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  1. At least they got Sickick to render his remix thing properly for Fireboy to sing over. It's not the same LQ track ripped from IG/TikTok that the first release was...
  2. Please tell me that you're verifying anything you hear on there before taking it seriously... there's a lot of people on there who look credible, have a few million followers but are just making shit up
  3. Seems legit to me. Seller has many other legit-looking items. There's nothing really useful on this one, just a cool (expensive) collector's item
  4. There hasn't been a dance/club play chart for like 2 years now. COVID shut down clubs, which shut down the chart, and it hasn't come back
  5. The shorter shelf on the left was purchased from Wal-Mart. I tried to find more of the same, but couldn't. The taller ones are GNEDBY from Ikea, now discontinued but there's plenty of used going around on Facebook marketplace. Just watch out for this - a lot of people discarded 1/3 of the shelves/pins to make it a DVD shelf instead.
  6. On the "Hollywood" singles the Oakenfold remixes were mastered from mp3s, the rest of the remixes are fine.
  7. It appears nowhere. I've heard this before, but every vinyl anyone has checked had the same version.
  8. The 'master' quality is MQA, which is a lossy format masquerading as FLAC. Regular FLAC is better.
  9. Yes! :D So there's that at least! The "master" quality from TIDAL is garbage, you are better off with regular FLAC from any other source.
  10. It doesn't seem like there's a new release on music DSP's. I would see it right now if there were.
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