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  1. The shorter shelf on the left was purchased from Wal-Mart. I tried to find more of the same, but couldn't. The taller ones are GNEDBY from Ikea, now discontinued but there's plenty of used going around on Facebook marketplace. Just watch out for this - a lot of people discarded 1/3 of the shelves/pins to make it a DVD shelf instead.
  2. On the "Hollywood" singles the Oakenfold remixes were mastered from mp3s, the rest of the remixes are fine.
  3. It appears nowhere. I've heard this before, but every vinyl anyone has checked had the same version.
  4. A couple of them are fun and catchy, but most of the album felt unpleasant to listen through. Too much hyperpop/leftfield
  5. The 'master' quality is MQA, which is a lossy format masquerading as FLAC. Regular FLAC is better.
  6. Yes! :D So there's that at least! The "master" quality from TIDAL is garbage, you are better off with regular FLAC from any other source.
  7. It doesn't seem like there's a new release on music DSP's. I would see it right now if there were.
  8. YES, finally the dub in digital! https://www.qobuz.com/nz-en/album/beautiful-stranger-madonna/ugiasmtfnarba
  9. Thanks for the reply - if it were any other store than that one I'd just take the gamble and cross my fingers. Given that it's borderline music I will wait for someone to confirm with the CD in hand... I promise if it's good, I will buy one no matter what, because I do want to support these releases.
  10. Has anyone purchased this? How is the quality on the 1993 dubs? 14. Dan's Dub Part 1 15. Justin Struass' Just Right Dub I want to buy this, but I'm a little bit confused because her official site links to borderline music which mostly sells illegal home-made CDs... so I don't want to give them money for something fake... @mossy Do you happen to know? Is there somewhere else I can buy this on CD or digital?
  11. Unfortunately, owning the rights doesn't automatically come with audio files :P
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