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  1. Yes. Ain't No Big Deal was the US B-Side of the single. Hopefully, the 3:52 Fade of Papa Don't Preach is included. It appeared on the 40 CD Singles Collection and on the US 12" Promo. No. The album version 4:28 is the version that was included on that compilation.
  2. What a waste of space on that setlist too. I hate when she does cover songs instead of her own stuff.
  3. That single would have been a career-suicide.
  4. Words / Bad Girl / Fever / Secret Garden / Rain Don't care much for the rest of the album. It never really clicked with me.
  5. Yeah most radio stations played Don't Stop and even requested it as a single. I think they would have eaten up Survival too but of those songs are very bland and boring. Don’t Stop is downright bad. The final single was going to be Forbidden Love (with Don't Stop as b-side). The video was going to feature Madonna having a love affair with a priest or something like that.
  6. I think that whole "The Whore Of Babylon" tour name rumor may have stemmed from the idea to have the tour be loosely based on the prophecy told the Book of Revelation (as recited in The Beast Within). The apocalypse and the arrival of The Whore of Babylon, according to the people would be preceded by the arrival of the Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse: Pestilence War Famine Death The story essentially predicts the fall of an (The Roman) empire. How conquest and the resulting opulence leads to war, poverty/inflation/famine and ultimately death. If you look at the Re-Invention Tour sections, this concept still lingers in there. Pestilence (Opulence/Conquest): The whole Marie Antoinette segment symbolizes the fall of the French aristocracy. Marie was beheaded by the French people. War: This section is very on the nose Death: The theme of death and re-incarnation has been integrated into this section. This is where the chronology falls apart a bit but originally, Die Another Day was the final song on the setlist. Famine (Poverty/Inflation): This section has a bit of a post-war, rural vibe which sort works with the concept of famine as well. I've actually come up with a re-arranged setlist a while ago that incorporates this concept, and adds back more American Life songs: The Beat Within - Introduction ACT I: CONQUEST (Baroque) 1. Vogue 2. Hollywood (Jacques Lu Cont Thin White Duke Mix) 3. Dress You Up (contains elements of "God Bless the Queen") // Burning Up 4. I'm So Stupid ACT II: WAR 5. Intro / American Life (contains elements of the "Headcleanr Rock Mix") 6. Swim 7. Intervention 8. Papa Don't Preach 9. Crazy For You Easy Ride - Interlude ACT III: FAMINE 10. Like A Prayer 11. Nothing Fails 12. Mother And Father 13. Love Profusion ACT IV: DEATH Material Girl - Interlude 14. Music 15. Back In Business // Express Yourself 16. Deeper And Deeper 17. Die Another Day 18. Medley: Take A Bow / Lament ENCORE: RE-INCARNATION Bedtime Story (Orbital Remix) - Interlude 19. Nobody Knows Me (contains excerpts of "Die Another Day") 20. Into The Groove 21. Holiday (contains elements of "Everybody", "Music" & "She Wants To Move") / = Medley // = Alternate song choice
  7. The album version doesn’t fade out. It has a cold ending. The version w/ Fade is very similar, true. The radio edit cuts out a portion in the middle, right before the bridge.
  8. Omg I remember his mixes! This is so sad. Rest in peace, fellow M fan. Your legacy will live on. ❤️🌈
  9. If we're not counting everything else that needs to be fixed/expanded/merged, this is what still hasn’t been uploaded: Holiday Like A Virgin Crazy For You (Into The Groove) Dress You Up Live To Tell Papa Don't Preach True Blue Open Your Heart Who's That Girl Causing A Commotion The Look Of Love (Spotlight) Cherish Oh Father Dear Jessie This Used To Be My Playground (Fever) One More Chance You Must Love Me Another Suitcase In Another Hall Die Another Day
  10. ??? LDLHA was a single from Something To Remember. Entirely different situation.
  11. I was talking about this: I wasn't talking about the list from your post obviously. It seems you didn't quite understand my question but that's fine.
  12. That's not why I asked. I made that anniversary chronology list. So yeah, I'm aware that it's technically up next. I was just wondering if there was any clue besides that, that was hinting at a PDP release since we also didn't get Live To Tell.
  13. That would suck to be honest. Ain't No Big Deal belongs on Papa Don't Preach. Releasing a digital single for a single that never existed is as messy as merging singles that don't belong together.
  14. Is it not the right version? How embarrassing. INTERESTING! The album title is strange though... Okay, so as expected, Playground is next! More likely to appear on Papa Don't Preach or True Blue but since this is a recent addition and PDP is closer, it's likely we're actually getting that single first.
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