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  1. oh please stop complaining! ... this is not filmed by her team and never was even planned! Its a one single cam shot from the back! i am quite sure they got the footage from the docu team. So be happy that we get the full song and not just the small clip! i for myself am very happy to finally see this in the best version we probably will ever get.
  2. MiB

    yes it wasn't! casey worked with mirwais on this and got no credit! maybe thats the reason why god control wasn't a single! Casey was pissed and made it public!
  3. Hang in there, don't give up hope, and be strong! Xxx

  4. MiB

    In Austria they started to lock down certain parts of the country. Namely all our ski resorts are effected the most. People started to work in home office, like myself! All shops not necessary for living will be closed from monday on. and i am sure this is just the beginning what might become a complete lock down in the near future. I really feel for our beloved neighbours in Italy and Spain. And i guess Germany and CH will be the next.... We all need to stand together now and isolate ourselves to kill this virus!! I was so lucky seeing Madame X in London (Full Show), what a brilliant show! Never would i have imagined that it will become that worse just a month later! For all out there in my beloved M World, stay strong! Together we will survive this and our beloved elderly relatives.
  5. Austria is close to a shut down, its all very scary and it makes it hard to let music relax me!
  6. Currently Madame X for sure, love this record!
  7. MiB

    There has been said many things already about last nights show, and all i can say is that it was out of this world , fucking brillaint! She sang DCFMA very close to me and i rise topped it all! Thank you Madonna for a Night i will never forget in my life! And thanx to all the ones from the Madonna Family i met! Was so great seeing you again! There is only 1 queen, and that's Madonna
  8. MiB

    Love this song, always have! It was for sure intended for TB
  9. Madame X - nearly daily
  10. thats THE Question of the Madame X era!
  11. MiB

    the US and Europe CDS have different track lenght! it's cut at a different point!
  12. MiB

    i simply LOVE Come Alive!!!
  13. MiB

    great post! thanx a lot
  14. HOME Finally :)