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  1. Andymad

    Can you download from Mega on a smart tv?
  2. Andymad

    So in the latest episode of UK, one queen mentioned something that happened in Untucked... am I missing Untucked? Because I can't find it....
  3. Andymad

    Well I think by that time, after releasing her music videos all in HD on YouTube over the next year or two, I think WB would squeeze some new money out of her fans and re-release/release the ultimate new Immaculate Collection Blu Ray/iTunes with all of the HD videos to promote the biopic
  4. Andymad

    I'm sure they exist. I'm also sure the tapes for BAT exist as well. If we have learned anything from her writing the biopic sessions, cassettes, journals... she is VERY organized and keeps EVERYTHING. Labelled by year. She knows exactly where everything is. Her archives are very well maintained I'm sure.
  5. Andymad

  6. RIP Larry King. What a historic career he had.

  7. also, uhhh... I think she deleted it again.
  8. oooooofffffff. ITS THE DAUGHTER OF QUEEN OF POP ATTITUDE FOR ME. I get it, hardcore fans would do anything to get close or to comment on her page. But Jesus... girlfriend is an adult. She's old enough to know how to be kind to people that admire her or her mom. Those ppl just commented to be nice. She didn't have to be a complete douche about it. THAT ASIDE... Fans going through Lola is not cute. Let the bitch live her life.
  9. can someone A.I upgrade the BAT Sweden b-roll for my gay ass? thank you kisses

    1. wonderboy


      Some talented videos whiz needs to take all the BA footage we have, pro shots, fan shot, screens, & B-roll and make a super cut HQ Blond Ambition box set, since M aint doin shit

    2. Andymad


      I agree. But there are so many stupid wars between people who do their own upscales on here. I don't get it. I'm just super grateful because lord knows I don't know the next thing about upscaling 🤷‍♂️

  10. It'll be interesting. So much of her life is dedicated to dance. She was THE dancing pop queen of the 80s/90s. If they cast someone who looks like her but has two left feet, they're doomed lol. I imagine they'd have that all figured out. I hope anyway...
  11. I'm Laminating yeah, yeah, yeah.

  12. Andymad

    I imagine her archives to look like the Room of Requirement in Harry Potter
  13. Andymad

    Hi kiddos, here is Drag Race UK S02E02
  14. M & Debbie do coke 👀 post it of the year
  15. Andymad

    Don't take offence to it babe. It honestly is all meant out of love and frustration. I'D HOPE! (get it together everyone). A lot of members here are incredibly passionate and it shows. I don't think they mean harm. It is out of frustration! I agree for the most part, it IS very frustrating. But I don't agree with negativity. I, however, seem to think of reality. And my reality is that, M's team is not of this realm and totally unaware of what M's presence in the music industry should be. She owes it to her legacy to acknowledge her success. And it is quite apparent that a lot of fans, myself included, think that she simply surrounds herself with the wrong people. They aren't guiding her in a direction that caters to her fanbase, which keep her afloat. They don't remind her OF her success. And what exactly her fans are longing for. It is MORE than new music. It is simply Madonna herself saying "hey, you kids want this? OKAY get ready!" It kind of comes with the territory. And if you can't do that, you kind of come off as an asshole. Just saying.