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  1. Mmmmmmmm,hmmmmmm if I could access Mom's vaults.... Mmmmmm,hmmmmm we'd have Express Yourself Paris, in fuuulllll......
  2. They’ve gone out Lost their meaning Don't function anymore -ing…
  3. Love those bright coloured shorts but I’d be too anal and beg her to take them off so I can give them an iron
  4. I want a studio version of Medellin 2022. There. I said it.

  5. IT WORKS SO FUCKING WELL. But this mix'x tempo is weirdly off. Its a great mix omg

    1. drunkby6


      I kind of like it, it feels like I'm falling down the stairs with my headphones on

  6. They used her sex book nude outtakes for the body but photoshopped in her 2022 nipples. The vagina and face are all naturally shot sources say
  7. Lord have mercy he can travel-size his way to the dunes and have a duddle party.
  8. Not to be...greedy or anything.... but I would absolutely love some pro shot BAT.  New York?  Philli?? BOSTON?? 

    1. MattyMads


      Or even the rest of the audio for Boston please:Madonna005:

  9. On the CA Amazon it’s just the ‘50’s’ CD and it’s out of stock atm… no sign of vinyl atm EDIT: my bad. I see the silver LP… still out of stock lololol
  10. I tagged you sweet boy. And in my searches I found the answer to my question LOLOL
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