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  1. MiB

    Love this song, always have! It was for sure intended for TB
  2. Madame X - nearly daily
  3. MiB

    the US and Europe CDS have different track lenght! it's cut at a different point!
  4. MiB

    i simply LOVE Come Alive!!!
  5. MiB

    great post! thanx a lot
  6. HOME Finally :)

  7. MiB

    Time to enjoy the moment! Why can't people not live in the moment any more?
  8. MiB

    well only 1000 made so dont expect much!
  9. are you serious? this sounds like crave musically! there is no difference!
  10. MiB

    Quiet negative is a complete understatment! They simly say she's finished and that the whole record is shit!
  11. She gets the worst press reviews in germany - EVER! Der Spiegel & Die Zeit say she is comletely finished! and end their reviews with who wants to buy this...... it breaks my Heart to read such things!
  12. i found it very disrespectful from the austrian tv presenter to talk during her performance, and make bad jokes about her while she was still on! i coulnt really enjoy watching it :(