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  1. You can hear it, his timing was off after paaarrtyyyyy, too late and then it automatically boomed ITS A CELEBRATION BITCHES that didn’t sound live. It’s probably built into the tour studio mix they’re using for the show just in case?
  2. Interesting, just noticed that Bob’s “It’s A Celebration Bitcheeeeessss” is pre-recorded https://www.instagram.com/reel/Czoul0Ztclq/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  3. Such a weird choice for a costume in that first section. Maybe it’s the bra part around the boobs. Oddly poofy and doesn’t have much of a shape except two melons lmfao. Oh well lol
  4. Very true, and you're right. Like I said, it's a trend I've noticed. Not breaking the amazing experience but something I've just noticed. That's all lol. What I'm getting at is if it's something to do with the mixing system. If she can't hear properly. Or why there was no baseline in Open Your Heart during the first show. Just something that I feel might be due to the entire show being digital with no live band. I welcome the mess-ups. They're natural. But the opening number the mess up tends to be a little trend. Something is going on behind the scenes that obviously irks her. But she goes on like the pro we know :). Just an observation, its not that deep lol.
  5. Very true. I mean specifically the opening number though. I'm an avid fan and I don't pay close attention to fuck ups, just something I've noticed specifically with Nothing Really Matters. Doesn't make a difference to me hence why I said it happens far too much for her liking. And I wonder what the issue is. Lack of live band? I dunno. It doesn't make or break the experience but just noticing a trend as a musical person.
  6. Jeez I wonder what's causing the fuck ups during the opening number. Seems to be happening far too often for her liking I'M SURE. Maybe it;s the grills. "WELL PUT ME ON THEIR FU**IN FREQUENCY, YOU KNOW"
  7. Was the cone bra different last night? Had straps and seemed kinda budget-y LOL https://www.instagram.com/p/CzJSY0agBHT/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  8. Just curious… how do people snag these? Like what’s the secret. When is the last time they became available? I signed up for notifications but I don’t receive them. Maybe they haven’t been available, ugh.
  9. While fluffy and cute, the lyrics really read into the love and longing someone has for another. It can go either way, really sad or really fluffy and upbeat. Frankly I love the fluffiness of it, and the melody and all the instrumentation that comes along with it. But lyrically it can be quite sad for me. You can cherish the thought of always having someone here by your side... but what if they're gone? It can be quite sad and tragic if you wanted to go that route. She could definitely make it dark. But that would be awfully disappointing LOL
  10. I don’t know why some are surprised or shocked that she sings to her own vocals. She’s been doing it for YEARS. It richens the live vocals and makes the lead sound stronger. Everybody does it these days. Gaga, Lizzo, Taylor, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, Beyonce… It also helps keep the singer on pitch track, with the majority of them having a fairly decent musical ear, so the execution most of the time is seamless.
  11. Because that’s the show I’m going to and I’m selfish? bahahaha just kidding but I really really hope she’ll give it to us
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