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  1. This is my best guess too, but I don't think this was ever 100% confirmed.
  2. I wish! But I can't take any credit, I don't have the slightest idea who is working on this. I'd be happy to help if they reach out, but looking at these last two releases it doesn't seem like they need me
  3. Yes, this is exactly the one I was talking about. It was from EIL. I'm not sure where it is now. Percapella and Unconscious files on this release match perfectly 1:1 the audio from the 2001 CDR. Junior dubs are legit too. Warners absolutely nailed this one, big props to whoever is handling these new. I'm excited for what's to come
  4. Should be exactly the same. It's the same data, just stored in a different way.

    **”TIME STOOD STILL” is noticeably different, with a heavier focus on strings and on Madonna’s voice, it’s more of a raw mix.

    **”AMERICAN PIE” has less bass and is more focused on Madonna’s voice.https://www.ebay.com/itm/SUPER-RARE-MADONNA-The-Next-Best-Thing-CD-In-House-PROMO-Maverick-American-Pie/302387701596?hash=item4667b6275c:g:6HYAAOSw4HlZbq2h

  6. DAT has been used by studios since the late 80s... Before DAT, a lot of studios used a machine called the Sony 1630 which would convert a digital audio signal into an analog video signal, which could then be read back into a digital signal by the same machine. Some used VHS, some used u-Matic tapes. Think of it like a video but each frame is similar to a QR code. When you see 'From 1630 Source' on some of these in-house CDs, that's what it's referring to. There is a CDR from 2001 that has the Holiday YCD remix 'from 1630 source' so I guess all of them would exist in that format
  7. It's digital data stored on tape. The way my studio is set up, the computer is in "slave mode" so even if it is receiving data at an imperfect speed, it's just writing out the 0s and 1s as it receives them so the recording ends up being the correct speed in the end. Same reason when you rip a CD, it doesn't have to be done in real time. The fact that my transfer matched the streaming release proves both that the tracks are not remastered at all (GOOD!) and that I'm transferring DATs correctly Eh I don't regret anything... sure some CDs I have I wouldn't pay as much
  8. Just for fun, I took the drumapellas from the new release and inverted over my DAT transfers to see if there's any difference... it cancelled out perfectly
  9. Usually it's available anywhere at the same time
  10. Apple even has their own proprietary lossless format (ALAC) but they don't offer any music purchasing in it. It's so silly :( 7digital and tidal are other options for buying this release lossless (I think, didn't check)
  11. Whoa, this is unexpected! The 2001 promo CD - I purchased on ebay from someone who worked briefly in Warners marketing. So most likely part of the curation process. There were 7 CDR's total (well 8 as Deeper is on 2 discs). Fever, Deeper, Bedtime Story (with all 4 picchiotti), Frozen (with drumapellas), and the rest with nothing rare (BStranger, and I think Ypu'll See and Secret)
  12. There's a second one happening right now! Someone leaked part of the material, but there's still some good stuff to come. Details here: And in that post near the top there is a link to download the first one
  13. Hey Betrand, Ill happily put in 20 dollars if that helps?

    1. bertrand


      Absolutely, thanks!
      I've PM'd you the info.

  14. Probably because that's the only one previously released on CD and they couldn't be arsed to find a digital source for the others :(
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