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  1. Andymad

    Imagine, like a prayer, express yourself... the originals.... i. Would. Die. I don’t know why she’s so obsessed with the immaculate versions
  2. Andymad

    Hey guys I’ve literally been dying in the hospital. I’m alive. How’s the tour going?? Lol
  3. Andymad

    Very true. It’s very mysterious. But that hinders my take on it. It’s hard to have any interest since there aren’t photos or videos, and you’re unable to attend.
  4. Andymad

    She wants it to sound good. Backing track is probably, in her mind, the best way for it to sound good. She’s no spring chicken. Age has a huge part to play in it, especially when you aren’t a top notch vocalist. On top of that, dancing. So I imagine it must become increasingly difficult to perform “live” for her. I don’t know her vocal regime over the years but truthfully I don’t think it’s taken front row seat in her busy life. Now that isn’t to say she doesn’t sing well. She’s had fabulous beautiful moments on stage singing live.
  5. Andymad

    Girlie Show level? Okay... lol
  6. Andymad

    I’m curious to eventually see some video. Sometimes I need a visual. I’m so happy for her and the fans that are able to see this! It’s just not really for me. I think because Madame X is probably my least favourite album, the set list doesn’t speak to me in any way unfortunately. Doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate it. I’d love to see the set, the costumes, the changes. I’d love to see all that.
  7. Andymad

    Oh man. I would like a tally at the end of the night as to how many phones have gone missing lol
  8. Andymad

    Okay but what about THE SONGS?!?
  9. Andymad

    I’m interested in the fuckery that will potentially go down with the whole no cell phone policy. That’s going to be an absolute shit show... i wonder how many will be kicked out LOL. I suppose hundreds of people waiting in line to lock up their devices will give M time/an excuse to be late.
  10. This is so cool, these guys re-created OYH like the WTG Tour! Too bad the singer is shit.



  11. Andymad

    Which I’m fine with I think. Madame X has fizzled out for me so... bring on the tour. Then, next.
  12. Andymad

    Do you think we will get any more singles? I mean it’s hard to tell because usually once a tour starts, the era ends. But I think Crazy deserves to shine. And same with Looking For Mercy.
  13. Andymad

    Wow... She’s been rehearsing A LOT, so I’m wondering if a part of the show has been scrapped/didn’t quite work the way she wanted and had to create something else. Who knows.
  14. Wow, Miley sounds fantastic tonight at the VMAs

  15. Andymad

    This is a hard one for me. I would have to say I don’t really connect with Bedtime Story or Madame X. I think the only song lately I’ve been really into is Looking For Mercy. But the rest hit me hard in a way that it wasn’t exactly fitting with my musics tastes at them moment. Which is fine. I’m over it now. What I like about the Madame X ERA, is her social presence. It’s nice to see what she’s doing day to day instead of in the 90s and 00s where she was sort of a mystery on a daily basis.