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    Entertainment business student and second generation Madonna fan. Of course Madonna's my favorite artist, but I'm also a pop music fan in general. Britney, Kylie, 1D, Sia, Miley, Robbie Williams, Lana Del Rey-all ace in my book. Other than music, I love classic films, good literature, and intelligent conversation. :)

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  1. I started off my theme as a compilation of standard release album tracks that weren't released as singles. From there, I found that they all revolved around the theme of love, sex, and heartbreak-her forte as an artist. 1. Physical Attraction-“Madonna†2. Over and Over-“Like a Virgin†3. Shoo-Bee-Doo-“Like a Virgin†4. White Heat-“True Blue†5. Jimmy Jimmy-“True Blue†6. Promise To Try-“Like a Prayer†7. Love Song-“Like a Prayer†8. Where Life Begins-“Erotica†9. Survival-“Bedtime Stories†10. Love Tried to Welcome Me-“Bedtime Stories†11. Candy Perfume Girl-“Ray of Light†12. Sky Fits Heaven-“Ray of Light†13. Runaway Lover-“Music†14. Amazing-“Music†15. Intervention-“American Life†16. X-Static Process-“American Life†17. Forbidden Love-“Confessions on a Dance Floor†18. Candy Shop-“Hard Candy†19. Gang Bang-“MDNA†20. Love Spent-“MDNAâ€
  2. Thanks so much for posting! Dare I say these images are better than the originals?
  3. So last night, M posted a photo on Instagram of her and Michael Jackson with the caption, "Nothing takes the past away............Like the future". Could this be a hint at a potential collaboration with him (or should I say, his old recordings) on 13? Thoughts?
  4. I agree. When looking at the three albums as a set, they make perfect sense. I also agree about Bedtime Stories and MDNA being transitions. Grouping Erotica, BS, and Ray of Light as a set also makes sense, because you have the hard, sexual R&B of Erotica giving way to the soft, tamer Bedtime Stories with hints of techno and trance (the title track), ending with Ray of Light's techno, dream-pop. If we look at MDNA as a transition between Hard Candy and 13, that means 13 could lend itself to hard some EDM leanings, stripped of MDNA's R&B, urban vibe. It's an interesting theory to think about.
  5. For some reason, the 'Music' album has never been my favorite. I LOVE 'Music', 'Impressive Instant', and 'Don't Tell Me', of course, but the rest of the album seems stuck between 'Ray of Light' and 'American Life'. It's almost as if Orbit and Mirwais were pulling her in different directions.
  6. You really can't beat Blond Ambition. So iconic.
  7. OMG so hard! Here it goes: 1. Survival 2. Take a Bow 3. Mer Girl 4. Secret 5. Where Life Begins Basically all of her '90's stuff.
  8. The first time I became aware of M was when I was a wee tot watching 'EVITA' with my mum. I was obsessed with 'Buenos Aires'. My first video that I remember watching was Ray of Light, which I was able to catch on MTV one day. My first concert was Sticky and Sweet, and I loved every minute of it. Then for MDNA I was able to sit even closer and it was one of the best experiences of my life so far.
  9. I can truly say I've been a fan since birth. My mom has it written down in my baby scrapbook that when she put 'Bedtime Stories' on, I would just light up. Apparently, 'Secret' was my jam. I re-discovered her back in '03 when I was a little pre-teen, when she did 'Me Against The Music' with Britney. (I was a Britney mega-fan, but that's cooled off over the years since she longer gives a shit about her career.) From then on, I was all about M. She's just such a better artist than most of the other popstars out there, in that she's a true artist who cares about her work and what she releases. It's just so refreshing because we don't see that among the new popstars of today.
  10. There are too many questions, there is not one solution.

    1. Fighter


      amazing song

    2. MLVCPR58


      All that talk about American Life earlier got my in the mood to re-visit the album. So perfect.

    3. Fighter


      yes it is. the whole album is amazing.

  11. American Life was one of the first albums that I ever bought, so it has a special place in my heart. I love the cold, militant, hard electronic sound that the track has. It was a huge departure from the dream-pop sounds she produced with Orbit in the years prior. I think if any non-Madonna fan listened to this track, and the accompanying album, they'd changed their minds on her. It's a different track and album, but a good different.
  12. 1. Vogue 2. Like A Virgin 3. Like A Prayer 4. Music 5. Papa Don't Preach 6. La Isla Bonita 7. Into The Groove 8. Hung Up 9. 4 Minutes 10. Crazy For You
  13. I'm surprised she hasn't done a smaller acoustic tour either. I'd love to see a small tour of theatres vs. arenas and stadiums. She could charge through the roof for those tickets and make a fortune. I think she'd get bored after a while of that though. After 30 years of dancing through concerts, I think just standing there for two hours would put her to sleep.
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