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  1. Something weird happened, a bunch of my posts vanished too... Barry did a full length Deeper And Deeper in 2014, the others do not exist as far as I know (which is quite far)
  2. Up Down Suite is Shep, that remix is Murk Boys I haven't found a digital source for Back To The Dub 1, only the 2
  3. Headcleanr submitted a remix of "Enjoy The Silence" at the same time as "Nothing"
  4. These are old codes, not evidence of anything new coming. If suddenly new codes are created for the missing ones, it probably means an EP is coming soon
  5. No, the ISRC database. It doesn't necessarily mean they will be released on streaming (or at all)... but likely they were added for a reason. Like I said, it's evidence, not proof
  6. More evidence (but hardly proof) that the vinyl mixes are coming - they were recently given ISRC codes Madonna --- I'll Remember --- Guerilla Beach Mix --- 1994 --- 6:21 --- USWB10300407 Madonna --- I'll Remember --- Orbit Alternative Remix --- 1994 --- 4:23 --- USWB10300409
  7. They're both re-edits. The original full length Nikolas & Sibley remix is 8:37 - I've posted it somewhere on this forum a few years ago
  8. How long does it usually take between those copyrights appearing and the actual release date? Most recently? Love Profusion and Nothing Fails
  9. None of this sounds familiar. There's always a ton of rumored remixes, often they get denied or proven false later on. It can be hard to find reliable information either way, sometimes producers might deny remixing a song they actually did remix, because it's embarassing to admit that your mix was rejected by the artist.
  10. I wonder if some complication related to the soundtrack album prevented them from giving us a Die Another Day remix EP
  11. Nothing I can actually confirm. It'd be on the website
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