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  1. Hi how are you? I miss your fun posts. Hope you are doing ok.  Huggss. Xxxx

    1. Andymad


      Awww thank youuuu! Ugh I’ve been terribly busy! I’ve sort of been around reading posts and keeping up to date on my quick breaks. 
      Going back to work after sick leave...only to realize it’s just not for you anymore. I’m HOPING to start something new within the next couple weeks. Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about y’all!! 🤗😘😘😘

    2. Voguerista


      Ok sounds good. Thanks and good luck. I hope everything works out. Huggssss xxx 

  2. Andymad

    This whole epidemic is truly terrifying. And my heart goes out to the victims that it has claimed. But I cannot comment on this... I’m sorry.
  3. Andymad

    i haven’t seen the show, I won’t get to until the DVD. And I cannot wait! But when I heard M was going on a theatre tour, THIS is what I thought of. I would have LOVED to see this kind of show. Just her and a band, and some backup singers. As an artist who is injured this would have been the perfect kind of show to just sit, relax, and perform. I mean when she sits and just sings, she produces some of the best live vocals she has ever put out. I really think that if she does this type of show again, she has a back up plan for an injury. Instead of cutting out parts. I didn’t know where else to post this haha sorry if it don’t fit
  4. Andymad

    Yeah total night out
  5. I’ve actually never really seen her in black tights and black skirt before tbh. Digging the shoes. Wondering how long Malik will be around for after the tour...
  6. Neither of the originals LOL. The remixes YAAAAAAAASSASS
  7. Andymad

    Oof. He is one gorgeous boy. Shaping into a handsome fellow just like his parents
  8. I love Valentine’s Day
  9. Andymad

    Neat! These are kind of cool versions. LAV is very trippy and sort of in the wrong key lol but really cool to hear! OYH is really great however the bass line you lose it a bit. Did really well putting them all together!
  10. Andymad

    Mmmmm... toy boy
  11. Andymad

    Mmmmm... toy boy
  12. Andymad

    Ugh poor thing. I can’t wait for her to get better and be rid of this pain. She’s a trooper alright.
  13. Looking back on my post, I support my choice. However I wanted to share my Madonna vacation story. I went to the Dominican a few years back and got so drunk on Sambucca that I went up to my room before dinner, onto my balcony and did Eva Peron’s balcony speech followed by Don’t Cry For Me Argentina. Then I got sick in the bathroom, laying in the bathtub crying singing Lament, because I thought I was dying. Of course my emotions. “And how I lived....(sobbing) how they SHOWED... but how soon the lights...were gone...” so fucking dramatic. I’ll never forget itZ
  14. Most definitely Celebration. Does that count?
  15. Ooooo! 1 Express Yourself remix edit 2 Like A Prayer ORIGINAL ALBUM VERSION 3 Causing A Commotion 4 Open Your Heart 5 Into The Groove (YCD EDIT)