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  1. 50 bucks for a fan made disc the guy probably downloaded for free (maybe from a forum like this one)? Anyway, in case you decide to go for it, avoid any fan made material from the Brazilian "madworld" blog. The guy who runs that crap downloads everything from various forums and sell them as "exclusive". Good luck.
  2. Amy Winehouse, David Bowie, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, George Michael, Prince, Roxette, John Denver, INXS, Linkin Park, Freddie Mercury. Is that possible?
  3. I am glad I've seen her live at Girlie Show, Sticky & Sweet and MDNA. I've seen a picture of hers on social media recently and, Jesus.
  4. Am I the only person who never liked that Taylor whoever? I guess there is only one song of hers (Delicate) I listen to because it constantly plays on the Antena 1 radio. Apart from that, she and that Ariana something are, for me, so wet toilet paper. Anyways, good for her. Oh, and forget about Madonna's getting this record back. She can barely stand still these days. And after that shameful "performance" at Maluma's show, let's get real.
  5. I love this song. I have it on both the Vision Quest soundtrack and on the La Isla Bonita EP.
  6. I have a question. On the VHS/LD "Madonna" 1984 the "Borderline" video comes before "Lucky Star". Why do they come in a different sequence on both "The Immaculate Collection" and "Celebration"?
  7. I agree except for the Erotica B-Boy Mix. I would much prefer only the Erotic version instead.
  8. I'm sorry, guys, but again just another lame documentary with weird songs in the background, loads of random people speaking and not much of her face being shown on the screen. But thanks for the person who recorded and shared it. You're very kind.
  9. Seriously?! The original song, which is a masterpiece, didn't get even nominated to a Grammy back in the 90s. Not even Like A Prayer was nominated back in the 80s, and now they decided to nominate this crap? My God. And I though this award was about quality.
  10. Hey. I was able to download it on my cell phone. I've tried on different browsers, but nothing happened, so I opened the link on my phone and it worked right away. Thanks for asking. And thanks @Vasilifor sharing.
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