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  1. Everything seems pointless at this current time... I’m wondering till when??? I feel we won’t be able to attend live concerts anymore. Music / movies / events... everything is DEAD!
  2. I didn’t like the way they placed Madonna’s name lol!
  3. REALLY!?!? First time to know this!!! I have the CD & I just LOVE this artwork! ♥️👍🏼 Wondering the original one where? 🤔
  4. The art looks cool, anyone knows the artist? X
  5. She still have hope in this MX tour thing... 😅 it’s just forgettable moment. ☠️
  6. A tragic... fans should regret the time/money they spent buying/listening to their music. Only 2 damn dudes... split??? Lol... & what after 28 years together. What a joke.
  7. Tbh M likes to play the victim rule... more of a drama queen lol... like some said she’s pissed off yet posting the leaked materials. WTF? 😂
  8. Where I can download the video??? I missed something? Is it in HD quality?
  9. After seeing her IG, this girl got serious issues for sure... she’s not a 13 year old girl anymore. Her behavior is shocking.
  10. In general looks similar but I’ll get used to it I guess. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  11. Old one better. This looks like drowned Madonna form. 😶
  12. She can’t sing, it’s a fact. Her voice is annoying. 😷🐭
  13. But why they skipped it?!?!
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