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  1. Never liked this guy. Never got why he is famous.
  2. What I like most about "Something to Remember" is its simplicity. The backside of the vinyl is so pretty. Although it is a great compilation, I don't care for the versions used on the TIC (I can't stand the remix of "Like A Prayer").
  3. I love I'll Remember, but Live To Tell is a masterpiece. And thinking back, she was very courageous for choosing a ballad as the lead single of a new album after all the party that was the Virgin era. I rewatched At Close Range a few months ago and the final scene when Sean's character started crying then the song starts playing, that's a wow moment.
  4. It is funny to listen to the journalist saying, "exclusive interview" and here in Brazil journalist Marilia Gabriela said the same at the opening of the program. By the way, that "interview" haunts her to this day. And every time someone asks her about that she basically puts the blame at Madonna.
  5. On the second show in São Paulo (December 20 2008) there was a quick problem with the screen and sound in the beginning of "Get Stupid". At the MDNA concert in Porto Alegre, she cut two songs (Like A Virgin and Love Spent). The concert started almost three hours late and the crowd got really pissed. It was Sunday, the day was really really really hot and most people started to curse and boo. Then, during her speech, she said she almost didn't go on stage because of a cold. I was at the golden triangle on that day and saw the whole rehearsal. When the concert ended it was past 1 am. That's why I don't take her seriously when she says, "I love my fans". She loves money. Whenever she performs in latin American countries she shows how disrespectful she is towards her fans.
  6. EMA first Koko second Live Earth third Although I love the Confessions Tour, the ending is a little bit tiring for me because of the long lasting "time goes by so slowly".
  7. I studied in public schools the whole elementary cycle and never heard or saw anyone saying anything bad about her. When I was in the 9th grade (1993) Madonna came to Brazil for the first time and she was all around. I was already a fan at the time and both classmates and teachers used to bring me newspapers and magazines clippings and we even worked the lyrics of "In This Life" in one of the English classes. I took a cassette tape with the song and we followed the lyrics and she explained the vocabulary. Back in 1989 one of my clasmates took her cassette tape of "Like A Prayer" to show us and everyone was like, "oh, my God, put it on, we want to listen to the song (which had been released a few weeks before and everyone was in love with it). Even in high school my classmates and teachers used to mention they had seen her video or an interview on TV or heard her song on the radio and came to me to ask if I had the album or the CD. So, all my memories of that period, at least for me, were realy great.
  8. Music I don't consider here anything she has done after Confessions on a Dance Floor.
  9. We have a short chat sometimes. Nothing like we used to back in the day. But these things happen. Life. He's been in Portugal since last year I guess.
  10. Did I? Don't remember that Probably when I used to be part of the EstiloMadonna fan page back in the day. Good times, by the way. Thanks for that.
  11. Does anyone have this interview? She was so beautiful in it. I've only seen a few seconds here and there with poor quality. About Boy George, who cares? It looks like famous gay men have severe problems againts Madonna.
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