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  1. Would have been (very slightly) cool if this gave us the previously CD-only tracks in the hi-res format of the digital album - but it seems this one's 16/44 only.
  2. I don't know WHAT they did to the release on streaming but it sounds really terrible compared to the old leak. It's almost as if they made the sped up version and then the other version is slowed back down. You hear it right away, the song usually started with the same cut sound 4 times but on the streaming one they sound all off and uneven...
  3. I don't have time to organize it right now with the holidays and all, it's a lot of work to set up and keep track of I'll do it if @club78boy does the same with his cassette If he doesn't, well.... I might do it anyway, but no promises.
  4. Not doing a private group because it seems nobody can be trusted, and I'm not sure this is really exciting enough to pull off the ~$750 crowdfunding. I'm open to it, but don't want it to fail.
  5. The "Demo Assembly" one, I guess that one is Patrick not Nowels, my bad
  6. A different version of what eventually got released as "William Orbit Liquid Mix" on the CD maxi. It has the same intro guitar from the album version at the start, lacks the first verse entirely, has more of the laugh audible at the very end, and has different breakdowns and fills and synths in many different places. Discogs
  7. I knew the seller was legit. I got the Ray Of Light Liquid Mix demo disc from the same seller earlier this year and that was obviously legit
  8. Drowned World: This is pretty similar to the final album version. The intro (before the vocals start) is stretched out about 15 seconds longer. Candy Perfume Girl: Quite a few structural differences throughout. It matches the Instrumental version we have (except this has the vocals obviously). From this, the final version had the intro shortened, one break chopped out, and another break filled in with beats, and one "girl/boy" chopped out of the ending. Sky Fits Heaven: The highlight here, this is completely different from any other version I've heard. 100% Orbit production, without straying too far from Nowell's initial idea. The tracks overall sound a bit better than the album too, in particular Candy doesn't have the same piercing sibilance that the album has.
  9. Got the CD. I'll describe stuff in more detail when the rip is done. Based on a quick skim, DW/SFL and Candy are demo versions of what became the album versions, and Sky Fits Heaven is totally unique, in half-time like the Rick Nowels demo, but re-produced by Orbit.
  10. No, they're just 100% fake. "Be Bop Edit" is complete nonsense.
  11. Ex warner exec makes sense, given the Seal tape I got too... it's all Warners
  12. Listed today and already sold ($2,500). Yall are fast.
  13. I posted it anyway, I just ended up paying a $1700 share on it Nobody but me has any reason to complain about the outcome of that
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