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  1. I would prefer they released the full concert of a city only and not all those annoying cuts from thousands of concerts. That alone would make me glad.
  2. I've known my two closest friends for 25 years.
  3. I believe any kind of relationship is hard to keep when many famous people are involved. Hard to know who you can really trust and call friends. I also believe being friends with Madonna is not an easy thing. Let's be honest. She is a control freak, she loves being surrounded by asslickers and I believe she tries to treat her friends the same way she treats her staff. Look at the guys she dated and was married to. Sean and Guy are strong men who don't give a damn about her fame and never treated her like a queen. That's why she's been hooking up with those yes-ma'am boy toys.
  4. Finally someone who listens to the same albums that I do. By the way, looking at your profile pic I would love to listen to Where Life Begins with you whispering dirty words in my ear (with all the respect). - Sorry, in another universe my name is Dita.
  5. I guess the simplicity of "Something to Remember" is what makes it so good.
  6. This song is so beautiful the way it is here. I wish she had taken the chance and also released these non album tracks as a kind of bonus Acoustic CD instead of that crappy Remixed and Revisited.
  7. Apart from "I'm Going Bananas", "Hanky Panky" and "More", this album is perfect. "He's A Man", "Something to Remember" and Back in Business" are my favorite tracks.
  8. I would mention "me against the music" too, but I never considered this a Madonna song. Not even consider it a song at all.
  9. Oh, piece of cake: Love Song times a million (I can't stand Prince and this song gets on my nerves in a way I can not explain) The whole Madame X era (this is the only album I refused to spend money on) Nobody's Perfect (and neither is this thing) White Heat Bye Bye Baby Where's The Party Thief Of Hearts I'm So Stupid Bitch, I'm Madonna (words can not describe how much I can't stand this one) Incredible (wtf is this!!!!)
  10. 01. Like A Prayer 02. Frozen 03. Live To Tell These are my three all time favorite M songs. No specific order for the ones below. Erotica Vogue The Look Of Love La Isla Bonita Papa Don't Preach Spanish Eyes Borderline (video version) Love Tried To Welcome Me Secret Dress You Up Where Life Begins You'll See Something To Remember This Used To Be My Playground Bad Girl Hung Up I Deserve It
  11. Borderline, but the video version. The album version I personally dislike the "keep on pushing me baby, don't you know you drive me crazy" and "look what your love has done to me, come on baby set me free" parts.
  12. This is spectacular. I would love to see someone taking it to her and asking for an autograph just to see her face. Congratulations. You're an artist. And she doesn't deserve you.
  13. Speaking of "I'll Remember". Back in the day I remember a few radio stations playing the edit version of this song. The same edit used on the official video. Has that version ever been released on audio?
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