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  1. Yes, & it’s surprisingly veryyyy catchy & way better than any of the SICKMICKBICK ICE FROZEN mini singles! 🙂
  2. Lol @ y’all… just STOP ordering for god’s sake! Enoughhhhh! 😁🙃🤣💀
  3. Which is totally weird… maybe she’s preparing a Finally Enough Frozen EP with CLEAR ICE vinyl! 🤣😬💀
  4. “Frozen on FIRE” the original Frozen is in deep pain atm!!! 😬😔
  5. I don’t think so, must be a Japanese version for sure, I don’t remember any of her previous albums skipping the Japanese edition!
  6. Exactly I mean they could at least add the track list with the same background as the original album! 💀
  7. Looks like those souvenirs you get after visiting a museum… 😭😂😭 thank god I didn’t even think about buying it! The original vinyl gatefold is wayyyyy better! At least make it a gatefold… 💀
  8. How? Where to check? 👀 why the standard CD had the box set art tho?
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