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  1. I experienced the same last year with some mixed-up file. Express Yourself was the Blond Ambition version on the Spotify album of Like A Prayer, Papa don't preach was the same on the True Blue album and on a various artist compilation Girl Gone Wild even played Revenge !!!!! It's all been fixed now...
  2. 1 Living for love (!!) 2 Ghosttown 3 Crave 4 I don't search I find 5 Medellin
  3. Sven

    Skin !!!
  4. Dear A!O,

    You made some early remixes which I always thought were great. Is there any way you can share them ?

  5. Sven

    1. True Blue 2. American Life 3. Like A Virgin 4. Rebel Heart (deluxe) 5. Madame X (close up - black hair) or Madonna
  6. Sven

    Music Inferno (Confessions) Erotica / You Thrill Me (Confessions) Holiday (Re-Invention) What It Feels Like For A girl (Drowned World interlude remix) Deeper And Deeper (Rebel Heart) Frozen (Sticky & Sweet) Give Me All Your Luvin' (MDNA) Sorry (Confessions interlude remix) Into The Groove (Sticky & sweet) Holiday (Drowned World) Like A Virgin Waltz / Love Spent (MDNA) - not a remix but still great
  7. Sven

    I like the fact that some songs are just meant to be funny (I'm Going Bananas, Cry Baby, ...) but with other ones I think they should have been left out of the entire album release because it was just not up there with the rest of the quality on the album. My worst 5: Hey You: never would've guessed this was by Pharrell - in between the singles 'Jump' and '4 Minutes' this simply was so forgettable ! Revolver: Madonna featuring on her own record. Not a Madonna track in my opinion. Bitch I''m Madonna: maybe funny, loved by many, still don't get it. Superstar: not even good enough for B-side material... B'Day Song: really...shamefull.... And thank God never included on any release: Angels With Dirty Faces: clever it was left out but glad I heard it. I Can't Forget: extremely boring Arioso: zzzzzzzz Score: good I heard it, even better it was turned down
  8. 'Over And Over' would have been a hit in 1985. 'Skin' was an obvious choice for me ! 'Devil Wouldn't Recognize You' was too good to be tucked away as an album track. I'm not giving up hope for 'I Don't Search I Find' .....!!!!!!
  9. Sven

    Dmitri From Paris Chemical Bros PNL Frankie Knuckles Eric Kupper Chromeo Gigamesh Chris Cox Louie Vega The Black Madonna Maurice Fulton ...check these out A & R...
  10. 1. Angel - perhaps as part of a medley 2. Gambler 3. Papa Don't Preach - I can never get enough of that song - NO REMIX PLEASE or maybe the Dubtronic one 4. Rescue Me - as part of a 90s Deep House medley including the demo of Living For Love 5. Fever - works wonders in a concert, the album version or Hot Sweat 12" or maybe as part of the Deep House 90s medley 6. Ballad medley of Rain / Bad Girl / The Power Of Goodbye / This Used To Be My Playground (last part) - focus on the best ballads of the 90s 7. Nothing Really Matters - obviously a dance anthem OR the Vikram remix which turns into the disco smash 8. Don't Tell Me - too good to exclude, a classic ! 9. Beautiful Stranger - a waste that it hans't been performed since 2001, such a great song 11. Nothing Fails - epic !!! 12. Hung Up - , her biggest hit, everyone will love it !!!, not a rock version please 13. Sorry - a big hit and a great track, where did it go ???? 14. Jump - such a great song 15. Ghosttown - her last big single and one of her best and classic ballads
  11. Sven

    love it !!! Some are very good!
  12. Sven

    Of course the Otto von Wernherr songs but I'll not count those ones.... in no particular order, but here in chronological order 1-2. Cry Baby / I'm Going Bananas - funny but still... 3. I Can't Forget (STR demo outtake) - probably one of her most boring tracks ever recorded 4. Arioso (Music outtake) - thank God it didn't make the final cut 5. Hey You - Pharrell were you awake when you made this? 6. Spanish Lesson - seriously ...? 7. Revolver - should have been shelved and 'It's So Cool' or 'Broken' should have been included on 'Celebration' 8. Give Me All Your Luvin' - not bad but should've been an album or bonus track, def not single material 9-10. Superstar / Bday Song - I honestly have no words for how these tracks ended up on a Madonna album...really bad ! 11. I Fucked Up - not bad but not good either 12. Bitch I'm Madonna - never been a fan 13. Unapologetic Bitch or S.E.X.- unnecessary additions to an otherwise good album 14. Score (RH outtake) - 'Give Me All Your Luvin'' wannabe and that's not a good thing 15. Champagne Rosé - let's forget this happened
  13. Sven

    ANIMAL should've been included as a bonus B-track or something during the HARD CANDY era Same for RUN during the MUSIC era BROKEN and IT'S SO COOL were 200% better songs than REVOLVER and should've been included on some sort of EP of CELEBRATION IF YOU GO AWAY should've been performed at least..instea dof LA VIE EN ROSE A compilation of unreleased ballad and studio versions of performances (LOVE SPENT) is not a bad fan gift
  14. Sven

    Every CD has the 3.44/3.45 version. 4.48 was only released on vinyl and cassette.