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  1. Dear Lord, why do fans still think she will be able to go on stage and do something decent? When a friend told me she would perform with Maluma I immediately thought, "Crap". Well, after watching that mess, that's the only thing I can say right now, "CRAP". Bye, Madonna. You f*ked it up!
  2. As a fan since the 80s, I definitely don't expect anything decent coming from her. I miss the time when they filmed the whole show to be released on (back then) VHS, LD, DVD and not all this mess with cuts from hundreds of different places and, as a result, instead of having a full live concert you have a 2-hour lazy video clip.
  3. LAP only on DVD you mean the US release, right? Because here in Brazil both the VHS and the DVD of TIC bring the album version.
  4. Back in 1992 I bought a magazine which had the translated lyrics of this song, but I actually had never heard the song until I bought the "Something To Remember" compilation. That is funny because I watched the film on VHS, but I don't have any memories of the song being played during the final credits. Plus, I had never seen the video on MTV Brazil, even though Madonna was constantly on. The first time I remember seeing it on MTV was back in 1995 (when they aired a one-hour special with all the videos from "Something To Remember" very late at night) and again in 1999 on an everyday-half-an-hour program called Top 2000 (which compiled the 2000 greatest videos aired by MTV Brasil since 1990).
  5. I don't care, I love this album/soundtrack/whatever. He's A Man, Back In Business and Something to Remember are my favorites.
  6. To be honest, she should have quit after the MDNA era. The Rebel Heart era I got the vinyl/CD from a friend, but never got to listen to them because I listened to the tracks online and downloaded the videos just to keep them. The X era I couldn't care less. I tried to watch her participation on the Graham Norton Show, but after a few minutes I felt so embarassed by her clothes and behaviour. She's definitely not as spontaneous as she once was. Madonna today is just another random person posting boring things on Instagram.
  7. Let's be honest, look at her official video channel on YT. Do you really believe they will release something decent? After the mess they did with Celebration, I definitely prefer they do nothing.
  8. Pro-shot? Please, somebody shoot that Madame X and bring the real Madonna back. Thank you.
  9. "STAY HOME" while I go have some fun at Klein's party. She's so ridiculous these days.
  10. 1 - Love Song (Prince is someone I simply cannot stand. His voice is annoying and this song is pure crap) 2 - Jimmy Jimmy 3 - Love Makes The World Go Round 4 - White Heat 5 - Bye Bye Baby 6 - One More Chance (I don't like "More Than Words" and OMC reminds me of this song. That acoustic guitar gets on my nerves) 7 - Nobody's Perfect 8 - Paradise (Not for Me) (this song I just like the live performance from the Confessions Tour) 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 - Most songs from Hard Candy, MDNA and Rebel Heart I just like the live performances. These albums I never listen to. RH I have never listened to the official CD, just the mp3 files I downloaded. The CD is still sealed and I believe I'll keep it that way.
  11. Let's face it, Madonna doesn't give an F for her catalogor for what us fans think and expect from her. One thing I cannot stand is that "I want to start a revolution" crap and, apart from her tours, everything she has made since "Hard Candy" is pretty boring. Shame.
  12. @@Adrian What seems to be a different version of the Sex book here in Brazil is actually a magazine with a few pictures from the book itself. It has biography, discography, films, videos, concerts, Madonna's life in general up to that period and it was released to celebrate her first time in Brazil with The Girlie Show tour. http://www.madonna-infinity.net/forums/index.php?/topic/8492-dl-hq-scans-sex-brazilian-bookmagazine/?hl=sex
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