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  1. The official limited edition cd is my favorite!!! 😍😍😍 I remember KYLIE did it first with Impossible Princess. 👻
  2. Ayham

    Is it legal to sell those stuff??? No copyrights?? Even on Amazon I see a lot of random stuff lately! 🤔
  3. Ayham

    I saw this one on iTunes last year... 🤔🤔🤔
  4. Ayham

    Why would I spend my money on unofficial stuff??? Lol! 💀
  5. Ayham

    ME TOO!!! 💀💀💀
  6. Ayham

    I’m tired of drama!!! I want her to make a very positive full of joy album! Something very bright! Dance/love/life! ♥️
  7. Ayham

    A book? 🙃
  8. Ayham

    Also I forgot to mention that during that time “early 00’s” I become a fan so I guess it affected me! I’m not a fan of her since 80’s or 90’s so I can’t speak from that point of view but from what I lived by since “my days” I can say she changed ALOT! Now I feel she’s heartless & without emotions. So cold & full of ego. It makes me sad but I still LOVE her! ♥️
  9. Ayham

    That’s so true! She definitely changed after 2007... I would say getting married to Guy R is the turning point to her career & her personal life too. I’m thankful she got married to Guy, he changed her for good! Everything during that time was organized & well prepared! The level of inspiration during that time was to the max! I was so attracted to her back then. A strong/clever/beautiful/unique woman! A polite, respectful & professional artist! I remember during that time I was SO proud to be a fan! Another huge factor was moving to London. She leaned a lot & met very creative/professional people! When she got divorced & moved back to US she re-entered the ugly/plastic world. Everything in her current life is fake & temporary. Fake friends, fake lifestyle... I used the term “re-entered” because M was exactly like now before getting married to Guy! Not to mention that lately she’s not into Kabbalah which played great role in her life to the better. What majorities believe that M is a strong independent woman with her own believes & likes however in reality she’s a mirror to people around her. You can easily shape her the way you want.
  10. Then let’s make our own anniversary pack?? 🤔👻
  11. Ayham

    Let’s pray for new album by next year... I don’t see her directing new movie. 🤔
  12. Ayham

    Farewell?!?! 🧐🧐🧐💀
  13. What I know... we won’t get a thing. Sorry guys but this is the reality... it’s from M side. Last year they released the digital 30th anniversary version & that’s it. Move on. We already passed by her debut, LAV & TB with nothing.
  14. So it’s gonna be released this April??? & till this moment no announcement? 🤔
  15. Not gonna happen... 💀💀💀 keep dreaming... it’s not a 30th anniversary anymore, maybe it was an idea for last year but then got canceled for MX. 👋🏼👋🏼👋🏼