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  1. This makes absolutely no sense at all lol
  2. Does anyone know who was the guest Ballroom Judge for the second Toronto night? (Jan 11 was Sapphira Cristál from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 16)
  3. was there a guest judge tonight or was it just M, like last night?
  4. I think there is some room for "evolution". Remember when she started to tease GI2M during Celebration @ MDNA? It eventually turned into a longer section, or a bigger mashup. I think this could happen with Music as well.
  5. I'm extremely happy that the Mexico dates were moved too. I have tickets for NYC on January 29 (previously August 26) and Mexico City on April 24 (previously January 30, the last show on the itinerary). Kinda funny that now I'm seeing her in NYC one day before I was supposed to see her in Mexico, and that I'm still seeing the very last show in Mexico, as originally planned If the rumors of filming the show in Mexico turn out to be true, it would be mind blowing for me
  6. she already did that with Drowned World Tour.
  7. Thank you. Also, it could be the most impressive biopic of all time. Chances are people are still going to bash it and not even give it a chance just because it's Madonna. Welcome to 1983.
  8. Anyone recently bought something from Madonna.com? Are they still a mess with shipments and stock?

    1. AModSquad


      I got the fragrance months ago and it came pretty quick from what i recall.

    2. V*C


      perfect. thank you!!

  9. amirite?


    1. RUADJAI


      Pretty right.

      How you gonna put DCFMA and Erotica on the same damn disc?

    2. V*C


      and NO new songs????? ugh.

  10. Re-created Singles Covers made by a member here. I can't find the thread :( Please help!

    1. the salamander
    2. Brandon Clark

      Brandon Clark

      Or there's this one........


    3. V*C


      yess!!! thank you so much to you both! it was Scamper's post that I was looking for! :kissy:

  11. Mondino. Yes. Everything with Fincher is a masterpiece, and most of the Akerlund ones are great, but IMO, all 6 Mondino videos are fucking iconic (even LDLHA). I mean, Justify My Love ALONE... I can't believe it's been almost 20 years since their last collab. I
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