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  1. Ohhh she removed thyroid??? That’s why her body changed???
  2. I don’t like Steven either… he’s so weird & always hunting young male models. Not professional at all. It’s sick tbh.
  3. I guess she didn’t go because she’s not vaccinated!!! Exactly like Nicki! I’m so sure about it!
  4. Way better in real life!!! Those IG posts are getting ridiculous!!! Same effects over & over… sooooo fake!!! I’m just wondering is it ok for to keep on depending of such work forever??? Why not be the way you look??? I mean in reality with public everyone see her in her original / natural form! 😁
  5. Hummm… what if she or someone from her team tasted positive that’s why she couldn’t attend??? Coz I heard she was on the list & even her son David supposed to be her date as a tribute to MJ!!! So weird!!! 😶🧐
  6. She looked gorgeous!!!! M must take notes from her!!!
  7. Maybe she’s just late??? Or got pissed off from what happened yesterday…
  8. Not to mention the look!!! I’m still in a shock!!! It’s like a Halloween party!!! 👻
  9. Yes so true!!! You feel like if she’s forced to do it…
  10. Yes you’re right… I’m talking about the overall way of styling… she’s wearing tooooo much stuff which ends up making her look like a mess. Wigs… hats… too much accessories… gloves… TOO MUCH STUFF. 🤯
  11. I’m comparing her way of being more free & relaxed back in the days & how now she’s into small unnecessary details… It was extra but more simple & free… more convenient even if it’s unpleasant to public.
  12. Can someone tell me what she’s wearing around her face??? Looks like her pantie?!?! Again she’s hiding her teeth, hiding her nick, hiding her hands…
  13. We didn’t like this look back then… after seeing last night’s look… I actually see this one beautiful. 😬
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