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  1. I will later after work I only did Waterloo and Fernando though. I was going to update Fernando after her ABBA album Release but I had no idea where I placed the filtered files. So the version I have includes Andy Garcia’s vocals
  2. I prefer listening to the mashup one I posted. The original kind of sounds unfinished. Really craved those awesome backing vocals Gaga put into the original. Felt a bit stripped kinda like Cher’s ABBA recordings. The only way I made those enjoyable was to insert backing vocals from the Mamma Mia movie versions lol
  3. Keep full Papa Don’t Preach, add Looking Fir Mercy, remove Like A Prayer, replace with Holiday. Express Yourself…. As much as I love it, she can’t really sing it anymore. But i would lurve it
  4. Oh man that GIF makes me longing for the gay bars to open soon I cannot wait to get my tighty whities lit
  5. Y’all run to Club Monaco for these mf cute Pride shirts!!
  6. Interesting. Listen to EY from Barcelona BAT... is Nikki singing the main vocal w/ M in the 2nd chorus and the rest of the song? I'm pretty sure she is rather than singing the lower harmony.... I wonder why that is

    1. me1981


      I can't tell, though I'm almost certain she does this in Rome.

    2. Angelo


      I always thought that all of them used playback for EY, also for vogue

    3. RUADJAI


      Rumor has it Nikki and Madonna got into a fight and Nikki said "anything you can do, I can do better" and so she sang all of Madonna's parts to show her up in her own concert. This is how Causing a Commotion choreography came into existence as Madonna beat the shit out of Nikki during the 3rd number. The crowd loved it so they just kept it in the show. 

      This is all a lie

  7. Where tf is a pro shot HD video of her Pride show? Is that “too much” like Madame XT to release it?
  8. I totally agree. This is being released two months before 2022 lol no excuse for it to not be 4K. oh I just noticed the anniversary of the preview of truth or dare. Took less time to edit that
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