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  1. While the video is nothing exciting to me, I can kind of put that feeling aside for two reasons. One, I honestly really like the remix. And two, I can't deny the fact that she's having FUN. Sadly, I'm not entirely convinced she's doing these things for her fan base. But she's an artist and doing shit that's creative for her and living her best life. So really, who am I to judge tbh. At the end of the day, whether we love it, or hate it, or the gp love it or hate it, I'm sure she doesn't give af lmfao. Am I ok
  2. So, after analyzing the many HBO promos for Nice, I am 200% certain the footage in this is the Boston show. If you watch other promos you can hear her say "c'mon ladies".. and it's spot on with the leaked soundnboard. WE. NEED. THIS.



    1. wtg1987


      With all these blond ambition shows why has she STILL not released any of them on a dvd or to streaming ???

    2. Andymad


      @wtg1987 I have a feeling she doesn’t see the point since it’s all over YouTube maybe

  3. With how raunchy the song is, I would have LOVED (and I wish I were kidding), if she took this video to an underground club, created a sort of SEX 2.0, wore her outfit from the MTV awards ass and all. That I can get behind. Glory holes and all. Personally, I feel like that would make a bigger statement. She’s in control, like she always has been. I probably won’t watch the video ever again. But I’ve honestly got the remix on repeat. Anyway.
  4. Oh, we’ll, that’s just a regular Tuesday for me
  5. Come on she’s had too many year of practise to know not to use her teeth
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