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  1. Come on!!! We have Celebration, TUTR, the EPIC remix of LFL?!!!, BIM, Medellín & IDSIF!!! 😯💥 even 4 Minutes!
  2. Anyway, let’s be real & admit the fact that she’s not relevant anymore. She lost her sparkle, her passion to music, her commitment of making brilliant outstanding projects!
  3. I don’t really care about Rolling Stone or Billboard… probably WM paid for this lol… I care about what I see & what I feel it’s good or not…
  4. Who told you I’m gay??? Why the need to classify fans this way? Weird thing.
  5. I didn’t mention any of her last 3 albums in my comment (the fact from 2008 until 2015 she was on the TOP)… I was referring to her work this year + her last tour which was a disaster to her legacy as a touring artist!
  6. One low quality work after another can do damage in short term. She’s been doing this this whole year… not to mention her last tour was a flop… she’s not “number one artist” anymore…
  7. Actually for someone like her to present such a work (TRASH VIDEO with TRASH FEATURED TRASHist) after 40 years of experience deserves this.
  8. I got your point, like she’s been in this since long time… (being judged & criticized for showing attitude, be different, expressing herself & art freely) however now her attitude is an embarrassment to her attitude back then. 🥲
  9. Thank god I didn’t buy it… nothing special about it & looks boring/outdated lol… lame release… I was hoping for something BIG for this 30TH anniversary!!!…. Too bad it’s not happening. Disappointed.
  10. That’s how I feel… HUNG UP was HUGE back in 2005 & still till now… it deserves a mega revolution REMIX that involve BIG names… this remix like what happened to Frozen KILLED the actual song!
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