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  1. I really do think it can not get better than this !!!!
  2. 1980s 1. Each time you break my heart 1990s 2. Revenge 3. Gone gone gone 2000s 4. Run 5. La petite jeune fille 6. Triggering 7. Keep the trance 8. Animal 9. Broken 2010s 10. Heaven
  3. This is the edit of the 7”. The label stated 3.33 but that was incorrect.
  4. The best RSD release in my opinion. Great remixes - and nice to have a few new edits. The cover and inner sleeves are of high quality, so is the record. Great release !!!
  5. Great question. My top 10 in no particular order: Open Your Heart (Dub) Express yourself (Stop+Go Dubs) Rescue Me (Houseboat Dub) Bedtime story (Junior's Sound Factory Dub) Fever (Shep's Remedy dub) Erotica (Bass hit Dub) or (Masters At Work Dub) Deeper and Deeper (David's Love Dub) Love Don't Live Here anymore (Mark!s It's A Girl AND It's A Boy Dub) I Don't Search I Find (Craig C's Found Dub)
  6. In no particular order... DANCETERIA Into The Groove Lucky Star Music Hung Up Sorry DETROIT True Blue Cherish Open Your Heart 4 Minutes FREE THE PUSSY Express Yourself Vogue Rescue Me / Living For Love / Deeper And Deeper / Fever LATIN LOVERS La Isla Bonita (with hints of Who's That Girl) Take A Bow / You'll See CONFESSIONS OF A CATHOLIC GIRL Like A Prayer Girl Gone Wild Material Girl Papa Don't Preach DOWNTOWN Secret The Power Of Good-Bye Don't Tell Me Ghosttown BOY TOY Justify My Love Erotica Like A Virgin MAMBO Frozen Borderline Dress You Up Crazy For You SURPRISES Each Time You Break My Heart (demo) ENCORE Ray Of Light Holiday INTERLUDES Nothing really matters I Don't search I find Gambler Causing a commotion
  7. Voted - maybe in a next rate we can also vote for demo tracks for this album since there were so many.
  8. This looks so good. I hope they have similar ideas at Warners. Congrats !!!!!
  9. Hi,

    I used "Prima", phone app.


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