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  1. This looks so good. I hope they have similar ideas at Warners. Congrats !!!!!
  2. Hi,

    I used "Prima", phone app.


  3. So hard to chose but mob Top 5 faves are: True Blue / Herb Ritts - 1986 Interview 2010 magazine X-Static Process - Steven Klein - 2003 Hawai / Herb Ritts - 1985 Vogue Italia - 1991 Least favorites: Madame X album shoot - 2019 Love magazine - 2016
  4. 1 Living for love (!!) 2 Ghosttown 3 Crave 4 I don't search I find 5 Medellin
  5. Dear A!O,

    You made some early remixes which I always thought were great. Is there any way you can share them ?

  6. 1. True Blue 2. American Life 3. Like A Virgin 4. Rebel Heart (deluxe) 5. Madame X (close up - black hair) or Madonna
  7. I like the fact that some songs are just meant to be funny (I'm Going Bananas, Cry Baby, ...) but with other ones I think they should have been left out of the entire album release because it was just not up there with the rest of the quality on the album. My worst 5: Hey You: never would've guessed this was by Pharrell - in between the singles 'Jump' and '4 Minutes' this simply was so forgettable ! Revolver: Madonna featuring on her own record. Not a Madonna track in my opinion. Bitch I''m Madonna: maybe funny, loved by many, still don't get it. Superstar: not even good enough for B-side material... B'Day Song: Shamefull...no really...shamefull.... And thank God never included on any release: Angels With Dirty Faces: clever it was left out but glad I heard it. I Can't Forget: extremely boring Arioso: zzzzzzzz Score: good I heard it, even better it was turned down
  8. 'Over And Over' would have been a hit in 1985. 'Skin' was an obvious choice for me ! 'Devil Wouldn't Recognize You' was too good to be tucked away as an album track. I'm not giving up hope for 'I Don't Search I Find' .....!!!!!!
  9. Of course the Otto von Wernherr songs but I'll not count those ones.... in no particular order, but here in chronological order 1-2. Cry Baby / I'm Going Bananas - funny but still... 3. I Can't Forget (STR demo outtake) - probably one of her most boring tracks ever recorded 4. Arioso (Music outtake) - thank God it didn't make the final cut 5. Hey You - Pharrell were you awake when you made this? 6. Spanish Lesson - seriously ...? 7. Revolver - should have been shelved and 'It's So Cool' or 'Broken' should have been included on 'Celebration' 8. Give Me All Your Luvin' - not bad but should've been an album or bonus track, def not single material 9-10. Superstar / Bday Song - I honestly have no words for how these tracks ended up on a Madonna album...really bad ! 11. I Fucked Up - not bad but not good either 12. Bitch I'm Madonna - never been a fan 13. Unapologetic Bitch or S.E.X.- unnecessary additions to an otherwise good album 14. Score (RH outtake) - 'Give Me All Your Luvin'' wannabe and that's not a good thing 15. Champagne Rosé - let's forget this happened
  10. Hold it for Like A Virgin a bit - and replace it with another less-played '80's track like Causing A Commotion, Angel or Cherish. La Isla Bonita can retire for a while. Candy Shop and Human Nature are OUT!
  11. I would love to hear more '80's style extended versions of Living For Love, Give It To Me and a few more.
  12. Justify My Love: all of them Rescue Me: all of them Erotica (single): all of them Fever: all the Murk Boys remixes Secret: only the Junior's Sound Factory Mix ! Bedtime Story: Mark Picchiotti remixes Ray Of Light: Sasha's remixes Drowned World: the only remix !!!!!!!! Contenter of best remix in the catalogue Nothing Really Matters: Vikram and Kruder and Dorfmeister remixes Music: most of them What It feels Like For A girl: most of them Die Another Day: all of them !! American Life (single): all of them Hollywood: Jacques Lu Cont is a classic Nothing Fails: Nevins Mix is very original and just as good as the original Give Me All Your Luvin: Just Blaze Remix is better than the original...but that's not really hard to do so... Girl Gone Wild: Offer Nassim Remix Ghosttown: S-Man Remix I think Erotica, Fever, Die Another Day and American Life are, for me, four of the strongest single remix sets.
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