But in like a small venue like an high schools theatre lol. And I remember always being in front row and the curls were curling and the cone bra. So funny
  4. While we can't say or even think of when the official one will be released... we have been so lucky and blessed to have this rio performance. It's giving BAT and DWT vibes. However BAT was so hard to access.
  5. I give it a no that it doesn't sound like M... but damn it's a banger.
  6. I'm here for it. Damn I can't wait to shove my man tits into a boustier at 65 and drink all the rose and dance the night away. It's giving, I'M LIVING MY LIFE.
  7. It will come. The RIO broadcast isn't her true vision of the show imo... I think in time she will release her own version of the show, The way it was meant to be shown. RIO was definitely something we all weren't supposed to be subjected to. It was a load of VPNs and streams. And how beautiful of a gift it is to all of us illegal downloaders bahahaha. It will come, I know it. Hello Mexico!
  8. I thought what I had said was pretty clear, but I guess not. Anyway.
  9. I’m not really seeing what the issue is to be perfectly honest lol. If you don’t have a problem with the ageism thrown at her, the slander about her body and face… then hey, you do you honey. That’s what I meant by cold hearted, and needing help if they need to tear a person down shred by shred for no reason other than to be an asshole lol. This topic is derailed. Sorry I rattled you 😘
  10. I’m not seeing black and white. I see a mother who is loving and caring. And I see, we have seen, many people degrade and deny her. They refuse to see her heart. But anyway. Black and white, right? lol.
  11. I have so much heartfelt love for her honesty. It truly baffles me the naysayers, how they speak about her sometimes. And reading this you just see a pure human full of love, emotions and real life feelings. To take that away from her or to discount her because of "how you feel about her", is purely a cold hating heart that needs serious help. She should be so proud of what she's accomplished, and how she's coped. It's so wonderful to see her heart so full for the past 6 months.
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