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  1. There's a second one happening right now! Someone leaked part of the material, but there's still some good stuff to come. Details here: And in that post near the top there is a link to download the first one
  2. Hey Betrand, Ill happily put in 20 dollars if that helps?

    1. bertrand


      Absolutely, thanks!
      I've PM'd you the info.

  3. Probably because that's the only one previously released on CD and they couldn't be arsed to find a digital source for the others :(
  4. I *just* sat down for work, I'm going to forget... send me a PM reminder I can leave on unread until it's actually done?
  5. Really nice remix from Jonas Blue! I'm guessing this will hit streaming platforms Friday. Midnight Sky (Jonas Blue Remix) (Extended) 123 Em [4:45] Midnight Sky (Jonas Blue Remix) (Main) [3:27] Midnight Sky (Jonas Blue Remix Instrumental) (Extended) [4:45] Midnight Sky (Jonas Blue Remix Instrumental) (Main) [3:27]
  6. The US/EU do have different censoring, I forget which is which but one has YO CHECK THIS OUT YOU GREEDY MOTHERF----- And the other is 'cleaner' like YO CHECK THIS OUT YOU GREEDY M---------- The actual uncensored version - I'm not sure if it made it onto a proper pressed CD, I think it might only be on some of the CDRs.
  7. Very sorry, I completely misinterpreted this as a request. I'm happy to compare stuff against my copy, but I'm not an expert when it comes to AoB demos - my contributions were some of the remixes.
  8. I think Amazon can ship these anywhere? I was able to order the M People one to Canada no problem. It just seems tacky to ask for a new release that can be easily purchased for free, and then complain there aren't enough releases like it. Wull yah it's cause you pirate them instead of supporting them! Full disclosure, I may feel a bit more strongly about this particular release because I helped source a couple of the remixes on it.
  9. I recommend buying it, it's well worth it. If we want to see more artist back catalog releases like this one.... gotta show them that we want them!
  10. I'd love to see this, which group is it? Ordered the box just now
  11. Thank you very much for the trouble you have gone to. To make this happen. Very much appreciated.


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