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  1. It's a real busy week for me both at work and with other hobby related stuff so I might not check back here for a few days, I'll look over this thread sometime next week and take it from there.
  2. If there's enough interest I'll do it for sure, that's the only question
  3. One is remix edit one is LP version, nothing to see here No clue why they are labelled the way that they are....
  4. Most likely gathering material for Celebration. Unfortunately CD2 was gone, nobody knows where that went.... (or maybe there's more than 2...) I know exactly whose this was (and have tons of extremely solid proof), I could not possibly be any more certain this is real.
  5. I thought about it, but given the ludicrous offer I had to put out there to make the sale happen, I'm not sure it's realistic.
  6. Fun fact: The Sharp Boys instrumental on that release was copied off their DAT here in my studio
  7. Yeah, there are a lot of misconceptions about file formats today still. It was way worse back then. Those are the only dubs we DON'T need, thanks to the UK promo CD. Deepsky, Brother Brown are still missing from digital source, as is the RHV edit from the 7"
  8. They were mastered from lossy files, and it's all the same masters. The 2 rauhofer and vission are lossy, the rest are fine
  9. I shared that here a couple years ago. It's not from a Warner Bros release, it's from a remix showreel cd from Vission.
  10. These images are too small to be able to tell anything. There are two versions of American Life Rauhofer part 1 depending on which cd you have - one of them is lossy and the other is fine. Vission's DAD and Part 2 are always lossy sourced. This digital release uses the lossy for all three. They were mastered that way unfortunately.
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