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  1. I would say Like A Virgin or COADF… but it’s more of song than a full albums… like for example, Like A Prayer / Vogue / Frozen / Hung Up.
  2. I’m super happy it’s happening however I just listened to the whole thing WHERE THE HELL IS HER??? We need a proper collaboration.
  3. Hummm some got the topic wrong… I think American Life.
  4. Saw it yesterday, the photographer shared it… so I guess photographers will share unseen pics of M once she pass away? 🥲😂💀 I love the first one from left & the middle one at the bottom!!! They eventually picked the one shot that looks like they photoshopped them all together. 🥲💀
  5. 35 pages of what exactly??? 😹😹🤣🤣😹😹🤡🤡💩
  6. Real fans will be disappointed… fillers will enjoy it… another low quality content 2022 all over again… now watch her sticking her tongue out… linking “them” ass / boobs… whispering (shit/slut/ass/bitch/lick/fuck)… etc. hey btw Mr. Gomes is apparently the director. 💩😂🤡
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