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  1. I was kidding lol, but thank you.
  2. Andymad

    There is no soap no soap like Zazz. No detergent, lotion or oil with such power, in the shower.... child if you scent it, you’ll be scent. Come on Eva let’s get sickening!!!
  3. Andymad

    Whoa I just noticed the shitty mixing at the very end of the song...
  4. I’m sorry I don’t know who that is lol
  5. I’ve just had a thought. With her having her signature mole, do you think he plays a lover she once had in NY or Detroit? And she’s craving him and remembering him. And she’s all grown up remembering these times and he’s in her memory still young the guy she always craved and still does. My god...
  6. Okaaaaaaaay well I didn’t mean full out going and raving lol. I just found her movements to be bigger than what the song’s temp was. That’s all daddy🥐
  7. She looks absolutely stunning in this video!! Only weird part is her dancing. It makes no sense that she’s jumping around or even dancing at all. I just don’t get it lol
  8. Andymad

    This is such a strange feeling. For the first time in my life I feel like M and myself aren’t on the same page. I’m curious about the rest of the album...
  9. Andymad

    God I hope you’re right.
  10. Come out in a black dress and sing? Get rid of all the armour? I’m sorry are we talking about Madonna or Olivia Newton John? Fucking turds lol.
  11. Probably from all those cigarettes she was holding for Maluma
  12. Something was off for sure. She’s sounded questionable at times in her career but she was VERY off in a few parts. I’m wondering if she maybe had problems hearing herself. Because she’s never THAT off so much where she sings super flat. Like she was in a different key. My guess is she couldn’t hear herself throughout the beginning.
  13. I’m glad she released a version she wants people to see. I don’t think I can watch that LAP performance again though. The musical arrangement of the song is probably the worst it’s ever been. Whoever told her to use that version of the song should get a time out.
  14. You know, it is what it is. This era may not be going how most planned, but it is quite possibly going exactly how she planned. She doesn’t care. As a fan of 30 years, I didn’t like it. But that don’t mean I’m not in love with her. She’s trying new things. Everyone triumphs, people fail. It wasn’t spectacular, but it was her. She tried her best. and that is something we should respect. And if you can’t respect it, that’s okay! We don’t have to like everything she does. As much as I wanted to for this era. But so far it just isn’t happening. But I won’t hold it against her. And experiment is an experiment. Get it girl