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  1. I need to find a way too! But what about digital stuff & social media accounts? It’s really something we need to think about.
  2. True! I realized that physical stuff belongs to the universe… we think it’s ours but reality we just keep them for others to take after we’re gone & sometimes it’s not fair lol…
  3. Hey guys, so since last year after I lost a very dear person I started to think about death more often actually not more often because before losing this person everything was bright, death was something very far (in my mind), the idea / experience of losing someone was new to me & till this day I keep on thinking about this horrible time that I went through… Now my current thought is what will happen when I pass way??? I have a very BIG collection of very valuable stuff including vinyls / CDs / books / digital stuff such as photoshoots & professional works… some paintings
  4. Let her first finish this “LIVE” album / concert. However I can see her posting interesting story with a caption (MY SUGAR IS RAW…) 😘
  5. What if October 2022?
  6. I’ll pretend I did read the first part… 🙂😘 YESSSS to the rest!!! Exactly another good point that this show deserves another set list, it wasn’t a good idea for her album MX.
  7. Yes a promo tour, but did we forget how MASSIVE were the promo tours she did for her Music / Hard Candy albums??? MXT is not even in the same level with her previous promo tours. 🤯
  8. I’m not actually waiting for another CT… I’m waiting for the Madonna I know to do something creative & think out of the box… & I’m sure it won’t happen because she’s a different person right now… physically & mentally. The problem she still thinks she’s the best & her ego is not helping her at all. For god sake she’s editing this LIVE SHOW since LAST YEARRR… that’s a proof that this “show” is weak & needs ALOT of work! 😅
  9. Keep your feelings to yourself… 🤣🤣🤣
  10. Maybe because you heard from her blind die hard fans…
  11. I’m talking in general… maybe 2 or 3 nights from the whole tour…
  12. NY, I’m not talking about a specific dates… just in general she seems veryyyy not into touring at all… singing was very bad except few songs… dance moves horrible compared to the MADONNA we all know, her over talking parts feels like she’s not into singing at all… it’s just everything about this show… very bad for such an iconic person like her… not to mention the horrible wardrobe, the horrible beer part & lastly the Polaroid fake part… seriously!!! See everything about it is just forgettable. 😘
  13. Nope, she appeared lifeless & not inspired at all. MX album yes she was inspired & did amazing on the album however the tour was a mess.
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